Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 79

79 Intruder in the Kurono house 1

After I took on the Beansprout bastard’s provocation purposely and shut his mouth by striking 10 homeruns in a row, I quickly returned to the Kurono house.

In the first place, for me who have trained my kinetic vision in that hellish kendo class since my childhood, the ball shot by a machine is just like the speed of a fly. Furthermore, with the gorilla’s torture and the recent assault, my sense has been sharpen considerably.

Something like a ball in the batting center, I see it as if it stopped.
Sending such thing flying is easy.

In addition, it was the coaching of the demon of the kendo class that I must be able to use any weapon other than rod-shaped weapon, so I was familiar with using the wooden bat.

However, only as a lethal weapon.
Even if you assumed that there will be combat, why did I have to do a mock battle of wooden bat vs metal bat?
I realized it very late because I did it since childhood, but when I think about it now, it’s not kendo at all.

I was taught from how to use a morning star to halberd.
There’s even a practice using projectiles like shuriken, though.
Did that person even assumed that there would be a war in this world?

No, judging from the weapon selection, I can feel a strange delusion like I lose my way in a different world.
Anyway, I was taught the way to use weapons that are not used in the current era.
If I continued it like that, I wonder how far it would go.

Because thinking about it makes me shudder, let’s stop thinking about it.
It’s better to forget about that den quickly.

While thinking that, I unlock the facial recognition of the Kurono house’s entrance, and enter the house.

「I’m home~!」

Although such words leaked out, I’m the only one in the house for today.

Merisensei and the gorilla principal said that they need to go and meet someone, so they will come back tomorrow.
That’s why, they gave me some allowance for my dinner.

Therefore, I bought a bento at the convenience store on the way back.
Okay~, let’s enjoy having my food while watching the internet videos. The moment I thought so.


I heard a sound from the hallway in the house.


There’s no one today. There should be no one here.
The plan changed, and someone came back?

No, if so, there should be shoes at the entrance.
I didn’t see Merisensei and the gorilla’s shoes at the entrance.

And yet, there’s a sound from inside of the house.

「Don’t tell me, an intruder?」

This house’s security shouldn’t be that easy to break.
In fact, the windows can’t be opened, and the ventilation is all done by machines. The only place a person can enter and exit is the entrance.

In other words, the intruder is a Talent User.
An attack by a Talent User.

Merisensei taught me that there’s a type of Talent User who can manipulate space.
If it’s that kind of guy, it’s possible to invade into the house.
Furthermore, this house is the house of that gorilla, a Level 5.
Did the intruder invade here with that in mind?

Or an invasion after knowing that the gorilla is not here?
Either way, I’m sure that a nasty guy entered.

「Shit. Run……or……」

I hesitate for a moment.
At this rate, should I prioritize protecting myself?
Or uncover the intruder and obtain information?

Probably, uncovering the intruder’s identity would lead to less danger in the future.
And since the opponent has already invaded until here, it’s better to think that the opponent knows our identities.

Then, I need to confirm the intruder in any case.
That’s the most optimum move for me right now.
Although Merisensei told me to not be reckless, it’s probably not good if I let the intruder escape.

The worst move is to let the intruder escape.
I think so.

It looks like I can hear the rustling sound around the bathroom.

「……Let’s go」

And I prepare myself, and go to the front of the changing room before the bathroom.

Then, I heard the sound of someone entering the bathroom in a hurry.


I was found out.

The intruder might try to run away.
Inside there should be a dead end, but a space manipulator-type Talent User can escape.

I open the changing room’s door quickly and chase after the intruder.

And while feeling nervous, I open the bathroom’s door and shout loudly.

「Who are you!!! Show yourself!!!」

「Hyawa!? Hawawawawa!!!?」

And I witnessed something.
That’s the shaking gigantic peaks.
No, two abundant white breasts.

In short, there were two naked boobs.



That’s right, the naked Shinozaki-san was standing still at the corner of the bathroom while trembling with a flushed face.

「……S-Serizawa, kun……Why?」

She looks as if she’s going to cry.


Something happened.
I don’t understand.

Just like that, while being silent to her, I close the bathroom’s door.


Why is Shinozaki-san here?

Or rather, why naked?

Ah, I see. She’s trying to enter the bath.

No no, wait.
Why here?
This should be the Kurono house.

Why Shinozaki-san is here?

When I fell into an endless loop of questions, I heard a familiar voice.

『……You pervert』

Without being able to think of an explanation, I just listen to the abuse resounding in my mind endlessly.

「Come to think of it, I forgot to tell him about her……」

「Isn’t it fine? She would tell him herself」

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