Kyuuketsu Hime Wa Barairo No Yume O Miru / Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Volume 4 Chapter 6

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20 minutes after the battle with the Sphinx started –

“I thought we would d…die…” with a dying whisper, Joey took shaky breaths as he laid next to the Sphinx, under the cold gaze of “It would have been great if you died” from all members.

This Sphinx, while it doesn’t really have much physical resistance, by using its four limbs and wings to move freely, creating several illusions, hiding its body in sandstorms, it became an exceptionally troublesome enemy because of all these tricky movements.

For that reason, I had assertively joined the battle – even though I were to say so, I tanked repeated but still had excess HP because Tengai is still fused with me –  and it’s not as if the benchwarmers were spared – at first, Chloe shot through one of the wing with her Sun Wu Kong Staff, striking the ground as she fall, without a single pause, Joey stabbed through one of the legs to stop its movement, and Fiore lit a fire on the face to seal its sights, everyone’s attacks landed till it was defeated.

“Well, if you were to look at the results then it was a good gift. It is considered a good thing.”

Chloe swung her retractable staff*, delivering the final blow to the Sphinx while saying so.

Could it be that the Sphinx had already accepted their fate to die coldly, it was eying the end of the weapon.

“…wait a moment, Ms. Chloe. “

As of me who raised my right hand and took control of the situation at once, in front of Chloe who had a dubious expression, I asked the Sphinx.

“Sphinx. The master of this land. I feel it is a waste of your life as a sentient being to be ended this way. Therefore, I ask, should this life be meaninglessly ended, or would you not aim to be stronger under my care.”

“What, what are you saying. You over there, what are you?”

Without a pause, “La vie en rose” – the jet black fallen angel’s wings which were on my back (even though they are not real but they are important) , and the long staff Blue Velvet was exchanged with the Gilles De Rais from the space inventory.

Joey who had already seen this once had a surprised(T/N: they had a hee~ expression) expression.

Chloe who knows my true identity made a rarely seen smug expression.

As if she couldn’t comprehend, Fiore’s eyes became sharp.

Well, I’ll explain later.

“Tengai, Kokuyou.” I called out to Tengai who is in the fusion and Kokuyou who is in the shadow movement.

“I obey. ” Separating from me, the tuxedo-wearing Tengai bowed without a moment’s delay, at the same time the dark knight Kokuyou materialized on my left hand side and bowed.

As if the monster understood the difference in position between a creature at death’s door and us, I directed my sword [Gilles de Rais] towards the Sphinx that was catching its breath.

“I will once again give you my name. I am Hiyuki, the empress of Imperial Crimson. Sphinx, there are two choices before you. Swear obedience under my blade or to end your life needlessly under my blade.” towards the quietly stunned Sphinx, I asked.

“- what is your answer?”

The sphinx closed its eyes and seemed to be considering it for a moment but it stood slowly as if it strained their willpower.

I could feel Chloe’s alert posture, yet since there was no visible hostility from the Sphinx, Tengai and Kokuyou did not move.

“I swear my allegiance to you, my master.” relief colored her thoughts now that the Sphinx bowed.

That’s a relief. I didn’t have to kill an opponent who I can converse with without a reason.


Several days later, due to an invitation from the Imperial council, Collard and Revan once again proceeded to another one of Hiyuki’s private rooms, and drank the tea that was served while listening to the story from the beginning to the end, sighing “Haa” as an interjection.

“…and then, afterwards, did they return by using the teleporter?”As King Collard asked to confirm it, Hiyuki, who was dressed in a dark pink dress with a train, shook her head to indicate no.

“Temporarily, Kaguya – ah, the Sphinx which was mentioned earlier. Since she didn’t have a name I gave her one – after she was given treatment, I calmed Fiore who panicked when she found out about my true self as well as Chloe…  “

As expected she must have been frightened beyond her wits, King Collard quietly empathized with the heart of the adventurer.

“Since Joey was there, wouldn’t it be faster to let him explain it?”

“Hahaha. Don’t be silly King Collard. Do you think Joey would be able to explain it properly. “

After thinking about it, King Collard made the judgment that Joey would probably be less useful than a cricket, and shook his head wordlessly.

“Ah, and there was Chloe, personally there seem to be many of those who yearn to be her friend but at this time it seems to be tough. I would have wanted to headhunt her to have her run a spy network by letting her command a unit, do you think there will be any problems?”

