Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Volume 3 Chapter 18

Part 18: The One Behind the Scenes

(Literal Translation of title: The stagehand behind the black curtain)

Translator’s notes: Before you read this chapter, I’d like to warn you that the author uses some kendo terms which I explained(somewhat) in the footnotes. I’ve numbered my footnotes this time because it could get a bit confusing. I have left some of the Japanese text because I’m still cleaning up this draft and it makes it easier to check if the tl is correct. It’s quite an exciting chapter! I have started reading the next chapter. Hopefully I can churn out a new one soon. 

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Hiyuki and Otomaru, even though there was a distance of approximately 10 feet between the two of them, both of them shortened the distance between them in an instant.

The reason is that Hiyuki held the Sinner of Rose [Gilles de Rais] in a basic kendo posture, hasso (*1.), relaxed.

Otomaru wields the two Mitsurugi scimitar and held it in the chuudan stance(2), showing his scorn and the fact that he’s got the upperhand.

“For your information, thanks to that person my status is almost the same as the current you. The conditions are fair, that is to say, your real strength is inferior and won’t stand a chance against me.

Hearing the unexpected provocation from Otomaru, Hiyuki confirmed her opponent’s status with a doubtful look, then she opened her eyes wider.

Just like his words, Otomaru’s current status was boosted by pet fusion, almost similar to her status after fusing with the Divine Beast Nine-Tailed Fox Utsuho. (Her MP was superior but her opponent’s HP is more than hers.) Furthermore, Hiyuki was surprised by the text [Fusion: The God Crusher Fenrir].

“The God Crusher Fenrir?! Wasn’t that an Event Boss that can’t be tamed?!”

No, it’s possibly an underhanded trick that’s temporary, if it was normal- only the inhabitants of Imperial Crimson knows the way to exceed the limits of the base values – As the owner, it’s unlikely for him to be able to have a status that deviates from a Player’s level.

Actually, the pets that were summoned from the Movable Fortress didn’t have this sort of status values. In that case, the reason for the abnormality of the status is-

“You said ‘Anokata(3)’. Could it be related to that person Lubbock mentioned earlier, the ‘God of This World’?”

“That’s right. Anokata (Polite: he/she) is a God! The beginning of everything.”

“I would like you to share more details about that.”

“Hah! If you were to defeat me I’ll talk about it. Well, such a thing will never happen even if the heavens and earth were toppled though!”

With a mocking laughter, Otomaru kicked the ground. At the same time, Hiyuki moved forward.

GAKin! At the point where the blades intersect, sparks flew.


If it’s about who will tend to come out ahead in a clash between our strengths, as expected Otomaru excels with his body weight and strength.

Otomaru chased after Hiyuki who flew from the attack, drawing a spiral with his twin blades – using the Blade skill [Kamaitachi/Razor Wind] , while also adding the lighting element on the blade.

The sword’s pressure formed a tornado, swooping towards the floating body of Hiyuki.

Hiyuki’s skirt fluttered, her small body hovered in the air. And then, sparks that raised its head like snakes drew closer from four directions.


Together with a scream, Hiyuki rotated in the air while she brandished Gilles De Rais to split the tornado and the lighting attack into two with a single cut.

Before Hiyuki could set her foot on the ground after she was released from restriction, Otomaru rushed in like a cannon that’s been shot from the catapult.


Against the release of vigorous direct attacks, Hiyuki intercepted with a horizontal sword swipe.

In addition to the impact on landing, Hiyuki accelerated every muscle in the body from stillness in a sudden – it was a Kei(6) move which had been learnt from the Beast King, because of Hiyuki’s originally explosive power, it transformed into a spiralling power.

足元の地面が爆発する。Under her feet, the ground erupted.

剣と刀、2回目の激突。The sword and scimitar clashed for the second time.

だが、今度は剣が力負けしない、速度で相手を遥かに(harukani)上回った(uwamawatta) 結果(kekka)である。
But, this time the sword did not lose in terms of power, and the conclusion came with a speed that far exceeds the opponent.


予想外yosougaiの結果に、音丸の顔に一瞬焦り(aseri)が浮かんだ(ukabunda)。Because of the unforeseen result, Otomaru had a flustered expression.


Otomaru who had the intention to activate his skill again to cover up his blunder, blocked his opponent’s attack with his stance, but was kicked by Hiyuki till he flew.

