Lord of the Mysteries

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How to act in an unknown world with strange words and people that cover many secrets? Can this path have a positive end?

Zhou Mingrui is about to investigate his fresh role as he appeared in the 19 century of manners, nobility, and art. He actually expected it to be like in books, but the reality reflected artillery, engines, weapons, witches, poisons, tarot cards, predictions instead of violins, coaches, and suitable to the Victorian epoch things.

Now Zhou lives as Klein Moretti and doesn’t guess his destiny will interlace with religion including Orthodox and other types of churches and perhaps subcultures. A special remedy will become a guide for Zhou, who dispels a stereotype of being a zero. The tarot designated him as a fool, but only this fool got unrestricted capabilities that provide assistance with the cruelest calamity.

Lord of the Mysteries

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