Monogatari No Naka No Hito / Monogatari no Naka no Hito Chapter 31

Riheed and Kyrie, just the two of them face towards each other on the practice ground.

“To some extent, it can’t be helped that you stand out. And with that ability, even if jealousy and envy are stirred up you’ll be able to cope with it, and those who can think even a little aren’t likely to pick fights. But in the end, you are strong as an individual, there’s no advantage to having hostility. But it’s different if there is an advantage.”


Kyrie momentarily halts his speech and looks at Riheed’s appearance.

Riheed nods and urges him to go on.

“For instance, the powers related to nations, religions and the like are large. Those who desire such power may do anything. If such people can accurately judge your ability, with such a use they’ll be aware that it’s no good if they can’t convert you. Such groups tend to take an individual’s power lightly, and they will, for example, put their hand out to those close to you and not to you yourself. In order to evade such risks, the origins of all the transfer students were concealed; of course, there were some which couldn’t be hidden.”

Kyrie smiles wryly when recalling that on the reverse side, there are also those whose origins aren’t known.

The person whose origin couldn’t be concealed, the princess of the forest, Mari.

Including Kyrie, there are several people of the forest at Rhonks magic school, having strong interactions with humans the name is well known, so hiding her origin was impossible.

That being the case, it doesn’t mean that Mari’s origin was actively spread around, but it’s not a closely guarded secret.

Therefore, the are those in Mari’s surroundings knowing that she is the forest’s people’s princess, and a crowd was made.

“Of course, the possibility of such a story is low; we also exhaust all our power so that danger doesn’t reach the students. But I only want you to be a little more careful. The spirits, for example, the higher ranking ones can even become the target of faith. But since it can be said that there are no people who have seen the real thing, even if they’re summoned in front of their eyes, they won’t know what it is. It’s said that a person who summons a spirit becomes a spirit, and a monster becomes a monster. A person doesn’t exist who understands all about the types of monsters. That’s it really.”

The mysterious power to call a monster, and having called a high-ranking spirit, Kyrie informs Riheed that he has caused a troublesome thing.

If it’s something specialized in, it’s possible for a powerful person to befuddle them, but nothing major like a spirit and the like can do.

Did the comprehension catch up with Riheed, Kyrie’s speech is seriously listened to, and he silently nods.

“Please keep that in the corner of your mind. In your case, even if there is something in the surroundings, it’ll likely be coped with immediately. But don’t you think it’s pointless to be burdened with those troubles?”

It’s not that Kyrie has a grasp on all of Riheed’s abilities, but he thinks that Riheed’s a match for the powerful people of the country, so even if there is anything then the tables can be turned.

Even if a hand is stretched out to the surroundings, perhaps they’ll be suppressed without being able to do anything.

However, that may become the stimulus for another troublesome thing.

It’s in that way that trouble invites more trouble, Kyrie judged that should be drawn to his intentions just a little, so he brought this up.

Of course, a bit of Kyrie’s thought were to lighten the burden on the school and teachers, but the speech was still done while thinking about the student first.

“Yea, I understand. I’ll pay attention. Troubles were also caused for you, thanks.”

With the thoughts transmitted, Riheed obediently bows to Kyrie.

As for Riheed, there are no good memories from the olden days about men of power; he thinks it to be better if it doesn’t become something troublesome.

However, it has to be weighed if that troublesome thing can satisfy his own curiosity, but that’s another story.

“Not at all, I’ll accept the hardships if it’s for a student. As I said, it should be alright if you take care. An example would be regarding the king of water.”

Kyrie correctly guesses the spirit which Riheed summoned some time ago.

Though it was his first time seeing the main body, Kyrie had heard of the effect of Riheed and the luminous body’s magic spectacle.

It was a magic which appeared in a fairy tale he heard from his mother when he was a child, that made Kyrie hold conviction for some reason.

“King of water is it, I don’t know what that is! Though it has nothing to do with that, what I summoned some time ago was a monster with a wondrous blue light!”

“That’s right. It was certainly a monster; it just seemed a little mysterious.”

Kyrie matches Riheed and plays dumb.

When the two’s eyes meet, they laugh for a short while.

But Riheed immediately makes a serious thinking face.

“Indeed. I can’t freely let out God’s name when thinking about religion.”

“Yes, that’s so… eh? Eh? G-God!?”

“Fuhaha, I’ll try to be careful! Then I’ll be going back first!”

Disregarding Kyrie’s surprise, Riheed makes his way to the classroom.

Right after Riheed returns to the classroom, he is enclosed by classmates with a barrage of questions.

Riheed on the other hand, thinking of Kyrie’s advice, one way or another skillfully makes his way past them.

Eventually, Kyrie who went to the teacher’s building returns to the classroom and the mass questioning was discontinued.

“Now then everyone, the results for today should be announced at the end of the month. Please verify them and make use of it for future studies. And about Riheed-kun’s committee…”

“Yes! Sensei! The discipline committee is fine!”

A student raises their hand in the middle of Kyrie’s speech and proposes so.

Riheed who did as he pleased on his first day, by the second day the way he was seen by the general magic department students had changed.

The thing on the first day about being a commoner, yet despite that there are close relations with Mikene and Litris, putting aside that he is a transfer student, the distant surroundings were sending glances which were looking down on him in some respects.

But with the duel’s commotion, interest was gathered on him who thoroughly enjoyed himself while making light of the attack magic department student.

With that, those worried about the part that he’s a transfer student set it aside.

To begin with, Rhonks magic school is difficult to transfer into, even with Mikarune family behind him, it can’t just be accomplished.

Something made that possible when thinking about it, power, ability, it was clearly understood by the classmates that it was power.

Understanding that far, the conclusion is reached that there’s no disadvantage to being on good terms with him who is a student of the general magic department.

But there, other than calculating thoughts, curiosity and admiration were certainly mixed into their thoughts, though the people themselves haven’t noticed that yet

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