蹴(ke)られた勢いはそのままに、吐き気をこらえて慌てて距離を置き、追撃に備える音丸。だが予想に反して、緋雪は『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』を肩に乗せた姿勢で、「う~~ん」となにやら思案し出した。Unable to withstand the force of the kick, in a panic he repositioned at a distant to bear the nausea.
Contrary to his expectations, Hiyuki placed the Gilles De Rais on her shoulder, saying “U~n” as she thought.

「……やっぱり同じだねぇ」”…As I thought it’s the same.”

「あン? なにがだ?」”Hn? What is?”

「君の攻撃パターンだよ。兄丸さんと同じだね。基本的にスキルの連発で、通常の攻撃はその中継ぎか、スキルが間に合わない場合に力技で行うかのどちらかだねぇ」”Your attack pattern. It’s the same as Animaru-san’s. Basically it’s the continuous use of skills, with normal attacks in between. At times when skills can’t be used you use your strength to attack, depending on whether you can make it.”

「それがどうした! ちんたら斬ってたらいつまで立っても相手のHPを削れないだろう!」
“So what! If I took my time in killing the opponent, their HP wouldn’t decrease!”

その言葉に緋雪は首を傾げた。Hearing that, she tilted her head.

「それは痛みも何もないゲーム内のことじゃない? 現実の世界では通用しないと思うよ。急所を打たれれば痛みがあり、視界を塞がれれば距離感が狂う。実際、それで兄丸さんも負けてるしね。まあ、相手に合わせてスキルを連発した私が負けたのは自業自得だけど、基礎も応用もできてないそのやり方は、早い段階で破綻する(dankai de hatansuru)と思うよ」
“That’s if we’re in a game where pain does nothing, isn’t it? If this was the real world I don’t think such logic would apply. Hitting the tender spots will cause pain, if your field of vision is blocked you’d go mad from the sense of distance. Actually, that was why Animaru-san was defeated. Well, if the opponent were to continuously use skill, causing me to lose, it would be me suffering because of my own mistakes, for you that don’t even know how to use the basics, I think you failed at an early grade.”

「馬鹿言うな、そんなのは力のない負け犬のいい訳だ! 絶対的な力の差があれば、そんなものは関係ない」
“Stop speaking such crap. What can a loser without any strength come up with. As long as there is a difference in absolute strength, such things are irrelevant.”

「そうかい。じゃあ私はいまからスキルを使わないで、君を倒して見せるよ。次で雌雄を決しようじゃないか」 “Is that so? Then from this point onwards I’ll defeat you without the use of skills. Next, shall we have a showdown?”

「できるもんならやってみろ、このハッタリ野郎!」”Do it if you can, you bluffing bastard!”

Along with a roar, Otomaru’s two scimitars were swung in all directions – continuously slicing with the scimitar skill, Hiyuki retreated while dodging, sidestepping and warding it off.

「はン! 逃げるだけが!? この男女!」”Ha! Only know how to run! This girly boy! (T/n: or androgynous person, written as Womanman)”

He bared his fangs and pelted her with jeers. Hiyuki didn’t get particularly agitated. She aimed for the gap in between the skills, when the body is still stiff after the end of the skill. Otomaru dug his heels just before the skill ends.

襲いかかるosoikakaru – to swoop down on
そこへ緋雪の突きが流星となって襲いかかる。At that, Hiyuki thrust like a falling star, swooping down on him.


When he was going to dodge Hiyuki’s sword that was aimed towards his throat at the shortest distance, the stiffness became a fatal delay. From that point onwards, dodging it was impossible.

Katana Secret Skill・Break.

自らの武器を相手の武器にぶつけた瞬間、相手の武器を払い除けるか、破壊する技。It’s  a  skill which wards or destroys the opponent’s weapon when your weapon clashes with your opponent’s.

その代わり自分の武器にもそれ相応の負担をかける. In exchange, the user’s weapon will also be applied an appropriate burden.

だが、緋雪の持つ武器はサーバ内でも知らないものがいない、ほぼ最高級の長剣を奇跡の10回連続強化に成功した神剣ともいうべき『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』。それに比較して、自分の持つ三日月刀シミターは、同じLv99武器としてもかなり格は落ちる。However, there’s nobody in the server that doesn’t know the weapon Hiyuki possessed. The Gilles De Rais could even be called a divine sword, being almost the highest grade long sword that was miraculously succeeded in being reinforced 10 times. When that was compared with the Mikazuki scimitar, even if it was also a LVL 99 weapon, the standard was lower.


