Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 24 extra

Today’s work went without a hitch as usual.

All the jobs recently has been related with Vice Captain Ariel.

It was all preparations for developing large teleportation grids all over Asura Kingdom.

This world considers teleportation circles a “forbidden” magical technique.

Nevertheless, Ariel still plans to remove the ban with her prerogative powers and officially set up teleportation circles all over the kingdom.

Of course, Holy Kingdom of Milis strongly objects, and there’re protests among her citizens.

Given that the Fittoa Region Teleportation Disaster happened.

Victims of that incident certainly would find contention with said decree.

Of course, Asura Kingdom is no democracy, so it was passed into law despite protests.

On the other hand, such unrest might become breeding grounds for coups.

Since Ariel’s life has always been targeted.

Regardless, Ariel was no doubt the best person to publicize it.

Having read the draft of her speech, she made a convincing case.

“A decade has passed since the Fittoa Region Teleportation Disaster, yet recovery remains a distant memory.

How many more decades before we regain those beautiful amber fields?

The Teleportation Disaster took many things from us.

For this, we must come to understand teleportation. We must research it.

To prevent the disaster from reoccurring, we have to understand why it happened.

It was for this reason that I decided to remove the ban on teleportation magic.

Certainly there’ll be objections, and there’ll be concerns.

Or perhaps within our generation, we would repeat that mistake.

But even failure shall become the breeding ground for our success, ushering in an ever more prosperous future for those generations to come.”

The draft came out roughly like that.

Effort to bring the detractors to our side.

Ariel is a person of charisma and popularity. Of course, it’ll certainly proceed as plans despite any objections.

The biggest challenge is probably the Milis followers.

Since it was the Church of Milis that designated “teleportation magic” as an ultimate forbidden technique.

For this I traveled to the Holy Kingdom of Milis.

I had the ears of the Miko and the Pope.

When I told them about our grand plans for teleportation circles, they looked extremely troubled.

At the minimum, they would not allow it within the Holy Kingdom of Milis.

I supposed plans for within the Milis Kingdom would have to be put on hold. For now, we would only make public the teleportation circles within Asura Kingdom.

After man audiences, I finally received the promise that “although we could not completely silence the opposition, at least the Pope and the Miko will not publically raise objections to the Asura Kingdom.”

In exchange many concessions were made, but it couldn’t be helped.

It’s settled for now.

As a test case, in a remote corner of Fittoa Region, I setup a teleportation circle far from where the royalty might tread.

After repeated experiments, more would be added.

There would be resistance. For example, those that made a living transportation whose livelihood are threatened.

But if they took advantage of the teleportation circles, safety and efficiency would both greatly improve.

Ultimately, it’s for the benefit of the people.

Of course, it also comes in handy for the ultimate battle with Laplace.

Orsted seem to know how to use the teleportation circles efficiently.

Anyways, I’m done for the day.

Without a break for so long, I really want to get well rested today at home.

“I’m home~”

With that in mind, I arrive at my doorsteps.

Surrounded by the kids, cuddling with the wives, enjoying a nice meal.

A home filled with love.

“…Eh? No one’s home?”

Yet the normally bustling household is unusually quiet.

I suppose, it’s only past noon.

Roxy, Lara, Ars, and Sieg are in school.

Sylphy should be grocery shopping.

Eris is walking Lily and Chris.

Aisha is probably with the Mercenaries?

Zenith isn’t home, and neither is Jiro.

Looks like Lilia took Zenith somewhere.

Lucy begin attending Asura Royal Academy this year.

Boarding there too, probably.

So she’s not home.

So it end up I’m home alone.

Ops, Beat is home.

Watching the house as always, thank you for your hard work.

I get to eat fluffy white rice tonight all due to you too, keeping the pests at bay.

Right, I shall add some fertilizer for you later.

With that in mind, I head upstairs.

“Oh… Oh…”

Suddenly, a voice meagers in from somewhere.

A heavy groan.

I guess someone is home after all.

I follow the origins of the sound upstairs.

And discovered it coming from Aisha’s room.

“Ah… Oh…”

As if tormented by a nightmare, a hefty groan.

Is Aisha ill?

“Ah… That’s great. Faster…”

Wait, no.

It’s that.

The same sound made when I sleep with Roxy and Syphy.

And sometimes when Eris sleeps with me, one I’m quite familiar of.

