Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 14

Lucy has grown accustomed to the Magic University.

Ars is somewhat wild like Eris but he’s quite diligent in what he does, and he’s not one to pick on those smaller than him, so he should be fine.

Lilly and Chris are still young, but they’ve recently graduated from breast milk and have begun their education.

There’s not yet a seventh, but the 6 of them are still young children.

That said, Lara and Ars have begun to go to school, and Sieg and Lilly have begun to walk, so after all of them began their studies, things have quieted down somewhat.

There’s no signs that Hitogami might be plotting something.

So that might be why.

Maybe because that night was particularly lively.

Lucy was keeping to herself.

Ars was being picky.

Lilly was cutely sipping her soup while dirtying her bib.

It was lively dinner table.

But it’s not just dinner time, lately the house is always lively.

With 6 children there’s no way it wouldn’t be.

Lily and Chris, maybe because they’re the same age, often get into loud fights.

The noise never dies down.

So that’s when I thought:

I might be somewhere fighting someone with Orsted, or some of them might have left Sharia.

Paul also fought with his father and left.

But children never do exactly as they’re told.

In any case, that’s what I thought.

That the children won’t all be together forever.

That’s why, we should take a family vacation while we can.



Part 2

For about a month we’ll visit some people we haven’t seen in a while and show the kids something different.

First we use the Teleport Magic Formation to transfer to the Holy Millis Kingdom.

After that is a field trip to the Adventurers Guild HQ, the Magic Tower, and other places the city is famous for.

Then a visit to the hot springs in the Azure Dragon Mountain range.

And while we’re there I’ll make contact with the Ore God that I had put off meeting up till now.

Roxy has her job as a teacher after all, and I had to consult Orsted as the company president.

Lucy especially, she may have gotten the idea when we visited the Asura Empire before, when she heard that we’re going on a trip she was really excited.

I already asked Elinalise if she wanted to come along and she made her feelings rather apparent.

She goes to see Cliff a number of times throughout the year, but she would much rather be with him all the time.

I’d like to have the Miko tell me what she’s been thinking again.

Whenever I ask her, she just looks like it’s a pain.

Leaving Lara aside, although it may be personal business, the Miko and Pope are Millis officials so I did make appointments to meet with them, so there’s a good chance I’ll be able to see her.

This time I’ve also asked Norn to come.

No, I don’t think I promised.

And I’ve already conveyed the fact that she’s married.

I still haven’t gotten a response, she might be mad.

But, it’s probably a matter of race.

At first Norn refused on the grounds that her child was still young.

But Ruijerd said something to her.

“I’ll look after Luicelia. You should go.”

“You have to treasure your family.”

And so Norn listened to those words heavy with emotion.

“Although I am somewhat oblivious to Human customs, a greeting is at least necessary,” he said.

Although we could put a hat on them like Sieg, we can’t hide the tail, and it’s not just the green hair, but a real Sperd…

And there’s also Ruijerd’s assignment from the Beheilil Kingdom.

“You don’t have to leave, Just take your time.”

I’ve left Zanoba and a few members of the Mercenary corps to house sit.

I’d be troubled if we got robbed and there’s also the care of the vegetable garden.

So that’s what our travel plans look like.

About this much is perfect.



Part 3

We called a carriage and we’re now riding through the snow laden city towards the office.

The other end of the teleport circle comes out in a secret hideout in Milishion.

But since it was possible, I would have liked to take a formation leading to outside the city so we could see it from there.

That said, when we go outside to sightsee, we’ll be able to do that then.

We have 14 people, 15 including me.

The first is me, Roxy, Zenith, Lilia, Lara, Chris and Leo.

We had already bid Elinalise and Clive a temporary farewell and the two headed straight for Cliff.

The kids were quite excited to be traveling for the first time, it took some time for their mothers to calm them down.

It was rather surprising considering her usually unimpressed demeanour.

“Lara, don’t lean out the window.”

But she still places her head out the window to look around.

