Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 11

Ch. 11: Tears of Ice~~


Pages 150-151

Kakashi was taken into the ingredient and food storage area of the kitchen. The two shinobi violently kick him into the room, and with a ‘kachan’ (door locking sound), they close the door. The shinobi were guffawing and sneering: “Can you believe it? We captured –that- Hatake Kakashi!”. They keep shouting and guffawing. The other comrade chimes in with even more boisterous laughter: “Yeah! The Ryuuha Armament Alliance is the best!”.

Meanwhile, the atmospheric pressure onboard the ship is declining. It’s evident that the oxygen is becoming insufficient. If oxygen is not getting diffused in the brain, humans experience further abnormal behavior and sensations.

The enemy shinobi continue to mock Kakashi, kicking and pounding on the door. Anyway, Kakashi continues to think about the situation. After experiencing an uplifted mood, both the ability to concentrate as well as aptitude in making judgments will begin to decline (due to the insufficient oxygenation=hypoxia). And so, there won’t be energy in the muscles. You’ll lose your mind. Before long, you’ll fall into a comatose or lethargic state. Worst case, you’ll die.

And so, as it was a high-stakes (/desperate) situation for Kakashi, he decided to put on an act. He was anticipating that the enemies were losing their ability to judge.
Observing the line-up of vegetables and meat on the shelves, there were bottles of cow’s milk. After a bit of thinking, he decided to use these bottles of milk.
He picked up the first bottle, and extracted the stopper. With a ‘gokugoku ’ (/sound of repetitive gulping), he chugged it. And then afterwards, he took another bottle. However, he contained (the contents) by holding (the milk) within his mouth.
Mentally preparing and readying himself, he then produced the greatest gagging sound as he possibly could; He was vomiting the milk that he had been containing in his mouth. He was making a showy (display) of coughing violently with a ‘gehogeho’ (/choking noise). He vomited again with the milk that he was holding in his mouth.
When he repeated that about three times, the (situation on the other side of) the door had quieted down. (Kakashi) knew that the enemies’ ears were listening carefully.
すかさず体を “く” の字にして、床に横たわった。
Without a moment’s delay, (he assumed the position) like the “く” character with his body. He laid down on the floor.
Immediately, the peeping window that was on the top portion of the door opened. The enemy’s eyeballs had appeared (in that space), which were gawking (at Kakashi) with a ‘gyorogyoro’ motion.
“Oi…what happened?”
“Uuu…Uuuuu…” (/Kakashi feigning illness noises)
Pretending to cover his mouth, he plunged a finger into his throat. He then successfully vomited forth the milk that he had drunk a while ago.


Technically Kakashi was unmasked…. (((( ;°Д°))))~!!
The index fingers on both his left and right hand are still broken too.
The “く” character means that he makes the shape of this Japanese letter (which is ‘Ku’) with his body. So a bit more open than the fetal position: like mid-way through a sit-up, but you’re on your side. This reference is more intuitive in Japanese, obviously~

