Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 2

I said that and began the preparations for the marriage.

Norn has given an affirmative response, the problem lies on Ruijerd’s side.

Thinking logically, marrying my family is also to the benefit of the Supard race.

Since ancient times, marriage has been a way of deepening strength of an alliance.

That’s the proposal I have prepared.

Would that make Norn happy?

When she realises that she isn’t loved back, she will most likely break into tears.

Ruijerd is currently in Biheilil Kingdom, in charge of negotiations.

After the incident in the Biheilil Kingdom, the whole village knows her name and face,

But, while living with a race other than your own, the common sense and daily lifestyle would be different. Would Norn be able to make a good living? 

Worst case, Norn would be ostracised from the villagers.

I’m worried.

Roxy said: “If it’s Norn, she’ll be fine.”

Sylphy said: “You’re overthinking this.”

But I am still worried.

If Norn were to spend her days crying, Paul would glare at me in my dreams, and Zenith would be standing at my bedside slapping me awake from my peaceful sleep.

For both their sake, I must make sure Norn is on the road to happiness.

Even if he didn’t love Norn from the bottom of his heart, I know that he would treat his wife properly.

No matter how much Ruijerd might not love Norn.

It should be possible to have Ruijerd’s feelings for Norn turn around.

The village was surrounded by large trees and on the inside, houses were lined up in rows. They hadn’t harvested yet, but there were crops growing in the field.

Of course, it was a new building.

Yup, it’s more than enough for two people to live.

“…Ruijerd-san, are you in?”

It seemed he had just finished eating, he was sitting next to the fire place in the centre of the room with his eyes closed in some kind of state of meditation.


I went and sat down in front of him in seiza.


And so I kept my silence.

It may sound odd, but I couldn’t think of anything to start with.

I know what I must say.

Whether he likes her or dislikes her and what he thinks of her a marriage partner.

But I don’t know how to word it.

‘How do you feel about marrying Norn?’

He was waiting for me to start talking.

I don’t know whether or not he has some business to take care of, but he probably doesn’t have anything to do.

Most likely, he acts this way towards Norn as well.

No, probably not.

A partner not bothered by silence is a valuable thing.

“Hmm, Norn’s tea.”

I said that fishing for a response, and Ruijerd replied.

So is the first condition clear…?

Don’t rush.

“Is that so… When she came to the village before, it was good.”

Ruijerd closed his eyes as if he was remembering something.

It was good he says.

Is he thinking something like “I’d like her to make me tea everyday…”?

Damn it, how should I ask him.

Is this how Orsted feels when he’s talking with me?

How should I do it!? Just how should I ask!?

“It’s not just her tea, her cooking isn’t bad either.”

While I was toiling, the conversation continued.

The flow did not stop.

But wait, what did he just say?


Norn’s cooking?

Beef stew or curry or omurice or maybe even beef stroganoff.

I want to eat it.

Her cooking won’t make one’s mouth water, but it seems that she’s not that awful.

It was a reasonable assumption.

Do you like Norn? Do you love her? Do you Immediately want to hold her?

And if I did, I’m sure I’d be shocked.

Was that too blunt?

“No, no, no, I’m not a noble. I think it would be a good thing for Norn to be able to find her own partner, yes.”

I keep taking glances at Ruijerd, but his expression doesn’t change.

Does he think I’m being irresponsible?

“But of course! If Norn comes along and bring back some good for nothing, I would drag him out to a desert and tell him “If you want Norn, you have to defeat me!”

While I push the matter with Norn it would be bad to have him think me to be irresponsible.

“No…! Something like that won’t always be necessary! But! Just, hmm, right, guts… Yes, they would have to show me that they have the guts to do it.”

Someone who would lose their nerve under pressure and run away is no good.

I also often lose my nerve, but I at least have no intention of running away.


Of course, Ruijerd is good on that front.

Just his stone like gaze.

To him, Norn is just a child.

Ruijerd couldn’t hold those kind of passionate feeling for a child. He’s just that kind of man.

“Ruijerd-san… I’ll get right to the point.”

Even if it’s a sad outcome for Norn.

I am also prepared.

He silently stares intensely at me.

His suspicion completely disappears.


That’s odd.

A child or a warrior.

The words that will begin it.

It may have been something that Norn should have said herself.

“I see.”

As Ruijerd uttered those short words, he stood up as if he had decided something, and took his spear into his hand.

“…Rudeus, outside.”

I understood the meaning of that action, and looked up at him.


To that impact, denying a reply, I readily obeyed.


Part 2

Deep into the Forest.

I might have made him mad.

Or he might have just misunderstood.

He’d say like a man, “As her brother you must protect Norn. You mustn’t use her to curry favour.”

I, who am currently standing here in confusion?

“Don’t say any more, here I come!”

It seems there’s no use in talking.

But opposed to ten years ago, I knew what to do.

But Ruijerd then came around with a low kick which I blocked, and then used that leg as a pivot and kicked around with his other leg to knock me down.

“How’s that?”

Ruijerd thrust his spear at the back of my neck and looked down at me expressionlessly.

“I concede. Splendid skills.”

I have no idea what’s going on.

I don’t think he’d stab my neck, but it’s obviously my loss.

