Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 10

Ch. 10: 心 // Heart


Pages 132-133

While Kakashi continued to crawl along in the ventilation duct, Ino reports to him about the intentions of the Tsuchikage. He has almost arrived at the opening of the ventilation duct at the pilothouse. In approximately two minutes, the executions are set to resume.

In addition to considering that, Kakashi must keep in mind the Aobiko that is loaded aboard the ship. Kakashi is thinking to himself, ‘Damn it, where the heck did those guys stow the Aobiko?’. And then Ino resumes communications with him:

“Kakashi-sensei, immediately please escape from that ship…Tsunade-sama is serious: if something happens, she truly intends to shoot down the Tobishachimaru”
“Thank you, Ino” While in progress of crawling through the duct, Kakashi responded. “However, that (sort of thing) is impossible”
“Similar to how you are concerned about me, somewhere, there are people who are also concerned about those who were left behind on this ship”
If I simply abandon such people, then even as the Hokage, I won’t be able to protect the people of the village”

Kakashi then jumps down from the opening of the ventilation duct. He soundlessly knocks out the enemy who is watching over the pilothouse. Both of the pilots, who are astonished, turn around to look at what has transpired. With a finger to his mouth, Kakashi shushes them. He then introduces himself as a shinobi from Konoha. The pilots nodded. At the window in front of them, they can see a sea of grey clouds that extend around them. He tells them to calmly maintain the current altitude of the ship as much as possible. He tells them that even if the enemy orders them to lower the altitude, somehow the pilots should deceive them: No matter what, please maintain the current altitude!

The reason for Kakashi’s request is because of the Aobiko. If there truly is Aobiko stowed aboard the ship, the enemy probably wants to detonate it at Houzukijyou (Blood Prison). The enemy ought to have prepared ahead for that scenario. There are members of the Ryuuha Armament Alliance who are on alert on the ground. They will take advantage of the chaos, and then use that opportunity to extricate Garyo. Thus, they will probably attempt to drop the Aobiko from the sky, from above Houzukijyou. In other words, in order to raise their accuracy rate of success, they must lower the altitude of the ship by any means.

Pages 134-135

Kakashi then hears a commotion from the direction of the dining room lounge. It’s a woman screaming and crying for someone to please help! She says that her child has suffered from asthma since birth. Kakashi silently approaches the lounge, and hides next to a pillar. The child and lady have both been looking forward to boarding to Tobishachimaru, despite his condition.

She begs them : If they are to continue with executions, then please choose her next. In exchange, she wants for them to please save the boy. The mother is holding him in her arms.

Kakashi notices that the boy is the same person whom Guy had saved from almost being crushed by the piano. (=If you remember this minor detail from the beginning of Chapter 7: [Frozen Lightning]~)

Since Kahyo had created a hole in the hull of the ship, the onboard atmospheric pressure had suddenly dropped. The air had thinned…Kakashi then understood: that was the cause of the asthma attack and spasms.

Kakashi scans his surroundings in every direction. It seems from the previous commotion, about one-third of the passengers were ejected from the ship. There should be twelve enemies, but now they have decreased to only seven personnel. Kakashi had just knocked out another enemy a little while ago. If that guy wakes up, then there are eight enemies (the one who was guarding the pilothouse).

The mother is frantically appealing to the enemies . From the previous disturbance, the boy’s medicine was lost. At this rate, the boy will not be able to breathe anymore. He will die! Rahyo exhibits no emotions, and has cold eyes. He only looks down upon the mother and child. The mother continues to plead with him. However, Rahyo declares that they cannot land the ship just for the sake of that brat. He asks her if they are from the Wave Country, and what her occupation is. She responds that her husband is a doctor. Rahyo’s face then sparkles with cruel delight, repeating her answer.

Rahyo says that his nephew died because he was abandoned by the doctors of the Wave Country. He tells her to look at the woman standing nearby. It’s Rahyo’s younger sister, Kahyo. He tells her thatit’s Kahyo’s child who had passed away. The mother’s eyes are welling up with tears, and looks at Kahyo. Kahyo lowers her face downwards.

Rahyo laughs, and says that this will also be a form of retribution. Except this time, it will be their child who will be abandoned. Rahyo boisterously laughs, such that it hurts Kakashi’s ears. Kakashi then fixes his half-opened eyes back at Kahyo.

