Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Chapter 91

Chapter 91: As a Vampire Princess, I will not give up

“Aa, I get damage, I’m totally lost.”  (Elsee)

While treating my own injures, I’m thinking about the result.
Loss of the body and magical power isn’t a big deal. Rather, my body has no wounds. The serious damage I received was my self-made monsters made by collecting “materials” in various places.
Everything was relatively reasonable, and they were useful because those children always listen to what I say, but I lost all of them in this battle.

“I wonder if I should be satisfied because you’re still here with me, Bandersnatch”

When I call his name, Bandersnatch shakes the two heads like a dog in happy. Hehe, you are a pretty cute child.
I am comforting stroking his fluffy fur, and I sit on Bandersnatch.
The sun will rise soon, so we will need to rest in the appropriate shade.

“Hehehe, I enjoyed myself”

I touch my torn clothes. I broke my favorite dress and still couldn’t get what I wanted, but we meet each other and I even suck her blood.
Of course, I wanted her to be mine without forever, but unexpected events overlapped, so it can’t be helped.

Unexpected strength, unexpected relief, unexpected hidden weapon. And… 

“Were they unexpectedly grown up?”

Maybe she had too much innocence, she might have been too careless.
With such unexpected events overlap, I couldn’t “eat” her completely. That’s a pity. But that was also interesting.

“Innocent girls are also nice, but girls who have realized their charm are also very nice.”

Licking the edge of my lip, I can still feel the sweetness of her blood remain.
Even just licking a little bit, the taste of dense magical powers fills my mouth more than anything I felt before. I have become wanting her more and more.

Argento vampear. I will get that silver vampire.

“Even when facing my unreasonable wish, she is really beautiful when she try to resist”

This world is covered with unreasonable.
No matter how much how hard you try, despite what you want, there are times when your wish doesn’t come true. And the weaklings are crushed unreasonably.
It’s horrible and unreasonable but that was the rule of natural, the strongs will dominate the weaks.

If the weaks want to survive they must gain strengh to resist the strongs.
If their strengh isn’t enough they must prepare a tactic to gain advantage.

“… I, too, at that time … No, no, I’m fine.” (T.N: Elsee’s past that even at lastest chapter still not reveal)

It is also common that the passed time will not return.
I swallowed the meaningless thing I just remember, and I entrusted my body to Bandersnatch.
Waving his heads and tails happily, Bandersnatch start running.
The fresh and cold night breeze had become a little warmth, made me realize the harbinger of the annoying warm morning.

“First let’s restore magical power, change clothes … and then we will prepare again.”

The more I hope to resume soon, the less confident I have in my power.
In order to be perfect, it is necessary to make appropriate efforts and preparations.
And that troublesome Magic Artifact, now it even more more difficult to win again her.


As I put my hands on my mouth, the shape of my wet lips was a smile.

… I’m smiling, I’m …

Not laughing, I’m just smiling. How strange, I’m happy?

Being satisfied with that fact, I was buried myself in the fur of Bandersnatch.

“I will sleep a bit. Bandersnatch, please continue hide in the shade.”

Sleep is good for recovering magical power.
Let’s take a nap as I cann’t move while the sun is out.
I close my eyes while feeling the smell of the beast and the shallow tremor.
Because I’m really tired, I went into sleep without having dream.


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