Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 72

72 Root of Talent

Every Talent researchers in the world, are misunderstanding.
About the location of Talent.
About where the root of Talent is.

No one knows about it yet.
The part I still haven’t made public. The part I didn’t report to the country.
Because that has the most important point in it.

I categorized Talent from 【First type】 to 【Fifth type】.
It was made public by Japan, and everyone knows about it.

But 【Special type】……【Principle】.

They didn’t made the information public.
That’s a matter of course.
That’s because it would bring up the 【Level 6】 Kurono Yuki who’s treated as a top secret by all of the countries, and the unrevealed 【Level 5】 Kurono Kagenobu who’s reigning as the Administrator of Tohoku Site.

In my definition, these two are the only 【Principle】.

These people are extraordinary strong people, and a dangerous existence that can manipulate the law of principle 「to the utmost」.
They can destroy this world easily with just a conscious, and they can create chaos as they please.
Therefore, they are an existence that are very dangerous and must be isolated.
Ordinary people must not know about their existence, and they don’t need to know about them.
Therefore, they must be categorized specially as 【Special type】【Principle】.

The report to the country was like that.
Because I described it like that.

But that was just my intentional mislead.
The power is very strong.
Possessing the power capable of destroying the whole world.
Certainly, it’s the greatest threat to everyone. An information that must be treated in caution.

But in fact, their importance is not something like that.

They are 「different」.
Their definitive way of existence is different.
The reason why I name it as 【Principle】 is not indicating about basic concepts.
It means 「source」.

They are connected.
With some world.
They are not maintaining the Talent.
They are the 「Gate」.

20 years ago……a 「Principle」 Talent User appeared.

The data I collected around the world, indicated the start of everything was that person.

Judging from the way of speaking during investigation, the person herself probably didn’t realize it.
That she herself was the start.
The person who became the Gate unconsciously, infected the people in the surroundings with Talent, 「outbreaking」 it, and spread it to the whole world. The data indicated it.
The Talent User who became the start was……

「Kurono Yuki」.

At that time, she was 15 years old. Kurono Kagenobu’s younger sister.

One day, the 「Gate」 suddenly opened inside the young girl.
Everything started from her.

Talent is the energy coming from there.
No, it’s better to call it as information body.
Through her, those started to flow towards 「this side」 one by one.

The place beyond the 「Gate」is the 「Other Side」, or what I called as the 「World of Broken Gods」.

During the war, Kurono Yuki and Kurono Kagenobu visited the army’s research facility as examination cooperators to the country project.
The Talent User Production Project has progressed until Project Number Two. While cultivating a better understanding of Talents through the data of the test subjects, I had the 【Communicators】 peep at their brains.

It was at that time.
I have no choice but to realize the existence of the 「Other Side」.

The 【Communicators】 who peep at the abyss inside them, all declared that 「Inside them, there’s a strange and spacious of nothingness」.
And the world of nothingness is filled with complicated emotions (images) , and many of the 【Communicators】 went mad by that. Even those who returned luckily, experienced Extrafication.
And that’s not only one type of Talent Image.
Every single type of Talent Images were overwritten in the Domain, causing Extrafication.

I had no choice but to dispose them, but thanks to that, I obtained a valuable data and testimony.
According to their testimony, apparently, the 「world of nothingness」 is already broken.
A broken world with only the vortex of grudge. A failed universe.
There was a person who received a mysterious message from there.

When I compare the story with the others, one can think that someone 「escaped」 from there to 「this side」.

Probably, that 「someone」 is the existence defined as 「Talent」, or 「Talent Image」. Moving with a different principle than this side, someone is trying to enter this world.

The one that became the focal point to the different world is 【Principle】.

2 years later than the current world’s strongest Talent User, Kurono Kagenobu manifested his Talent.
One can think that it was influenced by her, but he was also awaken as the 【Principle】.
He became a 「Gate」 just like Kurono Yuki.
Although Talent itself doesn’t inherit, one can think that the volume of the Domain dwelling inside him is large. The blood as vessel, has a great meaning to it.

They are special in that kind of meaning.
They as the 【Principle】, judging from their Record Range, they are really special.

If we assume a normal human’s Record Range is 1, people who can use Talent, 「Talent Users」 are more than 100.
If it’s the 【Communicators】 who are familiar to those range, they seem to know it by the wideness of the image. If there’s an individual difference of 150, then there are some cases of over 1000. If it’s the Level 4 Talent User, it’s between 2000~3000.