This is rather unexpected.

Having some adult fun.

The thought of Aisha in that kind of relationship never crossed my mind.

I’m happy for her, but also a little sad, it’s complicated.

Ultimately, Aisha is an adult now, and even as her brother I can tell that she’s a beauty.

Not unusual at all for her to meet someone.

Or I might have made a mistake.

Maybe she came down with something, or I misheard, or she’s getting a massage.

Or perhaps she’s just wresting, if my imagination may be allowed to run wild!… But wrestling isn’t known in this world.

The possibilities are plenty.

A little awkward and unexpected, but there’s nothing unbecoming about it. Let me settle down.

I should knock first, to give him a chance to introduce himself.

With Paul gone, it’s my responsibility to play father’s role for Norn and Aisha. That I settled on long ago.

I want to see with my own eyes, what kind of person he is.

I’ll give him a tough time if he ends up a deadbeat.

It’s for Aisha’s own good.

But Aisha isn’t one to be charmed so easily.

Even if he has some odd habits, he probably won’t be a bad guy.

Anyways, I shouldn’t get taken up by first impression, but try to figure out his true nature.

… Even though I was never very good at that.

Anyways, I should knock.

Just as I was about to, more noise came from the room.

“Oh, Ars, does it feel good?”

“Em. Yes…. Aisha-nee.”

Instantly, I swung open the door.



Before my eyes is an impossible sight.

Aisha and Ars on the bed together.

Ars below, with Aisha on top.

Both are naked.

Both bodies covered in sweat.

Both spooked like cats, frozen still, eyes bugged out with only their heads twisted back.

They’re wresting…


Why would they wrestle with nary an underwear? And a particular smell permeates the room. There aren’t even any folded chairs around.

That means… it’s that.

Aisha and Ars….

“… Eh, oh.”

I wish I made a mistake.

I wish Aisha was just giving Ars a massage when I swung open the door.

“Ha, aah, ugh.”

Don’t know what to say.

What the hell?

… What should I do? How did this happen…?

“Eh, Em, welcome back, Onii-chan… No, this is…”

Aisha wants to say something.

A situation impossible to explain.

But the truth finally dawned on me. I wasn’t wrong, they were doing it.

“You two… Right now, shower, get dressed, and see me in the living room.”

I managed to blurt out those words before I shut the door.

Just like that, I headed downstairs, arrived at the living room, and collapsed on a chair.

My strength left me.

My heart beats furiously.

My vision narrows.

I wish this was but a dream.

But the sound of rushing about from the second floor only reaffirmed the truth.

My tummy hurts, I want to hurl, my mind is blank.

Just as Aisha and Ars were about to enter the bath, Sylphy and Lilia came home.

Both were shocked when they saw me, and rushed to ask what happened.

When they finally got me talking, I told them what I saw.

Lilia’s face turned pale, when she saw I was serious, then flushed.

She tried to rush upstairs, but Sylphy stopped her.

Sylphy remained calm despite what I said.

Calm down, let’s talk about this after Roxy and the rest come home, she said.

Lilia consented and went to make dinner.

While Aisha and Ars were bathing, Eris came in.

As soon as she saw me in the living room, she shouted out, “Who bullied you?”

Her reaction reminded me of that time I fought with Paul.

All I could do was attempt to calmly explain the situation, which Eris finds unbelievable.

But seeing how I look, and the gravity of the situation, Eris kept silent.

Lily and Chris took their turn in the bath after Aisha and Ars finished. They got dressed and came to the living room. With their arms crossed and eyes shut, they seated themselves in their respective seats.

The family meeting has begun.

Let’s start from the beginning and confirm the facts with these two.

When asked, Aisha smartly answered each question.

During this time, Ars never spoken a word.

eyes down, fists tight, he kept his silence.

What they did was confirmed.

According to Aisha, it was merely “practice.”

“Yes, Ars-sama is getting to that age. I’m sure Master understand as well, Ars-sama will be quite the playboy. He’ll attend the Asura Royal Academy after graduating from Magic University, right? When that happened, he’ll find far more opportunities with women. Ultimately, Ars-sama is the firstborn son and have to continue the family’s legacy. In order to help him avoid any mishaps, like fulfilling his marital duties, I consent to let him practice.”

Aisha said with humbling honorifics.

Spoke like with outsiders present, in a cold, mechanical, and distant tone.