“Milishion is home to many famous designers and they create many kinds of clothes aimed towards commoners, everybody here likes to dress up.”

“Around here, snow doesn’t fall that often.

But that huge tower keeps it at a fixed level so the city never floods.”

Hearing Roxy explain things to Lara like that is quite calming.

She’s almost like a Mini-Roxy.

“Papa, I’m hungry.”

Chris is always happy on my lap.

But if I pull it off, she’ll probably start crying.

“We’ll eat at great-grandmother’s house, so just wait till then ok?”

Were it one of her mothers who said so, she would most likely have thrown a tantrum saying she wanted to eat right now.

Hey, you, stallkeep over there. Give me your most delicious apple, huh? You don’t know which one is the most delicious? Then I guess I’ll take them all. Don’t worry. Whatever’s left will be a gift to the Latrea house. Now I kinda want to say it.

Oh right, I brought a bunch of greeting gifts for the Latrea house, but I wonder if Claire will like any?

She wouldn’t be so rude as to say it right?

While thinking that, I suddenly noticed that Lilia looked rather stiff.

“…Lilia-san, what’s the matter?”

“About what?”

My grandmother, Claire Latrea.

I’m glad I haven’t replied.

When I think about the way she treated Norn, Aisha and Lilia in the past, it makes me uneasy.

But I’m not outright against the old lady’s suggestion.

So that said, first we should just go check it out and say hello.

We came to this conclusion at a family meeting.

Even so, Lilia was still called all kinds of things last time she was here.

“No, it’s not about me.”

Lilia’s gaze moves towards Roxy and Lara.

And Norn also married someone from a Magic race.

She had previously said that she wouldn’t interfere but that was years ago.

During the family meeting she had said “There’s no problem”.

Is what she said.

I’m scared of her pranks.

“Is that the case?”

I also have my doubts.

She did invite us after all.

But I still don’t think they’d invite us over from such a long distance away just to kick us out.

She didn’t say anything, but the meaning was conveyed.


For once she actually passed on the message.


Part 4

The maid was full of smiles and the butler was polite.

After they took our bags we were guided to Claire’s room.

“I thank you for the long journey.”

Once Claire saw us, she said that still seated.

Though I won’t say her attitude was poor. She’s the master of the house after all.

“Not at all, we only just left.”

It was probably the fact that I use teleportation magic as if I own it.

“I’ll introduce my family.”

The children, three wives and Norn and Aisha.

At first glance, she could be mistaken for the eldest daughter.

“Yes Madam.”

Claire gave the order to the maid beside her and put out her hand.

She looked rather fragile leaning on her walking stick.

It seems the reason she didn’t stand when we walked in wasn’t her pride.

“Are you unwell?”

“You couldn’t possibly be so old that your legs would weaken to such an extent…”

She’s might be old enough to be called great-grandmother, but both I, and my kids were all born quite early.

“No need. You’re an outstanding magician, but this is Milishion and I am a noble.”

Meaning that this is something that can’t be healed with healing magic.

“That’s true.”

Well then I guess I should start.

The three wives.

“This is Sylphy. The first wife I married. The house is normally left under her supervision.”

Nobody would ever guess that she grew up in the Fittoa countryside.

“This is Roxy. She is from the Migurd Race, a Magic Race, and although she looks as such, she’s older than me. She’s currently a teacher at the Magic University.”

This is the first time they’ve met, but she did already know about it.

“I-I’m Eris. It’s nice to meet you.”

Eris is somewhat flustered.

She doesn’t seem to be planning to scold me for having three wives.

“I’m Lucy Greyrat! Great-grandmother, It is excellent to finally meet you! I am pleased to be staying with you for these next few days!”

Lucy gives greeting while gripping the edge of her skirt.

Even though she’s strict with her grandchildren, she can’t help but find her great-grandchildren cute.

“The second daughter Lara.”

Claire’s eyebrows knit back up.