“In terms of capacity there are no problems for Cress Kingdom. Not only does is that big sister resourceful, she is also reassuring. “

“It’s a problem of what jurisdiction and the base for each location isn’t it? At any rate, they’ll be under the king’s direct command. We’d need to have a discussion with the administration.” Revan easily consented, and King Collard immediately started having a headache about the framework and management of this group.

“Well, I’ll rely on you on those things. -then, it’s probably time for me to leave, since Kaguya is going to spend a long time waiting.”



Revan seemed to not get the joke, but King Collard who used to be an adventurer did and he smiled.

“Is it a reward for the treasure?”

As if noticing it, Revan said “Ah”

“Something like that. Kaguya pressed the pedestal she was sitting on, and the bottom slips open to form a path to the room next to it.”

“What a mysteriously crammed chamber, I had thought, and it turns out there was a room hidden there”, Hiyuki continued.

“Then, Kaguya showed the way, and there it was, the teleportation device.”

“Is it a teleportation circle? Not treasures?”

“Nah, there were more or less treasures. Mostly finely made gold things or golden statues or jars, even though it was not of a considerable amount.”

“Surely for a commoner, it looks like an unbelievable amount.” the two of them imagined secretly.

“The problem is with the teleporter. King Collard, it isn’t a teleportation ‘circle’, but a teleportation device, certainly. “

“…?How is it different?”

“If it was a teleportation circle, at the most it will can only move you from one magical portal to the other side and vice versa. However, a teleportation device is able to move you in one direction. Not to mention, for a single teleportation, it could send either a person or a thing within a 20 meter diameter. However, Except, there is a limit, as of now, there are 13 passages across the continent.”

King Collard paled as he understood the meaning behind this.

“If that were to be used for evil, wouldn’t it be terrible?!”

” That’s right. If you’re worried about it the unit can move it to a different country. -But, I don’t have any intention of using it for any other reason than peace.”

“Using it for peace…is that so?”

“Right. In some sense this could is a distribution revolution, isn’t it? By using this, all the hardships of merchants such as wasting time, be in danger or meet up with others could be avoided.”

King Collard’s expression changed as if he finally awakened to the truth as he heard that.

Certainly, the transportation now could only handle the teleportation of only one person via teleportation circle to teleportation circle, place and the amount of items are limited. But, with this, a larger amount, and even items could be moved, if a merchant were to somewhat spend on this, they’re almost guaranteed to turn a satisfying profit.

“In that case, Viridis where the teleportation device is should be recognized as a center of commerce, no?”

“Certainly, that is so.”

King Collard who gulped also nodded.

Revan also slowly understood but with a spirited expression, ended up taking the bait as his interest was piqued.

“But wouldn’t the other countries look at this as a risk?”

“At that time then we can place negotiation as priority. Which is why, Revan, do your best alright?”

“Huh? Why am I doing it?!”

Suddenly having problem dumped on, Revan wildly voiced his opposition to it.

“Well, didn’t you didn’t you negotiate with the prime minister this time? If that’s the case, you’ll have to speak from your role… there are around five places where there are transportation devices in the Empire.”

While she was saying this, she easily marked where the teleportation device locations are on the map of the continent.

“…I see. There are five in the Empire, three in the western region, there are none in the Holy Kingdom but not sure if that’s a convenient or a inconvenient. Other than that, the rest are mostly small countries, so if we were to cooperate with the Empire, they will most probably follow suit. It’s a big responsibility, Revan.”

King Collard seemed to say it cheerfully while looking at the map provided by Mikoto.

“No, no, please don’t say such a thing cheerfully, you two! Could I possibly negotiate such an important thing!?”

“It’ll be fine. After all, you’re going to be the next Beast King!”

“Yup. If it’s you, I have the conviction you’ll definitely be able to do it!”

Well, since they’re from the from the administration department, without a thought they placed more pressure on him.

Hearing that, Revan was greatly troubled.

To be thrown in the fire in this way to deal with the Empire was completely outside anyone’s prediction.


Author’s Note:

At first it was only about defeating the Sphinx, but to have taken her as a subordinate? Huh? And such an opinion was given, speaking of which, the basic status of Hiyuki was mentioned, but as after some thoughts it became this shape. Thank you for the guidance.

9/22 – At the beginning, Hiyuki’s original personality was written, but there were a lot of happenings, so they were removed.

Translator’s Note:

The staff used by Chloe is the Legendary Sun WuKong staff which is said to be able to extend and shrink dramatically.

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