Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 10

Rain struck the ground as if trying to wash it away, and enormous bolts of lightning fell towards the earth.

In that house, two Mad Scientists laughed.


“No, no. It’s all due to your boundless knowledge and design. Without that we would never have completed it, Zanoba.”

The two were Rudeus and Zanoba.

The two praised each other and stopped dancing.

It was a stone dais emitting a strange light.

To complete Prototype Unit No.01 many tens of versions and minor changes were necessary.

This in itself was something which would be in great demand, but what the two strived for was something much different.

For Prototype Unit No.02 an Artificially Intelligent core and a body closer to a human’s were to be developed.

The body gradually became more human-like, but to make its movements more human, changing the flesh was very difficult but but tampering with the core to the same end could cause it to fail to activate.

They re-examined the memoirs of the Eccentric Dragon King Chaos many times over.

The Dragon God Orsted gave them rare magic stones and knowledge of many materials.

The unreachable domain of the Mad Dragon King. They shed tears at the thought of never touching it.

But each time they failed, they learned something new, slowly making progress.

And finally, one month later.

They had succeeded in activating a doll of temporary composition.

It had no face but without a doubt, it activated.

They were overjoyed at the success.

The Prototype Unit No.04

The Prototype Unit No.04 had specs quite close to the finished product.

They hadn’t examined for all possible flaws.

And so, they brushed the process aside and began work on the almost complete Prototype Unit No.04.

But that in itself was a good thing.

They still had to perform the system check on the Prototype Unit No.04 and test its compatibility with the tasks that they would have the finished product undergo.

This is the next step, they thought.


Zanoba reached out to the magic stone on the girl’s modest chest with an excited expression.

The tiny complicated magic formation in the Core was the girl’s heart.

After the Core activates, the Doll would stand on it’s own feet, learn, make it’s own decisions, and absorb mana with it’s own power allowing for semi-permanent activity.

But if that happens it would just need to be rested on the platform until all it’s magic recovered.

But when Rudeus first proposed that, Zanoba had said:

“Of course not, that in itself is perfection.

Would even he hesitate at having to touch the chest of a small girl?

“No, the reason we made it this far was your hard work, you do it.”

Zanoba was frightened.

The thing they had been dreaming about for more than 10 years.

He was someone unrelated to indecision.

“I understand… Then, I will activate it!”

Slowly and carefully as if touching something fragile his hand crept along the girl’s skin towards the magic stone.

It was an amount anyone could provide.

“…『Awaken, my beloved daughter』”

The moment Zanoba said the activation incantation, his mana was sucked through his finger.

the second he confirmed that, he removed his hand.


Several seconds passed in silence.

The post activation process was automatic.

She had dark black pupils.

She had pure white hair.

This was the crystallisation of Zanoba and Rudeus’s many years of experience in doll creation and art.

Her body was made of artificial flesh and her bones were of the same strength as the Magic Armour.

The artificial flesh used Rudeus’s earth magic clay as a base, mixed with the scales of Red Dragons and Phantom Butterflies that have high magic power and finally, the sap of an Elder Treant and Immortal Race blood.

These formations cause the artificial flesh to solidify and move like muscle.

But the joints were made from the powdered bone of Skeleton Deathbreakers.

Especially high rank skeletons have exceptional conductivity allowing extremely human-like movements.

The girl raised her hands stretched above her head and stretched backwards.

Her overly calm actions that emphasised her chest were brimming with feminine charm.


Rudeus swallowed.

“I didn’t notice it when we were making it, but those movements are much more dangerous than I realised.”

But you could see on his face that he felt the same.

The girl, still silent, lay back down and raised her knees.

The secret place of the doll was exposed in front of the two.

Coincidentally, these movements were not to flaunt her body in an erotic sense.

If the check ended in failure, it would give an error message.

The artificial voice was very similar to someone the two knew.


The two, releasing their tense expressions, breathed a sigh of relief.