Pages 152-153

“Wha- what?” The shinobi were watching as Kakashi was gagging and vomiting forth a white substance from his mouth. The shinobi were shocked. “Kakashi is vomiting!”
「あ、頭が痛い」カカシは荒い息をつきながら、途切れ途切れに言った。「ふ、船の高度が上がって… るんだ…」
“M-, My head hurts” Kakashi intermittently spoke through strained breaths. “Th- The altitude of the ship…is rising…”
“What, is that all (that you wanted to say)?”
“ Don’t….you guys…understand?….With this thin atmosphere…This ship…probably…is now exceeding over 18,000 metres (in altitude)…”
Of course, that is nonsense.
“So what?” However, the enemy was flustered. “As for this altitude, what relation does that have with your vomiting?”
“Well, don’t you understand?…when it reaches 19,000 metres…it will be the boiling point of blood…it will be at the same temperature as the human body”
This is a fact.
“And so, what should we do about it?” However, the enemy did not understand the point. “Even so, you won’t be vomiting, right?”
“From how I see it…it’ll be in five minutes”
The enemies looked at eachother.
「あと五分で……このまま上昇していけば……あと五分で……高度が一万九千メートル達する」カカシは弱々しく言った。「オレたちの血が……体温で沸騰しちまう……みんな ……死ぬ」
“In five minutes….If it keeps rising at this rate….in five minutes….the altitude will reach 19,000 metres” Kakashi said weakly. “ Our blood…it will boil because of the temperature…everyone…will die”
When the enemies heard Kakashi’s last words, they behaved in a panic. (When Kakashi saw their reaction, he felt) sorry for telling a lie, and even wanted to apologize.
“Wha-, Wha-Wha-, What should we do!?” One (enemy) was at his wit’s end. Another (enemy) was moving about in complete confusion.
“If-, If we don’t notify Rahyo-sama immediately…”
「それじゃ間に合わない!」カカシは一喝した。「オレをここから出してくれ……一か八 か、オレの技で浮力部に穴をあけて、高度を下げるしかない!」
“Well there’s no time for that!” Kakashi roared in a thunderous voice. “ Let me out of here…In such a high-stakes and desperate situation, and with my technique, I’ll create a hole in the buoyancy component. We have no choice but to lower the altitude!”
「そ、そんな……だって、お前は華氷様に地鎖連氷を打たれてて、チャクラが練れないん じゃ…」
“Su-, Such a (proposition)…but you were struck by Kahyo-sama’s Jisarenhyou. You cannot knead chakra, right?…”
And so, Kakashi once again plunged a finger into his throat. He magnificently made himself vomit (copious amounts of) milk.
“Who do you think I am…” While wheezing with a ‘zeezee’(/sound of gasping), (Kakashi) sat up. “I am Konoha’s…Hatake Kakashi”


If you’re interested in the science behind Kakashi’s statements (or if you don’t remember gas and fluid laws with their respective/related equations….), please read about [The Armstrong Limit]. To quote Wikipedia, this is why you need pressurized cabins/suits and such:

The Armstrong limit, often called Armstrong’s line, is the altitude that produces an atmospheric pressure so low (0.0618atmosphere or 6.3 kPa (1.9 inHg)) that water boils at the normal temperature of the human body: 37 °C (98.6 °F).

The altitude is variously reported as being between 18,900–19,350 meters (62,000–63,500 feet, or about 12 miles (10 nmi).

Also, the phenomenon of [Altitude Sickness] for the human body (for those of you non-mountaineers)

Pages 154-155

His own name even demonstrated such a (profound) effect. Considering it was Kakashi, it was the first time (that he experienced enemies who had such a reaction).
The enemies nodded to one another. They turned the key. Moreover, it was especially admirable that they were even trying to lend him a hand to stand up.
Kakashi’s eyes glinted and shined.
Dogaa! (/Thump!)
Bakii! (/Bam!)

Kakashi knocks out both of the enemies. A minute later, Kakashi imprisoned the two fainted shinobi into the food storage area. He then leaves the kitchen. He jumps down from the scaffolding that’s hanging in midair at the ship’s hold. Once again, he wanted to summon Pakkun and his Ninken. However, the way he could knead chakra had changed. He will be frozen from his feet upwards if he tries to do that. (==His chakra must keep circulating in order to stop the progression of Jisarehyou. He cannot knead chakra for jutsu because it’s preoccupied with keeping him from being frozen). He has no choice but to go on the search for the Aobiko on his own. There are wooden boxes piled up in the ship’s hold. But whatever was inside of them would probably not be suspicious things. There’s alcohol and groceries, as well as parachute vests…

When Aobiko comes into contact with water, it detonates. In a normal container, moisture could leech into it. Water and the Aobiko should mix together at an opportune time. So there must be a special container for the Aobiko. However, a vessel like that is no where to be found. An unpleasant sensation travels through Kakashi’s chest. He thinks to himself, “If I were Rahyo, where would I probably conceal the Aobiko?” He couldn’t think of it.

Kakashi looks up at the buoyancy component. On the scaffolding that’s hanging in midair, he was thinking about the bottom of the air sac of the Tobishachimaru. If Rahyo intends to ram the ship into the Houzukijyou, perhaps he has prepared and hidden the Aobiko in the air sac. It would likely be the most efficient and probable scenario.

For moisture, they could use Kahyo’s ice. With the impact of the crash, the air sac will explode. The ice will dissolve, and then the Aobiko will detonate. Houzukijyou would then be completely destroyed.

