Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 90

90 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 2

「Hau!! Stop-nojya……!!」
「Ufufufu, so cute」

I’m in the mountains for the training of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』.
That’s right, for the training.
But in front of me is a scene of a black haired beauty playing with a blond haired Nojyaloli Fox.

How did it become like this…?

I try recalling how it started.

The students who are taking the training were divided into 4 teams according to the list created by Satsuki-sensei, and we were to complete the training menu.

The first team, Akai and Hikawkun have a simple instruction which is 「Fight with your full power」.
However, because it’s dangerous to have the two of them fight seriously, they had to go to a designated place away from here. So they ran to there with a map in their hand.

The second team, Yomohirsan and Kurasaki-kun were also instructed to have a battle, and they went to a designated place as well.
Apparently, Yomohirsan’s Talent, 【Doll Manipulator】 can actually manipulate anything if it’s in a 「human shape without consciousness」. If she can even move a gigantic robot from live-action films, then I’m a little envious.
For now, Kurasaki-kun was told to make several puppets with his Talent, 【Shadow Maker】 and make them fight. That’s somewhat like a fighting game, so it’s quite interesting.

The third team, Otoi, Kazato-san, and Tsuchitori-san were told to train combination together, so they head to the forest.
The fourth team is a coordination training using special firearms. That’s why, Yumino-san, Otonashi-san, bespectacled beauty, Hiuchi-san, and Hiraga went to the hillock.

Merisensei and Kagursan standby at a different place that has a good view. Something like being a temporary infirmary. Tarou followed Kagursan.

Just like that, after everyone went to their designated place, only Shiro, Satsuki-sensei and me remained in this place.

「Who is this cute girl?」

Asking me that, I explained it generally.
When I explained that this guy is originally a fox even though he may look like this, and due to some circumstances, he’s currently freeloading in the Kurono house as a pet, Satsuki-sensei’s eyes glowed.

After that, I don’t remember very well.

When I realized it, such situation unfolded in front of me.

「Wait. Please, just a little more, okay?」

Satsuki-sensei who’s touching Shiro’s body with a tranced expression, and Shiro who’s raising such voice while being touched.
Shiro asked for my help, but he’s not particularly being held tightly, so he can move his body freely.
You ask me to help, but you can just run by yourself.

「……Auuu, no, it’s sensitive there-nojya……Ah」

I think Satsuki-sensei is not doing anything strange.

If I think about it calmly, it’s just a skinship between a human and a dog or cat.
Yo~shiyoshi Yoshiyoshi! Something like brushing throughout the body.

「Haun!? Ah, n-not there-nojyaaaaa……!! Au」

The reason why it’s weird is because Shiro is raising such voice.
But Satsuki-sensei takes the opportunity to do more. Her breathing is somewhat rough.

「Then, how about here? Ufufu, how is this? Guriguri」

Isn’t this animal abuse……? You might think so, but Shiro doesn’t even try to run away.
While being played, he somehow seeks for my help only.

By the way, I was told by Satsuki-sensei that 「You will be training here, so stay here」, so I stayed here alone, but it’s already 15 minutes after falling into this situation. Without even telling me what I should do.

In other words……this is my training?

Staring at the blond Nojyaloli Foxgirl (Male) and Satsuki-sensei flirting is my training?
Well, this can somewhat train something inside me, but……??

「Um, Satsuki-sensei?」
「……Another 15 minutes. Please」

Satsuki-sensei hugs Shiro with an entranced expression, and looks at Shiro thoroughly.
Her face is somewhat flushing to the extent that she looks erotic……I feel like this is no longer playing with an animal.

When Satsuki-sensei hugged Shiro tightly, she grabbed his fluffy tail.


Shiro bends backward greatly.

「Ah, this is……amazing. I am going to get addicted to this……Then, let’s continue, Shiro-chan」
「Hau!? W-What are you going to do-nojya……!?」

Satsuki-sensei puts her left hand on top of Shiro’s head and her right hand on the fluffy tail.
Although Satsuki-sensei is smiling gently, she has glazed eyes.
It looks like Shiro sensed that Satsuki-sensei is going to do something that has not been done yet from her words and atmosphere.

「Don’t worry, it will end before long. Okay?」
「No! Stop right now-nojya~!!」

Satsuki-sensei started the touching and grinding attack on Shiro.
More intense than just now.

「Haun!? Ah!? Hauuuuuu!?」

Shiro is already twitching in a weird way.
「Hyaaaan……」「Haan!?」. Such weird voices started to come out. Although he dislikes it, he doesn’t even try to run away at all.

……What the hell is going on?

Just like that, 30 minutes later.

「Fuu. I kept you waiting……I am fully charged right now, so I am fine」
「Ah, I see」

Satsuki-sensei who has a glossy face, and Shiro who’s sobbing on the ground.

「……Uu, I’m defiled-nojya」

「Then, let’s start the training. Shiro-chan……see you later, okay?」

Satsuki-sensei turns around and said that to Shiro regretfully.
As expected, that wasn’t my training at all.
Un. I knew that since the beginning, though.


As Shiro stands up slowly, he turns to Satsuki-sensei immediately.

「Y-You brushing woman. How dare you……How dare you! Y-You better remember-nojya~!!」

Spiting out such parting threat while on the verge of tears, he ran to the direction where Merisensei is.
I think you had a lot of chances to run away, though. I don’t understand.

「Fufu, sorry. When I see a cute thing……I can’t control myself. It is my bad habit」

Satsuki-sensei hits her own head and puts out her tongue.
She really is not reflecting on what she has done. Not everything can be forgiven just because you’re a beauty, you know?
……But I will specially forgive you because you’re cute.

「Then, Serizawkun, let’s start. From now, you will be doing a training in the form of combat」
「……Eh, against who?」

A training in the form of combat, but only Satsuki-sensei and me are here.
That means……?

「Of course, against me」

Suddenly, Satsuki-sensei’s atmosphere changed.
A pressure by drive.

The next moment, I get goosebumps and the surrounding trees rustle.

Before I know it, Satsuki-sensei is already drawing her katana slowly.
As the blade shows up, my body trembles, and my heartbeat quickens as if it’s giving a danger signal.

(……Ah, shit. This person……is serious)

I remember this presence.
The same presence as that Demon (Master). A sword filled with an expert’s pressure.

Something like throwing such killing intent at me right away……she’s completely a monster.

「Here I come. Please dodge it, okay? Otherwise……」

Satsuki-sensei doesn’t break her smile.
But now, she’s unleashing something of another dimension than the loveliness just now.

「……I might kill you」

While showing a charming smile, she unleashes the killing intent of the utmost limits–

A beautiful demon is there.

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