Pages 136-137

Kahyo didn’t budge. Since she wasn’t wearing her mask, her long and curly hair had cast a deep shadow over her face. Before stepping out from the shadows of the pillar, Kakashi looked outside the window. He recognized the shadow of the bird that had passed by.

“Spare that child”
「はたけカカシ!?」羅氷が、 殺気をみなぎらせた。「貴様、また性懲りもなく……」
“Hatake Kakashi!?” Rahyo’s bloodlust had swelled up. “You *****, still so incorrigible….”
“Kahyo” Kakashi disregarded (Rahyo’s statement), and appealed (to her). “Some time ago, you said to me, ‘As for something like that, you cannot understand the sentiments of a parent whose child has been killed!’…….However, you ought to understand (this woman’s plight). “
Kahyo’s body suddenly stiffened.
“I’m asking you to please spare this child”
「バカか、お前は!」羅氷が怒鳴った。 「今度こそ、あの世へ送ってやる!」
“You’re an idiot!” Rahyo shouted. “This time, I’ll send you to the other world!” (/I’ll kill you)
“Shut up”
Rahyo stiffened because of the overwhelming vigor in Kakashi’s eyes.
「船を着陸させる必要はない」カカシは華氷に眼を戻し、「オレの仲間が、 この船について飛んでいる。そいつに、この子をあずけるだけでいい。。。その代わり オレが処刑されてやる」
“It is not necessary to make the ship land.” Kakashi’s eyes returned to Kahyo. “My comrade is flying around this ship. It’s fine to just entrust this child to that person…Instead, execute me”
From beneath her long hair, Kahyo was scowling.
「だったら、まずお前が死んでみせろ」横から口を出してきたのは、またしても羅氷だっ た。「ガキを釈放したとたん、お前の気が変わらないともかぎらん」
“If that’s the case, first of all, show (your sincerity) by dying” Intervening from the side, it was Rahyo again. “As soon as the brat is released, you might change your mind”
The perpetrators of the raid laughed with a vulgar voice.
Kakashi did not hesitate. Instantly, he gathered chakra at his right hand. With his hand poised like a striking sword with purple lightning, he struck at the nape of his own neck.
Rahyo held his breath with a ‘haa’.
However, the person who was the most surprised was Kakashi himself.
たしかに、紫電を発動した。なのに、手刀はぴしゃりと首を打っただけで、 血も出なければ、首がゴロンともげることもなかった。
Certainly, he had unleashed Shiden (Purple Lightning). And yet, he (thought that he) had only struck with a ‘pishari’ (/sudden whacking sound) at his neck with the edge of his chopping hand. If blood even wasn’t coming forth, then his head had not been lopped off with a ‘goron’ (/rolling off sound).
His right hand was incandescent. It suddenly grew cold.
From where he was standing, a white chill was travelling upwards from his feet. The insides of his blood vessels felt as though they were being scrubbed by thorns of ice. Pain traveled though his whole body.
The ice continued to creep upwards from his feet with a ‘bikibikibiki’ sound.


手刀 is literally hand-sword= ‘hand used like a sword in striking’= positioned like a chop. I shortened it the second time it was mentioned.

Pages 138-139

Kakashi surrounded his whole body with chakra immediately. By then, the ice had already crept up until his knees. Suddenly, (the ice around his hand) vanished into mist.
“It’s not necessary for you to die” Kahyo quietly said. “I will spare the boy”.

Rahyo becomes miffed at Kahyo because she took Kakashi’s words personally. She interrupts him and tells him to shut up anyway, as it’s not their objective to indiscriminately massacre people. She then peers into Kakashi’s eyes. She tells him that there is nothing he can do anymore.

Kakashi carefully kneads chakra. He asks Kahyo since when did she apply her jutsu on him? She responds that she did it when they first met. In order to board the Tobishachimaru, she was racing towards the platform, hiking up the hem of her long blue dress. ..Kakashi surmises that since he caught her when she had stumbled, Kahyo meant for him to fall into her trick.

