Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 13

Pages 182-183

Kakashi embraced Kahyo to his chest in order to shield her field of view (from the sight of Rahyo falling from the Tobishachimaru). Grief-stricken that she had lost her older brother, Kahyo beat her fists onto Kakashi’s chest. Kahyo buries her face into Kakashi’s chest, freely screaming and crying out. Her wailing then changes into sobbing. Kakashi holds her close and tightly. He must tell her something, so he starts to speak:

”At such a time, I don’t want to say such things….however, it seems as though the Tobishachimaru is gradually rising. At this rate, all of us will die”
There was no response (from Kahyo).
「この船には、まだ救える命がある」カカシは、まるで子供をあやすように、やさしく語りかけた。 「上手くいくかどうか分からないけど、オレはできるかぎりのことをするつもりだ」
“On this ship, we are still able to save lives” Kakashi spoke tenderly, as if he was soothing a child. “I don’t know whether or not it will turn out well, but I intend to do as much as I possibly can”

Kahyo’s face is still buried into Kakashi’s chest. She murmurs back in response: ‘What should we do?’ Kakashi responds that they will create a hole in the air sac of the buoyancy component. Since he heard from Tazuna, the old man who manufactured the ship, Kakashi knew that the air sac was filled with helium gas. It’s non-flammable and non-combustible. And so, even if there’s a fire, there will not be a huge explosion. If they can skillfully create a hole in the air sac, perhaps they may be able to land the Tobishachimaru.

“What if it doesn’t turn out well?”
“(Have you ever) pierced a bulging, inflatable balloon with a needle?”
「こんなでかい風船を割るのは、 オレもはじめてだよ…」
“As for popping such a large balloon, it will also be my first time…”

Abruptly, Kakashi stopped speaking. Kahyo bawled her eyes out, and then raised her face. She asks him what’s wrong. Kakashi waved his hand at Kahyo to motion her to be quiet, as he couldn’t hear Ino very wellin his head. Kakashi asks Ino if Garyo has been secured. Ino answers that he’s been taken care of, but Shikamaru and the others are still pursing the other escaped prisoners. Just a few moments ago, Ino was in contact with Tsunade. She was told that the Tsuchikage is heading towards them.

Kakashi looks out from the tear in the ship. Beneath the swirling grey sea of clouds, Kakashi can see their preparations as well. There’s three objects that are emitting light, which are approaching at a staggering speed.

Pages 184-185

Kakashi reminds Ino that before the Tobishachimaru enters Iwagakure, the Tsuchikage intends to shoot it down. Kakashi urgently thinks to himself while looking down at Oonoki’s comrades below: If that’s the case, then creating a hole in the air sac may backfire. The gas will escape the hole, and should push the ship. If he creates the hole at the front of the ship, then the power should work in the opposite direction. It should push the ship back the other way…

The wind is tussling Kahyo’s long, curly hair. Seeing that, Kakashi realizes that the wind is blowing from an East to West direction. Kakashi must reconsider creating the hole at the front of the air sac. The Tobishachimaru will be going against a stream of wind. In the worst case, they might be jostled by the air current. If such a thing happens, they would be thrown about and possibly die, as if they were in a washing machine.

The speed of the points of light have declined, and seem to be standing still from below. Kakashi doubts for only an instant, but then he understands the situation. The Tobishachimaru is not within the limits of the Tsuchikage’s flying range. In fact, the ship has risen higher in altitude than they can reach. Kakashi then resumes contact with Ino:

“I won’t let them shoot down this ship”
“Right, such a thing won’t happen”
“よく聞いてください、カカシ先生” いのが言った。”綱手様からの指令です、ただちに 飛鯱丸を爆破してください”
“Please listen closely, Kakashi-sensei” Ino said. “They’re orders from Tsunade-sama. Please immediately blow up the Tobishachimaru”
“Wait a minute….There are still survivors onboard the ship”
“分かってます” 通信を切りあげるまえに、いのは感情を交えずにそう言った。”それは 綱手様だって分かっています”
“I understand” Before terminating communications, Ino spoke without emotions. “Tsunade-sama understands that as well”

Kakashi’s eyes travel to inside the kitchen area, to the people who are crouching on the floor. Several people have already collapsed. Their mouths are open wide, struggling to breathe. There was a sudden decline in temperature, so everyone is shivering and shaking. Kakashi then asks the pilots what the altitude is right now. One of the pilots, who’s squatting and holding onto his knees, raises his face. His lips have changed colour to purple.

