Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 18

After taking a quick stroll through the town, we met up with our guide, Talhand.

Following Talhand’s directions, we arrived at the hot springs.

We had heard that Monsters appear around the hot springs, but it was much closer than I thought.

The entire area was surrounded by a large stone wall to keep the Monsters out.

In other words, it’s an open air bath with a superb view.

And of course, it’s a mixed bath.

There aren’t even any Humans.

Hot springs probably aren’t all that popular with Humans or Elves.

And there are no Humans.

There are men and women.

Wait, no it’s not.

Especially this time, because it’s not just my wives.

Even if she used to be your friendly neighbourhood adventuring stripper, I will find pleasure in seeing another man’s sexy Elf wife naked.

It’s a Kantoui Made of a dark fabric.1

The designer is Aisha Greyrat.

“Aisha-nee, they have a waterfall over there!”

“Look, it’s over there, there.”

The dark black fabric isn’t see through, but it does cling, making the figure completely visible.

Eris probably hasn’t noticed so that’s fine… And Aisha probably doesn’t even care.

Well whatever.

As long as the important places are hidden it’s fine.

Even here, there are manners that are necessary.

“Hey Blue Mama, you’ve been here before haven’t you?”

“Tell us!”

Clive was also listening in nearby.

But it’s too early for you to know those kinds of feelings Clive-kun.



Lara and Leo were surrounded by Beast Races’

It was like this in the post town as well.

“Chris-sama, If you get hot, please say. I will prepare you something to drink.”

She was sitting with me before but she didn’t like the hot water so she quickly got out.

Well, that’s fine.

“…Aaaah! This is the best…!”

We bought some Dwarven liquor in the post town and chilled it.

It goes down smoothly and as it passed your throat, gives a soft scent of flowers.

Drunk Sylphy is as cute as ever.

This isn’t something to show the children.

“Right, of course.”

Soaking in a hot spring, with an arm around a beautiful girl drinking together.

I’m in paradise.


At least I should be…


But something’s been giving me shivers.


I already know the cause.

A former member of Paul’s old party『Black Wolf’s Fang』.

A capable and trustworthy man.


I have no reason to doubt him.

And I did conduct a comprehensive interview to determine if he was Hitogami’s apostle.

He calmly lied through his teeth and did whatever he wanted.

I have already decided to trust Talhand.

But why.

We were protecting the carriage the children were riding in.

I was using earth Magic to make the carriage ride smoother but I kept getting those chills.

I was probably just nervous walking along a known Monster path with the children.

“I get the feeling you’ve been staring at me a while.

“My father?’

I can’t see my own back, so I don’t really understand, but is that how it is.


“Rudeus, I’d be careful if I were you, this Dwarf will drink up men too.”

Talhand looked somewhat sullen at her remark.

“Don’t say things in such a way that will cause misunderstandings.”


Can she think anything remotely pure?


He’s aiming for me!?

She’ll chop you in two!2

But then Sylphy tremblingly grabbed hold of me.

Well I guess that’s obvious.

When you think about it that way, it’s perfectly normal.

“But you’ve been staring at his ass this whole time haven’t you?”

Of course, I understand what he’s talking about.

Aah, Eris is looking this way.

Aah, she hid her chest! She knows!

“Not really, if you’re just looking, go ahead.”

“I think I will.”

People have all kinds of tastes.

It’s no big deal having him ogle me.

“I mean, I thought you were avoiding going back to your home town.

Won’t it be a problem for you if someone you know spots you?”

It seems there are some circumstances behind Talhand’s past.

Well I guess the fact that I wasn’t all that interested played a part.

“…Hah. That’s rich coming from the woman who claimed it to be impossible for her to stick to one man.”

“I think the same. It was a good opportunity, so I thought I would settle it.”

“I need not your flattery. After seeing all of you, I simply thought it pathetic to have avoided my family for decades.”

Talhand said that with an unpleasant look on his face and took another swig.

“Does that mean you’ll be going back to your village?”

“Rudeus, go ahead.”

Hearing my name called, I turned around.

She probably realised that it would be a good opportunity for me.