Kakashi backpedals. He thinks to himself again. That sort of scenario can’t be correct. He had been denying an ominous feeling from the beginning.

If the Tobishachimaru crashes into the Houzukijyou, then Garyo might inadvertently die if he gets mixed into the scenario. However, they intend to rescue him. On the ground, the accomplices of the enemy are on standby. Perhaps Rahyo intends to throw the Aobiko from the sky and onto the Houzukijyou.


Pages 156-157

And so, while Shikamaru and the other shinobi are dealing with the chaos, the enemy should be trying to rescue Garyo. Kakashi then mentally gets into contact with Ino again. He tells her that he thinks Rahyo’s plan involves dropping the Aobiko from the ship. In that case, a signal is needed to cue the attack. He warns that they should be cautious and watchful of their surroundings. Perhaps something like a beacon will be that signal.

Then, Kakashi hears footsteps descending from the ramp. They resounded through the emptiness of the ship’s hold. Kakashi promptly concealed himself behind some wooden boxes. Two shinobi are visible. They are trying to lift up a wooden box, which seems to have an unknown seal on it. The ship’s hull slants because of the wind. One of the shinobi, who is holding one side of wooden box, suddenly falters. The other one who is supporting the other side then scolds his comrade: “Be careful! Do you want to die?!”.

With that threatening attitude, the one who almost dropped the wooden box then turns ghastly pale. Perhaps because they are experiencing hypoxia (due to the altitude), their concentration is lacking. They continue to carefully carry the wooden box. They are turning back towards the dining room lounge. Kakashi promptly inspects the remaining wooden boxes. It seems that they had carried away a box that was packed with parachute vests.

It’s difficult for Kakashi to follow after the shinobi, since he can’t knead chakra. He runs up the ramp. Going by the scaffolding, he heads back to the kitchen. He was going to use the ventilation ducts, but reconsidered. He needed to stealthily approach the dining room lounge again. If he can’t properly knead chakra, then if Kahyo attacks him with icicles again, he would be helpless.

Fortunately, the kitchen and lounge are connected by a doorway. Near that entrance, the grand piano had toppled over. Quickly jumping into the shadow, he watched over the situation. Rahyo was near the doorway of the pilothouse. Some time ago, the wooden boxes had been opened.

Pages 158-159

Overhead, the slanted chandelier is dangerously swaying. The passengers have been rounded up by the enemies. They are grouped near the ice that was blocking up the hole. The figure of Kahyo is also there. Rahyo tells them that the Ryuuha Armament Alliance does not like senseless slaughter. From now on, they’ll release the hostages. The passengers glance at each other. The enemy shinobi are presenting them with parachute vests. There were shouts of joy.

Kahyo tells them that they are sorry. She even helps a passenger with wearing the vest. Outside the ship, the wind is roaring. The Tobishachimaru is shaking and rattling. The ship was currently going through some turbulence. The passengers were completely fascinated by their sudden release from their nightmare. They don’t seem suspicious about it. They are all scrambling to get to the vests first. Rahyo shouts at them to not panic. There should be enough parachutes for all of them.

Meanwhile, Kakashi’s intuition is telling him that this is strange. He wonders why Rahyo is releasing the passengers so easily like this. However, Kahyo is even gallantly lending a hand to the passengers. It didn’t seem to be out of wicked thoughts. It seems as though they are truly sorry, from the bottom of their hearts.

Rahyo asks if everyone is already wearing a vest. If they jump, they ought to pull the string that’s in front of their chest beforehand. If they do that, then the parachute will open. Kahyo swings her arm, and the ice that was stopping up the hole in the ship’s hull melted. The ice vanished instantly. From outside, wind and clouds were blowing by.

There’s a commotion among the passengers. They crouch down on the floor. The enemies lend each of them a hand. One by one, the passengers are jumping out of the ship. Rahyo is asking his subordinates what the wind speed is, in addition to what the drop point of the passengers will be. Kakashi did not move his eyes away from observing them.

Kakashi is thinking to himself: Why are they freeing the hostages? Why at this moment? He looks at the surroundings outside the window. There’s only grey rainclouds. Kakashi continues to think about the situation: Furthermore, why is Rahyo concerned about the drop point of the passengers?

