Lord Of The Star Ocean / Lord of the Star Ocean Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Star God’s Blessing

The dark red crystal in Nie Feng’s hand was called an Energy Core.

Back when he was in Miao Jiang, Nie Feng met a mysterious Miao Shaman in a village located on top of a remote mountain. With a silver needle and some Black Teng Juice that could only be found in that area, the shaman gave him an eye-shaped tattoo right in the center of his right palm.

The aged Miao Shaman told Nie Feng that the eye belonged to the Miao peoples’ Ancestor God – Chiwu. He was also told that it was connected to his lifeline and that someday in the future, it would change his destiny.

Nie Feng didn’t quite believe what the Miao Shaman had told him, because the latter was so old that nearly all his teeth had fallen out. However, the Eye of Chiwu had disappeared right after it was completed, and he was told it would only reveal itself under certain situations.

Although he had traveled to a new world and gotten a new body, when Nie Feng grabbed the energy core he had received from the ugly man, the Eye of Chiwu had revealed itself, and it had resonated with the energy core, allowing Nie Feng to feel the existence of Starforce!

Starforce was energy that was being produced by the countless stars throughout the millions of years, and the energy existed in the natural surroundings. It was heavily condensed within energy mines, energy plants, and energy cores that could be found in the bodies of savage beasts.

An ordinary person must first be able to feel the existence of Starforce, only then will one be able to become a Star Warrior. All Star Warriors had to temper and refine their physical bodies, then condense Starcore Energy, invigorate the meridians, and form the ring. Only with this can one obtain formidable strength.

The previous owner of Nie Feng’s body had spent three years learning at a local Martial Dojo located in the center of Nanyuan City. Aside from mastering a fundamental fist art that helped him train his body, the most important skill was the one that allowed him to feel the existence of Starforce, the ‘Sacred Sense.’ Nevertheless, despite learning this skill, he had been unable to make any breakthroughs.

Because of that, he was just like any other person; unable to become a Star Warrior.

But now, Nie Feng had made an important discovery! The Eye of Chiwu on his right palm was able to absorb Starforce from the energy core!

This was simply inconceivable! Regardless of what it was, an energy mine, energy plant, or energy core, there was no way anyone could directly use the Starforce stored within! They had to use all sorts of methods in order to harness the Starforce, such as refining it into Star Pills, using it to construct Star Formations, or forge them into Star Weapons used by Star Warriors.

This was basic knowledge that had remained unchanged for millions of years!

Even though he had inherited all the memories of the previous owner of the body, Nie Feng’s knowledge regarding Star Warriors was still limited. He had no clue why the Eye of Chiwu had such a unique ability.

But he knew one thing was certain; this was his only chance to become a Star Warrior!

Nie Feng closed his eyes and followed the steps of the ‘Sacred Sense.’ He calmed his mind and soothed his thoughts, then used all his focus to try and sense Starforce. In an instant, his divine sense entered a void, and he completely forgot about everything around him.

His right palm became warmer and warmer; a gentle aura diffused from the energy core and was absorbed into his body by the Eye of Chiwu. It flowed through his right arm, and slowly penetrated into all organs, limbs, and bones. It caused him to feel as if he was soaking in a hot spring; it was warm and comfortable.

Starforce! Without any doubts, this was certainly Starforce!

When he was learning at the Martial Dojo, the warrior who was in charge of teaching him had made all the apprentices personally feel Starforce. Therefore, the sensation of Starforce existed within his brain.

The only difference was that the Starforce back then belonged to someone else, so there was no way it could be stored in his body or used by him. But now, this Starforce belonged entirely to Nie Feng!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Nie Feng began visualizing the boundless starry sky, attempting to sense his own Natal Origin Star.

All Star Warriors had one Natal Origin Star. After sensing the existence of Starforce, the most critical step of becoming a Star Warrior was to sense a Natal Origin Star with Starforce.

This was a crucial step! Out of the millions of stars, if a person was unable to find a Natal Origin Star that perfectly resonated with himself, even if he could still absorb Starforce and temper his body in the future, it would be impossible for that person to condense Starcore Energy, invigorate the meridians, and form the ring. Then, that person would never be considered a real Star Warrior.

In fact, many people with amazing innate abilities were stuck at this step.

It didn’t matter if it was Nie Feng or the previous owner of the body, both of them were extremely eager to become Star Warriors. Nie Feng’s will was unprecedentedly strong, and with the help of the Starforce, his divine sense quickly separated from his body, and started searching in the boundless starry sky!

However, there were millions of stars in the boundless sky. Finding a star that perfectly resonated with himself, it was like searching for a needle in a vast ocean. Nie Feng had no idea how much time had passed by, but he was still unable to find the right star.