Like the time when she raised her arms and her hands flew towards the ceiling like a rocket punch, or when her hip bent at a weird angle, or when her crotch split and it looked like some odd work of art, or when both hands started spinning…

When he had first boarded the Magic Armour, Rudeus had to learn to control its strength.

And in that case, if it was always using maximum strength it would destroy itself.

Even with a limiter, the threshold is still high and movement on the level of a Saint Class swordsman is possible.

“It seems like there’s no problems.”

And then it spoke.

“Master, what is your name?”

“Master Zanoba registered. What are your orders?”

“Understood. What is your name?”

“Sub-Master Rudeus registered. What are your orders?”

This exchange was something they had repeated countless times with the Prototype Unit No.03.

Seeing this, Rudeus clenched his fists.

“Alright, it can properly register Master’s names and follow commands.”

Rudeus was extremely excited looking at the doll.

When he had said “It’s Zanoba” the doll had registered “Master It’s Zanoba”

The hint that they had gotten led to all kinds of changes to the magic formation and they had restarted from square one a number of times.

The completed summoning magic formation that was carved into the Core contained all human instinctual responses.

“Jump up and down lightly.”

Quite a powerful jump.

“Yes Master.”

“Yes Master.”

“Yes Master.”

“Yes Master.”

The doll moves exactly as Zanoba says.

The balance was also perfect.

“Now make a funny face.”

The doll stopped for a second at Zanoba’s abrupt command.

“Yes Master.”

She hit her cheeks with her hands and her face warped.

You might not be able to call it funny.

In other words, exactly what they wanted.

“Hmm, it seems promising.”

What he was looking at was her small chest that would occasionally shake and her exquisitely designed nether regions.

I say this for the sake of Rudeus’s honour, but it was not a sexual gaze.

But each time it got more complete, he was afraid.


“But it really is similar… The face, and while it might have been an accident, the voice too.”

Then Rudeus looked at the doll’s face.

They had made it to be able to smile, but it probably wouldn’t without an order.

Their otherworlder friend sleeping in the sky castle.

Her face, her different length black hair, her figure, and height all resembled Nanahoshi.

A naked doll that resembled their friend.


Right, they had a reason.

Although they could simply tell him her name, it would be better to hear it from someone who resembled Nanahoshi.

“They know we’re making an automaton but they don’t know that it looks like Nanahoshi.”

That said, Rudeus didn’t think that making a doll that looked like Nanahoshi would make his wives mad.

If he explained it properly they’d probably accept it.

“The problem is the chest and crotch.”

But explaining the fact that a doll of his friend functioned sexually was a different problem.

Based on the way he explained it his bed could end up very cold.

Either way, it wasn’t a good thing for Rudeus.

“It wasn’t necessary to make it this elaborate.”

“Idiot, after I purposely went out of my way to be vague don’t go saying nipple.”

True, when they were designing the project, they had an ideal.

They should have held themselves back.

There was no reason to make the prototype look like Nanahoshi.

“Shishou is whipped after all.”

Orsted, Pergius, and Nanahoshi herself.

Of course, they planned on unveiling it after completion and informing various people.

But if those people involved knew how detailed they had made it, they would probably give them a cold stare.

Having Roxy draw away from him would leave Rudeus with no other option besides Seppuku.

“Hmm, I can’t think that your wives would be as upset as you believe. Everyone is quite aware of how energetic you are.”

It was a slightly different sensation to that of a human but it was still extremely soft.

That excitement might be considered cheating.

If Eris found Rudeus cheating she would probably give a “Hmph” with her mouth in the shape of a へ and after removing the fist she lodged in his nether regions, push him down and climb on.

Although, this wouldn’t necessarily be something Rudeus would hate.


Incidentally, the doll had carefully watched the finger that poked it, but hadn’t given any other reaction.

They hadn’t inputted the sensation of sexual pleasure.

To Zanoba, scrapping a doll was not something enjoyable.

Worst case scenario, they would scrap this one and begin work on the next model.

