Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Volume 4 Chapter 5

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“I’m a half-baked mage.” hugging her knees, Fiore looked downwards.

Come to think of it, there are members like these in the guild too.

Those members had picked production classes but because of the image of those from the production class, when recruiting for temporary party members, they would be bluntly rejected, and it seems there were  unfavourable things said amongst them.

In actuality, those in the production class are sturdy (The HP and vitality stats are high), and they also have great physical strength (similarly, their STR stats are also high) and as such, they are not inferior when compared to those from combat classes.

“Why are the production class only the ones being said as such?”

And, even though it is something to be depressed about, as long as the person themself is having fun it’s fine. Even if I am an incompetent armored swordsman, the both of us spent lots of hours making the walkthrough, it was fun. (If it was Lubbock, him alone would be able to conquer the dungeon within 20 minutes)

I think that there’s no use if we were to compare ourselves to others all the time, and it’s better to recognize your own merits, is what I think, but simply saying it would not be very convincing, probably…

Is what I want to say, but it seems that it would cause depression if compared with me, and consoling them could have the opposite rather than the intended effect.

It was around this time she noticed. Chloe opened her mouth.

“Hey, missy. Your magic might not be super great but at the very least, you are still able to cast water and fire and  magical attack spells, right?”

“…the four basic magical spells when added with wind and ground, and also I can use a little ancient magic.”

She said it as if it wasn’t a big deal, answering with a murmur while her face was covered by her knees.

Chloe whistled with a hyuu sound.

“Even when you’re this young huh. The magic users that I know, they can’t use more than one or two types of magic.”

“Even if I were to use them, they’re useless in battles. It’s better to be able to cast one type of strong magical skill.”

“Is that so. Hey, missy. What are the magical skills you can use?”

“Just holy magic.”

“-as I said. To be able to remember that sort of magic, isn’t that a great talent and a big effort which shouldn’t be sneezed at? Shouldn’t you be prouder of your own efforts?”

“Magicians are recognized through combat. If it isn’t recognized by anyone, such a talent is useless.”

“Even so, your work hard to be recognized, right, missy?”

“…” She must have hit the bull’s eye. Fiore continued to be silent.

“For magical skills, it’s important to focus on how it is used. – for weapon skills, you’ll just have to practice hard or you won’t become stronger. ” finished with her talk, she stood.

On other side, I poked Joey’s elbow as he had been blank since the talk earlier.

“-Whwhat?!” why is his face red?

…no, not what, as a friend you’re supposed to follow the conversation right? At my whispers, Joey made a difficult expression and folded his arms.

“No, it’s just that I don’t quite understand the contents of the talk,” As usual his brains are made of jello, aren’t they?

“Because I’m not a magic power user. Fiore is awesome, and she really helped us out, there’s no need to be troubled by such-“

Hearing such a dumb thing being said, Chloe blew out a breath, Fiore who lifted her face also had a dumbfounded look on it.

Even after so much was said he still can’t understand, it was that sort of expression.

Through so much worries, praises and yet she stayed unconvinced, this dummy had said “Awesome”, “Really helped us out”, to be given praises unreservedly, she could suddenly not believe in it anymore.

Even so. Or rather because of it, I said this with a bitter smile. “- Hey, see. After all your hard work you were able to have results, right?”

“…” A smile as if she was going to cry-  it was a smile that appeared on Fiore’s face, she nodded.

After the one hour rest, Fiore who had improved her mood and the rest of the party descended to the ninth floor.

And even if it’s the ninth floor, the floor and room was covered in sand, a complete change from the previous floors, since the the deep maze was made of rock, me, mapping while advancing carefully as the rear guard with Fiore.

Speaking of which, my auto-mapping skill works automatically in the normal dungeons, drawing out the map in my head, but in these sort of labyrinths, the limiter seem to come into effect, it seems like coming to this world hasn’t changed that. Really… what a strange place to disable it.