But even more than her tone, the content of her words are even foreboding.


Making so light of this, it hits me rather hard.

Even though Aisha and Ars aren’t blood siblings, in this house they were always treated as such.

At least in my view.

Of course, in this world, in this country, there are no prohibitions against marriage between close relatives.

Still… Making so light of that, it’s not right.

I must admonish them.

Even though I’m not used to scolding people, I must in this case.

They must understood that they shouldn’t have done that, and certainly not anymore.

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Where do I even begin..?”

But what could I say?

In this moment Paul’s face floats in my mind.

If Paul’s here, he would know what to say.

You just can’t! He’ll definitely yell.

Or would he rather, after getting so stunned, stay mute and gloomy?

I’m the latter.

Really I don’t know what to say.

Regardless, this is the crucial moment.

Depending on how the conversation goes, there might be no turning back.

I must carefully, cautiously pick my every word.

Yet, those words just won’t come to me.

“Aisha! Do you even understand what you did!?”

Can’t hold it in anymore, Lilia berated her.

Ultimately, and from the start, she was the most outraged than anyone else.

“I do. Ars-sama looked like so troubled. So before he get his hands on someone else and commit a grave mistake…”

“That’s not I’m talking about!”

“… But mother, didn’t you once said? The Master’s demands, assent, no matter how distasteful. If so, why was it okay with Master, but not with Ars-sama?”

“That’s because…”

Lilia also fell silent.

It’s true that Lilia had once prod Aisha into seducing me.

Even though we never brought it up again when it failed…

“That was… Rudeus-sama never intended for that kind of relationship.”

“What about when I chose to serve Rudeus-sama, even though he didn’t intend for that either?”


“Mother, haven’t you realize, everything you asked for me, it was for your own sake?”

Lilia was speechless.

It’s been long since I seem Lilia hit so hard.

“Of course, I don’t begrudge you. Since it was also my wish to serve Master. But this time, I also did it for the good of the Greyrat House. There’s no conflict between your goals and mine. There’s really no reason for you to begrudge me. You’re making a big fuss, don’t you think it’s for nothing?”

“Aisha… Are you doing this for revenge?”

“No, I did it out of gratitude, not revenge.”

Hearing this, Lilia clenched her teeth and drooped her head.

Was that of anguish? Or out of grief?

Either way it’s hard to watch.

Aisha puts on a good poker face in reaction.

In any other circumstance, she would be looking so dependable.

Since it’s the same look during Mercenary Corp meetings.

It signifies that Aisha is in complete control.

Anticipating what the opponent might say, with a response prepared, and wrapping on the debate with a finishing statement…


“What is it, Master?”

Even with me, she hasn’t lost her cool.

Not a sign of nervousness.

What I’ll say next, she has already anticipated it.

What’s really going on here?

It doesn’t seem like Aisha believes she done anything wrong.

Don’t tell me, things are really not as terrible as I imagined?

That’s not entirely impossible…

“Don’t take that so casually.”

“I didn’t take it casually. I did my best for Ars-sama. Or are you saying there’s a reason why I shouldn’t?”

What she was trying to say was,

If you got something to say, just say it!

“Ars is family. He’s like a brother to you, just like you and me. In that case… is that really okay?”

“You’re mistaken. Master is my king, and Ars-sama my prince. Besides, doing those things with Master, I never ever thought of it as inappropriate. Even if you had made clear that the relationship between you and I are different.”

This breaks my heart.

Was this how Aisha saw me the whole time?

I thought of myself as her brother, yet Aisha merely served me as her master?

Although it’s true that she always worked in the house since we reunited in Sharia.

After so many years, I have assumed she no longer harbored such thoughts.

“Ah. Of course I considered everyone family. But, how should I say this, that’s just a part of it. Master is my brother, and Ars my nephew, but both are also who I serve. Both aspects of our relationships are important to me.”

She saw right through me and left me speechless.

How do I reach her? Even though I have so much to say, I can’t find the words.

Is it because I dislike one-sidedly telling people what’s wrong and right?

No. It’s because I really can’t dig down to the bottom of what is wrong.

Why can’t Aisha and Ars do those things?

Why did it hit me so hard?

Why do I find it so revolting?

Why was I so adamant on calling a family meeting?

Who to blame? Who to scold? What shall be done?

I don’t know.

