Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 87

87 End of War Arbitration Committee (The 9 Committees)

ー Dating back to 10 years from present The end of the Talent Great War ー

The 『World Talent Great War』 that started suddenly since the appearance of Talent Users, continued for 10 years.

Thousands of nuclear warheads that were fired in the chaos, changed the world map, decreased the world population until half, and even when 10% of the land vanished, the war didn’t show signs of stopping.

But one day, the war head to the end rapidly.

There was no choice but to end it.
Due to the appearance of a certain threat, it was not the time for fellow people to fight against each other.

A phenomenal new threat.

If humanity doesn’t unite to deal with it, the world destruction is inevitable. It was such a threat.
The day when it was born, the world population decreased until 20%, and the land decreased until 66%..

The threat’s name was 「Kurono Yuki」.

3 months after the appearance of the 『Threat』 at Antarctica.

An important meeting was going to be held.

In the large room decorated with solemn ornaments, 9 people sat on their own chair in front of the large roundtable.
Different statures and clothes. Even the hair color and skin color were different.
That actually showed that they were all born in different places.

「There’s no other reason why I gathered everyone here. It’s for the conference regarding the end of the war. Is there anyone who object in doing this end of war conference?」

The first one who spoke was a man in white suit sitting at the center seat of the roundtable.

His name is Friedrich Richter. The Administrator of 【Vienna Site (Euro Site)】 in Austria. He is the man who became the representative by bringing together the whole Europe with his phenomenal Talent 【One who emits light (Ray Radiator)】 and his ingenuity.

「Don’t joke around, Richter. We’re on the same opinion on 『her』 threat. There’s no point to fight against each other now」

The dark skin man wearing a black suit, answers. The man is the Administrator of 【Accra Site (West African Site)】 who represents the whole West Africa, Amadou Kurma.
Possessing the Talent 【One who brings death (Death Bringer)】 capable of killing with just a touch, he is called as the God of Death. Bringing deaths more than everyone in the African Continent, the most feared and revered man.

「Kukuku, aye. No one thinks of restarting that unproductive war from here」

While laughing eerily, a black haired man with Chinese clothes, agrees with God of Death, Amadou.
He is also another monster who dominated Asia with his power and strategy.
He is the Administrator of 【Wukan Site (West Asian Site)】 with the Talent 【One who manipulates insects (Insect Manipulator)】, Yu Yingwang.

「That’s why we are all here. Richter, you should know that very well」

Sitting next to Yu Yingwang, the giant-like man addresses Richter with a tremoring voice.

This man who stands out for his white and gray beard and hair, is the North Monarch who seized half of the north Eurasian continent with tremendous violence, Aleksandr Rukich Pushkin.
He is the Administrator of 【Moscow Site (North Eurasian Site)】 who possessed the Talent 【One who shakes all things (General Shaker)】.

Richter answers them while smiling.

「What, I just believe that formalities are important. We fought against each other in the blood-stained war up until now. I believe that it’s better to start the conference without any root of evil. I think taking that much time to do that is fine」

「Oh well……so……how is she now?」

The one who asked Richter is a pink haired woman with a small stature wearing a white dress, Mia Cout. Although her age is not suitable for this conference, she is the Administrator of 【Mogadishu Site (East African Site)】 who rules the east side of the African Continent along with the God of Death, Amadou. A person with the capabilities to participate in this conference.

The reason why they can exchange opinions despite having a different native language, is because of her Talent 【One who shows dream (Dream Maker)】. They are all now under the effect of her Talent’s 「Daydream」 while being awake, making them to see a 「dream of understanding other languages as your own native language」.

「Mia, she’s being restrained by Kurono. Even now at this moment」

「Kukuku, 『Talent capable of manipulating time』. What a nonsensical power. To control that monster even from here」

「……Yu-san, that’s inexcusable」

Upon hearing Yu’s words, the woman next to Mia Cout, Shino Morishita frowned.

The pale green long haired woman who is wearing a suit with her chest opened greatly, is the Administrator of 【Brazilian Site (South American Site)】 , and she possess the Talent 【Plant Grower】.
She is called as the 「Queen of Forest」 due to her ability, and she is an icon that bring together the whole South America on her own.