Oh no…

In an instant, a bit of insight spread through Kakashi’s body. When they were carrying out the parachutes from the storehouse, the enemies had carelessly dropped a wooden box. At that time, those guys seemed flustered.

Kakashi then realized what Rahyo was planning…


Pages 160-161

Kakashi moves his body without even thinking. He yells at the passengers to stop what they’re doing. They must not wear those vests! Rahyo is surprised when Kakashi leaps out from the shadow of the piano. He implores to Kakashi: What the heck are you doing? Kakashi yells back to them:

“Aobiko is stocked inside those vests!”
“With the impact of the landing, it will detonate!”

(= Recall that Kakashi noted grey rainclouds outside the window earlier in this chapter. If any moisture contacts the Aobiko, it explodes! So it must be packed carefully… and so you have to avoid puncturing into the packs, or else you’ll be exposing it to moisture.)

Kahyo opened her eyes wide. She then stares at Kakashi, and turns her head to look back at Rahyo. She turns and fixes her gaze on Kakashi again. The passengers then say that the vests won’t come off: they’re physically unable to remove them from their bodies. Rahyo laughs, and tells them that it’s too late for them already.

On Rahyo’s command, the enemy subordinates seize the passengers who are trying to escape. One by one, the enemy is throwing the passengers off the ship; their screams dwindle until they vanish. Meanwhile, Rahyo scowls at Kakashi. Rahyo yells at them once again: If they had released Garyo-sama, this situation could have been avoided. The responsibility falls on Konoha.

A vehement anger burst within Kakashi. Before he knew it, he had leapt at the enemy.
”Hyouton: Saihyoudzuchi!” (Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Sledgehammer!)
Instantly, Rahyo fortified both of his fists to intercept Kakashi.
Kakashi nimbly jolted from side to side (to parry the attack). He thrust at the enemy with a kunai. Since in his current condition, he could not knead chakra, and so his speed was limited.
Ascertaining (the positioning) of the tip of the kunai, Rahyo opened his body. His fists had transformed into steel. Rahyo then drove them into Kakashi’s abdomen.
All of the air was knocked out from Kakashi’s body. And then with Rahyo’s kick, (Kakashi) was blown away to edge of the lounge.
Without a moment’s delay, (Kakashi) prepared his stance. He commenced his next attack.
“Shiden! (Purple Lightning!)
He was not even concerned about his body being frozen. He unleashed the jutsu.
“What!?” Rahyo winced.
The lightning became a blade as it traveled along the floor. Without a moment’s delay, he dispersed chakra throughout his entire body (to suppress the progression of Kahyo’s Jisarenhyou). Already, the frost had crept up until his waist.
Rahyo quickly jumped backwards.
However, Kakashi was not aiming for Rahyo.
The purple lightning struck the passengers. (The attack) cut off the parachute vests that were attached to their bodies.

Pages 162-163

That was a huge gamble for Kakashi. If his aim had been off by even a little bit, the Aobiko might have exploded. One by one, the clasps of the vests disperse into sparks. The passengers are then able to take off the vests, and back away from the hole in the ship. Kakashi is watching over their progress with a sidelong glance. Kakashi braces himself with one knee on the floor. He’s breathing hard through his shoulders.

Even though he had only roused a bit of chakra, he was completely exhausted. Perhaps even at the risk of his own life, it seemed as though his limit would be one more shot of Shiden.
“It seems like this is the end, eh?” Rahyo broadly grinned and laughed. He brandished his fists towards Kakashi.
“It’ll be over with this (attack)!”
No strength was entering into the leg that he was bracing himself with. Kakashi crossed both arms above his head in order to guard himself for when he received the enemy’s fists.
However, Rahyo’s strong fists did not explode (upon him). With a ‘gaki’ sound, those fists were being repelled by fangs of ice.
カカシは驚いた、 驚いているのは、敵もおなじだった。
Kakashi was astonished. The enemy was also similarly astonished.
“What are you doing, Kahyo!?” Rahyo roared in an angry voice. “Why are you intruding?”
“Older brother, is what (Kakashi said) true?” Kahyo’s eyes were as cold as ice as she fixed her gaze at Rahyo. “In those vests…are they stocked with Aobiko?
“Ca- Calm down…Kahyo” Rahyo was flustered. He was becoming incoherent.
“I (kept those details a secret) from you. My-, It’s my bad…However, it was in order to rescue Garyo-sama…
A single tear flowed in a line from Kahyo’s eyes.
The lounge fell dead silent.
It seemed as if all of the sound was sealed into that single bead of tears.
Kahyo’s teardrop was falling. It froze in mid-air. When it fell onto the floor, (the teardrop) shattered…as if it was glass.
And then, as if they were completely like seeds sowed from the Earth, they budded. When the fangs of ice roared, they grew forth from the floor. They attacked Kakashi.
At once, Kakashi threw down his body (into a) horizontal position. A sharp icicle grazed him.
Kahyo unleashed jutsu in rapid succession.
The fangs of ice were completely writhing as if they were serpents. They pursued him from every direction.

