Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 1

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As always, Naruto held a porcelain bowl of ramen, suddenly popping his (head) out of Ichiraku.
「カカシ先生! カカシ先生!」
“Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei!”
いっぽう、カカシのほうは、ナルトと会いたい気分で はなかった。 少なくとも、いまは。
On the other hand, from Kakashi’s perspective, Kakashi did not feel like seeing Naruto. At least, not for now.
And so, he began leafing through his favourite book. ..”[Icha-Icha Tactics] Besides, in the third chapter, the book had the part with the most “Icha-Icha”in the series, [“Shut up and come along with me”]…
Kakashi was pretending to be immersed in his reading, trying to (ignore Naruto’s comments) and let them go past him.
“Kakashi-sensei ‘tebayo!”
And yet despite that, for a guy like Naruto, he wasn’t the kind of person who understood the sentiments of another person, no matter what.
「なんだよ、さっきからずっと呼んでたんだぞ……まだ耳 が遠くなる歳じゃねェだろ」
“What’s wrong? I kept calling out to you from a while ago…You’re still not old enough to be going deaf, right?”
「ん? …ああ、ナルトか」
“Mm? Ahh, Naruto?”
In Kakashi’s mind, he sighed.
「いや、すまん、すまん……本に夢中で、気がつかなかっ たんだ…おっ!義手ができたのか?」
“No, I’m sorry, sorry…I was in a daze from the book, so I didn’t notice…Oh! How is your prosthetic arm doing?”
「なーんか、まだしっくりこねェけど 」
“Well, something about it still doesn’t feel right, but…”

Translator Notes:

he wasn’t the kind of person who understood the sentiments of another person, no matter what.

It should be “Kakashi wasn’t the kind of person who xxxx”. Above meaning that Naruto is among the other people who don’t seem to understand Kakashi’s feelings regarding not becoming Hokage right away. It shouldn’t be interpreted as that he doesn’t understand other people’s emotions at all. Naruto is like everyone else who’s a bit confused by Kakashi’s actions for now. So Kakashi doesn’t understand those kinds of people who are pressuring him~

イチャイチャ//Icha-Icha= Flirting, making-out

黙ってオレについてこい//”Shut up and come along with me” is sort of like a crude and archaic kind of “proposal”from a rough guy, never to be used IRL! Oh myyy Jiraiya.

まだ耳 が遠くなる歳じゃねェだろ//The comment about Kakashi’s hearing was literally like “ (You’re) not at the age when you’re (supposed) to be hard of hearing”. Except that was weirder to phrase.

義手ができたのか?//“How is your prosthetic arm doing?”= Was literally “Can your artificial arm do (that)? That’s obviously not natural so it was made more colloquial.

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As Naruto was talking, he awkwardly opened and closed the chopsticks that he was holding in his right hand.
“Well, I wasn’t asking for too much –tebayo”
“Ah, I see.”
Besides that, Kakashi-sensei, you still haven’t had the inauguration ceremony?”
「え?」 ほーら、きたよ。
“Eh?” Kakashi stepped closer.
“Well, as for me, I’m poor at that sort of thing”
Nowadays Kakashi was asked that question wherever he went, and he would shrink back a little bit.
Certainly, (Kakashi) had made up his mind that he would become Hokage.
However, as for himself, Kakashi thought that he wasn’t at the expected ability to be Hokage. After the inauguration ceremony was completed, he could not back out of it anymore. Now that the Fourth Great Ninja World War had ended, there was no need to hurriedly become the next Hokage, right? Kakashi kept thinking about it in that manner.
「火影岩だって、もうできてんだぞ」ナルトは、新しい右手を不器用に使って、ラーメンを ズズズッとすすった。
“But what about the Hokage Monument, it’s already completed” (/with Kakashi’s face). Using his new right hand clumsily, Naruto (noisily) slurped the ramen.
“But everyone else is paying attention to it too…Firstly, who is the Hokage? It’s not clear (whether it’s you or Tsunade). You’re setting a bad example to the other villages –tebayo. That’s the point of the inauguration, right?”

Translator Notes:

贅沢は言ってらんねェってばよ= Literally it’s like “I wouldn’t call it a luxury”, but the usage of the expression is sorta like “Without asking for too much (in return for xxx)”but not quite like settling for it like“I wasn’t expecting that much of it”. The point is that Naruto is being grateful that it’s functional.