「Kurono volunteered to take this difficult role on his role. If he didn’t, I’m sure that no one of us……no, we won’t know what would have happened to the whole world」

「Kuku, I was praising him, though. If you think it’s rude, then let me apologize, Kurono」

Just like that, Yu Yingwang faces the large black haired Asian sitting opposite of him……the Administrator of 【Tohoku Site (East Asian Site)】, Kurono Kagenobu.

「Ah, I don’t care about it. But please don’t call her a monster」

「Kukuku, I guess so. That is Kurono’s, your……」

But then, a blond haired man holding a cigar in his mouth, interrupts him.

「Hey, you two. Why don’t you stop around there? We’re not here for such idle talks」

The man is wearing a cap of the Marine of United States of America.
While being affiliated to the army, the man who controls the whole North America and Pacific Ocean, Douglas Webber.
The Administrator of 【California Site (North American Site)】 with the Talent 【One who causes wave (Wave Maker)】.

「That’s right. We’re here representing our own 【Site】. There’s no need to waste time. Move to the agenda quick」

Wearing a white kandoora, the man presses Richter to move forward with the conference. The man’s name is Akbal bin Rasheed.
Possessing the Talent 【One who manipulates size (Scale Manipulator)】, he is the Administrator of 【Damascus Site (South Eurasian Site)】 who controls the military power and economy of Arabia on his own.

Richter nods, and as he looks at Kurono and Yu, both of them nod silently.

「Okay, let’s start. Today’s agenda is how are we going split the world and how are we going to deal with her changes. Thanks to Kurono, she is now sleeping, but no one can guarantee how it will last」

「Kukuku, in fact, I heard that the effect of Kurono’s Talent is getting weaker as 『Variants』 start to appear」

「Perhaps, the same kind?」

Aleksandr responded to Yu’s remark. Yu smiles distortedly like a crescent moon.

「Kuku, I don’t know, but we can’t discard such possibility」


Aleksandr leans his back to the chair as he ponders.
The chair creaks when the large body leaned to it while supporting him.
While gazing at them, Richter the moderator of this conference, progresses.

「Let’s set aside that topic for later. First, regarding the segmentation of territory. Regarding this, I heard that the related sites have came to an agreement in general」

Hearing Richter’s words, Aleksandr moves his body forward while opening his mouth.

「In general, land, sea, and sky will be divided equally into 9. The countries that still have their terrains remain in their own area the same as before the great war. I believe this is the outline we agreed, right?」

「Kukuku, in accordance to the pact, the segmentation of sites will be in the form of respecting each others’ maximum gains」

「No inequality of resources. It would come to nothing if we fight again for such reason」

「Ah, we can adjust that by doing trades」

To Aleksandr’s question, Yu, Akbal and Douglas speak in order.
Apparently, no one objects their opinion as they nod silently.
Richter confirms the surroundings, and calls out to the silent person.

「Kurono, do you have any objections?」

「Ah, I’ll leave that to you guys. I don’t know even if you tell me」

「Hey, Kurono. We might not be thinking about your circumstances, you know? Why don’t you be more cautious of your former enemies?」

「Kukuku, geez, what a simple soul」

Aleksandr looks at him with a amazed look, and Yu laughes while shrugging his shoulders.

「That’s how he is. That’s why we can’t do anything stupid. We’re in each others’ eyes after all」

「It’s just as Douglas says. In addition, there’s no scoundrel in this place who will outwit at this point」

「Kuku, above all, I don’t want to get punched again」

Saying that, Yu showed an exaggerated gesture by raising his palms until his shoulders. But that remark incurred the pale green haired woman again.

「Yu-san. You of all people, how many times I must tell you……!」

「Shino, it’s fine. He’s like that. He probably don’t mean anything bad」

「Kuku, if I made you feel unpleasant, then let me apologize, Shino. I have such nature after all」

Shino left her seat to object Yu, but she sits down back after being soothed by the said person.
But her eyes are glaring at Yu.
But the person being glared, didn’t mind with such look at all as he replies with smile.
While staring at such exchange from the side, Richter returns to the agenda again.

「However, there’s one remaining problem. What to do with Antarctica, the place where 「she」 sleeps. Before we can make any progress, we need to decide this」

「That place is already the ground with surging 『Variants』. It’s different for us, but for average Talent Users, we can’t let them go there as it’s too dangerous. I thought that there were no one who want an unmanageable region, right?」

The God of Death, Amadou who didn’t speak in a while, spoke. It was Kurono Kagenobu who reacted to his remark instantly.

