Mushoku Tensei Redundancy / Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 4

Eris and Roxy safely gave birth to their children. Both of them were girls. Roxy’s daughter was named Lily and Eris’s daughter was named Christina. With this, we now had 4 daughters and 2 sons. 

Furthermore, Lucy was now 7 years old.

Now that she was 7, she could be called a first-year student studying in a primary school. The primary school was a place where kids of the same age learned about the fundamental knowledge that was essential for survival while co-habitating with other students.

Humans are beings who lived in groups. Most humans can’t live alone. They are beings who live together while helping each other, loving each other and getting into fights from time to time. It’s possible that those with the will to stay alone are out there, but they are probably a minority. 

I got along with Zanoba, met with Cliff, Badigadi, Nanahoshi, Ariel… And then married Sylphy. 


Lucy, wearing her oversized uniform and carrying a bag too big for her, was now standing in front of the entranceway. Everything that she had on was brand new. The beginner’s staff and the robe contained within the bag, magic textbooks, even the lunch box, everything was new. And it seemed that Lucy, with all her new things, was happily grinning while looking at herself in the mirror. 

As a result of that, she was somewhat careless, even to my words. Well, she did check those out many times over yesterday night, and there weren’t that many belongings to begin with. So I guess it should be fine. 

“It’s in my pocket!”

“It’s in my bag!”

“It’s in my bag!”

“That’s a no!”

That’s a no!?

Um… was there something else? Something which was easily forgotten. Like future dreams, aspirations, the truth…

“Rudy, it’s gonna be fine.”

As I pondered, Sylphy came and patted on my back. 

“Lucy is already a grown up, so it’s fine.”

Grown up.

Although she had grown up, she still had some way to go.

“Lucy, don’t follow any strangers no matter what they say, okay?”

“If they forcefully try to take you away then shout out my name as loud as you can, okay?”

“If they covered up your mouth and said that they’ll kill you if you make a noise then ask them to read the letter I’ve prepared, okay?”




I wonder if I ended up making her nervous. I should’ve told her more about a dream-like school life. For example, to try her best to make 100 friends in school. 


But yeah, that’s right.

That’s right, this matter was decided by the whole family.

“Lucy, say that you’re off.”

“Well then, allow me to do the laundry.” 

Perhaps Lucy had already gotten lost on her way. Though she walked the road to school along with Sylphy and Roxy quite often. But she’s alone today. I was worried.

As I thought, perhaps I shouldn’t let a 7 year old child walk alone. Such a cute little child should not be allowed to walk the roads alone. I should make a muscular bodyguard follow her. For example, someone with green hair, holding a white spear, who loves children.

After that, comes teaching.


Leo replied to me with but a single word, and raised his head to stop me in my tracks. As expected of our guardian deity. We both were dancing to the same rhythm. We didn’t even need to exchange any words between us.

“Rudy! Don’t you dare!” 

As I put my hand on the door, I heard Sylphy’s sharp voice coming from the back. On looking back, I saw an irritated Sylphy standing there with her hands on her waist.

“Didn’t you promise just yesterday that you wouldn’t do anything and just watch over!?” 

This was treachery. He would protect the kids from outer enemies but wouldn’t protect me from my wife.

“Listen, Rudy.”

As I was petrified on the spot, Sylphy gave out a sigh without removing her hands from her waist.

“I’ve told you before, but I think that I was able to grow up because I was separated from you, Rudy. You taught me magic, you taught me how to study, and making that as my basis, I learned a lot. Even after you were gone, even when I went to Ariel-sama after the Teleport Incident.” 

“It’s true, teaching someone all kinds of things and protecting them is good. But only having things given to you by someone else is not. People have to find themselves and know what they can and can’t do. If someone is always supporting you, when the time comes to walk on your own, you won’t be able to.”

I was looking forward to this day. As Lucy’s guardian, I would go to school together with her, ask the teacher to take care of my kid, and intended to show her around the school. For that reason alone, I took a holiday today. I requested Orsted to give me a day off.

But, Sylphy insisted yesterday just like right now. That I mustn’t be allowed to go along with her. That Lucy should be sent to school alone. She insisted upon that.

“That’s why, okay? Just quietly keep on the look out for now? Even if she made a mistake it’ll only be for Lucy’s own sake.” 

Sylphy had been raising Lucy for 7 years. She of all people sent Lucy out with such confidence, that’s why I must respect that too. It’s bad if I just keep on dealing with things for her.

Well, it’s so worrying because I understand that. Lucy was a reliable kid. She was good at taking care of her little brothers and sisters, she was obedient, and I had heard that the neighboring kids yearned for her as well. In fact, she might just get used to school life even faster than someone like me.