はああいうことが苦手だからな= Can also mean like “I dislike things like that”or the feelings like“I’m bad at that stuff”. Basically Kakashi is saying he’s just not that into doing the Hokage official business just yet.

火影になる決心はした = Determined (mentally) to become Hokage. Colloquially like “to make up one’s mind”

気にしてた carries a negative connotation. Like people are worried or anxiously conscious that even though Kakashi’s face is on the cliff, he’s not actually the Hokage yet.

[Page 5 & 6 ]

“Because Tsunade-sama is still in good health. And as for me…”
“As for Tsunade-baachan (/granny), she’s already unsuitable –tebayo.”
Naruto bluntly stated such an outrageous and unthinkable thing.
“Because of the recent war, Tsunade was on the verge of death. How should I put it, I mean there’s some kinds of work that she isn’t putting forth her best effort (/is enthused) into doing”.
“…Is that so?”
「昼間っから酒飲んだり、ふらっといなくなったかと思っ たら、賭場で大ゲンカしてみたり……たぶん、あれだな、 あの戦争で老いってやつを実感しちゃったんじゃねェ の?」
“I think if she’s aimlessly gone during the day, she drinks sake, probably…at the gambling places trying to start quarrels. This war for her at an old age, didn’t (you) realize it?”
Naruto roared with laughter.
「ほら、どうせならパーッといっちゃえ、みたいな?」が、カカシは笑うどころではない。それというのも、 ナルトの背後にただならぬ黒い殺気を察知したからだ。
“ Hey, why did you have to say that so enthusiastically?”It was no laughing matter to Kakashi. After saying that, from behind Naruto, there was a sense of an extraordinary black thirst for blood.
“Well… Tsunade-baachan is also already somewhat of a good age, but it’s understandable that she’s gradually going towards a old age for retirement soon, to enjoy herself”
“Eh…Err, is that so?”
ますます大きくなってゆく殺気に、カカシはしどろも どろになった。
The thirst for blood continued to increase on a grand scale. Kakashi became flustered.
「つ、綱手様はまだまだお若いと思うぞ、うん、オレは そう思うなあ!」
“Tsu…Tsunade-sama, I think she’s still young. Yeah. I really think so!”

Translator Notes:

ダメ= is like “no good”, “useless”, hopeless. Naruto is basically saying that Tsunade isn’t fit for the role of Hokage anymore, so I have “unsuitable” because it seems to capture that a bit better. I explained the nuance for this section [HERE] because apparently people are taking it far out of context. Naruto is speaking in a joking manner, a light tone. He is not saying it seriously or maliciously as anti-fans are claiming~ So please read my [T/N] about the nuance~

どうせならパーッといっちゃえ、みたいな?= is literally like “You might as well go all-out if you’re trying to say something like that”sarcastically. It didn’t capture the rage very well, so my version sounds more like berating Naruto.

笑うどころではない= to be far from laughing, being too caught up in the moment to even think about laughing. It got clunky to me, so I have it to mean more like, “It’s not something to joke about”

殺気= thirst for blood, bloodlust, seething in anger

[Page 7 & 8 ]

「どこが! 遠目には分かんねェかもしんねェけど、近くで見たら、顔なんか細かいしわだらけなんだぞ」
“To what extent? Although from far away, you don’t know or care about it, but if you look up close, her face is covered in fine wrinkles”
(Kakashi’s thoughts) Just please keep your mouth shut about it!
「おまっ…そういうことは、あまり大きな声で」ナルトがいらないことを言うたびに、殺気はゴゴゴゴ と大きくなった。
“Well, speaking of which, with an excessively loud voice…” Naruto did not even need to talk about it. The thirst for blood continued to grow even worse.
“Why are you so flustered, Kakashi-sensei?”
Two glaring eyes were shining from behind Naruto. Only Naruto did not notice them.
「大きなじゃ言えねェが、最近、怒りっぽいんだよなあ ……物忘れもひどいし…」
“ Well, I can’t talk with a loud voice then. Lately, she’s been hot-tempered (/irritable)… Her forgetfulness is horrible too.”
(Kakashi’s thoughts) This guy is dead.
カカシは目を閉じたので、ナルトの頭に綱手の拳骨がめり込むところは見ていない。 しかし、ゴンッ!というシャレにならない音は、いやでも耳に入った。
As Kakashi closed his eyes, he didn’t watch when Tsunade’s fist sunk into Naruto’s head. However, Bam! The sound was no joke, whether or not he wanted to, Kakashi heard it.
“Who has horrible forgetfulness!”
綱手の怒号が響き渡っ た。
Tsunade’s angry bellow echoed.
「怒りっぽいのは、 お前が怒らせるからだろうが!」
”As for being irritable, it’s probably because you provoked me!”
日を開けると、 頭にでっかいたんこぶをこさえたナルトが、地面に倒れ伏していた。
As Kakashi was opening his eyes,he saw that Naruto now had a huge lump on his head. He had fallen down on the ground.

