Monogatari No Naka No Hito / Monogatari no Naka no Hito Chapter 24

Up until Riheed entered Rhonks magic school and was busy raising money, Mikene, Aryu and Hyph were also being diligent in their respective studies and work.

“It’s so peaceful these days after those disturbances.”

“Right, the quietness is nice.”

While Hyph is working hard in the garden, Mikene elegantly drinks tea by the terrace with Aryu waiting by the side of the table.

These days Riheed is constantly doing work he received from the employment agency.

Though Litris wanted to come as a tutor, but Riheed declined since every time it would end up becoming a talk about hobbies.

Since his magic repertoire was numerous, Riheed who can easily respond to any situation was given special treatment from the agency and treated as a handyman, the person himself was also glad the magic could be used in everyday life and work was handled at a high pace.

For that reason, Riheed was the usual cause of the disturbances was away and the Mikarune house was currently in peace and quiet.

“But, Ojou-sama seems to have really permitted Riheed-sama in your heart. To say honestly, I was worried which husband Ojou-sama would be entrusted to.”


Mikene who was elegantly drinking tea is choking from surprise over Aryu’s words spoken with a composed face.

“Since when was it like that with Riheed-san!?”

“Like that, what do you mean?”


Aryu is teasing Mikene with the same composed face as usual.

Noticing she is being teased, Mikene’s face becomes red.

“Mou! When did you become such a child!”

“I was inexcusable, Ojou-sama. But it’s a practical matter, you becoming overly aware of males, thinking about it, it’s an absolute fact.”

Though Aryu apologizes, she throws her guess out straight.

“Mou! …However, I don’t know if Riheed-san is someone to have such feelings for, but it’s a fact that there’s a favorable impression of him who is thoroughly honest with what he likes.”

Mikene stops her words there for a moment and looks at Aryu’s face.

While disappointed that there’s no change on that face, her lips are put to the teacup being held, after wetting her throat she continues her words.

“If asked if that’s the goodwill towards a man, I’m doubtful. If I had to say, I wonder if it’s the feelings of an elder or younger brother.”

The first image which came to mind was recently seeing Riheed come home covered in mud after running about with the town’s children, he became a considerably familiar existence to Mikene.

“And how about you Aryu? You seem to be on good terms with Riheed recently.”

Mikene, who was secretly worried about Aryu’s because of her past, raises that question with a broad smiling face.

“Eh, I guess such feelings are like a younger brother. There were younger boys in the facility in the past but there wasn’t room to think that far.”

Getting a glimpse into Aryu’s severe past without meaning to, Mikene hesitates on how to reply.

Though Mikene had about Aryu’s past from the person herself, she had avoided hearing stories about it.

Aryu doesn’t mind and it’s merely Mikene being mindful of it, an awkward atmosphere flows at such a time.

“I cannot measure up to Ojou-sama’s expectations, sorry.”

“And here I thought spring had finally come for my lovely maid.”

Aryu advances the conversation ignoring the awkward atmosphere.

Though a joke, to some extent she was apologetic in her heart.

Noticing that, Mikene tries to lighten the mood with a joke she normally wouldn’t say.

“When spring comes to me, I wouldn’t be able to look after Ojou-sama anymore. And I’d feel sorry leaving the selfish Ojou-sama to someone else.”

“Oh, your mouth has really become something. You were cuter before.”

“Ojou-sama’s cuteness hasn’t changed between now and before.”


Mikene who was sulky looked Aryu in the face.

The two watch one another for some time and laugh joyfully from out of nowhere.

“But that reminds me, I haven’t heard anything of Riheed-sama’s past.”

“I tried asking several time but the timing was always missed.”

As the two calm down from their spasm of laughter, Aryu returns to the topic

“What, are you hesitating to ask?”

“Yeah, I’m uneasy, there are too many mysteries, perhaps I should say it’s scary.”

“Well let’s hear it bit by bit. There’s still time.”

Currently lacking in chances, the two judge it’s still too early to hear the past of the excessively mysterious Riheed.

“At any rate, Riheed-san said he is coming back early today, but he’s late coming back.”

“Is it longing after all?”

“Is my lovely maid jealous?”

Not being played with a second time, Mikene counterattacks.

“You can say that. Nowadays Ojou-sama is only concerned about Riheed-sama, I’m lonely.”

“Eh!? Huh!?”

Mikene ultimately becomes confused because of Aryu’s unexpected answer.

Aryu motionlessly watches Mikene, and the watching continues for a while.

“N-nothing like that! Shall we sleep together today!?”

Recalling how previously she would sleep together with Aryu when feeling lonely, Mikene makes an incomprehensible proposal in a hurry.

“Oi, Hyph. Do they have such a relationship?”

“Such a relationship?”

“Umu. That is to say, not to mention the status of master and maid, but also love crossing over gender…”

Before she noticed, the conversation of Riheed and Hyph with their faces peeking from the terrace opening reached Mikene.

“Wha, wha-wha-wha-wha-what did you say!?”

Mikene’s flustered and high pitched voice cut into what Riheed was saying.

“Hmm, I seem to have disturbed them, rude rude. Now then, don’t mind me and please continue.”

Riheed closes the small gap of the entrance door.

“What do you mean about disturbing!?”

“Hmm. I’m not so small-minded as to discriminate on the shape of another person’s love, it’s alright!”

Riheed vigorously declares so to Mikene’s question.

“You, are, just, misunderstanding.”

“Such pressure! Let’s retreat here, Hyph.”


Mikene slowly stands up and makes her way to the entrance.

Giving in to the indescribable pressure, Riheed and Hyph decide to retreat at once.

“Wait there! Riheed, Hyph! I need to beat you till you thoroughly recognize you’re mistaken!!”

“It’s physical beatings!”

“Mikene’s scary!”

Mikene’s angry voice causes Riheed and Hyph to scatter away.

Like that the two are chased within the residence by the running Mikene.

With the three noisy people gone, only Aryu is left in the terrace.

“Older or younger brother…, Ojou-sama isn’t honest. Well, me as well. Or rather isn’t it thick-headedness in Ojou-sama’s case.”

Aryu who is left alone, recalls the conversation from earlier going over it carefully and smiled wryly.

In the end on that same day, in the Ojou-sama’s room in the Mikarune household’s second residence, on the bed lit by pale moonlight, the sleeping faces of two are peacefully side-by-side.

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