Furthermore, according to Chloe, the areas were loaded with traps – floorings where you could step, pits and revolving doors. Depending on the experienced Chloe’s leadership, Joey who followed behind her could see a demonstration of how the traps were dismantled, and behind them, we followed horizontally.

That being the case, when rock golems appeared while we were in the middle of advancing, Chloe smashed them with her staff.

The sand golem made of sand, with the help of Joey was cut into large pieces to find the core of the body, and then it was taken down with this formation. – In this sense, it was progressing in an unexpected way.

Even so, The one who was useful was Fiore’s magic, as the golem’s legs were confined by magic of the earth element.

Sand Golem used to be a simple construct that becomes sticky if it’s been hit by mass of water, the material that used to be resistant towards physical attack became exceedingly easy to destroy.

As expected, it’s the way it’s used huh.

It seems that Fiore also was able to regain her confidence from experience.

However, discovering traps at this juncture, around an hour passed, the rock walls and floors made a noise and stood up with a thunderous roar, transforming like blocks of wood, and without us realizing, turning into the entrance.

And then, the maze transformed into a completely different shape.

“…that is to say, within the time limit it come into effect right.”

Indeed, the map has turned into a blank paper.

For now, before we discuss, we should prioritize on this dungeon’s Time Attack, ignore the traps and monsters, and look for the exit.

“Thinking that the as the one in the group to have the best reflexes and speed, I’ll moving ahead to lead, don’t be late.” well, if I were to go all out then I’d end up losing all the members, so I’ve properly adjusted my speed.

In that way, I scaled the right wall, even if I were to be confused by junctions, no matter what, I would break through the ninth floor in around 2 hours.

And finally we reached 10th floor.

Compared to the floor above it was smaller (even if it was so, it was around 300 meter square, so it was fairly large) floor, on top of that, all of the space was made into a room.

A pillar that looked like an ancient egyptian temple was lined up ahead, and on top of a pedestal, a large sphinx -A creature with Lion’s body, a lady’s face, and eagles’ wings – slept while sprawled.

Towards the pedestal you could see a passage, it is likely the teleportation circle is there.

Before I knew it, the sphinx raised its head as it had noticed us languidly.

“Ho, more trespassers. Good grief, I don’t even have time to sleep these day.” Unexpectedly speaking with a gentle tone, she (?) continued.

“Then, uninvited invaders. Answer my question. If you answer this then you may past. However, if you were to not answer correctly you’ll become part of my diet.”

Oya, this pattern, could it be…that?

“In the morning they walk on four legs, in the afternoon only two, at night they walk on three legs. What could it be?”

Instinctively we turned to glance at each other.

“This, it is that isn’t it?”

“That… right?”

“…The famous that.”

I see, if the boss is a Sphinx, we can avoid the battle and advance first.

It’s no wonder the information is lacking. If you could reach the tenth floor, you can use the teleportation circle without a problem.

For now let’s just use the teleportation circle, getting the agreement to avoid the battle through eye contact, we nodded to one another.

As it is, somehow pressed by their gaze, I answered as the representative.

“The answer is hu- ” (T/L note: Hiyuki’s answer was cut off by someone else)


(everyone): “…..”

Joey gave that stupid answer as he cocked his head a moment earlier, and everyone in the place including the Sphinx all gazed at him like he’s unbelievable.

“- You made a mistake, humans! You all, become my feed!”

-in turn, with a angry look, the Sphinx fiercely stood, spread its wings, putting their strength into its four limbs and took a combative pose.

“Eh? Was the answer wrong…?”

Towards Joey who is scratching his head and sweating, “Teacher, idiot!” Fiore’s honest voice reverberated throughout the entire floor – taking it as a cue, the Sphinx roared, kicking off the pedestal and flew upwards.

The answer to the question was ‘human’.

Speaking of which, if we were unable to answer, we could have left the place.

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