Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Vol 3 Chapter 12

Episode 12 The Preliminary Begins

The fight to decide the next Beast King, the preliminary match is held at Cres Kingdom’s Holy Ground [Feeding Grounds of the Demon Wolves] which is at the base of The [Sacred Beasts Hill] till the 3rd day.


Incidentally, the opposite of this hill is the [Bed of Sleeping Earth Dragons] which is also holding a preliminary match and those who win during the 4th day will qualify for the next match, which will take place on the Saint Beasts Hill.

For that reason, we’re currently at the Feeding Grounds of the Demon Wolves where the preliminary match also takes place – there should be a room created for the noble visitors but…

“Isn’t this just a poor excuse of isolating us?”

From atop deluxe tower where I can see the match arena in a single sweep without any obstruction, I watched a group of tents on the opposite side of the arena. Within those tents, as elder and chief of the beastman tribe are socializing, as if they noticed the threat from here, and instinctively had cold feet ―Remembering those figures, I gave a sigh.

Rather than being treated as royalty, I’ve been given a cheap seat.

“Are you not happy with this arrangement, princess?” Tengai, dressed in a tuxedo and standing beside me asked. I thought for a second and answered honestly.

“I’m a little unsatisfied with it but there’s no choice. After all, I’m the one who is an uninvited guest.”

Actually, there’s plenty of food at the watchtower, fruits, drinks and other delicacies were lined up, but there’s nobody here who gave me a warm reception.

“If you were to wait for a moment, I can remove the cause if you order me to do so.” Tengai said as if he was going to remove a few garbage from the hallway, bowing in a carefree manner.

Wait, are you going to smash them before the tournament even starts?!

I’ll be happy if you didn’t do that, but, if they’re telling me to do it on my own, then I shall do so. So, can you help me a bit? Tengai.”


At the tent of the Lion Nu Gruf tribe who will participate at the first tournament match in the prelims, tension was in the air.  

“Hey, how’s the body condition, the two of you. The wounds from yesterday are not affecting you in anyway right?”

At the open space in front of the tent, Revan is warming up. Asmina  wiped his sweat, supplied him with water, inadvertently touching his body. They gaped as they looked at my face which is hidden by an inconspicuous robe.

”Your… majesty?”

“Why are you here…eh? Aren’t you at the nobility seats…?”

At the place which Asmina pointed, atop a 5m tall tower made of wood is a stage where can be seen anywhere from the venue. That’s where ‘I’ am overlooking the surrounding with a calm face.

“Ah, that’s a substitute.”

“Geh, a substitute? Could it be that’s a shinobi (shadow warrior)?”

Those who were heard in rumours but never seen, Asmina looked at the the person who replaced me as if it was something rarely seen.

Well, truly they are puppets made of magic which replicates my appearance, but when you look at it closely it they’re still a little different.

For example, the feeling of their skin or their eyes movement, their temperature or their figure which gives off a doll-like feel. If you can’t sense it then you must be dumb. Anyone would say that.

Should the real thing be seen, then the visitors from afar would suddenly have a gleam in their eyes and say “Please give one of them!”, with their fist pumping.

As a camouflage, stood next to the puppet is Tengai who is frowning. It’s just as he expected, this sort of entertainment is only interesting when watched like this.

Anyway that’s how I slipped out, but your body’s condition looks good.

As if to answer my words, Revan’s mouth suddenly morphed into a smile.

“Yeah, it’s all thanks to your Majesty.”

From now it would be a match – no, a deathmatch, where enthusiasm or tragedy completely cannot be experienced. It was a cheerful smile without a single blot like the blue skies.

“-What do we have here, it seems like you have transformed overnight into someone else.”

If Revan is an opponent now he can probably put up a good fight, and I’m glad of it.

“That’s great. -Mm. Today, you’re making a great expression. Don’t worry, you’ll win for sure.”

“Thank you. Although yesterday Majesty has blown the my useless past-self till I flew, today I promise you I’ll be returning the favour by not showing you a clumsy fight.”