「Then, I’ll take it」

「Kuku, our hero is really kind」

「Fumu. I expected you to say that, Kurono, but……in that case, won’t that be too much of a burden for you?」

Richter places his hand on his chin, and looks around the members of the conference.

「I don’t care」

「You may say that, but……how about each one of us set up a observation facility in Antarctica and make it a joint control land of 9 sites?」

Richter sets aside Kurono’s opinion for the present, and proposes a plan.

「I think that is the best」

After a short silence, the pale green haired woman, Shino Morishita agrees with Richter.

With that as a start, the others start to agree.

「That’s the safest. We can’t push everything to Kurono」
「Ah, it’s easier to sense abnormality by making a joint control land」
「Then, let’s vote」
「Kuku, there’s no need for that」

「Then, regarding Antarctica, each 【Sites】 will set up an observation facility there and share information with each other. Is that okay with you?」

「No objection」「Agreed」
「No problem」「I’ll accept」
「I don’t mind」「……Yes」
「I will accept」「Kukuku, very well」

Everyone showed agreement to Richter’s confirmation.

「On top of that, we will split the territory equally. Dividing the land, sea, and sky into 9, and distribute it equally. The countries that still have their terrains will remain in their own area the same as before the great war. The others will be adjusted into each regions. Regarding the resources, trades and individual agreements will be adapted. Is there any objections?」

「No objection」「Agreed」
「No problem」「I accept」
「Fine with me」「……All right」
「I have no objections」「Kukukukuku」

Everyone showed agreement to the question.
Richter then declares with a voice echoing in the conference room.

「Then with this, the segmentation of territory has acquired everyone’s consent. The first agenda shall be acknowledged. Any objection and offense are not allowed after this」

A short silence.
After confirming everyone, Richter brought up the next agenda.

「Then, the next agenda. How do we deal with 『her』 from now on……」

Douglas immediately respond to Richter.

「Considering the current outbreak of 『Variants』 in Antarctica, there’s a need to clean up at least 3 times a year」

「……Does that mean the 9 of us will be dealing with it just like how it is so far?」

Upon hearing Mia Cout’s words, the man called God of Death, Amadou opens his mouth.

「Ah, that’s the best way to prevent unnecessary deaths. The people in here, are the world’s strongest forces at the present point after all」

「That’s right. There’s no way we can let other Talent Users to do this kind of serious thing」

「Though you say that, you just wanted a place to where you can go rampage. Right, Akbal?」

Douglas instinctively retorts to Akbal who spoke in a strangely pleasant way. Against that, Akbal answered with a loud laughter.

「Buwahahahahaha! What are you saying, Douglas. After all, it’s a job that we must do. We might as well have fun while doing it. It’s better than doing it with a heavy mood」

「Well, you’re right. At least, the opponents are not humans」

Then, Shino speak to the happily conversing Akbal and Douglas while looking at them with a puzzled look.

「……You guys. This is not a trivial topic like that, you know?」

「What……at present, no one in the world knows about 『her』 existence. Why not you just allow them?」

Richter soothes Shino who is looking sullen, with a gentle voice.

「Ah. That’s right. The cleanup of the kind is just for time-buying. There’s a need to work out the next countermeasure」

Amadou just says whatever necessary calmly.
Everyone nods upon hearing that.
Amadou continues.

「As I thought, the rearing of future Talent Users will become the key. The agreement of cooperating with every sites, has already completed」

「Yes. It was Kurono’s request to rear the Talent Users in the world」

Richter says that while looking at Kurono.
Then, everyone naturally looks at Kurono.

「Ah. One day, someone might be able to save her」

「Kuku, I think that’s a slim hope」


Shino was going to reprove Yu again, but before that, Kurono opens his mouth.

「Ah, I know」

While looking slightly downwards, Kurono answers.

「But at present, we have no choice but to bet on it」

Amadou speaks once again.

「Kukuku, right. For me, I’ll gladly cooperate」

「……I also will do what I can」

「I will also focus on excavating potentials」

「Kurono, if there is anything I can do, please tell me, okay?」

「Ah……thanks. I owe you guys」

Just like that, the discussion continued for a while……

At that night, the 『World Talent Great War』 that continued for 10 years, officially ended.

