Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 82

82 Fox entering the school 2

「This girl is the fox at the back hill」

Mizusawsenpai started to say such a strange thing with a serious face.
We entered the student counseling room and sat on the chairs around the wooden table.

「Fox? Such thing……no matter how I look at her, she’s a human, isn’t it?」

「Yes. She changed her appearance to be like that」

Upon hearing that, Chihaysensei looks at Shiro mysteriously.

「What do you mean?」

Shiro was told to sit and she sat obediently. However, she’s not sitting like a normal human, but sitting like a dog. Are you an animal? No, is she really a fox?

「I realized her identity just a few days ago. For now, I reported it to Merisensei, but according to Merisensei, this girl might be a 『Talent Beast』 that experienced natural outbreak」

「Talent Beast……an animal that can use Talent. But what do you mean? Something like it’s talking like humans and using the appearance of a human……」

「Regarding that, based on Merisensei’s opinion, she is most likely a biholder of 【Mutator】 and 【Communicator】」

Upon hearing that, Chihaysensei stands up in surprise.

「Biholder!? Furthermore, 【Mutator】 and 【Communicator】! Both are rare Talents that are considered to be Special Protection Target……Can such thing be possible?」

「Merisensei was also dubious on my report, but she said that 「If what you say is true, that is something almost impossible to happen. I can’t think of anything other than that」. And you will know if you see the real her. The 【Mutator】 will become clear」

Saying that, Mizusawsenpai points her finger at Shiro’s ears.
It looks like Chihaysensei understood after seeing the 『fox ears』 on Shiro’s head.
Chihaysensei regains her composure slightly, and sits back on the chair.

「Then, the reason why she can talk is because of the Talent 【Communicator】?」

「Yes, it seems that it is some kind of image obtained by the ability of 【Communicator】. The person herself said such thing. That the reason why she understand words is because she peep at the shrine visitors’ heads」

「And so, she became like a human while having thoughts close to a human? It’s a little unbelievable that she’s originally a fox. Did 【Mutator】 has such high reproducibility?」

「There seem to be a difference in 『quality』 depending on the holder, but according to Merisensei, Shiro is probably an excellent 【Mutator】. For a weak Talent User, it is said that it is hard to maintain the appearance for a few minutes, and it seems that in order to become another person, you will need a considerable imaging power. Regarding that point, Shiro can imitate what she saw perfectly」

It looks like Shiro understood that she was praised, so she threw her chest out and said 「That’s right-nojya! Such thing is easy-nojya!」. When she threw her chest out, I can see that she has no breasts at all.

「The reason why she’s wearing our school uniform is perhaps?」

「Probably, she 『imitated』 what I wore in the back hill with 【Mutator】. It looks like Shiro learned many things and she can do many things now」

The two of them stares at Shiro who’s sitting like a dog on the chair. Shiro answers their look with a smile, but Chihaysensei looked to be slightly troubled.

This is a serious matter. There’s already a lot of problems now. Strange occurrence and strange occurrence. I’m really troubled in dealing with it……」

「Yes, I didn’t expect her to come down the hill this quick」

While looking at Shiro, the two of them talk seriously.
I can’t keep up with such difficult topic, so I just stay quiet and listen to the conversation together with Shiro.

However, it’s not like I don’t understand what they’re saying. Merisensei lectured me about the word 『Talent Beast』 at the cafe the other day. But I only have the knowledge of 「they seemed to exist」. I didn’t expect that Shiro would be something like a rare animal. I only have such incomplete knowledge.

That’s why, in the end, I couldn’t do anything. Therefore, I’m extremely free.

When will it end? Can I go to the classroom already?

When I was thinking of such thing, Shiro raised her voice as if she got tired of waiting.

「Hey, Suzu? What are we here for-nojya?」

「Please wait for a while, okay? We are almost done」

「No. Such thing. Is boring-nojya! I want to go out-nojya! It’s bored to be in this kind of box-nojya!」

I thought that she’s obedient, but it looks like she has reached her limits.

Shiro throws a tantrum while jumping around. Well, it’s understandable because she’s originally an animal.

「Please be patient, Shiro. I will give you something delicious later, okay?」

Apparently, Mizusawsenpai is using the strategy to tempt Shiro with food. The strategy worked immediately.

「Really!? Suzu, what is it!? What will you give me-nojya!?」

Shiro gets into it instantly. Bending herself forward on top of the table in excitement.

「You came to the town specially, so I will treat you something more delicious than before. That’s why……」

「Hooray! Shiro likes Suzu-nojya!」

But the bribery scheme backfired in this situation. Shiro who got excited by the delicious food, crawled on all fours on the table and hugged Mizusawsenpai.