They would need to think about it for the mass production model, but currently it was a unique item.

“We need to think about what to do in case someone finds out…”

“Yeah, I guess.”

They were currently in the Fittoa region of the Asura Empire.

There weren’t many who knew its location

“It doesn’t matter to you. If we get found out, no one’s going to get very mad at you.”

“Ahh, right, that’s true.”

Even Julie who was supposedly working on the project with them didn’t know about the lab.

She was cut off.

That is to say, lately, whenever Zanoba brings back any kind of erotic doll, Julie would get obviously displeased.

Although she had long since grown up, age wise she was at that time… Adolescence.

If Julie were to go into the basement, stumble on the magic circle and decide to activate it out of curiosity…

It would probably be rather shocking.

“I made sure to lock the door from behind and I have the only key.”

“No, Julie wouldn’t open a door I locked myself. She has promised that.”

Julie understood that there was a line she shouldn’t cross.

“Let’s get back on track. What should we do about this?”

Rudeus again began to fold his arms and think.

And besides, this was the Prototype Unit No.04. If they were to dispose of it, taking all its data wouldn’t take too long.

“Alright, although it’s a waste, let’s take the data from it and scrap it.”

Rudeus reached a conclusion.

It had taken quite a large amount of time and money to make and they still hadn’t completed the experiments that they had to do on the Prototype Unit No.03


“Hm? Hah! Right! We can just do that!”

At Zanoba’s suggestion, Rudeus also realised.

With clothes on, the erotic parts would be hidden.

Meaning that as long as they didn’t tell anyone it would be fine.

“Alright, wait here a minute.”

Rudeus said that and rushed into the next room.

A thick beige dress, the kind you wouldn’t see often in the Magic City Sharia.

Or course, brand new.

The two had completely forgotten about it and simply trembled at the frightening seductive power of the naked girl.

“Alright, put on these clothes.”

“After that, lie back down on the platform.”

For the time being, now that it had clothes on, the dangerous sexual aura had disappeared.

It was now simply a girl who looked like Nanahoshi lying still.

Although the fact that it didn’t blink was somewhat unnerving…

But like this, it seemed like all their problems had been solved.

“I’m kind of tired now. It’s a bit early but let’s leave it at this for tonight.”

They didn’t end up conducting extensive experiments but the outcome looked good.

“Of course! Since I thought you would say that, I had planned something in advance. Over here!”

Zanoba picked up a barrel that was sitting in the corner of the room.

It gave off a large bang and a little spilled out.

“Well aren’t you well prepared!”

Zanoba grabbed cups he had also put together and scooped some out from the barrel.

It was the wine of the Asura Empire.

“Oh, do we have anything to eat?”

“That’ll do.”

After collecting a mountain food from the cellar, the two began filling their cups.

“To our dream!”

And the merrymaking began.



Part 2

“Since we’ve already confirmed that it can complete simple tasks, we should see just how adaptable it is and test the extent of its independent thought.”

But it did manage to skillfully interpret a vague order

She had the fundamental knowledge of the earlier models and would continue learning by herself.

Like the extent of what it could learn or things it couldn’t do.

“Don’t go teaching it anything you shouldn’t.”

“That’s rich coming from you.”

But then Zanoba changed the conversation topic.

“Right, the『byproducts』that you made have been selling well too.”

“The frog bag is particularly popular.”

Among them was the cheek pouch of the Rain Force Frog. It was extremely long and thin but also very durable.

In the end they decided to look for something different to use and made something else from it.

“Luke-dono is especially pleased with it. He created a factory to produce them in Asura.”

“Although you say that, you use it too don’t you?”

Almost every night.

After his third and fourth daughters Lily and Christina were born there was a silent agreement that the next child to be born would be Sylphy’s.

But because the Elves weren’t very fertile, she wasn’t able to conceive a third time.

Compared to before, Eris’s desire had settled down but she was still quite lascivious.