In this situation, I can’t visualize a way to explain myself clearly. Future Sight be damned.

Someone? Anyone? Convey my feelings for me?

As if begging for help, my eyes shift towards Roxy.

But she just looked downcast and pitiful.

“If only I… realized it earlier…”

She murmured.

No, this unreliable Roxy.

Utterly unhelpful.

It can’t be helped. She’s clueless in the subject of love.

Then… Eris? No, she’s even worse.

I can only count on Sylphy.

“It already happened. It can’t be helped.”

Aisha suddenly spoke up to break the silence.

“Even though I did it for the sake of Ars-sama and the Greyrat House. Now that I thought about it, I did took it lightly. I was being inconsiderate. Just like Onii-chan said, too casual about it. That was my mistake. I’m sorry.”

The mood relaxed somewhat.

Who’s responsible for that goes without saying.

Aisha prepares her wrap up.

Taking the initiative to end this meeting.

With those words she can make the curtain calls. My fault, I’ll reflect on this.

And finally “I won’t do it again.”

But I knew well.

Those were mere words.

This meeting only happened because they were sneaky about it.

If it really was for Ars, for the Greyrat House, she could have been upfront about it… Even if she couldn’t, she could have consulted someone. She could even received permission for the sexual education.

In other words, she knew it was wrong, and did it anyways.

Even if she agreed to put a stop to it now, nothing guarantee it won’t happen again.

Next time, she’ll be more careful.

And no one would find out.

Aisha is capable of that.

“In the future, I won’t do that with Ars…”

“So I can count you for Sieg too?”

The one that interrupted Aisha was Sylphy.

She have remained silent throughout the family meeting, listening quietly.

Staring with intensity than usual at Aisha.

Before finally spoken.


“Since you have already enlightened Ars, can I’ll leave the necessary education of Sieg to you too?”

What is Sylphy talking about?

That can’t happen.

While I was thinking, she peered over and our sights crossed.

Let me handle this, her eyes say.

I’ll leave it to her.

“Well, Sieg… is too early?”

“It’s fine. Sieg will grow up one day. If it’s practice, the earlier the better. Maybe even tonight? Would it be a bother?”

“No… Not a bother, but…”

“Of course, we can leave Clive to you too. Even though he’s not of this household, he’s still family.”

Sweat dropped as Aisha heard such bold statements from Syphy.

Her sight wavered, only lingering for a moment with Ars.

Ars still had his head down.

But sensing Aisha peering over, his head raised a bit.

Their sights connected.

What’s going to happen? What do we do?

Accepting the unease in Ars’ eyes, Aisha made up her mind.

She raised her head and looked towards Sylphy, smiling, and said,

“Okay, I understand. Then leave the enlightening of Sieg and Clive to me.”

As those words left her mouth, someone suddenly kicked off her chair and stood up.

“… You little!”

It was Eris.

Throughout this family meeting, she sat, arms crossed, mouth closed, eyes shut, just listening to the conversation.

But she suddenly opened her eyes, with a clenched fist she trotted towards Aisha, arm raised.

Surprised, Aisha rushed to cover her face.


The blow didn’t land on Aisha.

But the one seating beside her, Ars, with his head still hanging low.

Ars flew off his chair and landed against the wall.

His nose bled, but in shock he only stared blankly at Eris.

“You little! How dare you for making Aisha say all these things!”

“Because Aisha-nee said to leave everything to her…”

“What you mean because?”

Eris threw another punch at Ars.

Ars fell to the ground, groaning from the pain.

“I don’t remember raising you to be an useless runt.”

So agitated as Eris approached Ars.

“I taught you to protect good people! Who taught you that! Throw people under the wheel! Have you feel no shame!”

“Eris-nee, stop!”

Aisha threw herself over Ars to protect him.

“Get off, Aisha! I need to beat some sense back in him!”

Her aura seem suffice to beat both Aisha and Ars to death.

I rushed from behind to restrain Ers.

“Ers, stop! Calm down!”

“How can I be calm? You get it right?”

“Get what?”

I don’t follow.

I get that Eris might feel disgraced, but I still don’t follow.

“Everything Aisha said, it was all an act.”

Sylphy finally left her seat and crossed over.

Using her hands to restrain Eris, Eris obeyed.

Standing before Ars and Aisha, Sylphy said in a kind tone,

“Say, Aisha. You hated the idea of doing this and that with Sieg, and with Clive, right?”