反射的reflecting な行動なのだろう、飛んでいった『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』の方へ、左手を延ばした緋雪。だが、まだこれで終わりではない。こちらは二刀、つまり左手の三日月刀シミターは健在(kenzai)-going strong?である。Probably as a reflex, Hiyuki’s left arm extended towards the Gilles De Rais. However, it wasn’t the end. Otomaru had two scimitars, in short, now he still has the Mikazuki scimitar in his left hand.

Otomaru who was going to confirm his victory, the sides of mouth curved upwards, setting his eyes on Hiyuki’s white collarbone, he waved his left hand.

「……なーんちゃって」”…just kidding.”

Hiyuki who noticed her messed-up posture and immediately straightened herself, extending both of her hands towards the approaching sword.

パン!と乾いた拍手かしわでのような音がして、音丸の刀身が止められた。Pan! With a sound like a clap, Otomaru’s blade was stopped.

剣聖技『白刃取り』。Saint Sword Skill, Shirahadori (Stopping the Sword with bare hands).

かつて兄丸が使い、緋雪が敗れた原因になった技である。Earlier it was used by Animaru, and it was the reason Hiyuki lost.

“-Bastard, you said you wouldn’t use any skill!?”

Hiyuki smiled at Otomaru’s protest. “Un, sorry. That. Was. A. Lie. – or rather, don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Surprised, Otomaru turned his head to the back. And then, entwined with the Ivy, Gilles De Rais flew towards him and Otomaru was pierced before he could dodge.


As Otomaru was shaky from coughing up blood, Hiyuki easily confiscated the Mikazuki scimitar from his hands.

I extended my left hand toward Gilles de Rais which flew earlier to display a gap in my defense, which helps me identify Otomaru’s attack pattern. Not only that, I was secretly releasing the Steel Roses Iron Maiden’s ivy, entangling it with my hands. This enables the sword to be pulled towards me, killing two birds with one stone.

「やっぱり、君ら基礎も応用もできてないと思うよ」 “As I thought, you don’t know the basics and how to use them.”

Hiyuki pressed the Mikazuki scimitar she snatched earlier against Otomaru’s nape, and earnestly stated her thoughts.


“It seems like the winner has been decided over there.”

From a distance, I returned my gaze towards the end of the Mobile Fortress that’s ablaze. Once again, I plunged the Mikazuki scimitar, causing Otomaru to make sounds filled with anguish.

Even though it has yet to reach the red zone of the HP bar or the yellow zone, due to the large amount of blood lose it seems like he has lose the will to fight.

That is why the feeling of game and reality differs…

「じゃあ、雌雄も決したわけだし…まあ、いちおういまは私も女なわけなんだから、雌で私の勝ちだねぇ。そんなわけで、約束どおり、君に神滅狼フェンリルを植え付けた、『あの方』とやらの正体を洗いざらい喋ってもらおうかな」 “Then, the fight is over… it’s my victory(8). As such, it is time for you to fulfill your promise of talking about the truth behind ‘anokata(that person)'”

そんなボクの質問に、恨みがましい視線で答える音丸。Otomaru answered my question with a glare filled with hatred.

「誰が、手前みたいな……卑怯者に教えるか…」 “Who would… tell… someone like you… a coward…”

まあ、予想通りの反応だね。Well, it’s certainly a response I expected to hear from him.

てか、卑怯者って・・・移動要塞に1,000匹以上のモンスター軍団を用意して、なおかつこちらの増援が来ないよう、デュエルスペースとやらの特殊空間に閉じ込め、さらにティムTAME不可能のボスモンスターまで繰り出してきた相手には言われたくないなぁ。Rather, calling me a coward when.. He’s the one who brought more than a thousand monsters, ensuring that I couldn’t receive reinforcements by sending us into this isolated Duel Space, also to fuse with an untamable monster…I really don’t want to bring up who is the coward here.

まあ、そう言っても無駄だろうね。この手の輩は、自分の意に沿わないことは、全部相手のせいなんだろうからねぇ。Even if I were to say so it’s probably futile, isnt it? This fellow’s moves, anything that doesn’t go according to his plan, the cause is always his opponent.

「まあ、話したくないというなら、話したくなるよう、こちらとしてはがんばるだけだよ」”Well, if you say don’t want to say it, I’ll do my best to make you want to say it.”