He responds back that they don’t have the instruments necessary in order to read exactly how high they are… So he isn’t able to say much for certain. However, judging from the thin atmosphere, he thinks that a while ago, they have already exceeded 13,000 metres in altitude. It hasn’t even been ten minutes since the Tobishachimaru had suffered extensive damage.

Pages 186-187

Originally, the ship had been flying at 5,000 metres in altitude. But because of the previous chaotic situation, their flying altitude had risen. During that time, Kakashi assumes that the altitude was 7,000 metres. And so, he assumes that they have risen 6,000 metres in ten minutes, if the pilot estimated that they are currently flying at 13,000 metres. In ten more minutes, they should rise another 7,000 metres in altitude. In other words, if they continue to rise at this rate for the next ten minutes, the ship will reach an altitude of 19,000 metres. The blood within their bodies will boil! He cannot allow such a thing to happen. Kakashi is frantically trying to think up a solution.

Firstly, due to the difference in atmospheric pressure, the air sac will explode. To prevent that, they should just create a hole in the air sac by their own means in order to lower the altitude. At least in that case, the air sac will not suddenly explode on its own and take them by surprise.

However, if I destroy the air sac within this air current, will I be able to control the Tobishachimaru…?
“What is that point of light?”
華氷の声は、しかし、 カカシの耳にはまったく入らない。 もう一度同じことを訊かれて、 ようやく我にかえった。
It was Kahyo’s voice. However, it did not reach Kakashi’s ears at all. Hearing the same thing once again, he finally returned to himself.
“It’s the Tsuchikage from Iwagakure” One way of another, he responded.
“Since they know that this ship is fully loaded with Aobiko, they intend to shoot down this ship before it enters Iwagakure”
“It’s not only that. Just now, I received orders from Konohagakure…I have to blow up this ship”
“That (sort of command)! Kahyo yelled. “There are still survivors onboard this ship!”
Kakashi painfully lowered his eyes.
「ごめんなさい……」と、華氷。 「ぜんぶ私たちのせいだわ」
“I’m sorry…..” Kahyo said. “It’s all because of us”
“I am a shinobi. I am prepared to die. However….as for the people who are onboard this ship, surely they should have been really looking forward to this sight-seeing flight. By no means (should they have expected) something like this to happen……”
Kahyo bit her lip.
「すまない……」カカシは続けた。 「きみを責めるつもりはなかったんだ」
“I’m sorry….” Kakashi continued. “I did not intend to blame you.”
“No” Kahyo shook her head. “It’s natural to blame me”
There’s nothing…that I can do”
「草隠れの里を出る前に、この船を着陸させればいいのね?」華氷は顔を、決死の表情で染めた。 「だったら、気嚢を破りましょう」
“Before entering Kusagakure, should we make this ship land?” The colour and facial expression of Kahyo’s face indicated that she was prepared for death. “If that’s the case, then let’s destroy the air sac”

Pages 188-189

“It’ll be no good” Now, it was Kakashi’s turn to shake his head. Even if we create a hole in the air sac, the most we can do is jostle this ship in the air current.”
“I didn’t say such a thing like『Let’s create a hole』”
“I said 『Let’s destroy the air sac』”
Kakashi narrowed his eyes.
“In such a high-stakes and desperate situation, perhaps we should try it” Kahyo said so as determination swelled up in her huge eyes. “Because I don’t want anyone else to die anymore”

As Kahyo was speaking, Kakashi faced towards the stern of the ship. Across the scaffolding that was suspended in midair, there was an iron ladder. It’s the one that he had initially used to sneak aboard the Tobishachimaru in the propulsion component. He finally managed to reach the area. Because the pilothouse and the guest room gondola have both fallen down, the propellers in the propulsion component have stopped rotating. He climbs up the ladder and scaffolding that the workers typically use for maintenance inspections. From there, he was close to touching the air sac in the buoyancy component with his hand.

I have to do it.
If the Tobishachimaru continues to rise at the current rate, everyone will die anyway. No, before that, it will just arrive within the territorial airspace of Kusagakure because of the wind. As soon as that happens, we will be intercepted by the Tsuchikage. Even if we destroy the air sac, flames will suddenly surround us. Perhaps everyone will be burnt to death.
“Damned if I do, damned if I don’t?…”
The passengers have already taken refuge in the ship’s hold.
Taking a deep breath, and all together with a scream of fighting spirit, Kakashi hit the air sac with a kunai (that was charged with his) chakra.
“Gakinn!” (Boom!)
The edge of the kunai pierced the air sac. Sparks scattered.
Cracking with a ‘bachibachi’ noise, the small sounds tapped against his earlobes. The helium gas continued to vigorously spurt outwards.
And then (the situation became) just as he had feared.
It was the beginning of a small, red fire. Merely ten seconds later, it burned down the stern of the air sac.