Aisha fell silent.

Stubbornly hugging Ars.

As if all her clever lies had just been exposed.

“You like Ars, and eventually it turned into that kind of relationship.”

“If you went public with it, Rudeus and Lilia would both be against it, so you kept it quiet?”

“Or does Aisha just want to try it for once? Maybe that’s your real intent?”


The one that spoke last wasn’t Aisha, but Ars.

“It’s not like that! I told Aisha-nee that I like her, and want to marry her, but she refused! Again and again, I told her that I like her, even if just once, yet she still refuse! Yet I still pursue her, until Aisha-nee finally relent… It was me! It was my fault!”

Disregarding the bleeding from his nose, he shouted so desperately.

After listening to him, Sylphy looked once again at Aisha.

“So Aisha, was that the truth?”

The whole time as Sylphy stared intently at her, Aisha kept her head low.

Finally, she clenched her teeth and looked up.

“It’s true! I like Ars!”

“Since when?”

Who asked that?

Might be me, but also might be Lilia or Roxy.

“Since he was born! When I first saw Ars! This child is special to me, from the start I have thought so!”

“As Ars grew, so did that feeling… But I still tried to restrain myself! After all, we’re a decade apart! Not to say that he’s the firstborn, thus needs a proper prospect for continuing the Greyrat House legacy! But Ars said me he loves me too!”

I finally saw the whole truth.

In other words, it’s an ordinary story of falling in love.

Just that it happened between aunt and nephew.

I have always avoid that kind of relationship with Aisha.

I never intend for it to begin with, but most importantly she’s my sister.

It never crossed my mind to see Aisha as my wife.

Perhaps it was my insistence that taught Aisha against that kind of relationship between family.

But, Aisha likes Ars.

Always, she cuddles him, and he relies on her.

Although I know not their frame of mind, when they finally crossed that line, maybe they convinced themselves it’s just one time.

But Ars won’t abate after finally tasting the goods.

As a man, I knew this well, that’s how it always get started.

Thereafter, Aisha could never refuse Ars’ demands.

Since she’s also willing, she allows her heart to tug her along.

Until these blips of hedonism became commonplace.

“This is not like you, Aisha…”

Roxy with a sigh.

Then Aisha turned toward Roxy and shouted.

“But what was I supposed to do? I really like him! I can’t help it! For Ars, I would give anything! I like Ars, I want to marry him…”

Aisha voice whimpered off.

And she began to cry.

Tightly she hugged Ars between her bosom.

A splitting image of Roxy and I, when we reunited on the Begaritt Continent.

“… No, I know that feeling.”

Faced with Aisha’s heartfelt words, Roxy could only reply.

Not just Ars, Aisha couldn’t control herself either.

How very unlike for the normally dependable Aisha.

Was it simply the human desire for siring offsprings?

Even knowing she shouldn’t, she couldn’t fight against it.


Aisha wiped away her tears and raised her head, with calm eyes she said.

“I’m very sorry for what happened. But I really do love Ars, and Ars me as well. Even if we have to wait until he reach adulthood, please give us your blessings.”

The conviction in her voice quieted the room.

Sylphy turned to ask.

“Rudeus, what do you think?”

Am I supposed to decide?

I suppose I did called for this family meeting.

But is it really appropriate for me to decide?

Looking around, the mood reads, “it’s fine now, right?”

It’s a fact they shouldn’t had done that in secret.

Even if they couldn’t go public about it, there’re other options.

But the feelings between Ars and Aisha are mutual.

Even if Ars is still young, neither party were forced into this relationship.

So what’s wrong with permitting their relationship?

No need to continue scolding them here.

The current mood said.

If I may be generous, their crimes are really not that severe.

Yet somehow, I feel so repulsed from the bottom of my heart.

“No. I refuse.”


The bewildered voice came from Sylphy.

Eh? Did I say something strange?

No, hold on.

Think this through.

Aisha’s okay.

To Ars’ demands, even though it felt wrong, she consented.

That was her decision to make.

No matter the right or wrong, it was her decision to make.

Even if it was for a mistake, she has already committed to the decision to protect Ars.

But what about Ars?

Can he make the same commitment?

As a man, if he let his lower half the make the decisions, he’ll just keep repeating the same mistakes.

When that happens, he would allow a momentary bless overwhelm any thoughts of risk and consequences.

