Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 3


── Norn’s Perspective ──

It has been decided that I will be marrying Ruijerd-san.

It was quite a sudden experience.

Brother and Ruijerd-san were steadily making progress.

My job was to create a marriage dress along with the Superd women. A very Superd like dress which looked similar to what Ruijerd-san always wore.

It seemed that the marriage would be carried out in Superd style.

Ruijerd-san would probably not like being kissed on his forehead in public.

Brother told me that he would take care of it and I could only be grateful for that.

I’m pretty sure this might be my last chance to request something selfish from my brother.


I was currently in the middle of clearing out my room as I was pondering about such things.

But I realized that various memories dwelled within this room as I was clearing things out one-by-one.

The doll of Ruijerd-san created by Zanoba-senpai. I was very moved the first time I saw it and ended up asking for it, after which I placed it in my dorm room. Even Nii-san did not say anything. 

I hadn’t really progressed that much, and I knew that I didn’t have much talent for it, but it was fine.

I now know how wonderful a thing they did for me and I am grateful for that. And I also understand that even though I did not have any talent, giving your all and working hard is what really mattered. If not for that I would have never become the Student Council President.

In the Student Council where I became the President, none of them had any talent. To some teachers, and even during the first part of the year, we were known as the Stupid Student Council. But only Vice Principal Jinas said ‘The students are getting along well, even better than during Ariel’s Presidency’.

It was possible that I just got lucky, but I think that it was because we didn’t have any talent.

Because we were dumb, the students could be considerate of us. They would think that they had no choice but to help us out.

If in a school of over 10,000 people, if they know that a student council of little more than 10 people are still giving their best, it’s only natural that those 10,000 students would start to be more considerate.

I had also stopped wearing my school uniform, which now stay in the closet. 

Everyone wore the same uniform, be it a student with a scary face or a bewitching woman. 

Just by looking at the Demon race or a Beast race, I couldn’t even approach them as I would be too scared by their appearance.

But even Aisha mimicked us by adopting the uniform system in her Mercenary group, which led me to believe that putting on the same uniform on every student was a very effective move.

Father wasn’t really a Milis believer and was someone who would scowl at the very mention of it, but I liked doing it anyway.

And thus today as well, I prayed to my father.

“I am going to get married now, father.”

No, it was more like a report than a prayer I guess.

… I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me.”

I intended to report about my marriage but ended up giving my thanks to Nii-san. I thought of Nii-san as someone who protected me by filling in for father who died and mother who became that way. Of course, he’s a very busy person so he couldn’t keep his eye on me all the time which made me thought he looked after me unwillingly after father’s death.

I can’t explain it more properly but Nii-san seriously tried his best to fill in for both father and mother. 

I had a memory, a very old and distant one. It was a memory of right after I had been born. Of course it was vague and I didn’t have a good grip on it. It was a time when I couldn’t even reply in short words properly. It was a memory where… I had a contest with Aisha.

I cried after watching that. Mother was far from me and I thought that she was stolen away by Aisha, that I wouldn’t be receiving any praise and so I cried. And then mother said “Norn, I’m waiting right here for you, so come to me.” She said that and waited for me until I finally managed to reach her and then she praised me.

Nii-san was also someone who waited for me. No matter how slow I was he still waited for me. He persevered, even at times when he was confused or smiled wryly, he never once abandoned me and always waited for me.

He might’ve not liked Ruijerd-san though and would’ve gotten into a quarrel with him but if it came to marriage then he would’ve said “Leave it to me” and would’ve done the preparations in secret.

Since it seemed like the same thing happened during mother’s marriage.


While thinking about such things I continued clearing out my room and in no time, I was finished. It was never a room that had much in it, but now that my personal belongings were no longer here it was completely empty. It seemed like this room would be used by Lucy-chan and other kids but it should be fine if it’s cleared out this much. 