Pages 164-165

Kakashi kicked off from a wall to escape. The icicles then destroyed the wall. As Kakashi jumped up and into the air, the icicles were piercing into the ceiling.
Gathering his remaining chakra into his right hand, Kakashi leapt towards Kahyo.
He noticed a sense of unease as he was trying to strike Shiden at Kahyo.
His body did not freeze over.
Simultaneously realizing (what had happened), (Kakashi) also noticed that Kahyo had closed her eyes.
Bloodlust escaped from the electrical discharge in Kakashi’s right hand as he stopped two centimeters from Kahyo’s face.
“Why didn’t you strike?”
「きみのほうこそ、なぜ術を解いた?それに、きみはわざと攻撃をはずした」 言葉を切 る。「オレに殺してほしかったのか?」
“It’s because of (what you did). Why did you release (the Jisarenhyou)? Moreover, why did you purposely (divert) your attack (so that it would miss me)?” His words paused. “Did you want me to kill you?”
Slowly, Kahyo opened her eyes. Her face was no longer like that of a stern shinobi. It was (similar to the expression) of when they first met…when she had been pretending to stagger and had activated the jutsu onto Kakashi. He was at a loss for words, perplexed at (her expression) that was something like complete sorrow.
「あなたの言葉を……ずっと考えていた」長い巻き髪に隠れて華氷の眼は見えなかったが、 その声は震えていた。「『ふたつの正義が衝突したときに一番大切なことは、命をかけて相手の立場に立つこと』……私は……私が求めていたのは、それだけだった……あのとき、 もし波の国がほんの少しでも私たちのような者の立場に立ってくれていたら、息子は死なずに済んだかもしれない」
“I had been thinking about your words… all this time”. Kahyo’s eyes could not be seen. They were being covered by her long, curly hair. Her voice was quivering. “(You had said that)『When two (forms of) justice collide, the most important thing is that one stands from the perspective of the enemy, at the risk (of one’s) life. 』. And so I…That was the only thing that I wanted (to do)…Because at that time, if the people of the Wave Country were similar to us (/like those kinds of sympathetic people), and had stood from the perspective of another person … even just a little bit…perhaps my son would not have died.”
Kakashi was silent.
「でも、いま、私は……私がもっとも憎んでいる人たちと、同じことをしている……私は ……」
“But now, I…I’m doing the same things as the people whom I hate the most… So I….
However, those words could not be finished.
At that instant, the hull of the Tobishachimaru swung on a grand scale and slanted because of the turbulence. Because of that, finally the last wire of the chandelier (that was attaching it to the ceiling) was severed. The chandelier dropped.
(It fell) on top of the wooden box that contained parachute vests.
Zudouoonn! (Boooom!)
耳を聾する爆音が轟き渡り、火炎が 一瞬でラウンジをなめ尽くした。
The roaring sound of the detonation deafened their ears. Flames instantly spread across the lounge.
船底から船側にかけてあいた大きな穴が、 ゴウッと火を噴いた。
There was a large hole from the bottom of the ship to the side of the ship. The flames emitted a ‘gouu’ sound.

Pages 166-167

So because of that damage to the ship, several of the enemies were thrown out of the ship. The border between the air sac of the buoyancy component and the drawing room gondola made an ominous moaning sound. Then, they tore apart. The dining room lounge inclined, and the ceiling was torn. Kakashi yells for everyone to escape to the stern of the ship. The passengers have fallen onto the slanted floor and were tumbling around.