Page 190

Gooooooo! (/Sound of flames bursting)
At once, the exterior layer of the air sac burst into flames. The blaze was swallowed into the air with a roar. In a flash, fire surrounded the entirely of the buoyancy component.
Simultaneously, the nose of the Tobishachimaru pointed towards the ground. The ship began to fall.
カカシは梯子を飛び降り、宙吊りの足場を駆け戻った。その頭上では、炎になめられた気嚢が、まるで神に消しゴムでもかけられているかのように、骨組みだけを残して、どん どん消えてなくなった。
Kakashi jumped off the ladder. He ran back onto the scaffolding that was suspended in mid-air. Overhead, the airsac was being licked by the flames. It was even as if it was beginning to be completely erased by a God. Only the skeleton remained as it gradually vanished.
The buoyancy was lost.
When he jumped into the kitchen, Kahyo had already finished her seals. She had unleashed a jutsu.
Hyouton: Jisarenhyou!
Even though that voice was erased by the wind, her jutsu seemed (to not be drowned out by the wind).
A large shock pushed up the falling hull of the ship.

Page 191

The Tobishachimaru jumped up for a moment. Subsequently, the ship dropped onto a plank of ice that was produced by Kahyo’s Jisarenhyou.
Due to that impact, another portion of the gondola crumbled apart.
While Kahyo activated the seals, she had a grim look on her face as she was concentrating on the jutsu. Since it was probably a great burden that was dependent upon her (will), (Kahyo’s) arms shivered and trembled. Her hair stood on end. From tightly (clamping her mouth shut), there was bloodshed from end of her mouth.
Because of the chakra embedded into the plank of ice, it seemed as though it was beginning to completely grow forth from the bottom of the Tobishachimaru. That path gradually continued to extend.
Beginning to plunge into the sea of clouds, they were forcibly spread apart with a ‘buwa’ (/whoosh) sound. (The clouds) engulfed the ship.
Every time the air current (attempted to derail) the ship, tentacles of ice forcibly restored the hull (back onto the plank of ice).
“I will make the ship land as it is…” Through the space between her gritted teeth, Kahyo pushed out her words.
“I will certainly make it succeed”
They could not see anything, aside from the single ashen colour from within the clouds.
Due to the sudden drop, their ears could not adjust to the change in atmospheric pressure. They gulped the saliva that they were holding within their mouths due to the tense situation. Closing up their ears, the air escaped. Then, the sound of the wind became distinctive.
In just under a minute, the air sac had become merely a skeleton. The remnants of the burning framework (was emitting) black smoke.


Ear clearing is actually a [thing] to equalize air pressure within your ears.

Pages 192-193

The fire should still have things to burn through, as though it could invade further and towards the front. Overhead Kakashi and Kahyo, there was nothing but blue flames and grey clouds.
As the Tobishachimaru continued to fall, it broke through the clouds. Each time the ship shook right or left, Kahyo produced guards of icicles in order to prevent it from slipping off the top of the plank.
The Tobishachimaru sustained serious damages. Steadily, the altitude continued to drop.
Then, they felt as though their bodies were gently floating.
For an instant, Kakashi’s body was practically floating in mid-air.
“What’s happening!?”
“There’s not enough moisture!” Kahyo shouted back. “There’s not enough moisture in order to produce ice!”
Peeking through below the torn kitchen flooring, (Kakashi saw that) the plank of ice that the Tobishachimaru was placed upon….had vanished. There were no longer even traces of it.
Far away below, the yellow ground stretched outwards. The mountains were an autumn colour. And then there were glittering and sparkling rivers that were flowing.
The Tobishachimaru lost it’s supportive ice. It was almost falling vertically.
As the altitude cut through 5,000 metres, (Kakashi) knew that the Tsuchikage would be impatiently waiting and come flying (towards them)
Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi were accompanied by Oonoki. They lined up at the Tobishachimaru.
“Oi! Kakashi, one way or another, it seems like this is it!” The Tsuchikage shouted. “If it’s just you guys, I can save you…Lady and Kakashi, jump (onto us)!”
Kakashi and Kahyo exchanged glances.
Kahyo nodded.
(That was the only thing he needed).
With just that, Kakashi understood that they both felt the same way.
「なにをやっとる!? さっさとせんなら、お前らごとその船を撃ち落とすしか。。。」
“What are you doing!? If you don’t (jump over) quickly, both of you might be shot down with the ship…”
が、 相手に最後までしゃべらせるほど、カカシは悠長ではなかった。
However, Kakashi deliberately did not let his comrades finish talking.
From Kahyo’s mouth, an ‘Ah!’ escaped with a surprised voice.
Suddenly thinking about whether or not to rush off, Kakashi kicked off from the torn floorboards. He leapt out of the ship.
His body fluttered in mid-air.
The wind tussled his silver hair. A strong will was dwelling within his eyes like ice.
“Alright, come!”

