Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 92

92 The boss whose face cannot be seen

「Chief Urushibara, it is a phone call」

「What, phone call?」

At that time, the toy company staff and the chief of the product control department, Urushibara Shigeru throws his legs onto the office desk as usual while smoking a cigarette.

「For me? That’s from an outside telephone line, right?」
「Yes, for Chief」

The female employee said that the phone call is from outside the company.
Normally a person will give his acquaintances his business card, so they would call his mobile phone, but for Urushibara, he doesn’t do that at all. As he has never exchange business cards with anyone before.

In other words, there shouldn’t be any calls from the outside.
Then, the call is some kind of inquiry. No, a complaint to the extent of calling the chief.
Urushibara has no intention of answering the phone at all.

「Just pass it to the sales or the company that handles complaints. That’s not my job」

Although Urushibara joined the company through the connections with the company president, he actually don’t have any work in the company. He only sits at his post and smoke until the sun sets. That is his daily 「work」 and also his everyday life.

Just like that, he tried to ignite the 12th cigarette of the day, but what the female employee said made him stop.

「But the person called Chief by your name……saying 『Transfer it to Urushibara』」
「……Call by name? What a guy」

「It is a person called Rindou」
「……Pass it to me」

While sighing, Urushibara picks up the phone on his desk and speaks in a low voice.

「What are you doing, Stone Lantern? We agreed that we won’t be contacting each other in the real world」
『Don’t use that name. It’s an urgent business』

The voice of 【Stone Lantern】 was younger than expected.
Because he has always been saying things proudly, Urushibara thought that he was a man in the 40s or 50s.
Urushibara is in his late 30s.
Urushibara might be the elder one.

With that young voice, he starts fault-finding as usual.

『Besides, that’s my line. Why didn’t you answer your mobile phone? I told you to make sure that you can answer it anytime』

When he looks at his traditional Japanese-style cell phone, there is a flickering light. When he looks at the missed calls, there were 5 missed calls. It was a number not recorded in his contact.
But then, Urushibara has never recorded any contacts in this phone before.

「Ah, I didn’t see. I put in in silent mode without vibration」
『Put it at least capable to be contacted. Otherwise, the phone is useless』

「Don’t say things like a boss. So, what do you want?」
『Their situation has a change』

「……What do you mean?」

Urushibara who ignited the 12th cigarette, asked in return while blowing out the smoke.

『It appears that 「Kurono Meria」 and him (Level 5) started to take actions separately. We will also start moving right away』
「Already, huh. I thought this topic was raised not long ago」

『It just means that the time came faster than expected. It’s an exception, but Leader (Original) has given the orders』

Upon hearing that, Urushibara raised his body slightly from the chair.

「……Don’t tell me, you managed to make contact……!?」

『No, it’s just an one-sided order (message). He didn’t inform about his whereabouts. It’s probably not the time for it yet』
「I see」

Haba Ryuuichi, the 「Original」 who became missing for a long time.
For him to contact them means that it is a very important matter.

The 「Original」 who was absent for 6 years.

The boss who doesn’t show himself to his subordinates.
Why at this timing?

『Someone will come and pick you up at the usual place soon. Please prepare quickly』
「Ah, I understand」

Urushibara puts down the phone and his legs from the desk, and walks towards the middle-aged man at the window-side seat.

「Head. I still have my paid holidays, right?」
「Ah, Urushibarkun. What’s wrong……?」

While wiping his sweats, the man looks up at his subordinate standing in front of him.

「I’m applying for holiday. I will take a day off from afternoon」

Saying just that, Urushibara started walking towards the office’s exit.

「W-Wait a minute!? I will give you the application form right now, so fill it up……!」
「Ah, please fill it up for me」

Urushibara said that and started to walk.
Hearing that, the head brings out the form to the desk and starts to fill it up.

「U-Urushibarkun! At least, tell me about the reason」

「Reason……? Well, a little trip. And also, I might be absent for 2 or 3 days」

Saying that, Urushibara Shigeru exits the office and head to the park which is the meeting place while wearing his dark suit.

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