Monogatari No Naka No Hito / Monogatari no Naka no Hito Chapter 30

The night of the day his composure and dignity were called insufficient, Riheed put himself under suggestion magic.

Though it isn’t a powerful magic, it was enough to affect himself.

However, in front of the present situation, it was easily torn like thin paper.

At any rate, the whole day was a good one for Riheed.

The princess of the forest was met in the morning, all the interesting magic which was on display during the exam, and each of Mikene and Litris’ free assignments touched his heartstrings with their contents.

All of them raised Riheed’s tension, and participation in the exam was a finishing blow.

With the suggestion blown off into the distance, using magic with a short aria, Riheed forcibly moves magic power through it.

“Ah-hhahha! It’s a good feeling indeed!!”

The spectators cannot help but be stunned when Riheed flies up to the sky after an aria which took almost no time.

But unconcerned with that, there’s the additional feat of a magic formation being engraved in the sky at high speed.

Blue light leaks out from the magic formation.

When Riheed taps the magic formation with his staff, summoning magic is even used without an aria.

What appeared is a luminous body, a spirit.

But different from the one used during Riheed’s transfer exam, this luminous body is a shining blue.

The spectators understand the scene as noise spreads, but Riheed up in the sky can’t hear it and doesn’t have the mind to stop.

“…, …”

“Yea, long time no see!”

Riheed and the blue luminous body exchange greetings.


“Yea, I want to borrow just a little of your power. The previous time when the king was called, the party trick wasn’t good enough!”

When Riheed speaks ill of the spirit king’s result when he tried hard, the summoned spirit nods its head as if that’s how it is.

Though the spirit king should be at the top of the spirit’s pyramid, such a thing is ignored by the blue spirit.

“… …”

“As expected!”

Riheed stirs up the blue spirit who is determined to show in a different than the spirit king.


“Yeah, like that, it’s good if it has an upfront kind of feeling; since it’s not a battle please suppress it.”

Recalling the blue spirit’s trick from long ago, Riheed specified the scope.

Remembering the excitement of when it was done by mistake in the olden days, Riheed plans to reproduce it on this wonderful day.


“Yea, I ask for that then.”

The blue spirit consents then the shining increases.

“…! ….!!”

“The spirit’s aria is as attractive as usual, and now for this.”

After Riheed says the aria is attractive, the blue spirit is wrapped in light, and the wondrous blue light gradually expands.

And from up in the sky, Riheed lays out a special barrier to surround the practice ground.

The moment when Riheed’s operation ends, the light extended with the blue spirit as the center bursts open and spreads all at once, the light immediately covers the whole practice ground.

That dazzling blue light, there was no one able to react to that torrent of magic power.

The gentle blue light makes no distinction between teachers and students, covering their field of vision, then passes through in a moment.

After it passes, it makes contact with Riheed’s barrier, the blue light breaks into grains and flutters in the sky.

The blue grains shine with the reflection of the daylight, everybody simply admires it and forgot to speak, silence was born at that moment.

Before long, the grains of blue light pours down like rain, hitting the teachers and students who were watching Riheed, they’re absorbed and vanish.

“Yea, a magic like this once in a while is also smart!”

Riheed’s satisfied voice echoes, the befuddled teachers and students come back to their senses.

And so, the students begin to make noise from their excitement.

What was seen just now, was like a daydream, a wondrous spectacle which will most definitely be spoken about.

But there was more to the blue light than just being beautiful.

Everyone doesn’t notice due to their excitement, but effects are firmly given to their bodies.

Everyone’s fatigue from taking the exam a short while ago disappears, they’re filled with magic power, and for those who were injured, it took a bit of time for them to notice that it was completely fine under the bandages.

The students who were making a racket from the stimulation are being calmed down by the teachers raising their voices.

But the perpetrator who caused the commotion, joined up with his class in a manner as if it had nothing to do with him.

“Riheed! That was amazing, it was moving!”

“Really, it was beautiful!”

Mikene and Litris call out to Riheed to the spot where the classmates were gathered.

The other classmates come near as well and praise Riheed’s magic from just now.

“Fuhahaha, like that! Like that! It was beautiful wasn’t it! That…”


As Riheed is being proud about his own magic, and taking pride in place of the luminous body, a large voice calls out to him from the side, making him stop his speech.

Mari who stayed in the practice ground, slips away from her class and hurried to Riheed.

She is panting for breath from being in a great rush, her hair is disheveled, and her flushed cheeks are dyed red.

The behavior is greatly different from the image she gave off in the morning, Riheed and Mikene are taken aback.

The classmates are puzzled over the sudden appearance of a beauty from another class.

“Ju-just now, th-that summoning…”

Not being able to wait for her breathing to settle down, Mari disregards the perplexed surroundings, and brings her face close to Riheed questioning him.

However, an obstacle appeared from the side when Mari had finally started to speak.

“Vertolily-san, your class will be troubled, please return. Everyone else should also return to their classrooms at once.”

As the students were becoming aware of Mari, Kyrie claps his hand to attract attention, his usual tender smile is on the surface, but his instruction were given with a force that wouldn’t allow anything otherwise to be said.

That power made Mari who was going to argue keep silent.

Even if it can be said that Kyrie controlled it greatly towards the princess, on the contrary a strange intensity came out.

“I-I’ll wait till after school then.”

Mari leaves behind only those words in the end, and returns to her own class.

Everybody, including Riheed, simply watched with utter amazement.

In the case of Riheed and Mikene, it was a mystery why Mari had lost her composure to such an extent.

Though the information of the other transfer students is being concealed, being aware of the rumors to some extent in regards to Mari, the classmates are confused why the forest people’s princess would be disordered to such an extent, and run like that to come talk with Riheed, the questioning gazes are centralizing.

“Come on now, return to your classroom.”

But Kyrie raises his voice and gathers the students.

“Also, I would like to have a little talk with Riheed-kun, so please remain. Other students should promptly return to class.”

Riheed, who was the classmates prey, was tightly secured by Kyrie.

The classmates tearfully parted with the topic known as Riheed, and returned to their classroom.

“Now then, Riheed-kun. The magic from earlier was truly splendid, I was deeply moved instinctively.”

“Yea yea, it will be like that! Also…”

After the students leave, Kyrie spoke with Riheed in the practice ground.

The usual smile isn’t there.

Noticing Kyrie’s different atmosphere, Riheed directly looks to the front with questioning eyes.

“But I have one request for you.”


Without relaxing his stern expression, Kyrie faces Riheed.

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