Character File 052

NAME: Friedrich Richter (44)
CLASS: 【Ray Radiator】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Vienna Site (Euro Site)】 located in Austria.

A blond haired gentleman who wears a greatly tailored white suit. The blood of the Europe nobles flows inside him, and he is a young noble of a family with pedigree. He has a daughter.

His Talent is 「emitting light」. He can shoot a thin light laser that can even sink a battleship from a distance. He can also shoot up the light just like a certain Excalibur, and swing it downwards to cut a mountain into two.
However, such attack that can be seen by the enemy is just a type of performance for intimidation. Therefore, there are a lot of anecdotes in the battlefield such as 「everything within 1km radius from him will vanish instantly」, and it is also common that something like when he appears, 「the battle would have ended before anyone knows what happen in the light」.

Due to being a noble, he is used to manage conferences, so he usually is the one who shoulders the role of unifying the 9 of them.


Character File 053

NAME: Akbal bin Rasheed (38)
CLASS: 【Scale Manipulator】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Damascus Site (South Eurasian Site)】.

The son of the oil magnate who is well-known in Middle East. He is also a prince. The next heir to the throne. He usually wears a white kandoora. Extremely tall (198cm), and because he trains habitually, he has some admirable muscles.

His Talent has the ability to increase and decrease his body size freely. He can grow 1000 times (2km tall) at maximum, but due to the thin air high in the air, he can’t maintain it for a long time due to altitude sickness. On the other hand, he can shrink until 1/1000 (2mm tall), but there was a time when he almost got trampled by his own pet cat. Since then, he sealed it due to the fear.

Not only his body, he can also enlarge and shrink the thing that he touched, but it can only last for 3 minutes. Although it is not possible to enlarge a gold bar to make a large profit, he once annihilated the enemy army with an enlarged gold bar in just a hit.

Basically, he thinks that everything can be solved if he enlarged and punch something, but he has experience losing to Kurono in a fist fight.

Scale Up 1000
Scale Down 1/1000

Character File 054

NAME: Yu Wang
CLASS: 【Insect Manipulator】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Wukan Site (West Asian Site)】.

A Chinese mafilike man who wears a round spectacles and Chinese clothes. In reality, he manages a Chinese restaurant, and there are times when he steps into the kitchen.

His Talent is 「manipulating insects」. He can make a mass of insects move in a swarm, lay eggs and hatch all of them at once.

During the war, his encampment is full of gigantic insects. It was like a scene of hell.
Other than that, he also turned the enemy’s cultivated land into a land that will never grow a grass, but after the enemy surrendered, he compensated by providing them foods (insects) just in case.
He is a person who doesn’t get involved in battles as he only expand his forces with pressure and negotiation. However, that doesn’t mean that his combat ability is low, but it is just that the enemy surrendered the moment they saw the army of several meters tall gigantic praying mantises, bees and tens of meters long gigantic centipedes.

On the ally side, there is an infinite stock of foods which are 「hornet larva」 and 「grasshopper」, so the food situation during the war was considerably improved.

He is easily misunderstood as his tone is slight sarcastic, but his subordinates and superiors respect him. He is usually hated in the first impression, but after knowing his personality, everyone starts to follow him (except for bug haters). Sarcastic Tsundere.


Character File 055

NAME: Amadou Kurma (38)
CLASS: 【Death Bringer】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Accra Site (West African Site)】.

A calm black man in black suit.

His Talent 【Death Bringer】 is a Talent that brings a 「conceptual death」 to the things that he touched. Living things will lose their life by just a touch from him. And bullets and blast that aimed at him, can be nullified by 「killing」 the power if he desires 「death」. When the Talent first manifested, it is only limited to what he touched directly, but now, he can endow his Talent to the 「things that he touched」. Hence, meeting him in the battlefield means death. Therefore, he is feared as the 「God of Death」, and upon knowing that, he avoided unnecessary battles, and he started to wear black clothes to press the enemy to flee (The merit of making them acknowledge their loss and place them under his control is greater than killing all of them). He is a reliable leader internally as he is popular among his subordinates, but the relationship is basically made up of fear.
He himself thinks that 「strength」 is important.

By the way, 【Death Bringer】 is just his nickname that was rumored in the battlefield. If we follow Haba’s representation, his Talent is 『One who kills all things (General Killer)』. Either way, it still sound dangerous.

