Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Chapter 3 part17

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Chapter 3 Part 17 Time does not wait*

A/N: This time around, it’s a monster battle

In front of the monster bunch that came flying towards the enemies and the gigantic hundred-legged Mukade crawled on the ground resembled the dignified movement of a movable fortress, Ikaruga’s single large eye curved into the shape of a smile.

“Umu, this is also a battle. I’ll have to as much fun as possible.”

From there, he introduced himself with a dignified voice.

“Listen, you nameless small fries! My name is Ikaruga, the one who releases demonic lights above the skies, Imperial Crimson’s Chief of the 13 demon shogun. For the precious beautiful master of mine, rather than by Hiyuki-sama’s imperial command, I come to subjugate you, rebels!! If you’re not scared of such power bring it on!”

In that instant, Ikaruga’s entire body released beams of rainbow colours. Infrared rays, visible rays, X-rays, high-frequency rays, electromagnetic waves, free electrons and such, a laser of every possible wavelength, looming over the enemy’s monsters, about to mow them down.

Half of them were annihilated, the half of them who were left was able to withstand it, on the contrary, they launched counterattacks at Ikaruga.

“Fumufumu, as I thought, it’s chewy compared to humans.”

To be honest, it wasn’t the power of single blows, but because it was as long as 70 meters and above, to receive that attack all at once, the damage was large.

Isolated by a barrier, furthermore knocked down by gravity ray.

The first group of enemies was replaced by the next as they were vanquished, the second group and Mukade moved. Raising their heads, they approached Ikaruga without pause.

Even the large Ikaruga seemed like a ball under a giant tree in front of the Movable fortress, but without any sign of panic (he) had stayed at the spot.

“If possible I would’ve wanted to play a little longer. The large one has approached. I bid you farewell.”

In an instant, at pointed ends of Ikaruga’s tentacles, darkness was born, and then the light in the space surrounding it warped due to gravity.

“[Dimension Slash].”

The next moment, the darkness that was condensed had destroyed them continuously in explosions, even the one around the corner was completely annihilated.

Rather than challenging the second group of enemies, the Mukade within range was pruned cleanly. For the movable fortress made of blocks, the passage which was damaged, cut and separated, in between that short moment, once more the neck crooks, but being wary of the dimension slash, kept its distance and placed bombardments, beams, corrosive liquid, etc and shifted into long distance attacks.

“Quite tough isn’t it. Speaking of which, to have the back fall off after being attacked that much, even if I were to leave the likes of such damages…”

In that instant, from four directions, the whirlpool of light which drew near was swallowed up Ikaruga.

Although the barrier and gravity ray instantly destroyed each other (be as it may less than 1% of the hp was shaved off) and the damage, Ikaruga’s eyes were serious, alert of the surrounding swiftly.

With that eye, as if surrounding the area around oneself, a pentacle was drawn, it somewhat resembled his/her own body – more precisely, it was similar, a same type of being, probably Yog-Sothoth. However, this was only to the extent of 20 meters, it could only be the normal size and level version of summoned pet, the down-graded version – to perceive the enemy, it narrowed its eyes in displeasure.

“… the .same type, is it? Lacking in principles, you’re a pitiful one who can’t even be used as a tool. I would like to immediately release you from your hardship. …no, a wonderful thing isn’t it. As if you people are seeing the reflection of yourself from a distorted mirror, I can’t take it anymore. Above all else, my name is Ikaruga. Other than hime who granted me this name, I am the one and only. – Disappear, you fake copy.”

This time, in the instant where the dimension slash winks, the Yog-Sothoth was swallowed up but other than the one nearby that was terminated, with the same standards of dimension slash, offsetting the attacks are not guaranteed to succeed. The four left are staggering even though they are healthy.

“Fu-mu, it’s been a long time since I could go all out during a battle. How would I be able to expect that one hit didn’t manage to take him out. Although, one more strike – “

At that time, 4 fallen stars from the skies flew down and clashed with Yog Sothoth’s only eye. Before that, they split into 4 directions like a blooming flower – however, with that much vigour spears made of orichalcum were thrown, penetrating Yog-Sothoth’s body in the middle, and plenty of kinetic energy was released.

The four that scattered had the same sort of form, immediately got ready with different spears, at the appearance of the four angels heading towards the rest of the enemies, Ikaruga had a bitter smile.

“Is it not the four season sisters, Tsubaki, Enoki, Hisagi, Hiiragi. Their abilities should be bestowed praises, and definitely not disappointing enough to grieve over it.”

By all rights, they are Principalities*. In terms of class, there were very few races with higher abilities compared to them. Yog Sothoth’s position is the highest place in terms of strength.

This is the difference between those who have ‘Name’ and ‘Motive’ and those who don’t. We’re the ones who are blessed. Unlike that foolish ruler, hime-sama was able to stay as she is.

And, earnestly grumbling, that one Yog Sothoth, because of the four season sister’s attack in waves, went down and stood on the earth.
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In that instant, to not leave an afterimage behind, as if dancing with godlike speed Iki went and smashed that large body right into two.

“UOOOO! I am Hiyuki-sama’s number one retainer, Iki! The very first who was honored with a name, you bastards servant, I won’t forgive you if you were to step one foot closer to hime-sama. Everyone, all will be chopped!”

While shouting, the edges of the swords on his body elongated, furthermore stretched, plunging into the horseman in the midst of the enemy’s troops.

