Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 86

86 Kurono and Atsushi 2

After all, Shiro will be entrusted to the Kurono house.

On top of having two special and troublesome Talents, and since he came to the human habitation, there’s a need to teach him many things before sending him back to the hill.

After taking dinner with everyone including Merisensei and the gorilla who came back, Shiro is taking a bath now with the cooperation of Merisensei and Shinozaki-san.

In the meanwhile, I call out to the gorilla and head to the yard outside.

The training of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』 starts next weekend. I was forced to be the commander 「only for form’s sake」 by Merisensei, but I can’t help but to feel uneasy.

First, I’m not suitable to be a leader, and 「If you’re strong, everyone will acknowledge you」?

Certainly, that might be true, but……
Currently, I’m not that strong.

The reason why I won against Hikawkun was only because of the affinity, and it was really just a plan on the spot when I send the large rock flying.
At the start of the assault, I was scared till my legs were shaking.
It’s all in the last moment. A result of the course of events. It just went well by chance. If I made a mistake there, it would have become a disastrous situation.

『I can’t go on alone. If I don’t get stronger with everyone, I won’t be able to deal with various situations』

I agreed to her at that time with such thought, but it may be true……
But still…………if I myself is still weak, it’s even worst.

At that time, I feel like I was telling myself that I’m weak by using the excuse 「with everyone」.

To compensate what I can’t do with my friends.
Because we are together, we can do something. Because there’s everyone, it will be fine. It sounds like a moving tale, but it the end, that’s the opposite of dependence. It’s an excuse of I can’t do anything on my own.

What if I’m alone? What if I’m in a situation where I need to do everything on my own?
Such situation will come someday. I was lucky up until now.

It’s fine to rely on someone when you can. But that alone is not good.
First, I myself need to become stronger.

「What, Atsushi? What do you want to say?」

The gorilla who I called out, stands beside me with the usual expression. While standing in a row, I talk to the gorilla.

「Say, Principal」

「How did you become that strong?」

「……What’s wrong all of a sudden? It’s not like you」

I continue my words as the gorilla looks at me with a curious look.

「I think I want to become stronger」

Upon hearing my words, the gorilla returns his eyes to the yard and mutters.

「Become stronger, huh. Don’t like how it is now?」

Don’t like how it is now?
Unexpectedly, the gorilla asks such question. But my answer is decided.

「Ah. Of course. The way I’m now, is not good at all. Just because I can use my Talent a little, I haven’t change at all. So what even if I dealt with the large rock? If I made one mistake, everyone would have died」

「……Ah, you’re right」

That’s right.
Even when I charged to the place where Kirishimsan was kidnapped to, if this man didn’t come and save us, we would have died by that bomb. No, before that, I might have self-destructed as I couldn’t control my own Talent.

「Doing things just barely, is not good enough. The current me can’t guarantee to protect everyone」

「There’s no such guarantee」

That’s right. There’s no such guarantee at all.
Even this guy of the world’s strongest class, probably can’t protect everything.
In fact, the high school that he’s managing is in such state right now.
Being strong is not enough to protect everything.

「But I can become stronger, right?」

「Ah, yeah」

「If I become stronger, the numbers of who I can protect should increase a little, right?」

「Ah, just a little」

Just because I become stronger, not everything will go as I want.
But the current me surely can’t even protect the people I want to protect.

The principal started to look up at the night sky, and I look at him and say what I thought of saying just now.

「That’s why, hey……please lend me your power, Principal. I want to become stronger. Far stronger than now. I want to become unreasonably strong to the extent that I can beat up any outrageous guy who appeared with composure」

The gorilla continued to look up at the sky.
He probably heard my words, but there’s no response.

「Please. Please teach me the way to become stronger」

Hearing my words, the gorilla turn towards me.

A short silence.
While looking down at me, the principal stands still.

「……As expected, you can’t?」

Even for an instant, this man in front of me is a Level 5. The most prominent Talent Users which there are only 9 of them in the world.

In the previous Talent School War, he became my coach, and I know very well that it was a valuable chance.
I can somehow guessed that it’s a considerable level of business he had to take care of as he fly about busily. I heard that today, he had a meeting with the higher-ups of the army, and the name, Mikado also came out.

Normally, he’s an important figure to the extent that it’s strange to talk to me like this. I know that much myself.

「What are you saying?」

While saying that, the principal looks down at me.
His face is slightly grinning.

「I’m the principal of the school you’re in. It’s natural to raise a brat」

「……Eh, is it okay?」

I was taken aback a little by the light reply by the principal (Level 5).

「Of course. Then, let’s go」


Let’s go?
Aren’t we supposed to go back into the house since the talk is over?

Let’s go?
Don’t tell me…………

「What? Come on, let’s go」

「Don’t tell me, now?」

「Yeah. We’re changing place. Follow me」


Saying that, the gorilla jumps high up into the air instantly.
I can hear the voice of Shiro from the bathroom.

「Wait a minute……No matter how it is, isn’t this too sudden!? You shitty gorilla……!!!」

While feeling a little regret that I might have asked something outrageous to an outrageous guy, I fly up with 『Ignition』and chase after the guy who’s already looking like a speck desperately.

Author note: This marks the end of the second arc, 『Location of Talent』.
Thank you for following until this far.

The protagonist who was not that interested in getting stronger, finally(lol) started to want to be stronger. The already close to becoming a monster protagonist, seek for more power. Continues in the next arc.

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