Kahyo then approaches the mother and child. The mother was about to nod, and held up her son with her arms. At that moment, Kakashi saw Kahyo reflected in his eyes, who was embracing the child as if he was her own. Seeing her face in profile, he looks at Kahyo’s sorrowful face. The young boy is gasping for breath. Kahyo swung her arm, and created a crack in the ice that had stopped up the hole in the hull of the ship. It’s enough for one person to pass through. Since the onboard air pressure is the same as the atmospheric pressure outside, no one is getting sucked out of the ship.

As a cold wind blows inwards, Sai approaches the ship while riding on the back of a giant bird made from Choujyu Giga (Super Beast Imitation Drawing). Sai had assumed an offensive posture, preparing himself in order to attack at any moment if needed. While holding out the boy, Kahyo addresses him: if she sees Sai again, she will kill a hostage. Sai expressionlessly stares back at Kahyo. He leans forward to silently collect the boy.

Kahyo then turns back towards the mother, and addresses her. She tells the woman that she can go with her son. The mother is crying with tears streaming down her face, repeating ‘Thank you’ over and over. She takes Sai’s outstretched hand, and heads out of the ship. However, there is discontent and grumbling among the passengers who are left behind onboard the ship in the lounge. One is yelling that this exception is unfair to them.


Pages 140-141

The man is angry that the mother and child are getting preferential treatment. He scoffs that he ought to have brought onboard an ill child as well, then. Kahyo then blocks off the crack again with ice. Kahyo declares that it’s time for another execution anyway. She freezes the man who had complained. Afterwards, no one dared to open his or her mouth anymore.

“About when I activated the Jisarenhyou to envelop you” Kahyo (turned to) face Kakashi. “If you do not want to be frozen, you must always be kneading chakra. You have no choice but to (use that chakra to) surround the whole body with that temperature”
「なるほど……だから、チャクラを練ることのできない一般人は、ああもたやすく凍りつ いてしまうってわけか」
“I see…Therefore, if you are a normal civilian who is unable to knead chakra, then you will be easily frozen just like that.”
“In order to (stop the progression) of Jisarenhyou, your chakra is preoccupied. Thus, you cannot use chakra to activate other jutsu. In other words, Hatake Kakashi…” Her words were cut off. “As you are now, you are a normal civilian”
“So it was you…the one who has been freezing everyone. It was not Rahyo. It was you.”
“Only I can use Jisarenhyou”
“Why did you not activate it on me until now?”
After hesitating a little, Kahyo trickled out (a few isolated words) from her mouth.
その声は、 苦悩と、痛みと、悲しみにまみれていた。
That voice (was filled with) anguish, pain, and sorrow .
(—Page Break Indicator—)
—(Kahyo begins her monologue)—
You said it a while ago, Hatake Kakashi: ‘Because in (the act of) continuing to live itself, always and at anytime, it’s a battle where one risks his own life.’
However, there are also people who do not even get to participate in that battle.
The Kirigakure (Mist) Village that we escaped from was like that.
あまり知られてはいないが、霧隠れには、むかしから身分制のようなものがあった。一 番偉いのは、先祖代々霧隠れで生まれ育った者の家系。その次は、長い戦いの歴史の中で、 霧隠れに味方した者の家系。そして一番下が、私の家のように、霧隠れに倒されてやむなく併呑された家系だ。
I did not understand it very well, but in Kirigakure, there was something similar to a social caste system (that was implemented) from the olden days. The first distinguished caste was for those whose ancestral and family lineage was born and raised within Kirigakure. The following caste was comprised of the family lineages of those who were allied with Kirigakure during a lengthy history of battles. And thus for the lowest tier, like for those in my family, that caste was for the families of those who were defeated (in those battles) and unwillingly annexed into Kirigakure.
In Konoha, the distribution of contracted missions are supposed to be given in respect to the abilities of the shinobi.
In Kirigakure, it’s different. As for the extremely perilous dirty-work…it was always given to people like me, who are in the lowest caste. It truly had nothing to do with one’s abilities and such.
From the perspective of the village, they do not know if or when we will betray Kirigakure. We were dangerous members (of the society), so to speak. Therefore, we were assigned perilous missions.
If we easily and successfully handled a mission, there was (nothing else) beyond that (to do anyway).