Searching for a star with his divine sense was also not something he could do with no limits. Once his Starforce was depleted, or his divine sense collapsed, failure would kick in. The more time he spent in search, the more severe the consequences would be.

If it was just a bit over his limits, he might feel tired in spirit and would need some time to recover. However, if it was serious, his mind might become deranged, then he would turn into a lunatic!

Therefore, when teaching the ‘Sacred Sense,’ the warrior from the Martial Dojo emphasized on that part. One couldn’t spend too much time searching for one’s Natal Star; this was so that one could avoid their soul being severely damaged.

However, Nie Feng would have a hard time receiving such a rare opportunity again, so how could he give up so easily?

In fact, he was unable to sense the existence of Starforce. It was all because of him drawing support from the Eye of Chiwu and the energy core that he had robbed from someone else. Only with these two factors did he receive such a precious opportunity.

Although it was just the lowest grade one energy core, its value was very considerable, and once he used it, he wouldn’t have the money to buy another one.

That’s the reason why he just ignored the dangerous consequences that failure would bring him, and continued searching without giving up.

All of a sudden, Nie Feng’s divine sense could feel a star resonating with him. He couldn’t help but move closer to it. In an instant, a lustrous and brilliant starlight shone through his sea of consciousness.

Without any doubts, this star was a perfect match for him!

If it was someone else, that person might be overjoyed at the joyful discovery, and would immediately start visualizing the star, turning it into his own Natal Origin Star without any hesitation or doubts.

However, Nie Feng didn’t do that. His instincts told him this star wasn’t strong enough. Perhaps it would help him become a Star Warrior, but there was absolutely no way he would be able to become the most powerful existence!

He wanted to do it; he wanted to become the best; the strongest!

With this conviction as his backing, Nie Feng firmly gave up on this star and continued his search in the boundless starry sky.

He was completely ignoring the fact that the Starforce coming from the energy core was getting weaker and weaker.

If any other person who was breaking through to become a Star Warrior learned about this, that person would definitely scold Nie Feng as a complete idiot!

As a matter of fact, after giving up on the star, Nie Feng’s situation had become much worse.

The deeper his divine sense went into the boundless starry sky, the harder it became to search for his Natal Origin Star. The amount of Starforce and mental strength consumed became more and more with each passing moment. The distraction that came from the starlight reflected from the millions of stars made his visualization extremely difficult.

If not for Nie Feng’s indomitable will, he would perhaps have collapsed at this stage.

But he just kept hanging on; he kept venturing deeper into the starry sky!

The Starforce coming from the energy core was lessening with each passing moment, and his body was getting colder and colder. His divine sense was like a weak candle in the wind, and it seemed like it could perish within the boundless starry sky at any time.

The only thing that remained unchanged was Nie Feng’s conviction.

The darkness of the void had nearly devoured Nie Feng completely, but at this moment, a glorious star that looked like the brightest sun suddenly presented itself in front of his divine sense! It shone with great radiance and lit up his entire sea of consciousness!

The star’s name – Mithras!
[TL: Mithras is a sun god. You can read more about it here]

Nie Feng’s spirit was significantly lifted. His divine sense charged toward the Mithras Star like a moth toward a flame, completely undaunted by dangers.

A voice that shook his very soul told him that this was the star that matched him perfectly, and it was his last and only chance! If he missed it, he would be damned to perdition, eternally unable to fulfill his dreams!

Therefore, he didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation.


In the following moment, Nie Feng felt as if he had been placed in a burning hell of fiery flames. All his clothes, as well as his hair, was burned off cleanly. After that, his skin, blood, and flesh started melting at a rapid pace, quickly exposing his bones.

These raging flames brought him enormous amounts of pain, enough pain to make him wish for death!

His will once again had to go through an unprecedented trial.


The energy core that was held tightly in his palm turned into ashes.

Borrowing the last bit of Starforce that was absorbed into his body, Nie Feng did all he could to visualize the Mithras Star.

Countless invisible threads of Starforce descended from above and quietly penetrated through the roof of Nie Feng’s little house, shrouding him within.

Right at this moment, all the Star Warriors and Star Warlocks that resided in Nanyuan City, regardless of whether or not they were sleeping or cultivating, every single one of them was alerted and dashed out from where they were residing.

Some Star Warriors jumped up to nearby rooftops and threw their anxious and doubtful glances in Nie Feng’s direction.

This was because all of them had sensed powerful Starforce ripples from that directions.

On the other side, all the Star Warlocks threw their glances into the sky. At the same moment, all of them saw a beautiful star hanging high above the heavens.

“Blessing of the Star God!”

Some of the Star Warlocks with great experience and knowledge muttered in disbelief, “Who has received the Star God’s blessing?”

“Almighty Star God!”

The entire city became restless, and many undercurrents were rushing forth, causing the night to no longer be peaceful!

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