Pages 194-195

However, Kakashi jumped over Oonoki, who was leaning backwards. Kicking off Akatsuchi’s head with a ‘tonn’ sound, he jumped about again.
“Wha- What are you doing!”
“Kakashi!” Kahyo shouted after the Tsuchikage had also undauntedly yelled (at him).
Kakashi gathered all of his chakra into his right arm. “I will absolutely make it rain!”
“I will entrust the rest to you, Kahyo!”
Grandly drawing back his right arm, which was becoming incandescent to the extent that it was radiant, Kakashi struck the Shiden with all of his might into the rain clouds.
Dooooon! (Boom!)
With the excessive intensity, the clouds parted. For an instant, there was a glimpse of blue sky. It was (a tremendous force), to the extent that Kakashi himself was blown away by his own technique.
The Tsuchikage’s eyes widened.
カカシの全身からほとばしった雷は、まるで触手のように四方へのび出し、雨雲を貫く。 たちまち雷が雷を呼び、雨雲が寄り集まって、バチバチと放電をはじめた。
Lightning surged forth from Kakashi’s entire body. Completely as if they were tentacles, (the lightning) extended outwards in every direction and pierced through the rain clouds. Suddenly, the lightning invoked thunder. The rain clouds gathered, and began to cackle with a ‘bachibachi’ sound from the electrical discharge.
“It’s dangerous, Tsuchikage-sama!” Akatsuchi yelled. “Quickly, hide within my shadow!”
“That’s needless help!” Oonoki yelled in a thunderous voice. “Seriously, the people of Konoha behave recklessly…”
The rainclouds roared with thunder with a ‘gorogoro’ sound. ..Flashes of lightning crashed with a slamming ‘pishaa’ sound. A large maple tree on the ground split in half.
“Kurotsuchi! Save that idiot!”
土影の命令に従って、気を失って落下してゆくカカシを、黒ツチが即座に追いかける。 降りだした雨の最初のひと粒が、黒ツチの頬に当たった。
In accordance with the Tsuchikage’s command, Kurotsuchi immediately pursued after Kakashi. He was falling and had lost consciousness. There was one bead of rain at the onset of the downpour. It struck Kurotsuchi on the cheeks of his face.
He seemed to have lost consciousness considerably (for quite some time), however, he had actually only lost consciousness for about a few seconds.
Cold rain fell upon his face. Kakashi then opened his half-closed eyes
.Just then, a huge shadow flew right before his eyes.



Pages 196-197

Kakashi opened his eyes. Within the torn gondola, (he could see) the figure of Kahyo, who was frantically making seals.
The rain down poured incessantly. Having invoked Jisarenhyou, now the bottom of the Tobishachimaru had changed into wreckage. (Kahyo) continued to make crystals of ice.
船底からのび出した氷の結晶は、 天空に輝く白銀の滑り台をどんどん継ぎ足していった。
The crystals of ice extended forth from the bottom of the ship. A sparkling silver slide gradually extended into the sky.
Gliding on top of that was the Tobishachimaru.
As soon as the ship passed through, the tracks steadily broke apart. (The ice) glistened with radiance in mid-air. It seemed as if the Tobishachimaru had become something like a comet.
If there was something to be called a ‘Stairway to Heaven’…
A thunderous roar resounded as the Tobishachimaru continued to slide. As Kakashi was seeing it off, he absentmindedly thought (about the ‘Stairway to Heaven’). He pondered such a thing. Surely, he thought that a (‘Stairway to Heaven’) would have such a feeling.
The sky was full of pale crystals of ice. They were drifting about without a sound.
「こいつ、眼が覚めたようだぜ」耳元で声がした。 「どうする、じじい?」
“It seems as though this guy awoke” (Kakashi) heard a voice close to his ears. “What should we do, old man?”
Kakashi was being carried on Kurotsuchi’s shoulder.
「こいつは、本気で死ぬつもりだったようじゃぜ」土影が言った。「どうもこうもあるか。 あの厄介な船は、どうやらワシらの里へは落ちてこん。じゃったら、こんなところに用はないぜ」
“It seemed as though this guy intended to die” The Tsuchikage said. “We had no other choice. It seems as though that burdensome ship won’t fall into our village. And so, we have no business in such a place”
「あっ」と 、赤ツチが素っ頓狂な声をあげた。「鬼燈城から、 なんか飛んでくるだに」
“Ah” Akatsuchi raised his hysteric voice. “Something is flying towards us from the Houzukijyou”
Sai silently approached Kurotsuchi with his large bird.
The Tsuchikage nodded. “Arayotto” (/’Off you go!) said Kurotsuchi. She tossed Kakashi onto the back of the bird.
“Tell Tsunade-hime that the victorious feeling will also steadily end. Even we will gradually hand over our ways, in due time, to the next generation”
After imparting only those words, Oonoki flew away.
Then for the first time, Kakashi noticed that they were considerably approaching the ground. Overlooking (the scene), white smoke was rising from the courtyard of the Houzukijyou. The human beings were wriggling like ants.
Surrounding the castle was a spacious meadow. The Tobishachimaru slid down and onto it. Seasons had passed through the meadow of the Houzukijyou. A dense cloud of dust fluttered about.
The Tobishachimaru slid on top of the grass. And then, the ship leaned forward. It then stood still.
The commotion was on the side of the castle. Immediately, a figure of a small person rushed out from the castle gates. It came running towards the Tobishachimaru. That figure seemed to be Sakura.
On the South side of the castle, intense battles were being fought. A whirlwind arose, which blew away the escaped prisoners one by one. There was no mistaking (that attack), it was Lee’s Konoha Senpuu.