“Is this sufficient?”

What’s he talking about?

“…Then, is this enough?”

I don’t know what’s enough but in this situation he’s not lacking anything.

I raised my body up and sat down.

“Then as promised, I get your sister.”

He gets my sister?


I seem to have lost sight of the conversation.

“It’s just as you suspected.”

What did I suspect?

“I have fallen in love with Norn.”

If I remember correctly… It’s a feeling. A feeling of longing for someone.


Which means that Ruijerd likes Norn?

Misunderstanding are my weakness.

“So Ruijerd-san, you like Norn?”

Should I happily say, “Then I’ll let you marry Norn”.

That would me a huge mental shock. Norn might even kill herself.

Damn it! For Ruijerd to be Hitogami’s apostle!

“Is this some kind of joke? Or maybe a punishment game?”

That’s right, Ruijerd isn’t the type to joke around.

“Several months ago, around the time of the battle in the Biheilil Kingdom. I would like to hold closely, the woman who so devotedly looked after me.”

They did look like they were getting along well together back then.

I thought I would be pushing Ruijerd into a marriage, but it seems like it wasn’t like that at all.

“Of course, I didn’t intend to make a move.”

Which means that if she wasn’t my sister, he would have made a move.

According to Orsted, that’s how it went in the previous loops.

“But you had realised. Which is why you came around with that sudden conversation.”

All I knew was that Norn liked Ruijerd.

There’s no way I’m that sharp.

My cutting ability is the same as that of a flail.

“I’ll say it again. I would like to marry Norn Greyrat.”

Ruijerd said that and pointed his spear at my neck.

“For that purpose, I have shown you my guts.”

So that’s what this is.

A duel to test courage.

But something like that.

And things advancing too well.

Is this a trap?

I don’t get it.

I said that while sitting down and looking up at Ruijerd, and he answered.

“I told you before. I won’t be dragged around by my past anymore.”

I do remember him saying it was because there was no one there for him.

I changed to seiza.

Having me suddenly appear and exposing his feeling, awakening his resolution, and he brought me all the way out here.

And on top of that, he probably had a lot of things he wanted to say.


I was in too much of a hurry.

I should have used a more indirect plan to bring the two of them together.

No, the only one who would be charmed by that would be Norn, Ruijerd might fall into a trap.

When would eventually be?

“What do you mean by that?”

The people of the Biheilil Kingdom and the Ogres have kindly accepted us.

And it seems I was deemed to be the most suitable match.”

Well there usually was.

But as a Hero of the previous war, he was looked up to.

Ruijerd would end up marrying some Biheilil noblewoman.

A good relationship with Biheilil Kingdom would be to their benefit.

But Ruijerd chose my family.

Not good, I almost became Girldeus.

But as I was thinking that, I realised something.

“Is Norn alright with you?”

And without thinking about the conciseness, say some awful things.


Words that I didn’t expect came out.

I’m supposed to be supporting Norn, I should be pointing out Norn’s good parts.

She can study, but she can’t put very much of it to practical use, she fails at most things the first time.

I’m sure she would end up causing trouble for you.”

No, this isn’t what I want to say.

For example, Aisha.

She can do housework and look after children.

When I think about it like that, I can’t help but think “Is Norn alright”.

I want to root for Norn.

It’s because I want these two to be happy that I try to think of how to make sure no one is dissatisfied.

“—But that’s the result of her trying her very hardest.”

What interrupts my words is Ruijerd.

“I know. Norn’s bad points and her good points.”

I lost my words and Ruijerd looked as if he was pressing me for answers.

“You know it too don’t you?”

I’m not that well informed on Norn as of late.

Having lost to Aisha, she became far more docile than necessary.

It wasn’t so much at home, but her classmates and juniors looked up to her.

Even now, some of her school’s underclassmen still come over for help over studying or the student council comes to ask for advice.

Norn goes at everything with the utmost effort.

Because Norn has plenty of things she isn’t good at, she can’t do things in an instant compared to others.

But other people don’t matter.

And I’m sure that, from here on out, she’ll continue like that.

Norn is just that kind of girl.

A little sister I can be proud of.

And Ruijerd also knew that.

There’s no need for me to say it.

He had known for a long time, and accepted it.


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod.


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod.


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod.


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod.

“Yes. So don’t you start crying.”

I began crying my eyes out.

During the journey across the central continent after the teleport incident.

No matter what kind of demonic creature, I could rest, assured that he would protect us.

Of course, he’s not that great at taking care of things other things than demons, but as a person, that can’t be helped.

Norn can simply make up for the things Ruijerd can’t do.

And I’m sure Norn, as she is now, can do that.

If she couldn’t then Ruijerd wouldn’t have said that he desired her.

While thinking like that, my shoulder grew weak.



Author’s Q&A

A: If he had asked she would have made something for him, but all the practise was probably done somewhere else.

A: Even though this is a redundancy chapter!?

Q: It’s good to cry isn’t it.

A: The redundancy chapter is just an extra so it’s ok.

Q: The light novel manga deal that I bought has arrived.

That’s good…

Q: A secret extra chapter… It’s really great.
A: That this story became three chapters, it surprised me too…

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