Pages 142-143

Even if (the mission) ended in failure, and even if we lost our lives, (the village thought that) it was a good thing in that case.
With the current Mizukage, the state of affairs seems to be very good. At least, it was said (to be improving) during my era. The previous Mizukage was rumored to have been manipulated by Uchiha Madara. Anyway, people were disgusted with the civility of (that period) of Kirigakure. There were even many people who abandoned the village.
His name was Momochi Zabuza. You have probably also heard of that name before.
The man was called the Demon of Kirigakure.
いち早く里を抜けた者のひとりだ。子供のころの彼は、とてもやさしい子だったと聞く。 知ってるか?霧隠れは、その昔、血霧の里と呼ばれていた。私たちは忍者になるために、ある試験を受けなければならないんだ。
He was one of the people who promptly escaped from the village. When he was a child, I heard he was very kind. Do you know about it? In the former days of Kirigakure, it was called ‘The Bloody Mist Village’. In order for us to become ninja, we must take a certain examination.
The students of the ninja academy must murder their fellow peers.
たぶん、お前もここまでは知っているはずだ。でも、その試験を受けさせられるのは、 私たち最下層の忍だけだということは知るまい。
Perhaps you ought to be informed (up to this extent) about (the exam), too. You didn’t know that only those of us shinobi from the lowest caste were forced to take that examination.
During that graduation examination, while Momochi Zabuza was still a child, he massacred over one hundred potential male ninja.
And thus, that’s why he came to be called a Demon. And since becoming a nukenin……in order to live, he killed people for the sake of money. In the end, I heard that he was killed by somebody of an unknown origin, who had dealt a surprise attack (on Zabuza).
My husband was trying to take a lesson from Momochi Zabuza’s failure. Escaping from the village was fine. Even in such a place, people like us have no future. However, we were trying to make the Wave Country into a place where we could live, in order to live as nukenin without trouble.
As you know, there are no hidden villages in the Wave Country.
私の夫はそこに眼をつけた。隠れ里がないのは、忍が必要じゃないということではない。 波の国が忍五大国に依頼していた任務を、私たちが請け負うことができれば、抜け忍たちはそこで人間らしい生活ができるはずだと考えた。
My husband had set his eyes upon there. But it wasn’t the case that shinobi were inessential. The Wave Country commissions missions from the Five Great Shinobi Countries. If we were able to undertake (those missions), then the nukenin thought that they ought to , and then would be able to, live (in the Wave Country) under humane conditions.
From my husband’s reading (of the situation), he was only half-right.
Personnel from the Wave Country approached us in order to commission us for work. Because of that, it seemed as though we were able to live.
However, as for the groups who undertook the dirty-work, no one paid any respect (to those kinds of people).
Gradually, (those sentiments) ate away at my husband’s heart. Already, he was similar to that Momochi Zabuza.
He was different from Momochi Zabuza though. Instead of turning towards rage, he turned towards himself.
My husband started to indulge in alcohol.
ここから先は……ありきたりの話だ。酒を飲んで、飲んで、飲んで……ついに、ある夜、 海に落ちて溺れ死んでしまった。
From there afterwards….it’s a common story. By drinking alcohol, and drinking, and drinking….finally, on a certain night, he fell into the sea. He drowned to death.



