Magic Gems Gourmet

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The Goddess was kind to me, so she allowed me to reborn as an aristocrat. I expected to get a grand talent, but mine is Toxin Decomposition EX. It doesn’t promote any privileges. I don’t feel like being special so I just lay in bed like a simple lazy guy. I didn’t even think about a career or my vocation in this world until I discovered I was an heir that possessed witchcraft.

If I rehearse much I increase my level and strengthen my land’s position. I am ready for this responsibility especially after knowing that Dullahan Diablo’s awareness also belongs to me! I have an opportunity to turn in a powerful governor despite that my advisor is a woman and I should marry an unremarkable lady.

Some additional facts about the story:

The narration started in the first person but soon went to the third person. I apologize for the discomfort I might cause you, but this variant sounds more convenient for the readers.
The main hero has a different name and distinctive features versus the original release.

Magic Gems Gourmet

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