言いつつ、素早く『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』を抜き取って、代わりに相手の三日月刀シミターを突き刺す。ついでに軽く刀身を捻る。While saying that, I drew out Gilles De Rais, switching to the Mikazuki scimitar and stabbed him. As I was doing that, I lightly twisted the blade.

うん、これでHPがイエローへ突入かな。Yup, at this point it’s time to let the HP bar reach yellow.

でも、こうしてみると、やっぱいくらHPが増えても所詮は生身の人間。打たれ弱いね。ボクも気をつけないといけないねぇ。But, seen in this way, even though our HP increase, we are still human with flesh. If we are hit, we will weaken. I’ll also have to be alert of it.

「ぎゃあああああっ!!」 “Gyaaaaa!!!”

で、痛みでのた打ち回ろうとする、音丸を右足で押さえ込む。So, to induce pain with repeated attacks, I pushed it into Otomaru’s right feet.

悪いけど、『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』は返してもらうよ。お気に入りなんで、君の血で汚したくないからねぇ。代わりに三日月刀そっちは返すよ。それと後は――」  “It’s bad of me, but I’ll be taking back Gilles De Rais. Don’t mind me, I just didn’t want to dirty it with your blood. In exchange I’ll return you the Mikazuki scimitars.  Afterwards-“

ボクは素早く収納スペースインベントリから予備の剣を5本ばかり引き出した。I quickly opened my space inventory and prepared five more swords.

空中に現れた剣が、剣先を下にして、ボクの周りに突き立つ。The swords that appeared in the air, with their pointed end facing down, stood around me.

「生憎と拷問(goumon-torture)とか心得がないんでね。取りあえず、喋るまで全身滅多刺しにして、リアル黒○でもやることにするよ。――ああ、死んでも生き返らせて続きをするので、ご心配なく」Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable about tortures and such. For now, I’ll cut you up until you start talking, I’ll even do it like how Real Kuro** did (7) – aah, even if you died I can bring you back to life and continue, so don’t worry.”

「なっ――」 “Wha-“

痛みも忘れて目を剥く音丸に、有無を言わせず1本目の剣を突き立てる。Towards Otomaru who opened his eyes wide as he forgot the pain, she wordlessly stabbed with the first sword.

「ぐあああああああああああっ!!」 “Gaaah!!”

「さすがに神滅狼フェンリルと従魔合身してるだけのことはあるねぇ。HPが、まだレッドにすら落ちないんだから」 “As expected from a pet union with The God Crusher Fenrir. Your HP hasn’t dropped to red yet.”


「……ところで、このデュエルスペースっていつになったら開放されるの? やっぱり相手を殺さないとダメなのかな?」”Speaking of which, when is this Duel Space going to be released? As I thought there’s no other ways than killing my opponent huh?”

“Stop! I lose! I admit my loss. I’ll tell you anything!”

合図/あいず/sign; signal

刹那、音丸の『Give up』の声を合図に、デュエルスペースが開放され、独特の閉塞感がなくなった。In the instant I heard Otomaru’s “I give up”, the Duel Space opened and that unique pressure disappeared.

「――なーるほど、こういう仕組みなわけね」 “I see, it’s this sort of structure.”

要するに、どちらかが負けを宣告すれば終了する仕組みってことだね。As long as the loser admitted their loss, the Duel Space ends.

だったら、とっとと『わたしまけましたわ』とでも言って空間を解いて、天涯てんがいを呼んでボコらせれば良かった。If that was the case it would have been better if I said “I lose.”. The space would’ve collapsed, then I can call Tengai and beat the hell out of Otomaru.

いまさらだけどそう思いつつ、ボクは音丸に2本目の剣を向けた。But since it’s too late now, I pointed the second sword at Otomaru.

「んで、黒幕の正体って?」 “So, what is the true form of the mastermind?”

「そ、それは…」 “That- that is…”

キョドる/to act suspiciously; to behave in a strange way
How are you today?

キョドりつつも、音丸が何かを口にしかけた、その瞬間―― Behaving in a strange manner, Otomaru was going to say something, at that moment –

『姫、お気をつけて!』”Princess, please be careful!”

The sound of Utsuho’s warning surprised her, and caused her to move backwards with a leap, at the same time a throwing dagger abruptly stabbed Otomaru’s throat.