Pages 144-145

Triggered by the death of my husband, I left the village of nukenin. Carrying my small son in my arms, somehow or another, I tried to live as a normal human being in the Wave Country.
I did various work. It was dull work, but it was work that also did not harm anyone. I was satisfied with it. Although we were poor, I thought that I could rebuild my life with my son, with just the two of us.
Or so I had thought….
My son, Hakuhyo, had inherited my kekkei-genkai (/bloodline limit).
One day, while he was playing with a friend, that friend was probably messing around and threw a rock at a hornet nest.
The angry hornets then attacked them.
Hakuhyo wholeheartedly wanted to rescue his friend. So he unleashed a jutsu that wasn’t taught to him by anyone . He was frantically trying to save his friend.
According to the means that were written into his bloodline, he produced swords of ice. He protected his friend from the hornets.
自分がいくら刺されても、友達に襲いかかるハチを退治しようとした。そのおかげで、 その友達は、ほんの数か所刺されただけで済んだ。
No matter how many times he was stung himself, (Hakuhyo) was trying to exterminate the bees that were attacking his friend. Because of that, his friend was lucky enough to be only stung in a few places.
However, Hakuhyo was stung throughout his entire body.
And so, what do you think happened?
That friend abandoned Hakuhyo. He scurried home alone.
When the sun had already set, Hakuhyo had not returned home. So I went in search of him; I went to the house of that friend. When I arrived, I was even completely judged and viewed as if I was a complete monster. Since Hakuhyo was then known to be the son of a nukenin, they would not allow him to play with their child. The mother had even said such a thing to me.
Nevertheless, somehow I received information regarding where the children were playing.
When I discovered Hakuhyo, the sun had already set completely. Hakuhyo…my son…he had collapsed all alone in the middle of the forest.
体中が膨れてて……顔なんか、見る影もないほどだった。それでも、うわ言のように、 腫れな唇でつぶやいていた。
He was swollen throughout his body……even his face, to the extent that he was a shadow of his former self. But still, as if he was speaking like in a delirium, he was murmuring through his swollen lips.
‘You shouldn’t throw such things like rocks at hornet nests….Hurry and run away…….Hurry and run away…. Because I’ll finish off the hornets….’
(—Page Break Indicator—)
—(Kahyo ends her monologue)—
華氷が言葉を詰まらせると、食堂ラウンジが、水を打ったように静まりかえった。 カカシには、かけるべき言葉が見当たらなかった。
Kahyo choked up on her words. The dining room lounge suddenly fell silent and still. Kakashi could not find the words to say.
子供を持ったことがないうえに、オレは火影に……木ノ葉隠れの里の父親になることにも、二の足を踏んでいる。そんなやつの言葉なんて、 偽善以外のなにものでもない。
Besides, (I’ve never even) had a child before, but yet I’ll be the Hokage… Above all, I’ll even become the Father of Konohagakure Village. I’m experiencing hesitation. (If I become) such a guy who says words and things like that, I won’t be saying anything except hypocrisy.

Pages 146-147

Kahyo’s eyes dried.
涙が流れるよりも、カカシには、 その乾いた眼のほうがずっと悲しかった。
To Kakashi, those dry eyes were even more sorrowful than eyes that were flowing with tears.
Kahyo had a tightened chest and even vacant eyes. (It was the same as) several people who did not want to see (that sort of ending to her family history).
そして、 あれは、桃地再不斬の最期を思い出した。
And then, (Kakashi) recalled the last moments of Momochi Zabuza.
あれは、第七班としての、最初の任務だった。ナルト、 サクラ、それに、サスケもいたっけ。
It was the first mission as Team Seven. Naruto, Sakura—and moreover—Sasuke was there.
They were to be escorts for Tazuna the carpenter on his safe return to the Wave Country. It should have been a simple mission.
There was an extremely wealthy man named Gato. However, Zabuza and Haku were sent to as assassins (against Tazuna).
Zabuza and Haku were both formidable enemies. Formidable enemies to the extent where –that– Sasuke was on the verge of death.
なのに、まさかあんな幕切れになるなんて…… ガトーの手下の雑魚どもに寄ってたかって刺し殺された鬼人・桃地再不斬、その最期の願いは、ただ白のそばで眠ることだけだっ た。
And despite that, by no means was such a scene the final act…Gato’s lowly subordinates had ganged up to stab the Demon: Momochi Zabuza to death. His wish in his final moments was only to die beside Haku.
That scene from back then…It was the shape of Zabuza lined up and laying down on the ground with Haku. It was then overlapping (with the image of) Kahyo, who was at a loss for words, embracing her dead son.
「なぜお前にすぐ術を発動しなかったのか……」華氷の唇が薄く動いた。「もしかすると、 私はお前に私たちを止めてもらいたかったのかもしれない」
“So about why did I not immediately activate the jutsu on you…” Kahyo’s lips weakly moved. “Perhaps I might have wanted you to stop us”
“But it’s already too late”
オレになにができるだろう?カカシは、指の関節が白くなるほど、拳を強く握り締め た。どうすれば、この女の心を救うことができるだろう?
I wonder what I can do? Kakashi strongly and tightly grasped (his fingers into a) fist until his knuckles were becoming white. I wonder how I can save this woman’s heart?
“The legend ends here…” Rahyo commanded. “Imprison this guy somewhere!”
Shinobi seized Kakashi.
Kahyo was already not even looking in his direction.

//End Translation

//End Chapter 10

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