Lord Of The Star Ocean / Lord of the Star Ocean Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – New World

In the evening after sunset, at the end of a tiny alley.

Nie Feng stood in front of a half-closed wooden door, staring at the strange yet familiar house made from clay. His mind was filled with mixed and complicated emotions.

After witnessing the Immortal Cloud merchant ship riding the winds and breaking through the ocean of clouds, the memories buried deep inside his soul had suddenly been awakened.

All these memories belonged to the previous owner of this body, and they allowed Nie Feng to understand that this place was completely different from where he came from, Earth.

It all started from the first year of the Star Ocean Era.

In the first year of the Star Ocean Era, the Ancient Qin Empire rose from the Immortal Emperor Planet, establishing and uniting an enormous kingdom.

After that, the mighty empire began carrying out all sorts of large scale constructions. While constructing a mausoleum for their Divine Ancestor, they stumbled across a mysterious ancient relic, and from the relic itself, they learned how to utilize Starforce!

Starforce Battleships, Star Warriors, Star Warlocks, Star Formations, Starforce Weapons… Countless miraculous items were born after the discovery.

It was an ambitious empire with grand ambitions. Thus nothing could stop it from expanding to the boundless Star Ocean.

After three thousand years of development and expansion, the Ancient Qin Empire had occupied a large amount of Star Domains. They possessed thousands upon thousands of planets that were used for natural resources and colonizing. They had an army of nearly a hundred million Star Warriors and Star Warlocks at the peak of their power.

In year 3750 of the Star Ocean Era, due to the sudden invasion of the Void Demons, the unprepared Ancient Qin Empire suffered heavy losses. In the end, although they defeated the Void Demons, the empire was broken into three powers.

The Immortal Luo Empire rose from the ruins and inherited the majority of the Ancient Qin Empire’s power, but the amount of Star Domains controlled by them had shrunk significantly, and after a thousand years of recovery, they had just barely managed to recover their strength.

Part of the empire’s rebel army brought their fleet and occupied the Moloch Star Domain, establishing the Moloch Empire and confronting the Immortal Luo Empire.

Besides them, a significant amount of nobles from the Ancient Qin Empire migrated to a vast and savage Star Domain. Hundreds of princes and dukes formed an alliance, the Federation of Freedom. Drawing support from their extraordinary geographical location, they established trade routes with the other two major empires’ Star Domains.

As of today, the tripartite balance of force had been maintained for one thousand years.

Year 5129 of the Star Ocean Era!

Nie Feng was currently situated in Nanyuan City on Planet Grand Origin, a planet located in a savage Star Domain that was being controlled by the Immortal Luo Empire. The original owner of this body was the descendant of an immigrant. His name was Nie Erwa; he was a young man who had just turned seventeen.

Nie Erwa lost his parents when he was young, so he was brought up by his eldest brother, as well as his sister-in-law. He also had a niece and a nephew.

Three years ago, Nie Erwa’s older brother, Nie Dacheng, went on a hunting trip but was unfortunately attacked by some savage beasts, and thus died. If not for his sister-in-law Ye Qingniang who stubbornly supported this small family, perhaps Nie Feng would have become a homeless person and lived his life without knowing tomorrow.

Nie Feng quickly accepted the miraculous fact that he had been reborn. To him, being able to be reborn was already great enough luck. Therefore, living in a world he was unfamiliar with didn’t matter much to him.

Besides, there was something in this world that compelled Nie Feng, – the Star Warriors

The Star Warriors were very powerful; they could travel across the starry space and even fight between the planets!

From the limited information found from the previous owner’s memory, Nie Feng understood that even if he were ten times as strong, he still wouldn’t be able to face a lowest ranked Star Warrior.

This was a world that belonged to Star Warriors!

First being faced with confusion, then waking up to this new world, then feeling the excitement… Nie Feng was now forced to face a new question; how was he going to survive in this world!

This was a rather big question.

But regardless of matters, he was now small and weak. Before he could become a real powerhouse, there was nothing he could do to change his status.

Following the path in his memory, Nie Feng returned to his ‘home’.

When Nie Feng thought of how he was going to meet his closest relatives, he instinctively felt a little guilty and ended up just standing in front of the door, hesitating without entering.

“Qingniang, I, Lin Dagu do not covet the money of a matchmaker…”

Right at this moment, Nie Feng suddenly heard a disgusting voice coming from the house’s small courtyard.

“Although the daughter of butcher Zhang from the next street, Cuihua, only looks ordinary, she has a healthy body and a big butt; that’s good for bringing up children! It’s also good that she fancies your husband’s younger brother, and is willing to pay a large dowry! In my opinion, they are a match made in the heavens!”

After that, someone replied with a soft voice. Although it was unclear to Nie Feng what the reply was, he knew that the voice belonged to Ye Qingniang.

“Aiya! Qingniang, I honestly don’t understand why you’re hesitating, is it because you’re scared Erwa won’t approve of this?”