だけどその程度、神滅狼フェンリルと従魔合身中の音丸にとっては、ダメージ的にはまだ数%くらいで、問題になるレベルとは言えない。目に見える変化としては、わずかにHPが減って、危険領域レッドゾーンに突入したかな、だっといったところたんだけど……。However, for that degree of attack, Otomaru who is currently in a pet union with The God Crusher Fenrir, in terms of damage %, is yet to be a problem. From the looks of it, it’s a bit of decrease in HP, perhaps entering the critical red zone, but then…

刹那、いままでとは比較にならない様子で、胸を掻き毟り声にならない断末魔(danmatsuma- death agony)のような叫びを放つ音丸。Instantly, Otomaru released a scream that sounded like a deathly cry of agony as he tore his chest. His state couldn’t be compared to how he was earlier.

『いけませぬ。神滅狼フェンリルが暴走しておるようです。離れてくだされ、姫』 “This cannot do. It seems like The God Crusher Fenrir is about to run wild. Please step away, princess.”

空穂がそう言った瞬間、絶叫と共に音丸の胸から飛び出した神滅狼フェンリルが炎に包まれ、音丸ともども一瞬にして燃え尽きてしまった。In the instant Utsuho said it, Otomaru shouted while The God Crusher Fenrir appeared from his chest, wrapping him in flames, both of them burnt to a crisp.

While I was dumbfounded when it left a bowl-like shape on the ground due to the remaining high temperature, I heard the unpleasant voice of unfamiliar people behind my back.

「だめですね。HPがレッドになると暴走するようでは、まだまだ改良の余地がありますなぁ」 “It’s hopeless. Going berserk while the HP is red, there’s still room for improvement.”

慌てて振り返りながら、手にした予備の剣を捨てて、『薔薇の罪人ジル・ド・レエ』を構えたボクの視界に、ありえない人物の姿が飛び込んできた。In a panic, I turned while throwing away the sword I held, and prepared the Gilles de Rais. Within my vision, someone that’s unlikely to appear leaped in.

見た目は人間族の18歳程度の青年だろう。細い目に短い黒髪、膨らんだリュックを背負って、だぶだぶのコートに前掛けを下げた、どこから見ても『商人』というスタイルをしたこの男性、こんな場所に居るには不釣合いな姿だけど、ボクには非常に馴染みのある姿かたちだった。From the looks of it, it was a 18 year old youth. Thin eyes and short, black haired, carrying a full backpack, under a loose coat is an apron, no matter how you see it, it was a man dressed in Merchant style. Showing such an unsuitable appearance at this place, it was an appearance that I was unusually familiar with.

「……影郎かげろうさん? “Kagerou-san?”

確認の問いかけに、少しだけ嬉しそうな顔で頷く影郎さん――かつての仲間ギルメンであり、いるかいないんだか素で存在感のないその容貌と、極限まで追求したその暗殺術の凄さから『姿なき行商人』とも恐れられ、【滅死彷徨めっしほうこう】の二つ名を持つ伝説のスーパー商人その人だった。I asked to confirm, and Kagerou-san seemed to nod with a delighted expression – formerly one of the fellow guild member, with nondescript features and seemed as if he was present yet isn’t there(4). Someone who pursued assassination techniques to the limit, certainly the feared [Unnoticable Peddler], the legendary merchant that has the second name [(滅死彷徨)Selfless Devotion].

逢瀬/おうせ/rendezvous; tryst; (lover’s) meeting; (secret) date

「はい、お久しぶりです。お嬢さん。またこうしてお会いできるのは涙が出るほど嬉しいんですけど、いまの自分は他の旦那さんのところで使われる身、愛しいお嬢さんと ひと時の逢瀬を楽しむこともできません……」 “Yes, it has been a while. Ojou-san. That we could meet once again makes me so happy I can shed tears, but now my body is serving another master, and I cannot enjoy lover’s meeting time with with my beloved princess.”

最後は哀しげに顔を振る影郎さん。Lastly, Kagerou gave a forlorn look.

つーか、ギルドでやってた『お嬢様と奉公人の秘められた恋』ごっこの設定、まだひっぱてるのか……How should I say it, he’s still doing that “Ojou-sama and servant’s secret tender passion” ‘setting'(5) that they used to role play at the guild…?


「他の旦那ってことは、さっきの音丸と同じ雇い主ってこと?」”Other master, is that referring to the same master of Otomaru?”