Ruijerd-san was way older than me but after I married him then I would have to do what Nii-san and Sylphy-neesan and the others do. I knew how it’s done but I didn’t really put into practise. I’m a little nervous. I wonder if he’ll be gentle. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it properly. 

But my mind tilted more towards the expectations rather than tension. I was really nervous. That day, the moment I heard Ruijerd-san’s name I immediately asked Nii-san to go ahead with the marriage proposal, I was really glad about that. I thought that from the bottom of my heart.

“Hey, Norn-ane… do you have a moment?”

Suddenly, I heard the knocking on the door. There was only one person who would call me Norn-ane.

“Umm… can I talk to you for a bit?”

Aisha entered the room with a somewhat fidgety look and closed the door behind her. 


With a suggestive tone she sat on the bed. I put my luggage away which held my belongings which I was going to take to Ruijerd-san’s place, and sat on a chair.

“Uhh… Norn-ane, congratulations on your marriage… no, engagement?”

“Did you come here to say only that?”

“Why are you getting married, Norn-ane?”

… Ah, now I remember. Aisha had said something like that to me before. That “Even though you know you don’t have any talent, why would you still try?”

She was the same as usual little sister. 

No… words spoken by Aisha back in the day were mixed with a considerable amount of sarcasm. That’s why I really disliked her in those days.

But that dislike had already gotten away.

“What’s it like to love someone?”

“I love my Onii-chan but is that the wrong kind of love?”


After that Aisha stretched her legs out while sitting on the bed and fell on it with a thud.

“I really don’t get it…”

While flapping her legs around, Aisha groaned in puzzlement.

“These days, both Pursena and Rinia talk about nothing but marriage, it’s so annoying. They keep talking about how I’ll miss my chance or how I can’t compromise after having come this far. Is marriage such a desperate thing to do? Do I have to do it? Is there really a need to do it theoretically? But it isn’t like everyone is thinking that far right?”

“I don’t know know whether I want to or not.”


Honestly, no one really knew that Aisha was my sister. It was like if you asked someone from the hostel, they would go “Ah, so she’s from a previous marriage”. Even Lilya-san said to see her as a fellow maid rather than my sister.

I wonder just when I actually started to accept her as my own sister. Probably around the time when we started going to Milis school together or possibly when we travelled to Sharia with Ruijerd-san and Ginger-san. 

“I… feel blessed.”

“It’s hard to explain but, how do I put it, I feel like nothing could go wrong… I understand that it’s not going to be nothing but good times from here on out, but I feel like from here on out, I don’t have to doubt the good things anymore, something like that I guess.”

By the time I finished talking, Aisha had already sat up and was staring at me.

“Seems to me that sort of thing…”

“Then, aren’t you always being blessed?”

As I said that, Aisha fell on the bed once again.

“Being blessed… I don’t think so. I’m kinda envious. I feel like I’ve lost to you for the first time.”

“Nah, I lost. I probably lost to you, Norn-ane.”

That was unexpected.

And it wasn’t just Aisha. 

Despite that I didn’t feel all that happy. It’s probably because I never really gave it my all because I never intended to compete with her. And it’s definitely not like I’m marrying so that I can have an upper hand on Aisha.

“Listen, Norn-ane.”

“Can I come visit you once in a while after you get married?”

This was unexpected as well. It was probably because I had the impression that Aisha was keeping her distance from me for quite a while. She didn’t show this kind of attitude when caring for Nii-san’s kids but even while I was alone or had nothing to do she wouldn’t approach me that much.

“Yeah… of course.”



Well, I’ve resolved myself for whatever that comes before it anyway.

Aisha was taking care of Nii-san’s kids even now. Even Sylphy-ane thanks her a lot for helping out. Now that I think about it if I left the house then I would have to raise them alone. I’m worried about that.

Sylphy-neesan would probably say “You’ll be just fine, Norn-chan”, Roxy-neesan would probably be as uneasy as me and Eris-neesan would just say “Raise them however you want”.

“Leave that to me!”


