Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 12

Pages 172-173

Even from the courtyard of Houzuijyou, they could see the Tobichachimaru in the sky as it burned from the explosion.
“Oi! This is getting bad!” While pointing at the sky, the prisoners shouted several times. “At this rate, isn’t it going to fall (out of the sky)?”
Shikamaru saw (the situation) exactly like that as well.
A few minutes beforehand, several parachutes suddenly opened in the skies above the Houzukijyou.
Shikamaru concluded that Kakashi had successfully freed the passengers. In order to rescue the people who were falling, he had stationed Lee and Sai on the roof of the castle tower. Taking along Sakura and Chouji, he ran out and into the courtyard, which was in a commotion because of the prisoners.
The Tobishachimaru was engulfed in a flash of light. Meanwhile, Shikamaru counted up to twenty-one parachutes.
However, the fire seemed to have been immediately extinguished. Afterwards, the people who were falling from the Tobishachimaru were eventually not opening their parachutes.
And so, the Tobichachimaru lost control. Little by little, it was becoming smaller. There was no mistaking it.
Considering the direction of the wind in the sky….Shikamaru calculated. The likelihood of the Tobishachimaru plunging into the Houzukijyou was endlessly low.
“This is bad, so they…”
Although he sensed Chouji’s glance, Shikamaru did not release his eyes from the Tobishachimaru.
“The gondola fell. As for the ship, it’s as if it lost weight now…it keeps gradually rising”
Chouji gulped and swallowed his saliva during the tense situation. “What are you talking about, Shikamaru….?”
“When you reach 19,000 metres (in altitude), the boiling point of blood will be at the same temperature as the body.” Shikamaru said. “The remaining guys on the ship will die.”
“What should we do….?” Sakura’s countenance changed. “Isn’t Kakashi-sensei still aboard!?”
“If it rises to that extent, even Sai won’t be able to do anything anymore…” Shikamaru painfully said. “Anyway, we have to do what we can”
“Parachutes are descending!” Tenten yelled from atop the watch-tower.
「天守閣のほう!」雨雲にさえぎられた淡い陽光を背に受けて、最初の落下傘がゆらゆらと天守閣のほうへ 流れていく。
” From the side of the castle tower!” The faint sunlight that was being obstructed by the rain-clouds was shining upon their backs. The first parachutes were slowly swaying and streaming towards the side of the castle tower.

Pages 174-175

When Shikamaru looked upwards, Lee nodded from atop the castle tower.
A crosswind was blowing. The parachutes were blowing away.
A cord was fastened from the parachute to the person….but the hanging cord was getting tangled. Because of that, the person’s body was swinging like a pendulum: swaying greatly from right to left. Lee and his comrades were laying in wait on top of the castle tower. However, they slipped through (the shinobi’s) hands. At this rate, they would continue to fall towards the cell buildings.
“ Kiba and Shino, standby in that direction…”
The landing point suddenly became incandescent. Shikamaru’s remaining words were blown away by the sound of the explosion.
Doooon! (Boom!)
The cell building was enveloped in white smoke. Immediately, a fire broke out.
“Wha- What…?”
“Shikamaru!” While he was standing motionlessly, Ino’s shrill voice hit his ear. “There is Aobiko stocked in the vests of the parachutes!”
「カカシ先生から連絡があった!」天守閣の窓から顔を突き出して、いのは声をふり絞っ た。「すぐに敵襲があるわよ!」
“I was in contact with Kakashi-sensei!” She projected her face from the window of the castle tower. She shouted at the top of her voice. “There will be an immediate enemy attack!”
“Are you serious…”
The next parachute fell immediately outside the castle gates.
The ear-splitting sound of an explosion roared. The blast blew away the caste gates.
The prisoners looked at one another. They did not understand what had happened. However, with the next explosion, the wall crumbled down. As if they had woken up from a dream, they all cheered and starting running.
「ひゃっほーい! やっとこんなくそ溜めからおさらばできるぜ!」
“Whee! At last, I can say good-bye to such a shitty cesspool! “
“Keep falling down, parachutes! Completely destroy this place!”
That wasn’t the only chaos. (The commotion) wasn’t settling down.
黒装束を着た忍たちが城内へなだれ込んできて、 大音声で呼ばわった。
There were shinobi in black clothes. They came rushing into the castle, yelling in loud voices.
“Where are you, Garyo-sama!”
“Urgh…. This became troublesome…”
In the midst of the unmanageable chaos, he aimed at the shadows of the falling parachutes (that were heading) towards the ground. Shikamaru unleashed a jutsu.
” Kagekubishibari no Jutsu!” (Shadow-Neck Binding Technique)

