Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 76

76 Cafe Black Cat 1

Karan Karan.

We entered an old style cafe called 『Cafe Black Cat』.
It might be my first time entering a cafe with a small bell attached on the wooden door. Music is played silently, and I can smell coffee. In my home town, there’s no such place. I’m a little nervous.

「Master, is the usual room available?」

Upon entering, Merisensei calls out the bearded man who looks to be the owner of the store.
Judging from her way of speaking, she seemed to be a regular customer.

「Yes, I have prepared it because you contacted me」

「As for the order, give us the usual and……Serizawkun, is coffee okay for you?」

「Ah, yeah」

「Then, 3 coffee it is」

「Well then, I will bring it to your seat, so please head to the inside」

Saying that, we pass through and entered a room with a large frosted glass window. The same music is played in this room, but somehow, it feels weird.

「I use this place a lot. It is soundproof and Master is a trustworthy person」

That’s right, the weird feeling I felt. Although this is a perfect private room, but the moment the door is closed, I can’t hear the sound outside.

「Hey. What’re you doing? Sit」

The gorilla who came from my back, says such blunt words, and sits on the leather sofa placed in front of the wooden table.
Following him, Merisensei and I sit.
Contrary to its hard appearance, the sofa is very comfortable.

「I really thought to talk in the school, though」

「Isn’t it fine to do it in the house?」

「Fufu, isn’t it good to have a change of mood once in a while? That kind of thing happened not long ago……」

Currently, construction work of repair and improvement was being conducted in a big hurry at the school. Hence, there’s practically no lessons.
Shidara Ougen’s subordinate, 「Kiryuu Yousuke」 was the one who caused that assault by the Talent Users, and this is treated as a chain of high treason.

Kirishimsan left with her sisters after that, and went back to her home.
She probably won’t be coming to school for the time being.
The kidnapping happened quite quick, so at this rate, they couldn’t let her stay in the dormitory alone.

Her home should be a famous rich person, and her father and sisters are military personnel.
There’s nothing to criticize about the security.
It’s regrettable that I can’t see her for a while, but I can feel relief like this.

When I was thinking of such thing vacantly,


The door was knocked, and the cafe’s owner brought 3 coffees, 2 cakes and 3 large parfaits. I know about the 3 coffees, but 2 cakes and 3 parfaits?

When I’m having such question, a coffee and a cake were placed in front of me, and the same for Merisensei. And in front of the gorilla was a coffee and 3 parfaits.

On top of the parfait, there’s a lot of cream and chocolate sauce poured on it with 3 half-cut bananas on it. The so-called choco-banana parfait. And 3 of those were placed in front of the gorilla.
The cafe’s owner exited the room just like that.

……Don’t tell me, he’s going to eat all of those?

「Come to think of it, the sake you gave me」

「Nn? Ah, that. How was it?」

Leaving aside my question, the gorilla speaks to me while plunging the spoon to the parfait. Looks like he’s really going to eat all of it. And I forgot about the sake. Did I give him? Come to think of it, I did.

「It tasted like shit. I gave my acquaintance a drink, but he had to take 3 days of rest due to the hangover」

Just when I thought that he was going to thank me, he said that it was bad.
Well, it’s this gorilla after all. Such thing is probable.
I expected that much, and gave him the cheapest sake from the convenience store.

「Eh!? Mikado-sama!?」


I feel like I heard a strange word from Merisensei just now……
Rather than that, he rested for 3 days?
That’s more than a hangover, isn’t it?

「……Ah, please forget about that. Serizawkun」

「Ah, okay」

Well, it’s not related to me. Let’s not mind it. Though I’m curious of it.

Even so, as I thought, cheap things have a reason of being cheap.
That sake was a leftover that’s selling for 340 Yen. I can understand that it tastes bad, but when you say that it affect the condition is a little……
I didn’t expect he gave his acquaintance a drink.
Looks like I did something bad for that guy.

Judging from Merisensei’s way of speaking just now, the acquaintance is……?
No no. Impossible.

「Well, it was bad, but we finished it. Thanks」


A very weird comment of whether he’s thanking me or not, but it’s really upsetting when he said that it was bad. Though I expected it.

Just like that, he said just that, and returned to his work of eating the choco-banana parfait. Half of the first one has already disappeared. You eat so fast.

「Serizawkun. I also need to thank you」

「Eh? Merisensei? Why?」

I instinctively asked back. I have no idea why she’s thanking me.

「At that time, if you were not there, I wonder what would happen to the town. I can’t thank you enough. You were the one who protected the school without Otou-san. As the people running the school, I need to thank you」

Saying that, Merisensei who sat beside me, grabbed my hand with both of her hands. I can feel Merisensei’s warmth from my hand.
Or rather, I didn’t knock the large rock on the course of events. It’s just that if that thing fell, I myself would have died.
I have no rights to be thanked here……I don’t think so, but this situation is good.
If possible, I want to be like this for a while.

「Thank you. I owe you a very big one. Please tell me anything if it is something that I can do from now on」

N-No. Even if you say that……
I-I won’t get tricked anymore, okay?

I learned from last time.
Even if you say anything, it’s not like you will really do anything.

I-It’s not like my heart is shaking or anything, okay?

「Hey, Atsushi」

Suddenly, I heard a low voice.
Ah, this guy is also here.
Because he was eating the parfait silently, I totally thought that he wasn’t here.

「I’ll thank you too. You saved the school. Next time, when I can’t do it, I’ll entrust it to you」

Saying that, the gorilla eats the parfait again.

I can’t feel a feeling of thanks even in the slightest from him.
In addition, I feel like he pushed an unreasonable demand to me smoothly.

I thought of refusing by saying 「Absolutely no」, but at that time, if he was not there when my power was out of control, I’m sure that it would have been terrible. I don’t know why, but the 『voice』 stopped after following his advice, and the damage to the surroundings stopped.
On top of that, this gorilla took Kirishimsan and me to a safe place, and disposed all the bombs.

When thinking that, I probably need to thank him.
Thinking that, when I look at the gorilla, he scoops the cream accumulated down in the parfait’s vessel, and brings it to his mouth. I see such movement repeating at a ultra high speed.

……You using your Talent there?
Is that the way to use a Level 5 Talent?

「So Merisensei. What’s the thing that you wanted to talk about?」

I decided to erase the gorilla who became a machine only to eat parfaits, from my consciousness, and tried asking the reason why I’m here.

「Well, although I just said that I owe you one, I have another request……」

Just like that, Merisensei looks at my face apologetically with upturned eyes from the silver-rimmed glasses.
Are you doing that while knowing what you’re doing?
If you ask something with that face, I’m not confident to refuse at all.

「Can you hear me out first?」

At the distance of almost touching, I who surrendered to the power of the blond, blue eyes, silver-rimmed glasses, huge breasts beautiful woman’s upturned eyes, have only one choice.

「Yes, with pleasure!!!!」

Blond, blue eyes, silver-rimmed glasses, huge breasts beautiful woman.
A new idiom.

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