“Hyouton: Jisarenhyou!”

Kahyo created icicles in order to hold back the fire coming from the hole. However, the wind coming in from the hole is agitating the fire and feeding the flames. The blaze suddenly becomes a pillar of fire, and reaches the bottom portion of the air sac. The crimson fire is spreading. Kahyo’s Jisarenhyou is pushing back the flames, preventing them from spreading further. Her ice covers the air sac, as she won’t allow the fire encroach upon it. Kahyo is frantically making seals. She then takes a backward glance at Kakashi.

Meanwhile, Kakashi is guiding the passengers towards the kitchen. He tells them to continue straight ahead, and then they’ll reach the stern of the ship. From the pilothouse, they can hear the frantic pilots. They have fallen and are also trying to escape from the area. The pilots tell Kakashi that the gondola is falling! Kakashi grabs their hands, and then pushes them from behind into the kitchen as well. They need to hurry!

But out of the corner of Kakashi’s eye, he spots Rahyo. He’s running. However, when the floor sank, he slipped. The grand piano then slides out of the hole in the ship, taking with it even more enemies.


「来い、羅氷!」カカシは床に身を投げ出し、必死に手をのばした。「オレの手に掴ま れ!」
“Come, Rahyo!” Kakashi stretched out his body onto the floor, and desperately reached out his hand. “Grab onto my hand!”
Since Rahyo was astonished, his eyes blinked in surprise.
“Hurry!” He roared in a thunderous voice. “Don’t be slow!”
When Rahyo grabbed a hold of Kakashi’s hand, the floor tore off (in an upward motion) almost simultaneously. Rahyo’s bulky body was floating in mid-air.
A sharp pain traveled through his hand that was holding onto Rahyo. Despite being a while later, he had now become aware of his own broken finger.

Pages 168-169

He (could not apply anymore) strength (into his grip).
Nevertheless, he was gritting his teeth while securing himself to Rahyo.
“W- Why….?” Said Rahyo. “Why for an enemy like me…?”
” I understand the sentiments…of your group” Kakashi put strength into his arm. “However, (as for thinking that you can) allow anything (to happen) just for the sake of a righteous cause…that sort of (thinking) is nonsense….”
“If you want to change the world…no matter what happens, and no matter how much you suffer, you have no choice but to continue to be righteous for yourself (and in all your actions)”
Rahyo opened his eyes wide.
“Older brother!”
どうにか火を消し止めた華氷が、いまや斜めになった床を駆けのぼってくる。 が、すでに遅かった。
Somehow or another, Kahyo extinguished the flames. The floor had become slanted now. She was running up (the incline). However, it was already too late.
When Kahyo stretched out her body to try and grasp onto her older brother’s arm, the bottom of the ship fell out because of a shock that had pushed it.
Because of the great force, Rahyo was wrenched away from Kakashi’s hand. Rahyo was thrown into the sky. (The expression on his face) seemed to be asking ‘Why the heck did such a thing happen?’
“Older brother!”
They were not able to do anything (for him) anymore. Because of the laws of gravity, and with that great force, everything was going to be pulled downwards to the ground.
“Hatake Kakashi…” As he continued to fall, Rahyo’s facial expression suddenly softened. “ Did shinobi like you even exist?”
Kakashi was embracing Kahyo to his chest, who was screaming and crying. Kakashi (managed to) leap into the kitchen by a hair’s width.
A second later, the gondola was torn right in half. (One half of it) separated from the Tobishachimaru, and dropped (into the sky).


Kakashi’s quote is kinda hard to get into English concisely. But it means like you can’t be excused from the things that you do, just because you think it’s for a good cause. No matter what, you should always do good things. So even if the end-game is a good thing, don’t do a bunch of horrible things as a means to achieve that end-game. =Horrible things are not permissible, even if the intentions are good. So just keep doing good things all the time.

= Rahyo shouldn’t execute people (that’s bad!) on his way to achieve their group’s goal of equality for everyone (which is presumably good!). He shouldn’t do whatever he wants and justify those means for his end. He should figure out a way to do good things on his way towards making equality happen.

//End Translation

//End of Chapter 11

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