Then there was only one thing that I could do. I prayed so that Lucy had a fun time in school. My God resided in that school so my prayer should definitely get through.

“…Then, I’ll be going to meet Orsted-sama.”


Part 2


Yet, I was still worried. I had this indescribable fuzzy feeling.

“But… you know.

Well, I mean it’s true that I went to Eris’s place when I was 7 and started exploring around my village from age 5 but… But I could at least see her off, right? 


Orsted had a grim face. A face which questioned whether this matter was related to work or not.

I might’ve mistaken him as someone to consult with. When given considerable thought I realised that he was still my boss. Not a person who should be listening to my idle complaints.

If the idle talk was related to Hitogami then it might be fine but I guess lodging complaints about my family matters was not a good idea. 

This unbearable feeling of mine!


As I was lost in thought, Orsted stood up. He could also be seen perking up his shoulders. 

He was not angry at all. It took a considerable amount of effort to anger him.

“You are foolish.”

Huh? He got angry?


I see, that’s right!

There was no parent’s day in Magic University. I wanted to go and see Norn as well but couldn’t. I wanted to watch Lucy at least. 


When I said that, Orsted silently took off his coat. And then, put it on my shoulder. As if to say “Use this too”. Just what am I supposed to do with the helmet and this coat?

“Umm… this is?”

Please explain it in a way that the foolish me can understand. Even though I want to go, I shouldn’t? Please spare me that quick wit of yours.


No wait, does that mean…

I had the position of Orsted’s right hand man while I wore the grey robe. But what would happen when I wore the white coat and black helmet?


I put on the helmet and wore the coat. The helmet was heavy and the coat was bulky but warm. If I wore it for a long duration of time, my shoulders would probably get stiff. But that was only a trivial matter. I stood in front of the mirror.

“This is… me…”1

The one being reflected in the mirror was undoubtedly… The Dragon God Orsted! That’s right, if I wore the black helmet and white coat then even I could become Dragon God Orsted! If I were to go and was scolded then it’s fine if Orsted goes! 

I did not look like Orsted at all. My height was different and so was my breadth. My entire ambience was completely wrong to begin with. There’s wasn’t any strange and powerful atmosphere like the one that comes from Orsted. The being reflected in the mirror looked like a impersonator no matter how you looked at it. To the trained eye, this appearance would be found out as a sham at just one look.

“Umm… won’t they find out like this?”



Orsted reseated himself in the chair with a tired expression. There’s probably some documents that need filling out. I might’ve interrupted him during his work. Since I wasn’t supposed to be here today.

“Well then, I’m off.”

I went out of the conference room with an appearance similar to Orsted’s. As I couldn’t bear it any longer, I hurried to Magic University.


Part 3

Is this how a person feels who swaggers about under borrowed authority? I feel like I could make even the North God dance around my pinky.

“Orsted-sama, are you about to leave?”

Don’t tell me, did he hear my thoughts? Nah, that’s not it. 

That so-called ‘movie motivation.’

“Where might you be heading today, Orsted-sama? Shall I accompany you?”

However, Alek’s eyes were clear in all respects and his tone was sincere.

“Ah, thank you very much for the other day. To think that the North God Style four foot form would have such an advantage… 

Alek had been at Orsted’s side constantly these days. He even lived in one of the basement rooms of the office. He had taken the role like that of a watchdog of Orsted. It would be troublesome if the watchdog mistook his master for someone else.

“Have you not realised yet?”

“…Really? Can’t you feel that something might be out of place?”

Is this a joke? Eh? Really?

“The correct answer lies in the conference room of the office.”

I thought of him as a sharp guy during the Battle of Biheiril but I wonder how he really was. It could be that his mind works differently during peaceful times. Yeah that’s right, even my concentration changes during battle. That may be it. 


Part 4

“What is it, Faria-san? I’ll be going to find out this correct answer that lies in the conference room so please make it short.”

Aleksander knew that Rudeus’ combat power was inferior to his. However, those movements he saw in Biheiril Kingdom still remained in his memory vividly. That power to face an enemy far stronger than yourself with simple honesty. That was something Aleksander knew well.


Faria Steer’s neck inclination was gradually coming up to its regular position but Alek paid it no heed and put his hand on the door to the conference room.

He prayed that he would be granted the honor by Orsted to fight alongside that hero someday. While burying those feelings deep within his heart he entered the room.


Next time, a shocking development where a man with a full-faced helmet is seen chasing after 7-year-old girls!



Translator Notes and References

1. “Kore ga… Atashi…” Rudy is saying ‘atashi’ here, an extremely feminine way to refer to one’s self. It’s a common line for a girl who’s just gotten a makeover.

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