Part 2


── Rudeus’ Perspective ──

The villagers gathered with each of their own cooking under the full moon and congratulated the bride and groom while having a feast together.

It seemed that Aisha held some complex feelings regarding Norn’s marriage. Ever since the marriage had been decided, she was seen quite often lying on the sofa rolling around, deep in thought and then getting scolded by Lilya. Which reminded me that a few days before the marriage, the two of them were talking about something till late night in Norn’s room. I didn’t know what they were talking about… but even she might have some things to think upon.

Since it definitely wasn’t like she wouldn’t give her blessings to Norn.

We were worried whether or not the Superds would be delighted by something sweet but then Roxy gave it her seal of approval. Well, it’s possible that she just likes sweet things…

Since it was pretty much Norn’s most precious moment, all of the family members attended. The small kids Ars and Sieg were here as well, and of course Leo, Jiro and Beat too. Not just the family, the perpetrator who made this marriage a reality, Orsted, too was here stealthily hidden into a corner. 

In the open place of the Superd village, the humans who were attending the marriage while shivering in fear was a pitiable sight to see the least but…

At home, or rather in front of me, Norn looked sullen almost all the time but now that she was sitting beside Ruijerd, her face was floating with a bashful smile the whole time.

Moreover, each time Norn tried to look at Ruijerd and Ruijerd who sensed it tried to look back, she quickly looked downwards as her face got red like a tomato. 

In the end, when the necklace prepared beforehand was put on Norn by Ruijerd, Norn’s face went full red as Ruijerd went down on his knees only for Norn to kiss his forehead clumsily.

Norn had a surprised face the whole time but by the time it ended she was smiling in tears. That smile seemed to be incredibly happy. 

“I won’t be doing this.”

An immediate reply. Aisha did not wish to be married. For me, I would like to send Aisha away in the same fashion as Norn but…

When we met in Milis she was so small and aggressive. After enrolling in school, she even confined herself in her dorm room. A troublesome child, a hopelessly clumsy child, I had such impression of her and yet before I knew she entered the Student Council, became a fine President and worked diligently, was idolized by many of her underclassmen and was now married.


Reflexively, the inside of my nose became prickly and made a sharp noise.1

Norn is incredibly beautiful, she has been raised into a good girl.

No, there’s no way you’d be able to.

“I’m not crying. *sobs*”

“Nh, nh~”

The banquet was in full swing so the attendees were giving their blessings to the bride and groom in order. Though there wasn’t this kind of custom in Superd style… Cliff might’ve said something.

Norn was receiving their blessings with a smile. She was having such a happy time. Would it be fine if I approached her in such a time like this? I felt like it would be fine just watching her from afar.

“Would Norn be displeased about it?”


“… Won’t you come with me?”

No, that’s fine but just the other day I was being told by Ruijerd not to cry so I didn’t want to cry here of all places. I wanted to at least cry in Sylphy’s lap when I reached home.

“Got it. Then let’s go.”

But I must go. With everyone in tow, I approached Norn.


When Norn saw us approaching she tightly closed her lips for an instant but immediately turned it to a smile, she might have something to say. 

“Thank you very much. Sylphy-neesan.”

“Yes. I’ll try my best.”

Sylphy said that and gave a smile in return, then stepped aside. The next to come was Eris.

“Norn, congratulations.”

“Don’t forget to do your daily sword practice okay? Ruijerd is strong but it’ll come handy when you have to guard yourself.”

“Thank you very much, Roxy-sensei.”

“… yes, sensei!”

After that Lilya and Zenith were now in front.

“Miss Norn, my most sincere congratulations.”

“I think that I wasn’t a pleasant existence for you, Miss Norn. Aisha made you sad on numerous occasion but all the responsibility lies with me and I am to be blamed for…”

“…If you say something like that then, gusu… uuu…”

Lilya was keeping quiet but ended up crying anyway. Really, Lilya just keeps on crying these days. Zenith was gently brushing her back, but after a short while Zenith casually moved to Norn’s side.


