Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Vol 4 Chapter 2

Arc 4, Chapter 2 Female Adventurer


At Viridis, the temporary capital of the Free Nation Alliance Of Cress.


Originally the population near the mouth of large river Viridis was around 2000 people, it had a harbour town, but with the establishment of the Free Nation Alliance Of Cress, the town was upgraded to a temporary capital, conferences and various types of guilds which were vital were created in a flash, – the buildings were built with the cooperation of Imperial Crimson and Amitia Republic – Based on the form, even if it is imperfect, it successfully was molded into a decent appearance of a capital.

Large sorcery ships entered the harbour, carrying grain and other resources from Amitia in the distant Western land.

While eying the passengers of the ship, ship crew, and merchants who were disembarking alongside her, Chloe hurried to ensure she isn’t late.

“Teacher, are you fine, you’re tottering somewhat?”

“It’s fine, it’s just that I noticed that the ground is moving slightly. Also, stop calling me teacher,”

“Er, but teacher is teacher, so…”

Chloe passed a pair of teenaged couple who were walking. From the contents of their conversation, it seems they were the passenger of the sorcery sailing ship. Chloe headed towards her destination, the Viridis adventurer guild.

In Viridis, the toughest three-storey conspicuous building made of red bricks. Chloe entered through Adventurer’s guild entrance, was immediately able to spot the person she was looking for.

At any rate, in the guild, every gaze in the guild was focused on a person. It was inevitable that it took such an easily recognizable form. Well, for example if you pass by each other downtown, your eyes would naturally be drawn to her. She is the holder of a beauty and elegance which continues to shine even if she is simply sitting.

“Ah, my bad. You had to purposely come here from such a far place,”

The girl spoke with a carefree tone and smiled while fluttering her right hand. That figure made Chloe sigh within her heart when approaching her. Needless to say, the girl is the sovereign of Imperial Crimson, Hiyuki. Chloe then kneeled down and offered her greeting,

“Aa, it’s fine. Feel free to sit down. To begin with,  it stands out too much if you keep standing there.”

Hiyuki’s interjection stopped Chloe from kneeling. For the time being, she greeted her and sat on the sofa opposite her.

Behind Hiyuki, a gorgeous blond-haired man in a tuxedo and platinum blond-haired maid stood.

The black-haired mistress in the luxurious black dress decorated with roses sat between those two can be described like an incarnation of night and rose that subdue the sun and moon.

It was out of character for Chloe to be thinking of such unimaginative things but to say the impact of seeing a woman who is almost 2-metre with trained muscles, in a way, was releasing feelings of being unwilling to back down.

“Sorry I’m skipping the pleasantries, have you investigated that matter you were talking about?”

Chloe shook her head at the question.

“About that merchant’s tracks, it stopped after he entered Centlunar territory. Unlike before, it is now a place that adventurers and beastkin can’t enter, so it’s hard for me.”


By her rude way of speaking, the beautiful blond man, Tengai, frowned, but when they requested Chloe earlier, she had told them ‘I am a woman who live in rudeness. I might hurt the princess’s feeling. If that’s fine with you, then I will accept the request.’ He hesitated, but as Hi

yuki’s circumstances makes it easy to accept that proposal, hence, he held back from giving his frank advice someway or another.


But, Hiyuki looked at the troubled Chloe with a face filled with admiration.


“As the opponent of Kagerou-san, to have chased him for so far is impressive.”

Afterwards, she crossed her arms as she thought.


“Even so, it’s Centlunar huh? His destination will be the Empire or the Holy Kingdom. Either one is untraceable, so we can’t possibly say which is it.”


Well, to observe the person and then outwit them… there is a chance of it happening, is what she continued to say in her heart.

“It’s better to not think about it that hard or I’ll start having doubts, I’ll leave it at this point. – Thank you, the information really helped Chloe-san.”


“Coming from the princess, words like “Thank you” or “-san” is kinda embarrassing.”

Exactly as she said, Chloe had an embarrassed smile.

“No, having respect for the other party is normal, isn’t it?”


“Speaking of which, Chloe-san went till the Centlunar border, right? How is it there?”

“Aa-” thinking about it, Chloe knitted her eyebrows together magnificently. “It seems like it’s a topic I can’t say in one sentence.”

“Ah, well. …was it that bad?”

“Although plunder, assault, and arson is normal in war, it hasn’t completely suffered that badly. As a country, it can probably still operate for 3 to 4 years.”