But unfortunately, the 【Principle】 can’t be measured.
It’s because the people who peeped at the abyss will become useless, but I have already obtained the testimony for reference.
Although this is only an unclear impression based on the disposed samples, it’s impossible to say that Kurono Kagenobu and Kurono Yuki’s wideness is 100,000 and 200,000. Perhaps, 1,000,000, or 10,000,000. Or perhaps, more than that. No, in the first place, it’s possible that there’s no end.

Therefore, 【Principle】 are existence that opened the 「Gate」 for some kind of reason, and on top of that, having a 「spacious Domain」.
During the Imperial Army, I built such hypothesis.

Just like that, I have already obtained the chance to examine 2 【Principles】.
But probably, there should be more than 2 in fact.
It’s irrational to think that only Japan has this kind of valuable existences.
The other countries are just hiding the information, so if I search for it, there should be more.
As long as the delayed 【Principle】 called Kurono Kagenobu exists, that means the 「Gate」 is not only them.

At that time, I can only think that way.

But I was ignorant and was not self-conscious.
I was really lucky. I didn’t know it.
Even if you search the whole world, only I have touched these many samples.
I was made to realize that after leaving the army, there are more 【Principle】 other than those two in this world.
I was too naive.

It was the same during the time I met the Project Number Six’s test subject.
The girl’s memory volume,「Record Range」 of the Domain, was abnormally developed.
And yet, it’s empty. Nothing was there.

She was a 「Talentless with the qualities of 【Principle】」.

A person who possess an abnormally large Domain rivalling the Principle Talent Users.
You can call it as the 「Gate of Gods」 before opening.
You can call it as the 「Vessel of Miracle」.

A special individual that only outbreaks at a very low probability.
Probably, she has the potential to reach Kurono Kagenobu and Kurono Yuki.
For me, there’s no other sample better than her.

No, perhaps……she might become the existence surpassing the 【Principle】 Talent Users.
My heart throbbed when I heard the report of the Domain observation from the 【Communicators】.

However, she is the request individual from the country’s highest level.
On top of having her personal information concealed, I was only ordered to give her a Talent.
I was not permitted to adjust her to my liking.
The best body in front of me. My heart trembled.

But I’m hired by the country to continue the research. The budget of the research is of course, using the secret budget from the country.

As a result of comparing the pros and cons, I picked my current position rather than my interest.
I intended to choose stability rather than dream.
As long as I can continue my research, chance will still come. As long as the samples are here, I should be able to find another individual like her. Thinking that, I decided to follow the orders.

But that was the most foolish choice.

In accordance to the order, I completed the surgery on the test subject.

As a result, it was a complete failure.
She almost didn’t manifest Talent.
The surgery should have succeeded. The Talent Image equal to a Level 4 was overwritten into her without problems. And yet, the Talent manifested was a weak Talent that can’t even be said as a Level 1. The responsibility fell onto me.

And immediately after the end of war.
The budget for my research was suddenly cut, and it was decided that the research facility will be closed.
I immediately took my research results and ran away.

In order to continue my research, I affiliate myself to the country’s organization.
If I can’t continue my research, there’s no meaning to my life.
If I have the facility, personnel, money and time, I can recover the others.
As long as I’m safe, I can continue my research anywhere.

But……I regretted about her.
She could become like the Kuronos. No, depending on how I think, she’s more special.

The untouched, pure and vast Domain.

No, there’s only one point that’s dirty.
Because the foolish me added a useless Talent into her.
But if it’s her Record Range, it’s just a tiny trash in the universe.

She is considerably pure.

I need to do something about her.
Because I’m the only one who can do it.

Thinking that, 10 years passed, and I finally found her.

My chest almost split open when I first saw her in the screen at Shidara Ougen’s research facility.
The girl who I desire.
And, she was displayed there.
And for some reason, the Talent was starting to awaken in her.
Something different than the one I added is starting to awaken.
Probably, the 【Principle】 that she should be awakened to.

Coincidentally, she enrolled in the Talent High School at the town where my research facility is.
That 【Level 5】, 【Principle】, Kurono Kagenobu’s 「Teihen High School」.

Everything is fate.
No, it’s inevitable.

The girl sleeping on top of the operating table in front of me.
She is here.

I dreamed this much, worked this hard, and gave all my life to build this research facility (house).

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