Even though it was a group of monsters in a rush to attack, to try and chase with speed when in the middle free for all battle, in front of one’s eyes the second when it came small pieces were like clever feats of ‘as expected’, it became a situation where they were killing each other due to friendly fire.

Not only that, towards there, to the extent of bringing 100 summoned orc soldiers, Gaijin surged into the crowd.

“Ora ora! My name is Gaijin. Even I received this name from our hime-sama, this I, the owner of the Ramen Shop “Pork Bone Emperor.”

Orc soldiers and the enemies that were left entered what that seemed like a terrible free-for-all battle, suddenly before you could notice, a Golem that exceeded 4 meter, larger than Gaijin by a head, had struck towards those in front of his eyes.

In one shot, the face of Gaijin who receive a clean hit, “Why, this greenhorn-“
Not showing that it had any effect, with the sound of cracking from the bones held in both hands, the golem that lowered its waist aimed at his right and let out a straight*.

Right away, even though both hands were raised to defend against the golem, each of those arms of Gaijin was in pieces.

“Your* fists have no guts! Guts!”

And then, looking around the surrounding that’s crowded with monsters with a glare, he swung the shoulder that made a cracking sound.

“For your information, my fist, filled with my willpower and the love of hime-sama, are increased in toughness by twice or rather a hundred times. Be prepared for it.”

Thus, to the Souju who had was there for the finishing touch,

“Fumu fumu, due to the young bunch’s rowdiness it is quite enough. Well, since I suffered an unexpected defeat, I should go clean up huh…”

While muttering this, he settled on the ground.

All at once, the earth’s nutrient, water, and magical power were absorbed, changing him into the form similar to a 15-meter large tree.

“As it’s only the wilderness, the limit is to this degree huh. Well then, as Hiyuki-sama’s second retainer, the one who granted Soujuu’s(my) name. I should not bring shame to that name.”

As it is, with a movement similar to sliding on the earth, from under his feet, roots in the shape of spears went in all directions as if spears held readily were thrust out from the earth, accurately shooting through the monsters of the enemy, and in their body, plant-type poison was produced.

Those that died due to the pierce through the body, similar to how the shrike impales their prey on the tree branches, those that narrowly managed to avoid from being stabbed in their vitals, those that were convulsing due to the poison flowing into them and died, and those who panicked and positioned at a distance to try and strike Soujuu’s main body, was somewhat launched into the air by arrows of thorn sprung from their whole body, furthermore, from their mouth, a breath of deadly poison was emitted like a curtain of fog.

While gazing at the speed of this one-sided annihilation from the sky, ‘good grief’ I, who is the same kind, have yet to make my entrance, to the extent of that large fortress, as Ikaruga thought, in front of his eyes, the 2 Yog-Sothoth left, they burst and splattered like an apple falling on the ground.

From there Mikoto who flew with a nonchalant expression, cast a heal on Ikaruga.

“Are you alright, Ikaruga-dono. You seem to have sustained some injuries?”
“This sort are scratches only. And more or less the ones who sustained wounds after battles are the ones who were in high spirits.”

“Is that so. Then, they’re unnecessary treatment?”

“No, I’m saved. I have to say my gratitudes. Also foremost, those on the ground entered a melee fight, we can only attack recklessly. Soon they won’t be able to fight anymore, probably.”

Moving around joyfully – Iki, Soujuu, Gaijin’s appearance, few Ikaruga looked with envy, casually, noticed Mikoto and asked.

With a bothered expression, Mikoto turned her gaze downwards.

There were no small fries for Kokuyou to aim at. He aimed for the main body.”

Realizing the meaning of that, in the moment Ikaruga returned his gaze to the headquarters of the enemy- the large movable fortress-
GANN! Forced up violently, starting from the central part of the movable fortress Mukade, unable to withstand the slash, numerous blocks were blown off, exploding in the air.

“It seems like it has begun.”

As they could see, the pavis on his left hand was pushed up, Kokuyou was standing in that stance, right hand held a black coloured lance, in that posture, he moved towards the back of the Mukade which has been divided into parts, this time charging to split the front to the back.

In a panic due to the hit to the top half of the body, the fragments attacked but, without the feel of pain or itch, crossing over Mukade in a few kilometers, Kokuyou divided it as if cutting through butter with a butter knife.

“…oh dear. With this, it’s unlikely I will be able to reveal my all(T/L: or true strength).”

“It seems to be so.” Mikoto agreed with a smile.

“Afterwards there’s hime-sama’s issue on her side…”

Ikaruga shifted his gaze to the direction where Hiyuki was.

“Utsuho and Tsu are there too, that sort of small thing won’t be a problem I think.”

“Fumu. I think so too, but the opponent is a player, we mustn’t underestimate the tricks they can use.”

“That is so.”

Mikoto nodded as she agreed, Ikaruga turned his gaze towards the direction facing them.

A/N: Mostly this side “wouldn’t it become a match?” is what was expected but, yes, it did not turn into a match (laugh

Nattou’s Awesome Footnote:

There is a saying in Japanese, 歳月人を待たず (Saigetsu hito wo matazu) Time waits for no man. The title is probably a shortened version of this.
Principalities: (in traditional Christian angelology) the fifth highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.
let out a straight, the word was written in katakana, I think refers to their pitching (baseball) there’s curve balls, straight throws…
Your fists have no guts – the ‘your’ which is used here implies that the person addressed is inferior to the speaker (手前ら temeera)

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