With both palms were quickly raised, Chloe shrugged exaggeratedly.

“Fnn, because they’re the world’s largest country, I thought they would be better regulated, but their way was just the same as a bandit’s.”

With a disappointed tone, Hiyuki sighed.

“Well, they are hateful opponents with the Empire’s point of view. Furthermore, the Emperor does not lead them, so they wouldn’t know about their underlings’ reckless behavior.”

“Hn? The Emperor doesn’t lead the battle directly? For mine, it’s normal for me to stand as the commander.”

“The beastkin is also the same. Tsk, those humans, because they choose a coward who can’t lead in battle as a leader, how should I put it? I can’t understand them at all? ― Especially the current empire’s Emperor, he won’t even show up at the domestic official events, how much of a coward could he be…”

At Chloe’s words were disdain from the bottom of her heart, Hiyuki nodded with an ‘aaah, I see’ way.

“So it’s because of that…”

“Is there a problem?”

“No, actually today, I received a correspondence from Gravior Empire.”

Chloe’s eyes were opened wide.

Even though she was speaking with a light-hearted tone, but at this place where someone might be heard or not, it was not something they could speak about lightly. With an odd feeling of unrest, Chloe looked around surrounding by reflex. Either way there were some who looking in their direction, but they were at a distance, so, fortunately, no one was near enough that they could hear their conversation.

-coincidentally, the couple who passed by them on their way here was entering the Guild, and her eyes were drawn to them. Since there was no strange behaviour, for the moment she made a decision that nothing was off, and returned her gaze to Hiyuki.

“Well, the contents were as I expected, it is about the old negotiation of the borders of Cress-Centlunar Federation.”

“I see.” as expected, the plan came about that time period, there’s probably none other than that.

“That way, their prime minister seemed to have emerged but, on the other hand, the Free Nation Alliance Of Cress hasn’t nominated a representative.”

“Ah, that boy…. oops, I mean, young leader?”

A smile appeared on Chloe’s face as she thought of Revan who had made his opponent himself.

“Well, that’s not realistic isn’t it.”

“Is that so? As we’re both colleagues as sovereigns,  I don’t mind if we were to speak directly in a conversation, but if the person was to reply politely.  Whether could there be any intentions, we’re prematurely considering it, but the Emperor could simply be a shut-in right,” She shook her head in disappointment.

“Well, even though he’s called an Emperor, the real power is held by the prime minister. To have a constructive discussion, speaking like this would be way better, right?”

“Fnn. Then we probably have to stealthily arrive at the discussion with Revan, huh?”

At this, Tengai was also unable to remain an audience and presented his frank advice.

“Princess, that is rather rash, the opponent is at most a human prime minister. Even if we were to go there without an announcement, if the Princess were to immediately proceed, his humble self will have to appear lest he makes light of us,”

Chloe also agreed of that.

“That is so, as comrades of the country’s dignity is at stake, we mutually will unable to be anything but firm.”

“Such a troublesome matter… then, without saying a word, secretly dress up as a maid and stand behind Revan, to observe the opponent, what do you think of it?”

If it is so, there will be no problem right, and because of saying this proudly, Chloe kicked her without any consideration of the idea.

“…nah, it’s impossible right. Princess, I’m only saying this because you don’t know how much you stand out, but, no matter what sort of clothes you wear, you would still look like the gem between grains of sands, sparkling as such.”

Tengai and Mikoto nodded with Un,un.


“Is that so?” Even now she is someone that is hard to comprehend. “I had secretly gone out on the streets before, but I didn’t think I stood out that much.”

“Travelling incognito? Alone? You’re considerably rash, aren’t you.”

At the Chloe who was for the most part shocked than amazed in her tone as she said her thoughts, Tengai and Mikoto both agreed magnificently.

“No, rather than alone, I was with an adventurer I knew, but, it was at the time … eh?”

Where Hiyuki pointed, a person from the couple who entered the guild earlier – someone thought to be a fifteen-year old, a youth with no special features – is finished with something at the counter, coincidentally raised his face and turned towards her.

As his eyes caught sight of Hiyuki’s figure, in an instant, his face changed as if he just saw a ghost, and knowing it was not a mirage, as well as understanding he did not mistaken someone as her, his eyes and mouth almost turned into large saucers, and with his whole body, gave a big shout of surprise.

“Why are you here?!” Hiyuki and the youth’s voice echoed in the guild at the same time.

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