Even I didn’t consider all that entails when I married Sylphy.

Now that I thought about it, back when Sylphy and I got married, I was probably in a rush to lock down the girl I was long after. Nothing proud to say about that.

Perhaps, Ars doesn’t truly like Aisha, and the relationship was purely physical.

Basically, he just want to bed someone.

It’s not true love, just spur of the moment. That possibility can’t be denied.

Not that it’s necessarily bad.

Following one’s instincts is bad, I certainly couldn’t say that.

Even if it was the spur of the moment, they might end up in a more serious relationship later too.

Just that..

Right now, Ars lacks the capacity to judge the morality of the situation.

He’s too naive.

The age difference is less problematic.

When Eris and I first did it, we’re roughly his age.

Even if in truth, I was already forty (past life included) back then… But putting that aside for now.

Ars had barely spoke up in this family meeting.

He left Aisha to clean up the mess.

And perhaps even let Aisha take the whole responsibility.

Maybe Aisha intent to do so to begin with.

But Ars certainly hadn’t contributed.

Going with the flow, allowing Aisha to play the bad guy to avoid persecution.

Even under Aisha’s guidance, that’s totally unreasonable.

Nor should I condemn both equally.

Ultimately, Aisha is the older one, she should have shown better judgement, or Ars lacks it. That is another way to look at it.

But this is about them.

He shouldn’t be playing bystander in this meeting.

Rather than agreed to let Aisha handle everything, he could have rebut me, and raised his own opinion.

Even if it made him uncomfortable, he should have carefully thought about it.

But he did nothing, that I cannot accept.

I look towards Ars.


After the beating from Eris, he completely shriveled up.

The will to overcome his present predicament, I do not see it at all in him.

Looking at this sorry state, I’m afraid Aisha would spent rest of her life cleaning after Ars’ messes.

I could say, “It can’t be helped, if the feelings are mutual, but I cannot consent to your marriage until Ars becomes fully independent.”

But can I promise that Ars will eventually grow up?

Aisha said this mess only occurred because she did not properly restrain Ars.

It could be just as true that Aisha couldn’t control herself.

The two of them have always been together, ever since Ars was born.

Guidance for Ars has been left entirely to her.

I always thought Aisha could do no wrong.

But even Aisha can’t teach what she doesn’t know.

She has to learn her own lessons first.

Knowing Aisha, she would quickly learn from experience.

But Ars might not.

What could he do?

Right. Then I cannot allow for this.

Aisha and Ars need some time apart.

… No.

That’s not it.

Even if that may be one reason, that certainly wasn’t the most important.

Even I don’t understand why I felt so repulsed and disgusted.

“… It might be a bit early, but Ars should attend Asura Royal Academy immediately, and stay there.”

At my daze’s end, I blurted out those words.

Almost the exact conclusion Paul reached for Sylphy and myself.

“Ugh! You meant to take Ars away from me?”

Aisha eyes bugged out, staring at me in disbelief.

“That’s right. Ars still can’t stand on his own two legs, relying on you so much. It’ll benefit both of you to split up for a while.”

“Wait, hold on Onii-chan. It’s true what we did today is wrong. I’ll be more careful in the future, especially when impeding on Ars’ personal growth. Ars as well, I’m sure he understands after the beating from Eris. So–”


“Why not? Hey, Onii-chan, give me a reason! Give me a reason I can accept!”

“… I hate it.”

“That’s why I asked, what do you hate about it? Is it because you want Ars to marry a Asura royalty instead?”

“That’s not it.”

Hey, where did that come from?

Ariel had tossed that idea around before, but I never formally agreed to anything.

“So you’re just treating me as property? Even though you never treat me as your property before?”

“No. I never treated you as mine.”

“Then why? I can’t accept it if you just say no! Give me a reason for giving in? Allow me to give up, please?”

“I don’t know! But no is no!”

After what I said, Aisha clenched her teeth.

Staring at me with an unusual anger.

I don’t remember her ever so angry with me before.

It’s more pain than fear that I felt.

I’m also deeply troubled by my inability to put those feelings to words. But I can’t help it.

I don’t know why I feel so repulsed.

Even after saying what I said, this gloomy feeling in my chest did not dissipate.

Is it not enough that I find the situation unacceptable?

Do I really need to give it a reason?