Translator Notes:

どこが= Where, but the usage here is like “How far/long” or “To what extent”.

たのむから、もうそのロを閉じてくれ!= “By (my) request (/I’m begging you), please close (/shut) your mouth already.”Like a more polite way of Kakashi thinking “SHUT IT, NARUTO.”

ゴゴゴゴ= Gogogogo, like the SFX of something ominously looming.

大きなじゃ言えねェが= I’m not sure if the second time Naruto means that he can’t talk about Tsunade’s booming voice, or just that he shouldn’t be saying his criticisms of Tsunade in such a loud voice. I think it’s the latter.

The SFX is ゴンッ// “Gonn”but I think you can substitute it with any other English punching noise.

[Page 9 & 10 ]

As Tsunade glared after startling both of them, Kakashi’s voice cracked.
“I..I think Tsunade-sama is still suitably young enough…”
“You still haven’t decided on a fixed date for your inauguration ceremony? “
「ためらうのは、よく分かる」 綱手が表情を和らげた。
“ That hesitation, I understand it as well”Tsunade’s facial expression softened.
“Because I felt that way too”
「火影ともなると、 これまでのように気ままに暮らしてはいけん」
“In becoming the Hokage, you can’t live as you wish, like as the way things were before. “
Tsunade nodded her chin at Naruto, pointing out that he had fallen on the ground.
“Also sooner or later for this idiot, (Naruto) won’t be able mess around and just enjoy himself.”
Kakashi silently listened as Tsunade was speaking.
「六代日はお前しかいない」 綱手が言った。
“The Rokudaime Hokage is no one else, but only you.” Tsunade said.
「ナルトはたしかに強くなったが、見てのとおり、まだ火影の器ではない。それに、お前は五影会談のときも、 火影になる決心を固めていたではないか」
“Naruto certainly became strong, but as you can see, he’s still not yet at the caliber of a Hokage. Besides, also at the Gokage Conference, wasn’t the decision already solidified for you to become the Hokage?”
“Because at that time, I still had the Sharingan”
“Since I lost the Sharingan, I also lost the usage of Raikiri…”

Translator Notes:

I think ギ口リ is supposed to be ぎくり, to be startled.

声が裏返る= “Voice turned inside-out”. It means like it switched into like a falsetto squeak. I think the English equivalent is more like when a voice breaks.

I think the Gokage conference that they are referring to is the one after the Pein arc, where Kakashi is almost named Hokage after Danzou died, but then Tsunade woke up before the appointment.

It says 雷切 and the given furigana here as “Raikiri”, not “Chidori”.


[Page 11 & 12 ]

“For Raikiri, it’s because I had kinetic vision of the Sharingan. That’s why I could complete the jutsu. If I become the Hokage as I am now, I wonder how could I protect Konoha? That’s what I thought about.”
“I’m sorry, Tsunade-sama…about this discussion. Please wait until this current mission has ended.”
(Kakashi’s thoughts) “You will be the Rokudaime Hokage, Kakashi…” He recalled from Obito’s voice. After that, Kakashi was given the Sharingan as a present.
What am I hesitating for? In his head, Kakashi clicked his tongue.
写輪眼は、もともと期限付きで貸してもらったようなもんじゃないか……ああ、オレはたぶん、 写輪眼に頼りすぎていたんだろうな。
As for the Sharingan, from the beginning, it was lent to me for a limited time, wasn’t it?…Ahh, As for me, probably, I was overly dependent upon the Sharingan.
「飛鯱丸の警備だったな」 綱手が話題を変えた。
“He was a guard of Tobishachimaru right?” Tsunade changed the subject.
“Are there enough people?”
“ Probably at the last minute, and just barely enough personnel. This year, since they’re on duty within Houzukijyou, Team Guy and Shikamaru’s Team 10 have been all over there. “
“Houzukijyou…but they should quickly decide on a new lord for the castle.”
“As for a master like Mui, they probably won’t discover someone like him too often for the role”

Translator Notes:

動体視力= “moving body eyesight”. Though I had to look it up on Weblio because this compound word wasn’t used in the manga. Dictionary says “dynamic vision” or “kinetic vision”. Kakashi means the ability to foresee counterattacks.