The scene is like a blond, beautiful Nojyaloli girl being playful with a beautiful honor student.

Well, until here is a very pleasant sight.

But a big problem occurred there.

That’s right, a very big problem.

It’s a problem that Shiro got on the table with her shoes on, but more than that, it’s her appearance.

Currently, Shiro is on all fours on the table and hugging Mizusawsenpai who’s at the opposite of me.
In this situation, her butt inevitably faces me, and Shiro is currently wearing the school uniform. She’s wearing a skirt. Then, what will happen if she takes such posture?

Furthermore, currently, the tail grew from her butt is pushing up the skirt as if it’s natural, so it’s fully opened.

On all fours, and with her legs opened. Totally defenseless. And it flutters at point-blank range.

Of course, I can see.
I can see many things.

「Hey, Shiro! Get down!」

While saying that, I averted my eyes immediately.

She’s a fox after all. She’s not a human girl. That’s why, there’s no problem even if I see it. There might be such way of thinking.

But Chihaysensei and Mizusawsenpai are right in front of me.
Even if it’s a fox, and even if it’s out of my target range of around my younger sister’s age, there’s not even a single good thing if they saw me stare fixedly at the panties.

That’s why, I shake my head greatly to appeal that I didn’t see anything.

But even if I averted my eyes, Shiro is shaking her butt in a point-blank range. Angle-wise, I can see what’s inside her skirt no matter what.
I think that it can’t be helped anymore. Please forgive me because I didn’t look at it directly.

I thought of that, but mysteriously, in my vision, there’s nothing like a white thing or a pink thing.
The thing that Shiro should be wearing under her skirt didn’t enter my field of vision.
But angle-wise, it should be entering my vision. It’s a little weird.


Feeling that something’s weird, I turn around slightly.

Just like that, when I turned around, I thought “Shit”. If I make such movement, of course I would see the part. Then, I would be judged as guilty by them. Even if it’s an instant, I can’t look at it.

Thinking that, I became stiff……

In fact, what I feared was not there.
There’s nothing at all.

The thing right under the fluttering tail in the skirt.
There’s nothing there.

That’s right.

In other words.

Not wearing it.

She didn’t wear anything under her skirt.

By the overwhelming situation, I just stare at Shiro’s crotch.

Under the fluttering tails, the naked perfect circle butt was shaking.
But……that’s not all the surprising points.

There’s really nothing at all.

Even as a man or woman, the natural thing that a human body has, was not there at all. A woman should have what she should have. A man should have what he should have. But she doesn’t have anything there.

What the hell is this……?

「Serizawkun? What are you looking at?」

「No, um……」

Chihaysensei asks me who’s looking at Shiro’s crotch since a while ago.
Well, that’s natural.
It’s not like this. It’s a different reason than what Sensei is thinking.

「I don’t admire such thing」

「Um, about this. I saw a very strange view」

「What? Atsushi. What did you see-nojya?」

Just like that, reacting to my voice, Shiro turns around on all fours.
Naturally, this time, Chihaysensei and Mizusawsenpai will be able to see what’s inside the skirt.

Just like that, when they saw what’s inside, they raise their voice.


「……It’s not there?」

The two of them exchange glances.

That’s right. There’s nothing there. Spotless. No holes and hairs.

……What does this mean?

「Say……you are a girl, right?」

For now, Chihaysensei confirms with Shiro. A question of which one are you.
Shiro is a female. Of course, everyone thought so. The appearance is like that after all. A blond haired Nojyaloli girl.

But the answer Shiro gave was different than what we expected.

「No, I’m a boy」


The next moment, the three of us petrified.

「What? You want to see the proof?」

Saying that, just when Shiro jumped on the spot, she became a fox suddenly, and lied down on the table just like that.
And spreading her legs, showing us a small thing, and speak to us in our head.

『How’s it? I have it, right?』

Ah, certainly.
You have it.

But there’s no need to show it to us purposely, right?

「O……Okay, I understand. You are a boy」

「Enough, Shiro……return back to normal」


Just like that, the fox Shiro jumped up again, and became a human again.
Incidentally, the skirt fluttered greatly in the air, and the lower half of the beautiful girl, Shiro exposed in front of us.

Okay, when he’s in human form, there’s nothing there.
The three of us confirmed that properly.

「Looks like we need to teach a lot of things to this boy……for now, I will try consulting Merisensei」

While being greatly perplexed, Chihaysensei looks at Shiro who’s hugging Mizusawsenpai in high spirits.
Then, the chime of the start of the morning homeroom started to sound.

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