Lin Dagu continued her persuasion, “Eldest sister-in-law is like a mother, can he really disobey you if you ask him to marry her? Everyone gets married when they are 14-15 years old, do you honestly want to see him messing around with those local thugs at the age of 17-18?”

“Besides, if Cuihua marries Erwa, Erwa can quickly go and help in the butcher shop owned by the Zhang family! Perhaps he’ll even have the chance to take over the business in the future! That butcher Zhang really loves his daughter!”

This matchmaker was gifted with a silver tongue; she just kept talking as if celestial flowers were raining down from the sky.

Her persuasion had clearly moved Ye Qingniang, but she still responded, “I need to know what my brother-in-law’s opinion on this matter is first.”

Realizing that she still hadn’t managed to convince Ye Qingniang after nearly half a day of talking to her, Lin Dagu was naturally not in a good mood. Her tone changed immediately, and she subtly threatened, “Qingniang, you shouldn’t refuse other people’s kindness, as if I, Dagu am going harm you. I heard that you haven’t paid rent for the last two months, I don’t think you want to sleep on the street with those two children, right?”


Nie Feng who stood outside the house was unable to continue listening; his heart was filled with indescribable fury. He forcefully pushed the door forward, opening it up.

Within the small courtyard, there stood a middle-aged woman dressed in flower-patterned clothes who was pointing her finger at a lady in a plain skirt. Nie Feng’s sudden arrival had caught them body by surprise.


The lady in the plain skirt was concerned and cried out in fear upon seeing the wound and angry expression on Nie Feng’s face.

“You, get lost!”

Nie Feng faced the matchmaker Lin Dagu and shouted in a deep tone, “If you dare come here to talk nonsense, I will slap and break your rotten mouth!”

A joyful expression emerged onto Lin Dagu’s face when she saw Nie Feng, but her smile was frozen on top of her pale face that looked like it had drowned in makeup shortly afterward. Her eyes and nose were twitching in anger.

She was not someone who could take a loss with ease. Her brows slanted upwards, and she cursed, “Erwa, you should be grateful for this! Your family can barely be fed anymore, so you better put aside your pride! Do you think you’re a good man? In the end, are you still going to make your sister-in-law earn money with her bod-…”


Before Lin Dagu could speak out all her malicious curses, a forceful slap hit her face, producing a loud ‘pa’ sound.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dagu instantly lost her balance and fell onto the ground. Her left cheek was quickly swelling.

Her overweening attitude was put down by Nie Feng’s single slap. She threw a fearful glance at the man, then, without hesitating, she rolled and crawled out from the door. She didn’t even have the courage to fart anymore.

Nie Feng clapped his palm in disgust, sweeping away all the makeup that stained his hand. He felt that his slap just now had been too light.

What kind of person was Cuihua, the daughter of butcher Zhang? Every person in this neighborhood knew!

She was 1.65 meters tall, and she weighed over 260 pounds! She had a large head and big ears; she was fond of eating and was too lazy to work. To make things worse, butcher Zhang spoiler her as if she was a young lady from a wealthy family who had a terrible temper. If he was forced to marry someone like this, Nie Feng would rather kill himself by slamming his head into a brick wall!

“Erwa, are you alright?” Ye Qingniang approached Nie Feng and expressed her concern.

She didn’t reproach Nie Feng for slapping Lin Dagu, but rather inquired about the injury on his face.

“Sister-in-law, I’m all right.”

Nie Feng shook his head, then handed a bundle to Ye Qingniang with his left hand and said, “I bought some meat and vegetables from the street. You, Little Ying, and Little Hai can enjoy a good meal tonight, I have already eaten. Also…”

He took out a handful of silver coins from his pocket and put them in her palm, “Take this money and use it to pay the rent!”

Ye Qingniang was shocked.

Not only was she not happy about this, but her expression also turned gloomy, and she asked, “Erwa, you went gambling again?”

“This money isn’t from gambling; it is compensation someone had to pay for my injuries.”

Nie Feng explained. After that, he added on, “I won’t be gambling anymore in the future. Also, just let me support this family from now on!”

What? Ye Qingniang was completely stunned. Her beautiful eyes were wide open in disbelief as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Nie Feng felt that things were too unrealistic as he faced Ye Qingniang. He took the opportunity where she was still in a daze to say, “Sister-in-law, I need to rest now. You just carry on with your matters.”

Without waiting for her reply, Nie Feng hastily returned to his tiny bedroom.

After locking the door, he sat down on the simple and crude wooden bed of his, then carefully took out the dark red crystal and placed it in the middle of his palm. He stared at it with an extremely enthusiastic expression.

Star Warrior, I’m going to become the strongest Star Warrior!

These words roared out like thunder inside Nie Feng’s mind.

As if sensing the rage in Nie Feng’s heart, underneath the skin on his right palm, many black lines quietly appeared. In just a very short amount of time, they formed into a very lifelike black eye and perfectly surrounded the crystal in the center.

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