Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 75

75 Chatroom 【Alphaville】

Author note: A rare bulletin board chapter.

Room Name: 【Alphaville】

【Nameless】: What’s with the urgent calling? I’m really busy right now.

【Stone Lantern】: Second’s signal disconnected.

【Nameless】: Second? Ah, the guy build near the Level 5.

【Stone Lantern】: Deemed dead. It looks like there were several explosions of small hydrogen bombs outside of the stratosphere, but at the same time as that, Second’s signal disconnected.

【Archbishop】: The one who did it is probably the Level 5. The man who disposed a large amount of nuclear missiles outside of the earth’s atmosphere during the war.

【Nameless】: What a foolish guy. Building a base near such monster purposely.

【Clown】: Second didn’t hold any important information and Talent, and he’s a 『Specialized Individual』 with grade 「A」 personality, right? He took hold of the rich guy called Shidara Ougen.

【Executioner】: He was planned to be disposed sooner or later. It was good that he died.

【Knight Leader】: Is any of our information leaked?

【Executioner】: His knowledge grade is 「C-」. He should not know any important things. The 【Talent Dealer】 who monitored him, told me that.

【Archbishop】: He was originally isolated after all. I think he probably didn’t even know that he’s a copy.

【Stone Lantern】: The problem is First which his whereabouts are unknown. His knowledge grade is 「B+」. There’s a need to continue the search.

【Knight Leader】: Even though 8 years have passed, no one caught his whereabouts yet, right? Is he dead already?

【Archbishop】: That is very probable. In addition, that one is a disposal individual that had not been given a Talent. Does he worth our attention?

【Stone Lantern】: That’s the problem. While having the knowledge, he might manifest a troublesome Talent. Besides, for him to run away means that Original’s character was not overwritten properly. He might be a threat to us.

【Archbishop】: A threat, huh. Probability wise, I can only say that it’s very low.

【Stone Lantern】: Even if it’s low, we must crush all the insecurity. That’s Original’s character.

【Executioner】: There’s no need to imitate everything.

【Stone Lantern】: But now that Original is not here, there’s a meaning to our lives.

【Clown】: How faithful, Stone Lantern.

【Nameless】: Sorry. I’m current in the middle of something, so I’ll logout.

【Stone Lantern】: Roger

【Clown】: Bye

【Executioner】: Bye

【Knight Leader】: Bye

【Archbishop】: Thank you for today

【Knight Leader】: By the way, what do we do about the Extra Individual of the Project Number Six? We finally find it, didn’t we?

【Archbishop】: We should refrain from making contact. Currently, she’s protected by the army.

【Knight Leader】: So we leave her?

【Executioner】: She’s still the most important. It’s just that her degree of priority decreased for now.

【Stone Lantern】: We should continue the remote supervision for now. Refrain from any careless contact.

【Knight Leader】: Then, how about that Principle boy? It would be bad to leave him too, right?

【Executioner】: Don’t approach him carelessly. That guy will come out immediately.

【Clown】: Ah, Hokkaido’s Dark Side that I was going to collect data from, was crushed. The whole area in 3 days. It seems that the information leaked from somewhere.

【Knight Leader】: What an absurd power. And that’s 「restricted」? That’s hard to be a joke.

【Stone Lantern】: But the boy will reach Level 5 for sure. He still haven’t mastered the way of using the power, but it’s not far in the future. There’s a need to collect data.

【Clown】: If you put it that way, Second sure did a good job. As a result, we manage to get the data of that boy, right?

【Archbishop】: If he joins as a war potential in the future, it would be really troublesome. It’s unexpected that 「Teihen High School」 which was only Kurono’s reckless remark, would be something this troublesome.

【Knight Leader】: That woman was the one who gave a shape to the reckless remark and boosted the troublesomeness.

【Executioner】: 「Kurono Meria」. Kurono’s adopted daughter. It became harder to move since the moment she sided with that guy.

【Archbishop】: She probably read everything. Our papers.

【Clown】: We should have erased all the important parts, but a person with sharp intuition might realize the strangeness. She’s such person. At present, she’s probably our greatest threat.

【Stone Lantern】: We need to take measures on her immediately.

【Clown】: Ah, if we want to break it, we need to start from there. We can break the Level 5s after that.

【Executioner】: At the end, we will obtain the 「Gate」. Then, it starts from there. The start of our real world.

【Archbishop】: A not far future. We will tread upon the world of gods.

【Stone Lantern】: Proceed calmly and steadily. That’s the only path to reach the ideal world that our Original, 「Haba Ryuuichi」 wished.

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