「もうしわけありませんが、いくらお嬢さんでもそれは教えられません」 “Beg your pardon, no matter how much ojou-sama wants to know, I can’t tell.”

ふむ、見かけはこんなでも筋を通すところはきっちり通すのは相変わらずだねぇ。Fumu, even though his appearance is like this, when he drew a line, he will absolutely keep to it, just as always.

と、ふと思いついたことを訊(listen/ki)いてみた。And, something came to mind suddenly, so I tried to ask about it.

「そういえば、クロエ・・・獣人の兎人族のおねーさんが、如意棒を流しの武器商人から買ったって言ってたそうだけど」 “Speaking of which, Kuroe… the onee-san from the rabbitman tribe said that the as-you-like staff(如意棒) was bought from the weapon merchants.”

「ああ。あのごっつい姐さんですか、確かに自分が売りました」 “Ah. That sturdy onee-san. Certainly I sold it.”

ふむ、間接的に同類だって認めたようなもんだね。Fumu, he indirectly confirmed that they’re the both the same person.

「――とりあえず、旧交を温めるためにも、いろいろ話を聞きたいんだけど?」 “-as of now, for the sake of renewing our friendship, may I hear about various things?”

「すんません、すぐ帰るように旦那さんからきつく言われてるもので。本当に、すみませんお嬢さん」 “My apologies, my master ordered me to hurry and return. Really, I shall have my leave, ojou-san.”

心底申し訳なさそうに謝る影郎さんの姿が、ゆっくりと背後の景色に溶けて行った。With the apology given sincerely, Kagerou’s figure blended with the background, slowly fading away.

影郎さんの十八番の『完全隠蔽』だ。This is his specialty, [Perfect Concealment].

「待―― “Wait-“

引き止める間もなく、完全にその姿を消した。Without pause, his appearance was completely erased.

意気揚々と戻ってくる命都みことたちの姿を眺めながら、もう少しで手に入りそうで、スルリと手の中から抜けていった手がかりの感触に、ボクはため息をついた。While watching Mikoto and the rest in high spirits as I returned, I had the feeling like I almost grasped something and yet it slipped away. I sighed.

For now, a new character(Hiyuki’s ex?) is introduced.


黒子の設定について、某有名作品とモロかぶりとわかりましたので、職業・風体・名前を変更しました。About the mastermind setting, I copied it from a certain famous work, it will be noticed so the  occupation, appearance and name is changed.

Nattou’s Footnote Where Everything Researched is Explained in an Unnecessarily Long-Winded Way:
八相(はっそう)Some sort of posture in kendo. When you pose like this the hand seems to form a /丶shape, which is (probably) why it’s called the 八相(hassou). Read more at wikipedia
中段(ちゅうだん)The most basic posture in kendo that lets you have a balanced attack and defense. See also:
Anokata is a polite way to refer to he or she. Since I don’t know the gender and I don’t have a perfect way to translate this term into english, I think I best leave it in hiragana. For example of this word being left as it is, see Detective Conan’s ‘anokata’, the boss of the black organization which is yet to be revealed.
There but not there, like, hiding in plain sight. Assassin’s Creed style?
The setting for a narrative or fictional or dramatic account.
Kei* – a power/technique mentioned in earlier chapters.
I do not know who Kuro* is, but the author censored the last syllable probably due to copyright reasons. It’s probably a reference to a character from a different series that tortures people. If you do know, please share it in the comments so I can update this?The author wrote it as [リアル黒○] English: Real Black O? Real Kuro**? =w=??
Mado-senpai mentioned this phrase here can also be read like this. Alternate translation: [雌雄も決したわけだし…まあ、いちおういまは私も女なわけなんだから、雌で私の勝ちだねぇThen, the fight between man and woman is over…Well, more or less, I am a woman now, so it’s my vistory as a woman.] Since it is confusing I decided to translate it much more literally and leave the alternate interpretation in the footnotes. The kanji for fight is written as male and female, but it could be interpreted as showdown as well. It was a little confusing for me when I first saw the sentence, I don’t want you all to join in with the confusing sentence interpretation as well.
Ah, after reading so much about kendo, I feel like learning the two-swords style… it sounds so manly and deadly. Anyone willing to fund a two-sword style lesson or volunteer as a teacher(for free?) Nah, just joking. If I have that sort of funding I’d go to Japan and learn how to speak Japanese fluently.

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