Death Touch
Death Zone

Character File 056

NAME: Mia Cout (30)
CLASS: 【Dream Maker】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Mogadishu Site (East African Site)】 located in Somalia.

A petite pink haired woman who always wears a white dress. Her hair covers one of her eyes. She is a beauty with a gentle smile as she can be said to be the kind one among the 9 people. She is one of the people who wished for the Talent Great War to end along with Kurono.

Her Talent makes people dream. She can show a fabricated image to a sleeping target, and also show a daydream to an awaken target until the target can’t differentiate the reality. She can make the target to sleep forever (never wake up from dream) depending on the 『dream』 she set, and she can also change the target’s recognition and movement by mixing a little 『dream』 to the reality. For some reason, it is possible to do something like simultaneous interpretation by mixing the dream called 『Understand other languages』 into the consciousness. Her ability made this conference possible.

Her Talent’s effective range reaches up to thousands of kilometers. If she wishes and there are people within the range, she can make hundreds of millions of people dream.
It is possible to make them not being able to differentiate dream and reality, and she placed several countries under her control by controlling their thoughts. Although it is not a Talent that directly controls the target at will, depending on how it is used, it is a powerful Talent that can affect a wide range.


Character File 057

NAME: Aleksandr Rukich Pushkin (48)
CLASS: 【General Shaker】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Moscow Site (North Eurasian Site)】.

A middle aged man with a white and gray beard. He is a giant with the height close to 2 meters. When he lines up with Kurono and Akbal, the scale is weird. He lives quietly with his pet dog at a cabin in the mountain.

His Talent can be used just by standing on the ground, and during the war, he crushed countless army forces without moving an inch.
If he shakes the air, a large shock wave will be created. If he shakes the ground, a major earthquake will occur and break the ground. Fighters and tanks are toys for him.
Furthermore, if he punches the ground with all his might, a maximum of magnitude 10 earthquake will occur.
Hence, there is a need to evacuate all of his allies when he is fighting. He fought against Douglas once on the Pacific Ocean, but in the end, there was no winner. It was recorded that two island countries in the vicinity disappeared by the aftermath. During the Talent Great War, he was the person who changed the world map along with Douglas.

He is quite a heavy drinker, and he boasts that he can’t live on without alcohol. It is said that if he runs out of alcohol, his hands will shake, and it will cause a small earthquake.


Character File 058

NAME: Douglas Webber (45)
CLASS: 【Wave Maker】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【California Site (North American Site)】.

An American man who always has a cigar in his mouth. He has a short blond hair and a hairy beard. A soldier of the United States of America.

His Talent is a Talent capable of shaking anything. He can amplify the wave 『resonance 』 gradually, if he maximize the vibration, he can create a major earthquake. He can also create a large shock wave by shaking the air. To be frank, it is the same as Aleksandr’s (But there is a difference of shock and vibration). Hence, the two of them usually quarrel whenever possible.
His forte is creating waves from water, blowing it up like a tornado, and striking it to the enemy. Naturally, he can create a tsunami freely as enemy forces were sunk under the water during the war.

After the great war ended, he practically retired (Currently, a Marine adviser), and he enjoys his daily life by fishing in the Pacific Ocean on a small boat. Because he can create propulsive power with his Talent, he is just riding a battered wooden boat that he likes.


Character File 059

NAME: Shino Morishita (32)
CLASS: 【Plant Grower】S-LEVEL 5

The Administrator of 【Brazilian Site (South American Site)】.

A pale green haired woman who looks graceful at first look. While being slender, she has huge breasts. She wears a special tailored suit with her chest opened.

Her Talent manipulates plants. Not only manipulating the growth speed from budding, she can also freely move the plant’s branches, leaves, ivies, roots, etc. And by manipulating the 『seed』, she can selective breed variously as she developed many useful (?) goods such as 「Tree that can warm you up just by touching its branch」, 「Incense that will make you feel lazy just by smelling it」, 「Tea with rejuvenation effect」.

During the war, she created a forest of man-eating plants, capturing every approaching enemy forces. Furthermore, she also dropped a large amount of fruits with explosive effect and she flood the whole area with gigantic plants. She was feared together with the bizarre sight created by her. Hence, she was called as the 「Queen of Forest」 with respect.

Her nickname at her back is 「Oppai-chan (san)」.

Grow Up

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