Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Chapter 33

A wild vampire princess appear!

Translator Note: moaning have a lot of meaning less word, so I only translate what make sense, the rest I will keep as romanji.


Chapter 33: Vampire Princess is chasing

“Oh no … …!”

Shadow. The shadow is stuck to her.  (T.N: Reminder: this girl is one of poachers that escape, not Chrome)

In fact, all of her companions are rolling miserably on her feet. She is the only one remaining.

“Please … have mercy, next time…, next time … will be … success!”
“Well … that’s good already, because I already made up my mind”

I would like to eat minotaur meat. The request I made for them was as simple as that, but they did not even grant it. It is disappointing.

When I touch her trembling cheeks, I feel wet. She‘s cute, She’s crying.
Take my finger to her neck and stand shallow nails. ‘Poke’. 


” ‘Ara’…?”  (T.N: mean like “huh” or “oh”)

There is a sound of water. A vulgar sound such as tea pouring.
I turned my line of sight downwards, a big pool of water was made. Aha… ♪

“Have you leaked out, FU FU FU, are not you too afraid of me? I will give you SOOO MUCH MOREEE …♪.”

” ‘Ara’, do you want to be caught in the neck like a vulgar boy rolling over there?”

“Oh yeah, behave like a good girl ? … Even so, you can not be saved.”

From the beginning I planned to deal with all of you. ‘You have failed me for the last time’, poacher.

The moment she heard my words, a small green eyes spread apart. The trembling lips try to speech the words.


Whether it is a beggar or a screech, I do not want to hear dirty words before meals. I silenced her with magic.

The green colored eyes are very beautiful. Red hair is slightly sore and unworthy, but she is still a beautiful person for a person hide behind the scenes.

It is a pity that her emotions have disappeared from facial expressions with my enchanted magic, but I will do it so pleasant from now, so it’s okay.

“Become Drowning”

I set my fang on her neck and graze it.

I brush the warm liquid overflowing with spill. Very sweet, taste numb to the brain. It is wonderful.

“A gi, a ~a~a~a~a! ?”

The effect of enchantment ends at the moment of biting. Otherwise, I can not enjoy such a reaction.

There was resistance for only a few seconds. After that, she abandons her thoughts.

“A, hi…… ufu, fufufu…… hi ~a, hi ~i~tsu”

I will make her blood of mine, she began to leak meaningless words.

For me who is a vampire, blood sucking is the best pleasure. Even blood from this girl who did not finish my request. Though men are garbage.

“A, a~a, n ~tsu…… a wa, a hi ~ya……”

“Hihi hi…… a wa wa wa…… n ~a, an~tsu…… ku fu, hihi ~tsu”

… This girl laughs. 

The expressions that the child whose mind is broken by the pleasure I give is divided into three broadly.

Every child is so cute that I want to take it slowly and thoroughly.
Continue to give the best pleasure until the end of the your life, I’ll destroy you with all my love.

“Aha, ahahaha … …. feeling, … … fu a …”

“I want more! I feel more comfortable, more!”

“Good, it’s okay! I am not scared of anything anymore! The world is beautiful! It’s more! I can be dead! Good, even if I’m gone !!”

“I love you … … Elsee-sama!”  [Elsee as a girls’ name is of Hebrew origin, and Elsee means “God is my oath”, Elsee is a variant form of Elizabeth (Hebrew).] (this time the name is easy to guess, thank you google search)
“Thank you. I love you.”

I will catch the delicate body that is sticking properly and I will do it as she wants.

Touching the body with an open hand, I got a sweet reaction every time, she is very cute. I can only hear the chirping sound, her laugh, and my own breath. 

“A, wa ~u~u~u”

“Wa, n ~a~tsu…… wa, ~i~i……”
“Han…… n, chi ~yu~u……”

Being like a couple, we indulge in action. She dedicates everything to me, I will love her all, only a little sweet deed.

She choose to give me her own life, not living for the rest of it. Whispering to call my name till the end, ‘I love you’.
I have such an unbearable feeling that I has sucked all the drops. I made everything of the growing beating forever to mine.

“Fuu … … she was completely dried out … okay, you are really beautiful …”

I stopped talking, I kissed her cheek and I let her go.

My blood reading is not so strong but It enough to digs at least memories of several days. 

…… I am interested in why they failed.

For sure, why did not Minotaur ‘s meat get available, for sure?
If a vulgar man was in the way of getting the meat, he had to pay it by get tear up properly … right?

“ARA…… ARA, ARARA ! WHAT… THIS… GIRL……!?” (T.N: Ara mean “huh”)

In this girl memory, she was watching the child with the telephoto magic.

Lightly pointed ears and tusks, red eyes are unmistakable, a similar proof of me.
Silver hair vampire – she is too, she is a ‘can walk under the sun’ vampire .

“A, ~A~a~a……”

I loved her at first sight.

That little tusk. I want to lick it. I will feel sick if I take a deep breath as it is buried in her silver hair.
Put a fang against a small neck, what should you look like if I suck it up? laugh? cry? Do you feel relieved?

“I am concerned, I am sooooooooooo … ….CONCERNED”

My chest and the back of my heart get hotter. The body is numb and numb and a feverish breath is leaked.

… … cute, Cute, CUTEeee!

What a child she is! She is Legendary Vampire walking under the sun ! I have not heard about her, that cuteness is also legendary!

I had finally found what I was looking for forever.
Her silver hair will surely shine with my blond hair. If I sink in the bed with two of, how can I become a painting … … 

Servant Call 

“Your Order ?”

This child will be my bride.

It is unnecessary to temporarily relate like a child rolling on her feet. She will be mine forever. My only cute girl.

“If you decide so, notify all the servants!”

I will skip my heart to my cute little people who are connected by a blood contract. About the future bride.
Share memories and burn her figure to the hearts of my servants.

“Have you heard, did you see, I will make that child my wife. Search, find her, catch her … Oh, that’s right … … If you dare taste, I will tear you thousands piece, got it ?”

I wonder what kind of dress you are going to put on. I should choose something that suits all the time for such love!

Of course Only I allow to see all of you, it is forbidden.

“Hehe, hehe … …. hehe … I am looking forward to it, even if it’s fun … …. ‘Vander Snatch’ ! Get ready!”

Talk to my dog ​​and shake the dress. I will go out and prepare for picking up.
Well, it will be a lot of fun and I will be busy now.


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