Pages 176-177

Shikamaru’s shadow started to elongate with a ‘gunn’ sound. It grasped onto the shadow of a parachute. That shadow became a support. The body of the parachute suddenly stood still in the sky.
“Tenten! Without damaging the vests, only destroy the clasps!
Tenten leapt from the guard tower. Simultaneously, she was hurling ninja weapons. She destroyed the clasp on the vest of a man, who was suspended in mid-air. The man’s body then smoothly escaped from the parachute.
「ふんぬ!」落ちてきた男を、 チョウジがガッシと抱き止める。「どっせい!」
“Urgh!” Chouji caught the falling man with a ‘gasshi’ sound. “Yeah!”
Still attached to the empty vest, the parachute was blown away by the wind.
There was still no time to catch a breath.
One after another, the human bombs were descending from the sky.
“Kageyose no Jutsu!” (Shadow Gathering Techinique!)
実体を持ったシカマルの影が、たちまち無数の触手となって、一度に十人を空中で釘づけにする。本来は影を使って物質を手元に引き寄せる術だが、その物質を…つまり落下 傘を、元の場所にとどめておくこともできるのだ。
With the form of his shadow, Shikamaru suddenly (created) a countless number of tentacles. All at once, he nailed down ten people from the air. By nature, the usual jutsu was used to draw something towards himself with the shadow. However, the substances (that he was pulling)….was ultimately the parachutes. In other words, he was able stop (the falling people) in their original location (/right where they were).
In the direction of the castle tower, the sound of an explosion roared.
“Garyo is going to escape!” Tenten shouted as she was breaking the clasp from a vest. “What should we do, Shikamaru!?”
‘What should we do…’ Shikamaru (thought). He could not move because he was using a jutsu. From the side of his eye, (he could see that) Garyo was escaping. He’s being guarded by shinobi in black clothing. He could not pursue him. ‘What the heck should I do?!’
Sai continued to quickly snatch the falling people in the air with his large bird.
上空では、シノの寄壊蟲が黒い雲となって、落下傘に群がっていた。蟲たちにベストの留め具を食い破られた男たちが落下してくると、リーが跳び上が って空中で受け止めた。
In the sky, Shino’s Kikaichuu (Parasitic Destruction Insects) formed a black cloud. They swarmed towards the passengers. The insects were eating away at the clasps of the vests that were attached to the men as they fell. Meanwhile, Lee leapt upwards and caught them in the air.
キバとチョウジ、そして暗部たちは、逃げ出した収監者たちを追った。 牙通牙と肉弾戦車が同時に発動され、収監者たちをなぎ倒していく。
Kiba, Chouji, and the ANBU chased after the prisoners who had escaped. Simultaneously unleashing Gatsuuga (Fang Passing Fang) and Nikudan Sensha (Human Bullet Tank), they mow down the prisoners.
In the midst of the swirl of chaos, Shikamaru looked up at the sky.
There were four more parachutes remaining.
“Shino!” Shikamaru shouted. “Can I entrust you with the rest of the parachutes!?”
“Yeah” While manipulating the insects, Shino nodded. “You (should) pursue Garyo”
In Shikamaru’s eyes, he perceived that the gang in black clothes was in the group of people ahead. There were fluttering and falling maple leaves that were changing colours. On the other side of them, (he could see that) Garyo was being protected by shinobi.
“Wait up!”


Pages 178-180

Several people turned around (to face Shikamaru). They quickly hurled out kunai.
“Move!” As Shikamaru avoided the kunai, he made seals while running.
“Kagenui no Jutsu!” (Shadow Sewing Technique)
Shikamaru’s shadow became sharp needles. They pierced the legs of the enemy, at one at a time.
While bleeding from their legs, the enemy shinobi noisily collapsed.
He continued to pursue Garyo. However, before he could take several more steps, his gait stopped.
What? This is weird. Why is the enemy facing us and running towards this way?!
「ど、どうなされました、我龍様!?」面食らっているのは、 黒装束の忍たちも同じだった。
“Wha- What are you doing, Garyo-sama?!” The shinobi in black clothing were also similarly confused.
「さあ、早くまいりましょう! 」
“Alright, quickly come (over here!)
「どいてよ!」忍たちをふり切ると、我龍はこちらに向かって大きく手をふった。 「シカマル!」
“Move!” Brushing off the shinobi, Garyo faced (towards Shikamaru), grandly waving his hand.
Shikamaru wrinkled the middle of his forehead and furrowed his brows. That guy Garyo, he has such an effeminate voice? Garyo was running completely as if he was a young lady, tightening his arms under his armpits. Shikamaru put himself on guard. “Stop!”
“What are you even saying? Because I seized Garyo…. You, Chouji, and his comrades (should go and) pursue the prisoners who have escaped!”
「…… 」
“(I’m saying this as their) boss….It’s me, it’s me!”
どうやら、いのが心転身の術で、 我龍の中に入り込んでいるようだった。
It seemed like with Ino’s Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Switch Technique), she had infiltrated into Garyo’s mind.
「いい、あんたたち!」いのは。。。我龍の姿をしたいのは、敵の忍に向き合った。「あたしに指一本でも触れたら、 あんたたちのボスを殺しちゃうからね!」
“It’s fine you guys!” Ino…in the form of Garyo…faced towards the enemy shinobi. “If you guys touch me with even a finger, we’ll murder your boss!”
The shinobi stepped back.
“What are you doing, Shikamaru?… Go quickly!”
“Ahh…I know”
He did not understand why he was doing something like this himself. When he realized (what he was doing), Shikamaru had quickly and gently brushed the buttocks of Garyo……and Ino.
“Kyaa!” Garyo…and Ino (who was in Garyo’s body) sprung up with a ‘pyon’ sound. “What the heck are you doing!?”
“I was always interested (/curious) about it…Whether or not (you would) even do such a thing (while you’re in the body of someone else). However, as I thought, you would still say『Kyaa 』, eh?”
シカマルの頭に、 いのの……我龍の拳骨を借りた、 いののパンチが,炸裂した。
Ino…borrowed Garyo’s fist. Ino’s punch exploded into Shikamaru’s head.
Still, no one had noticed three flowing objects to the far West that were emitting light, due to the chaos at Houzukijyou.
No matter how they viewed it, it looked like a shooting star from somewhere. However, they were different than ordinary shooting stars. Those three shining objects were not falling from the sky. On the contrary, they were steadily ascending.


Shikamaru just copped a feel on Ino/Garyo….for science!? Eh……[email protected][email protected]’;;;~~~I read this like three times to make sure I wasn’t going crazy when I first read this section OTL~ This is really strange for comic relief…

//End Translation

//End of Chapter 12

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