So there’s new names here and it gets awkward if you don’t remember Blood Prison. This is what is given in the Furigana.鬼燈城= ほおずきじょう= Houzukijyou= Blood Prison=“Demon Lantern Castle”. And 無為=Mui. You can read up about them on the Wikia [here] and [Here] to refresh yourself on Blood Prison.

New name: 飛鯱丸= とびしゃちまる= Tobishachimaru. The online reader has it a bit blurry whether or not it’s bi (び) or pi (ぴ), but more likely bi.

I realize it gets a bit murky at the end, and TBH I don’t remember the plot of Blood Prison enough to distinctly know about these characters anymore. But since this is the beginning of the novel, the book will probably clarify and go over about them more thoroughly in detail later.

You’ll see in the next section, there’s some background to it that sort of recaps the movie.

[Page 13 & 14 & 15 (END of Excerpt)]

Several years beforehand, by Konohagakure and Kumogakure (Cloud)’s joint strategies, Houzukijyou was annihilated. Before the castle was restored, and the prisoners were controlled using the so-called Tenrou no Hijutsu (/Sky Prison secret jutsu) by the lord of the castle, Mui. In the midst of employing that strategy, he lost his life. Since then, Konoha, Suna (Sand), Kumo (Cloud), Iwa (Rock) and Kiri (Mist), have taken turns to send out prison guards.
“For Naruto, since it is necessary that he protects the village, this time Jounin colleagues will accompany me (on the mission). Well, (as we’re) only the ceremonial guards, there should not be any problems. Even if the ship flies, it’s still our duty.”
“Which reminds me, didn’t Guy say that he wanted to do this mission?…With that sort of leg, he shouldn’t say such things.”
“As usual for Guy, he only wants to see a flying ship”said Kakashi.
“If it’s Guy, he might just depart for Nami no Kuni (Wave Country) in his wheelchair.”
“A flying ship…it’s an extraordinary story, isn’t it? As for now, it seems that the existence of Tobishachimaru is a secret to foreign countries, however…”
「ええ、すぐに知れ渡るでしょうね。そうなったら、各国がこぞってそれぞれの隠れ里に依頼して、波の国から 飛鯱丸の技術を盗もうとするでしょう」
“Ehh, it will be widely known immediately. If (the information about it leaks), it will be unanimously requested by every village of each nation. They will all try to steal the technology of Tobishachimaru from Nami no Kuni (Wave Country).
つまり、とカカシは心の中で、付け加えた。大空の利権を巡って、また忍どうしの騙し合い, 殺し合いがはじまるんだろな。
Briefly, in Kakashi’s mind, he gathered his thoughts together. Concerning the permits of the heavens and how fellow shinobi deceive one another, joint murders will probably begin (over the rights to the sky).

Translator Notes:

I thought the Blood Prison was supposed to be in草隠れの里 (Kusagakure, Grass Country) based on the movie, but it seems that it’s actually in the Wave Country, or they switched which village owned it since then.

I’m slightly confused about お役目ごめんですし because it thought it was dismissal from duty.

The Wikia has [Heavenly Prison No Jutsu] as an entry. I’m not sure if the one that they are talking about here is the same one from the movie. It seems so.

I have no insight about this flying ship thing. The book will probably go over it later …If you’re confused, I’m right there with you, lol~

Recall that 飛鯱丸= とびしゃちまる= Tobishachimaru, The kanji is made up of “Flying” + “Orca (/killer whale)”. The ending –maru is a suffix for names of a ship. [Jisho] tells me that 鯱 can also be a“mythical carp with the head of a lion and the body of a fish (auspicious protectors of well-being)”. So imagine a flying majestic, but awkward-bodied whale? This seems to be the name of the flying ship itself.

付け加えた= adding one thing to another. But Kakashi is just putting his ideas together like how we say “Putting two and two together”

Basically, Kakashi concluded that shinobi will try to take advantage of the technology for evil if it falls into their hands. People will try to rule the sky with it, pretty much.

End of Translation

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