Could I even apply a reason to this repulsion I felt?

Aisha sighed heavily, and for some time stared at me intensely.

After her breaths settled down, she looked suddenly relaxed.

Has she calm down? Suddenly she said.

“You’re right. Ars skipped school today, because recently that’s all he thinks about. Nothing good would come from staying with me.”

Hearing that, I could breath a little easier.

“I’m glad you understand.”

“I understand, Onii-chan.”

The family meeting can finally come to an end for the day.

Afterwards we called the kids down for dinner, then scattered.

After dinner in the living room, Sylphy, Roxy, Eris and I discussed the situation.

Sylphy seem to have suspected something starting from a few years ago.

Since she often did housework with Aisha, and she noticed something going on between Ars and Aisha.

So did Eris.

She didn’t really know what’s going on between them. Just that she noticed Ars acting up recently, so she suspected that he found a love interest.

She never expected that she was Aisha.

Roxy never noticed.

She regrets it deeply, and volunteers to go with Ars to Asura Royal Academy.

As a guest instructor, she might able to extend a hand when Ars gets in trouble.

Maybe Ars won’t become so dependent if it was Roxy.

I also thought about what’s next for them.

After Ars drops out of Magic University, he’ll attend Asura Royal Academy.

He will learn to live without Aisha’s protection.

Using his own judgement to think, act, and face the consequences.

Maybe with this experience he can escape that dependency.

When he returns, he’ll be an adult.

If then he still likes Aisha.

And even in consideration of their future together.

And convinced what happened was not spur of the moment.

Then maybe I might give them my blessing.

Honestly, my disgust has not yet dissipated. Even now I feel a strong urge to hurl.

But this wasn’t something for me to decide alone.

Even though they’re both family, and I’m also Ars’ guardian.

But neither are them my property.

Aisha has long reached the age of maturity, and Ars once reached adulthood would leave my guardianship.

Of course, in consideration of Hitogami’s presence, I would like to keep some control over their lives.

But ultimately I shouldn’t try to move them like chess pieces.

“Em, I understand. This sounds like what Rudeus would do.”

“… If Rudeus made up his mind, that’ll be what we do.”

“Yes, I understand.”

After discussing it with them, all three accepted the decision.

At least from my perspective, they don’t seem to feel the same repulsion about the situation.

Since in this world, marriage between close-relatives are a regular occurrence.

Especially among the aristocracy in Asura Kingdom.

Even some Demon Race share this custom.

So there’s not much resistance.

Perhaps I’m the odd one out here.

Even if I have become used to the world, ultimately I’m from another world.

My nature isn’t something that can be easily changed.

Not to say, I myself had once committed such forbidden act with a relative…

“Those two remind me of how we were once.”

“Do they…?”

I shaked my head in response to Sylphy.

Aisha and Ars, versus Sylphy and myself, our situations are quite different.

No, that’s not what she refers to.

But rather, how we’re forced into separation by family.

If that day, Paul did not force us apart, how different would my life been?

Meeting Eris, leaving Sylphy from so long.

If the Metastasis Event never happened, maybe I would never reunite with Sylphy, and married Eris alone.

Perhaps Ars will have an encounter with someone at Asura Royal Academy, like I had with Eris?

At least something like the Metastasis Event probably won’t happen again.

Ah, if they give it a little time, maybe things would cool down a bit.

What happens next might turn out for the better or worse.

To me, even if there’s some momentary confusion, I believe it’ll turn out for the better.

“But to act so one-sided, Rudeus, that’s rather out of character for you.”

“… Yeah.”

“If you have a reason to, they at least deserve an explanation. Getting separated, without just cause, is rather distressing.”

Speaking was Sylphy, whose words are heavy with responsibility.

Perhaps she had in an earlier time acknowledged their relationship.

Having readied herself, she didn’t share my resistence.

“I know.”

She’s right.

I was too stubborn.

Even though seperating me from Sylphy was ultimately for the best…

Forcing the same upon them, ultimately there’s a difference.

Whether it be Aisha, or Ars, they’re both living beings.

No matter how willingly they accept my decisions, I have no rights to be so arbitrary.

What is the right choice here?

What is the best course of action?

With those thoughts still, the discussion ended, and we each headed to our respective beds.

Next Day.

Aisha and Ars disappeared, leaving behind only a single note.

“We will live our own lives.”

They eloped.

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