“Is that so?”

Whether you’ll win or lose, you’ll be giving it your all. Mm, I can look forward to his determination.

“Ano, your Majesty?”

From somewhere Asmina’s voice was heard accompanied a strange aura.

“Oddly, the mood between you and brother is good, could it be you’re trying to steal my brother from me…there’s no way right?’ As her eyes that seemed like black holes were aimed at me, I shook my head in panic.

“…Any…anyway, that’s quite a light armour you’re wearing, don’t you have any other protective gear?”

Revan changed from his regular traditional clothes, but it’s not wrong to say the only change is that there’s no more sleeves, which allowed easy movement.

“Haa, extra protective gear will only end up restricting my movements. – is this bad?”

“Yes. It’s alright if it’s the usual match, but this time around your opponent will be using strengthened weapons, you should at least put on minimal protective gears.”

At that time, with a sudden playfulness I retrieved a few armor pieces from a bag around my waist and showed Revan.

“-Are those Arm guards and leg guards?” As plain black unadorned guards meets his eyes, Revan spilled his honest impressions.

“Yeah, the arm guards are called Kanshou and the leg guards are called Bakuya. With these you might be fine.”

Receiving those equipments, Revan wore them. He wore Kanshou(干将) on his arm like a sleeve and Bakuya(莫耶) was adjusted around his hips.

“It’s slightly big and heavy… but not to the point of disrupting my movement.” Revan thought it would enable him to make swift hand and foot movements.

That’s a relief. By the time you reach a certain level, it will automatically readjust the weight, and it’ll be able to show you it’s true powers.

‘With that, I acknowledge you who nobody recognizes as the Beast King.’ I added in my heart.

“Well, for now, these can be considered as very durable protective gear.”

With my words Revan bowed his head with an expression filled with admiration.

“Understood. I’ll be borrowing it.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll give it to you. It doesn’t suit my way of fighting.”

“It’s fine, but isn’t it an expensive thing?”

“A tool is a tool.”

It’s like that situation when you finally got the strongest sword, because if you use it the endurance will drop so you kept it in the warehouse, and then used poorer weapons to fight, that sort of player. However, in my case, I’m like how could you not use that equipment? Instead of hesitating I’ve been using such things many, many times.

“Understood. I give my sincerest gratitude.“ Revan accepted the item bestowed with a bow.

For the equipment of the former beast king to end up in my hands, it’s like the current beast king accepted his successor. I don’t believe in destiny but this may be another form of fate.

“Well, to be honest, there are people who rather not accept such equipment because it was equipment held by a pervert who liked to massage other people’s breasts.”

“Ha…” With a complex expression, Revan’s line of sight dropped to Kanshou and Bakuya.

Without further ado, the first match begins.

Lion tribe’s next chief VS rabbitman tribe’s adventurer Chloe.

The arena – even though it’s called that, it’s actually just a wasteland which was cleared for with a 100m square with a pile of soil around it, similar to a sumo’s arena – surrounding that area is the two tribes. Since earlier, shouts of anger and excitement came from those vested in the fight. Even so, compared to the lion tribe, the excitement from the rabbitman tribe seemed rather subdued, similar to the Revan from yesterday. The opponent is from the weak rabbitman tribe, not to mention a female, they’re probably looking down on her.

After the signal of the referee, both representatives approached the center of the arena –

“…I might be mistaken. She doesn’t seem to be a player.” Looking at Revan’s opponent, the rabbitman tribe adventurer, I tilted my head.

On one side, Asmina who had been spectating next to me was so confused that she started gripping and pestering me for answers.

“What do you mean? What is it? Eh? Isn’t she from the rabbitman tribe? Are all women adventurers… like that?!”

“No, she’s probably special.”

That which I was referring to is the opponent, the rabbitman tribe’s female adventurer, Chloe, if a word has to be said, she’s tough.