Pages 198-199

城の中庭で伸び縮みしている影を見て、シカマルが踏ん張っているのだと分かった。 収監者たちをなぎ倒してゆく大きな球は、チョウジの肉弾戦車だ。
In the courtyard of the castle, he saw an expanding and contracting shadow. He understood that to be Shikamaru, who was bracing himself. A large ball continuously mowed down the escaped prisoners. It was Chouji’s Nikudansensha.
Dashing on a straight path leading up to the castle, (Kakashi thought that) they must be Tsunade and Shizune.
There were Shino’s insects, Tenten’s ninja weaponry, Kiba and Akamaru…Gazing at such comrades, something hot began to well up inside Kakashi’s chest. It couldn’t be helped.
As the Tsuchikage had said, it will gradually be time for us to inherit those ways.
At this time within Kakashi, a definitive change occurred.
Since I lost the Sharingan, I suppose I was using that as in excuse to escape from being in the position of Hokage, right?
Suddenly, he thought of that in such a manner.
火影になるということは、守るべき者たちが増えるということだ。つまり、いつ何時、 オビトを失ったときのような悲しみに襲われるか、分からない。オレは、そんな悲しみを背負う覚悟を、まだ持てていないと思い込んでいた。
Speaking of becoming the Hokage, the number of people I must protect will increase. In other words, at any given moment, I will not know when I will be attacked by sorrow; (Grief) that will be similar to the time as when I lost Obito. I will be resigned to being burdened with such sorrows. I was under the impression that I was still unable to endure (those feelings of sadness).
里の仲間たちは、いま、この瞬間にも、黙っておたがいを支えているのだ。まるで朝が来たら眼が覚めるみたいに、当たり前の顔をして。ナルト、綱手様、シカマル、いの、ガイ、リー、テンテン、チョウジ、サクラ、サイ、ヒナタ、シズネ、イルカ、シノ、キバ 。。。
As for the comrades of the village, even now at this moment, they are silently supporting one another. It’s as if morning is approaching, and they are seemingly awakening (to the sunrise); they make (supporting one another) look (like a natural instinct). Naruto, Tsunade-sama, Shikamaru, Ino, Guy, Lee, Tenten, Chouji, Sakura, Sai, Hinata, Shizune, Iruka, Shino, Kiba…
…Everyone’s faces successively flashed across Kakashi’s mind.
And so, for such comrades and Konohagakure Village, I thought that I was proud of them from the bottom of my heart.
And so, Kakashi thought: If those guys need me, then I will swallow all of their collective sorrow. That seems right, (like a natural instinct). And then I will writhe in sorrow with them, together.
Speaking of becoming the Hokage, perhaps that’s (the meaning behind) such a (position).


No obvious shoutout for Sasuke? ;__;’;~~

当たり前の顔= “Natural/ordinary+ face/countenance”, but it made less sense in English on context if I left it literally… so I have “Natural instinct”. Like an intuitive reaction to something, or a usual task.

This last section was an absolute killer to try and fit it all into comprehensible English…and yet I still think it’s semi-awkward OTL~~~ It was quite the strugglebus to attempt to retain the original meanings without sacrificing the nuances too much.

//End Translation

//End of Chapter 13

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