Even though it was her precious moment, her marriage…


I took out a handkerchief from my pocket at once and held it against Norn’s nose.

“Alright, go ahead and blow now.”


With her lips tightly sealed she looked up at me. 

She said that she was now happy. I could tell it from seeing.

“No… it’s because you worked hard, Norn.”

“If you hadn’t work hard then you wouldn’t have said that you wanted to marry Ruijerd.”

Ruijerd is a soldier person or a child person.

I took that handkerchief and wiped Norn’s tears.


“Umm, I can’t say it properly and most of the important things have already been said by others so I don’t have anything else left to say to you but…”

“There will be hard times or painful times in the future but… keep working hard and umm, stay happy forever.”

Strangely enough, tears did not flow. I thought that I would definitely cry and I was moved to tears not too long ago but by the time I finished talking my tears had already withdrawn. I stood in front of Norn with only a proud feeling.


And then, Norn stopped crying as well, with a huge smile on her face she nodded in agreement.


Part 3

Ruijerd and Norn were a couple with a huge difference in their height and age but their compatibility was perfect, as such a child was born in just a year.

Looking at that smile, which gave me goosebumps, I realized. I realized that it was the name that was in agreement with his memories.



Author’s Q&A

Q. This is redundant!?

A. I had originally planned for Gisu to be gathering companions during the Cliff Chapter, and to write the Redundancy Chapter during the Organization Chapter, and then for Gisu to betray them at the end of the Redundancy chapter…

But time flowed a bit faster than I had hoped and Gisu betrayed them at the end of the Clif Chapter and we ended up with what we have now.

Q. Is the Redundancy chapter in chronological order.

It’s possible that the order may be mixed up.

Q. One question: How did they bring Beet along?

A. Of course he was transferred into a plant pot.


Translator Notes and References

1. Some kind of superstition maybe.


He also implied that he would be writing the story of 80 years at some point.

Kaezar : He also said that Luicelia was the first to come out from the 3 characters named Norn, Ruijerd and Luicelia, she was the last survivor of the Superd race. She’s a very reserved person, honest and would immediately kill her enemy but she was someone who battled on in difficult circumstances, tried very hard and earnest on surface, a beautiful Demon. 

Kaezar : May as well add more things. Author had given out a list that he will be including in Redundancy volume, the list includes : 

List of things he will write :

Norn’s story → We’ve already got this.
Aisha’s story → We’ll probably get this next, maybe Aisha’s marriage(it’s not written Aisha’s marriage story just Aisha’s story)
Zenith & Lilya’s story
Kid’s story → He’s thinking about writing a different story as a spin-off for 1 or 2 kids
Family vacation → Showing the grandkids to Claire-obaasan in the Holy Kingdom of Milis, swimming in a lake, going to a hot springs in Blue Dragon Mountain range with Talhand as guide.
Izolte’s marriage hunting story
President’s everyday life → Along with Lil’ Elf-chan and Alek
Nanahoshi having a meal
Going to the Holy Land of Swords once again
Magic Tournament in the Magic University
Zanoba’s automaton completion story
Luke & Ariel’s afterwards

List of things he’s undecided about :

Dungeon capture by Rudi and 3 wives + α
Julie’s parents story
Adventuring in the Heaven Continent
Vera & Sierra after story

Different from Redundancy volume, things that will get their own title in time :

Shinohara Akito and Kuroki Seiji story
The mischievous young life of Perugius-sama(Laplace war story)
Legend of Kishirika and Badigadi(The second Human-Demon War)
Oldeus’ story(Oldeus = Old + Rudeus = Future Rudeus)
The mystery behind the relationship between Dragon race and Hitogami
Tale of the Black Wolf’s fang
The legend of how Lara and Leo comes to be the saviour
What happened to Nanahoshi in the end
Norn-chan’s heart-warming school days

Pie: That sounds pretty siq.

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