With a body height of almost 2 m, sharp eyes topped by large eyebrows, a square jaw that branches into two, all her muscles seems ready to burst, and each of her arms are around the size of my chest, unknown if those chest are breasts or muscles they were strained and ready to burst, not only that, they were wrapped in a bikini-like armor, followed by 8 packs. The part without feminine curves is completely an “Aniki’s(Big Bro) Butt” sort of butt. A gigantic lump of muscles, that’s what she is.

On the top of this person’s head, a pair of ‘Holland Lop’ type rabbit ears drooped down as if it was sorry it was there.

this sort of rabbit ears

‘Yeah, that has completely went beyond the limits of what we call a player character,’ is what I thought.

Revan looks at his opponent in front of him and sighed in his heart.

‘It’s a relief. From here onwards it’s useless to ruminate about it.’

Hiyuki let out an “Aa,” as expected it’s difficult to raise one’s hand to strike a woman, there’s such a thing as being shameful of it in your mind.

But the one in front of him is unmistakably a warrior. That’s why it’s impolite to not take her seriously.

That’s why it was said naturally, “It’s a relief, to have you as my first opponent.”

Hearing that, Chloe had a dissatisfied look, knitting her eyebrows.

“An? That’s why you’re looking down on me?”

“You’re mistaken. You are obviously a strong opponent. That’s why I don’t have to hold back when I beat you. Because of that I’m glad.”

In an instant, that befuddled look on Chloe had transformed into a bloodthirsty smile.

“Fufun, what a pleasant thing to say. I thought you were just a weak boy it turns out you’re a [mediocre] man. -Besides, I see you have a really fine woman there.”

Revan glanced to the field, noticing his younger sister who is looking at him and Hiyuki, then answered with a bitter smile.

“That’s right. I have women that are too good for me. Incidentally, was I rated as [mediocre]?”

“-hn, if you were to win against me, I’ll recognize you as a [fine] man!”

“If that is so, then don’t hold back!”

At that moment, “Begin!” the referee signaled with the Taiko drum. Revan with his fists and Chloe equipped with her 2m cane – normally blunt weapons in the shape of a stick are made of wood, but this cane seems to be made of gold.

“Fnn!” raising her fighting spirit, Chloe approached Revan with the pointed end of her cane.

As he dodged complacently, “Extend!” with a speed that surpasses imagination, the cane slides as she predicted to smash Revan’s face, and when it collided, it made a loud sound, followed by his body which was blown back.

“Revan nii-sama!”

Face distorting in panic, I calmed the Asmina who rushed forward and was bending over in worry. (T/N:  she isn’t in the fighting area, they’re watching somewhere further.)

“It’s fine. He put up his guards at the very last moment, even if he appeared to be knocked back, he eliminated the force of hit, so from here I can see there’s no damage.”

Afterwards, given a few grim stares, Chloe’s red cane was revealed.

Isn’t that a loot (drop item), The Ru Yi Bang from Eternal Horizon Online? It’s unlikely to appear in the market. It’s just as I thought, there must be someone scheming while hidden.

To this me, Asmina sent a worried look.

“Is it really fine?”

“I… think so.”

“Also, before the match, Revan nii-sama was speaking with that woman intimately, should I be worried that he might cheat on me?”

“You really don’t change, do you?”


Translation Notes:

Kanshou and Bakuya: see also:  Eh. They’re not guards in other media but they’re swords? Well, they’re guards in vampire story.

That loot item is also known as the Ru Yi Bang from Journey to the West.

Revan and Asmina are ‘in laws’. The term used in the previous translation is milk brother and sisters, and they are most likely to have the same caretakers, which is why they are sort of in laws. This is probably to make it alright* for them to get married if they plan to do so in the future. * This is only the translator’s interpretation. For the purpose of making it less cringy, I’ve removed the mention of milk, but do note they have this sort of relationship.

Translator’s thoughts about this chapter: Not enough scenes for Hiyuki! Hnggh!

~Thanks to Mado-spicy senpai who checked the translation~ ^o^

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