But if Rudeus would accompany her, she might end up pregnant.

And that’s where the condom comes in.

Seeing Eris who was currently bearing her third child, Sylphy didn’t look upset, nor was the atmosphere of the house strained.

“You could just employ a maid.”

“Hahaha… That’s just like you Shishou.”

Zanoba laughed.

The question everyone was always thinking of asking.

“Right, what do you think of Julie?”

“Like, as a second wife?”

“Well there is her age, and her status is quite low… But you don’t consider yourself royalty anymore right? It’s not a bad idea right? Being surrounded by kids, praising them, sometimes having to scold them.”

Zanoba listened and then firmly shook his head.

“I won’t get married to her.”

Everybody had a line that couldn’t be crossed.

There were plenty of reasons like his status as royalty, the fact that he was already married or the younger brother that he had killed, or Pax.

“It’s nothing major. Would you like to hear it?”

“I’m a Miko and in exchange for my super human strength, my skin doesn’t have much feeling.”

“The inside of a woman is too soft, there is not enough stimulation.”

Hearing that Rudeus was shocked.

But he also understood.

There’s also other things like Pax and Julius.

“I see… But still, if the opportunity comes, you should ask Julie about it. It’s fine if you don’t have kids… There’s also the option of adoption after all.”

Rudeus was so vague because he already had six children himself.

“Haha, I guess you’re right.”

Hearing Zanoba’s feeble laugh Rudeus decided that he should stay away from marriage and changed the topic.

They should be happily drinking.

“Let’s leave the rubber aside! What about the others? Are they selling?”

“I thought they were pretty convenient… Aisha was super happy about the vacuum cleaner.”

Rudeus’s byproducts were quite diverse.

Rudeus’s inventions were quite convenient but not many were widespread.

It’s possible that further research could lower the prices but that was in a different direction to their goal.

“They are convenient, but Asura and Millis both have magic tools to the same effect, so simply hiring a servant to operate them is easier.”

Even though Rudeus had lived happily here for years he still couldn’t forget the sensations of his past life.

“Well as long as the technology remains, it’s always possible that one day, someone else will put it to use so let’s at least leave behind how we made it.”

“I will name it ‘The Rudeus Anthology’”

Their faces slowly got red.

“…Cliff-dono definitely wouldn’t approve of such an immoral doll.”

“Let us do that! Ohh, of course! After we put the finishing touches on this prototype, let us present the Automaton Model No.01 to Cliff-dono.”

“A boy would also be a good thing.”

“I have no interest in homosexuality, I simply understand the merits of a doll in the shape of a young boy. Do you not Shihou?”

“Hahaha, that’s just like you Shishou!”

As their celebration began to liven up, the two also got quite drunk on their everlasting liquor.

“Haha, Ahahahah!”

…The two didn’t notice.

That their festivities were being closely watched.


Part 3

Rudeus began to detox the pain in his head and got up.

Celebratory drinks especially.

Yesterday they were bewildered at the dolls shamelessness, but that was another thing.

The dream before them. Their overflowing hope. Their bursting love.

Thinking those kinds of things, Rudeus looked towards the doll’s face and…


It wasn’t there.

All he could see was an empty platform.

“Wait a second, huh? What? Umm, Zanoba~? What’d you do with the doll~?”

Zanoba had probably woken up before him and gone to teach it.

He then saw wrapped in a blanket in the corner of the room, Zanoba just waking up.

“Hmm~… Shishou, the doll is still suspended on the dais isn’t it.”

After they had put clothes on it they had definitely put it to sleep on the dais.

You had to place your hand on the magic stone and recite the chant.


The two began to search for the doll in a panic.

But they couldn’t find it anywhere.

The doll had disappeared.



Translator Notes and References

2. This it a term for hyper-reaslistic sex dolls, but with the context it’s used in here ‘sex doll’ isn’t an appropriate term. See This for details. Original term: ダッチワイフ
3. Kanji says contraceptive but is read “Condom”

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