Monogatari No Naka No Hito / Monogatari no Naka no Hito Chapter 28

Afterwards, the classmates who heard what Mikene said safely made their way to the final stage of the exams, though slightly delayed.

The closing of the practical skills is a free assignment.

Riheed also joined to see his own class’ free assignment part of the practical skill exam.

Since it’s to observe his own class, Riheed is mixed in with his classmates in the practice ground.

Mikene sees Riheed who joined, seeing the strange state is still the same her displeasure comes back.

But not understanding where those thoughts come from, in the end Mikene forcibly puts it away to the back of her mind, and feigns calmness.

“Now then everyone, thanks for the hard work. Our general department class’ homeroom teacher will be grading the free assignment.”

Kyrie smiles on the side while another teacher stands up and explains the exam to the students.

The students silently hear the explanation in front of the practice ground’s tent put up for grading.

But when looking closely, somethings are being grumbled and frantically rereading materials, it gives the exact feelings of an examination.

Because this accounts for a large portion of the examination, the free assignment takes place after a break.

Therefore, the students are in their perfect condition, but their anxiousness can’t be hidden.

“Oi, are you really using that magic?”

“N-naturally. And the same to you, only that magic? Are there no others?”

“A-agh. Is that magic at the same level!? Aren’t you showing off!?”

“I was playing too much during the holiday, I didn’t practice at all and went to bed early yesterday. Is it alright?”

“Ah, me too me too. I completely forgot about the exams.”

“The bags under these eyes, closely packed characters written by myself, one way or another I’ll make a fresh start…”

When everything is free to an extent, various things can come to mind and can bring about pressure.

Some mutually tell what magic they’ll be showing, and students are able to divert their anxiety even a little bit.

It appears before exams, while it may be that I never study, I can attack my opponent from behind using an ancient inherited assassination technique, here and there such a thing is taking place.

Mikene and Litris as well, though composed, in some respects they are still uneasy.

And Riheed glancing at the two who are like that, he was going to call out after thinking for a little, the timing is bad as the teacher signals the start of the exam.

In this way the free assignment practical skills exam began.

The starting act was terribly nervous, somehow finishing safely, the person turns back with a face of relief.

For magic whose effect is greatly controlled by your mental state, it can be said that nervousness is a powerful enemy.

The first up was more tense than the other students, be it success or failure the other students can comprehend about the nervousness.

With that significance the first student in the practical skills exam is at a disadvantage but the role is important and somebody certainly has to do it, the teacher takes that into consideration when grading.

Like this the exam continues.

“You hung in there well, it was a fine magic.”

“Th-thank you!”

A student’s examination is completed.

Passing through the tent’s side, Kyrie calls out to a student to go to the waiting place after the exam.

Freed from their nervousness, the student answers with a full-faced smile, they run to the waiting spot with short steps, after their exam they observe from their seat.

Observing the students before their exam standing by with strained looks, everyone there relaxes and voices can occasionally be heard.

The faces of the students who finished their exams are colored with fatigue, but there’s also a sense of accomplishment that it’s over.

But there was one face among those who haven’t been examined that wasn’t nervous.

It’s Riheed of course.

In any case there was no reason to be nervous since he isn’t taking the exam.

Even if he did take it, his personality is far away from nervousness.

That Riheed’s eyes were sparkling seeing the exam before his eyes.

Every single one, when magic with their ingenuity put into it is displayed, every time the level of the strange voice he lets out rises.

Mikene gazes at Riheed who is like that.

Seeing Riheed’s state, Mikene notices that her own mood is improving for some reason.

When Mikene thinks why this is, the teacher call out the name of her friend, the thought is abandoned and she turns towards that spot.

“Do your best Litris!”

“Yea, I’m anticipating it.”

“I’m off then.”

The three exchange short but heartfelt words, and Litris heads to the exam.

Litris was at a loss regarding this free assignment.

Before the holiday it was decided to use ancient magic, as preparation Litris went to the ruins, but because of the previous times failure she gave that up.

Though she had Riheed teach her once before the end of the holiday, Litris judged it wasn’t to the extent that it could be shown to someone.

The when thinking what to do, one magic came to Litris’ mind.

It was Riheed’s summoning magic.

When Litris thinks back to the spectacle of that large bird disappearing, it was thought that summoning might be more wonderful, so ancient magic was put off and had Riheed teach summoning magic.

Currently, though a powerful thing like Mook can’t be summoned yet, she was still able to succeed in summoning a reasonable monster.

The summoning magic which Riheed knows, the creation process is somewhat abbreviated compared to the current foremost popular one, but instead need a lot of magic power.

But Litris thinks that due to using ancient magic she has a lot of magic power, and Riheed’s simplified summoning magic has just the right appeal to it.

The magic formation is drawn on the ground, more magic power than usual is swirling, the summoning magic of Litris has started.

Litris believes her presence of mind is in its best condition.

But thinking afterwards, there might have been some tension due to the first practical skills exam after all.

From the start, though she has lot of magic power, Litris being not very good in fine control may have had a large effect.

Compared to the summoning magic which Riheed taught, too much magic power was poured into the magic formation, and the radiant shining was increased.

Litris chanted in a hurry.

Becoming aware, she desperately tries to handle the magic which is leaving her control, but it’s just slipping out from her hands.

Flustered from that situation, more magic power is poured in.

Due to that vicious circle, it’s not possible to look straight at the bright magic formation anymore.

Litris who stopped her chanting has the mental state of having given up.

If it fails, at best it misfires, at worst there’s a small scale explosion, though the exam result is the worst, she’ll get off with a scratch.

As expected, noticing the unexpected state, Kyrie and Riheed are about to dash out.

That appearance appears as slow motion in Litris’ eyes.

Riheed who has been strange since this morning, when his extremely flustered face come into her field of view, the memory of failing at the ancient magic resurfaces.


Frustrating, I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to disappoint, various feelings whirl as Litris shouts in her head.

I want to succeed.

When failing in the control of magic of this degree, there’s no way ancient magic will ever be useable, Litris immediately controls her magic power to rebuild the shining magic.

“Ku! Settle down!!”

Almost all the scattered magic power is brought together, and is skillfully poured into the magic formation.

The aria is restarted at the same time, but is longer than what was planned.

As a result the surplus magic power is incorporated into the summoning magic.

Telling herself that furthermore disgraceful acts aren’t permitted, magic power is released with her yell, chanting, the magic formation is assembled.

Though it’s unplanned magic, Litris curiously didn’t have the sense of failure.

Succeeding, it shows that her fighting spirit splendidly bore fruit.

Though the event was a moment, it felt awfully long to Litris who was concentrating as the magic was put under control.

Like that, Litris’ summoning magic was used.

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