Well getting an answer now should be fine.

“Actually, I had the intention to make contact with the Ore God…”

“Yes, or someone of that level of influence… I would like to extend an official greeting as the subordinate of the Dragon God.”

I don’t know what kind of standing Talhand has in his village.

So I can only hope.

“Hmm… He’s a very hard person to please.”

Orsted said the same thing.

The only things he likes are liquor, gems and raw materials that can be made into armour.

“Do you know him?”

They might be related.

“That’s quite true…”

He took another drink in thought and let out a breath reeking of alcohol.

“I will think about it.”

“Don’t apologise, just drink,” is what he seemed to be telling me.

I obeyed his command and held out my cup.


Part 2

After that we had the rest of the family wait in the inn as Roxy, Talhand, Elinalise, and I went to look for somewhere to install the Teleport Formation.

Eris wanted to come too, but I had her stay back as a guard.

And so the four of us entered the mountain.

Somewhere people don’t come across often is ideal for a Teleport Formation.

But that’s still quite far off.

Lifting the taboo on Teleport Magic.

If we go too high we’ll be in Blue Dragon territory, so we still have to keep it within reachable range.

“I guess about here’s fine…”

Now that we’ve found somewhere to set it up, it’s time to make a building.

Four rooms with a hidden staircase in one leading to the Teleport Formation.

I’ve left Roxy and Elinalise outside to keep watch.

I had Talhand help out with the specifications of the inside.

Nobody’s going to stumble across here, but the Formation lead to the office.

I set it up like something along the lines of a rest stop.

He certainly lives up to the Dwarves’ legacy of craftsmanship.

By the time the sun set, the building looked like it had been standing there for over a thousand years.

“It’s impressive. I don’t think anyone will be able to tell.”

It seems the craftsman is unsatisfied with his work.

If someone does eventually stumble across it, it should look properly aged by then.

“The Dwarves treat the mountain as something of a God and buildings are considered offerings. No matter what we build, nobody’s going to complain.”

Is that how it is?

The fact that the entrance leads underground basically screams that something fishy is going on.

“I’ll be there in a second.”

Finally, I activated the Formation and Teleported.


“No thank you. I shall make due with my feet.”

Talhand shook his head and refused.

So for now, the Teleport Formation is complete.


Part 3

And here is where we parted with Cliff and Talhand.

We gave our goodbyes before getting in the carriage.

“Of course!”

Cliff really didn’t want to say goodbye to Clive.

But it’s always painful to part with family.

“Make sure too keep up with both your studies and training. Don’t make that girl you like cry. Be kind.”

“In that case, treat everybody as kindly as you would a girl you like. Alright?”

“Of course. You keep at it too Cliff-senpai.”

The fact that he doesn’t need to say anything else is a testament to his faith in me.

Well, Elinalise has everything pretty much together so there’s not really much I can do.

I guess I’ll just have to turn Clive into a great man for the day he asks for Lucy’s hand.

I’ll just make sure to be there if they ever need help.

I walked towards Elinalise and Roxy who were talking to Talhand off to the side.

There seems to be some sort of preparation necessary before returning to the Dwarf village.

“Of course.”

“Having Paul’s son worry about me is somewhat disturbing.”

Talhand gave me a good look.



My hard dark what!?

Wait, I’m not that dark.

Roxy, don’t just blush, say something.

“I didn’t say thick. That one from yesterday. The big rock you made from Earth Magic. I don’t know whether to call it a mineral or a crystal.”

Oh the rock.

I was going after toughness, so they did end up quite hard.

So he was just talking about the rock…

Hmmm? Just what were you imagining? Oh Roxy you dirty girl.


I immediately conjured up a stone bar with Earth Magic.

Of course it’s quite heavy.

If you plated it with gold you might even be able to fool someone. Although it’s far harder than both gold and platinum so you’d be found out right away.

“Is this fine?’

I would think five of them would be quite heavy…

“You take care of yourself Roxy.”

Roxy smiled as the two friends parted.


Part 4

I pray this was a good experience for the children and will help encourage them.

Saying it like that really doesn’t suit me.
I hope they all grow up well.

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