“I’m Ars! I’ll be eight years old soon! Pleased to meet you!”

That said, the only unsociable one is Lara.

After Ars, Sieg, Lily and Chris all gave their greeting normally.

“You two next.”

After I prompt them, Norn and Aisha step forward.

Norn and of course Aisha.

“I’m Norn Sperdia. It’s been quite a while grandmother.”

Claire, still leaning on her cane, pointed her chin at the two.

“Yes, it’s been quite a while, the two of you.”

Just that.

Maybe she thought it would be better not to ask here.

Most likely because of the fluent greetings.

I’ll have to tell her off for that later.

“This is Claire Latrea. She’s your great-grandmother. We’ll be staying with her for around 10 days so be pollite.”

After I say that, Claire gives a slight bow.

I’d love for the children to learn from her.

“I am Claire. I am here to welcome you in place of the Manor’s master. Please instruct the maids and butlers as you wish. You might find the difference in culture somewhat unpleasant, but please treat this house as if it was your own.”

“Thank you very much! We look forward to staying with you.”

The children all bowed at once and Claire sat back down quite pleased.

And so, our family vacation in Milishion began.


Part 5

I told the rest of the family to go on without me and stayed back.

She didn’t seem mad.

“Please sit.”

And as if there was some kind of switch in the chair, someone came out with tea.

There weren’t enough seats after all.

“There’s no need to be so punctilious. I have no intentions of reprimanding you.”

It seems I’ve been seen though.

“Simply idle conversation.”

I stole a look at her face.

The way she drank was captivating.

They’ve used some good tea leaves.

“Speaking of tea… Lately Aisha has started raising a tea plant. I’ve brought a bag of the leaves with me, you should try it.”

“They’re quite nice.”

Aisha frequently changes what she’s growing.

I wonder why?

When the herbs started to become fragment, her nose would start dripping.

“That seems to be the case.”


But I’m glad Norn isn’t here and she’s asking me.

“He’s of a Magic race.”

I had already said so in the letter.

He did let his just married wife out by herself.

“Eh? Aah, Of course, he’s a man worthy of trust. I’m sure I wrote this in my letter, He’s an ally of the weak and doesn’t tolerate hate. He has a strong sense of justice. Their idea of status is somewhat different from Humans’ but he’s the captain of an elite unit in a large scale army, so he has a somewhat high position in the village. Aah, on top of that, one of the『Demon God Slaying Three Heroes』Pergius-sama has his eyes on him. Also…”

Did I say something bad?

“Just from what you’ve said just now, I can tell you’ve left Norn in the hands of someone you trust. And if that’s the case, although I have some thoughts on the matter, it’s not my place to say them.”

“There’s no need for that. I had already promised you that I wouldn’t interfere.”

“Of course. My back may be failing me, but my mind is as sharp as ever.”

That’s good.

Because we’re simply making idle conversation aren’t we.

“In any case, Roxy-san is awfully small isn’t she.”

“I understand that. I am a woman of the Latrea house. My mouth may be foul, but I will not find fault with other’s appearances.”

I had half meant it as a joke, but apparently she took me seriously.

“And since the previous incident, I thought it ideal to learn more about the Magic and Beast Races.”

It’s human nature to fear the unknown.


“I am sorry about that. I thought she’d be fine with at least a greeting, but lately she hasn’t been doing as she’s told.”

Well that are times when that might be better.

Eris is in charge of spankings after all.

“For the future.”

But somehow it seems like Claire is enjoying herself.

“But her mother, Roxy-san despite the fact that she’s from a Magic race, she seems to be well aware.”

“When standing next to the legal wife Sylphy-san, she was always a step back. Her reserved greeting was also good. Her attitude displays that she knows her position.”

So it was about that.

No, that’s not it.

“I’m glad you think as such.”

I’d appreciate it if she didn’t say too much.


I won’t ask who.

It’s no one in particular.

That I was a bit too on guard.

And so, our family vacation in Millis began.

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