Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 1.2

Pages 20 and 21

The Rokudaime Hokage Kakashi was sitting at his desk. He was wearing (the formal) Hokage attire in addition to his hat.
“Sakura, a while ago we were just testing the waters about that matter. However, we received an answer from Suna (/The Sand). It seems that the other side will be okay with it at any time.”
Sakura’s face was sparkling. Kakashi was grinning and laughing.
「いのと二人で行ってきたら?あの子も結構手伝ってくれたんでしょ?」 と続ける。
“With Ino, will the two of you go to them? That young lady was also wonderfully assisting you, right? “ Kakashi continued.
“Yes, we will!”
It had been one week since they received (reports about) the efficacy of “The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic” . She had been working together with Ino (on the department). Sakura had been summoned to the office of the Hokage.
As for the current status of “The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic”, Sakura also wanted to convey (it’s success) to their ally, Sunagakure Village. In addition, she had previously petitioned Kakashi (to do so).
Because of the stresses of the great war, there were children whose hearts and minds were wounded (by the situation). There ought to be (children who were suffering) aside from the ones from within Konoha.
If that’s the case, with the prepared infrastructure of the mental healthcare clinic, and in addition to it’s rising effectiveness within Konoha, then (their work should also be applicable to) other villages. As for other villages, it would surely be exceedingly useful (to their children).
“This helpful system hasn’t been shared with everyone, right? So steadily instruct them (about our advances).”
“Yes. Even from Kakashi-sensei, I truly received help (from you) with this matter. However, please devise something for accommodating the budget…”


打診されてた is to get a feel for someone else’s intentions or opinions about something. Colloquially in English, it’s more like “testing out the waters”.

Pages 22 and 23

「元教え子が頑張ってんだから、 俺としてもなんか手伝いたいじゃない。それにまあ…… 心の傷が厄介なもんだってことは、 俺もわかってるからね」
“Because you’re my former student, I also want to assist you somehow, right? Even so….It’s because I even understand that mental trauma is a burdensome thing, right?”
As Kakashi spoke, he nodded a bit.
“I will entrust the itinerary for the business trip at Suna to you and Ino. Take care, and I’ll see you later.”
Sakura left the office of the Hokage.
It took four days (of travel time) until (they can arrive) at Sunagakure village. While thinking of the shinobi weaponry and equipment needed for the journey, Sakura (also realized that she) also had to organize the documents once again. Leaving the Hokage residence, Sakura walked while pondering this and that (in preparation for the mission). A little bit ahead of her, she could see the figure of Sai. On the back of his mission clothes, he was carrying a huge scroll.
“Sai!” Sakura called out to him. He then approached her with “Yo!”
“Are you also on an errand for Kakashi-sensei?”
Sai listened and responded with a “Mm- Yup.” Sai reciprocated with a somewhat half-hearted answer.
“As for you, Sakura, were you taking care of some business at the office of the Hokage?”
On the opposite side of her, Sai asked Sakura again (about her work). Sakura told him about her business trip to Sunagakure.
“I see, so you’re going to Suna. In that case, you had better diligently keep your skin hydrated, since it’s arid there.”
Sakura nodded to Sai’s advice.
“It’s fine. I’ll be carrying a proper moisturizer. Because as for me, that sort of thing is even within the strength of a woman”.
“Is that so? But as for you, Sakura, rather than the strength of a woman, (I get the) impression that you have physical strength instead. (So be sure that you) don’t crush the bottle of moisturizer with your bare hands, okay?”
Sai was smiling sweetly while saying those kinds of words. While Sakura was also smiling at him, she responded back to him:
“Then how about I shut up that mouth of yours with my physical strength?”
(“That’s so unnecessary… That’s too terrifying”)
Even a bit afraid of the situation, and without saying anything else, Sai then started to walk towards the office of the Hokage. Indeed, Sakura was wryly smiling.
(〜Page Break・Scene Change〜)
(〜Page Break・Scene Change〜)
“You summoned for me, right?”
Sai spoke as he stood in front of the desk.
「悪いな、急に呼び出して」 カカシは手にしていたファイルを閉じた。
“Sorry for suddenly summoning you” Kakashi closed the file that he was holding in his hand.
「いえ。でも、ボクに個人的に頼みたいことというのは……? なにか任務ですか?」
“No (it’s not a problem at all). But what did you want to personally request from me…? Is it some sort of mission?”


Sai fearfully backpedals from his accidental back-handed compliment with “怖い怖い”, which is “Scary, scary” literally (telling Sakura that her proposition is dreadful). It doesn’t make much sense as an expression in English, so in that sense I had to give him a more colloquial(?) English response…I tried to, anyway… OTL.

Pages 24 and 25

“Mhm. Well, a mission is a mission, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a formal thing”
“What do you mean?”
Sai narrowed his eyes a little.
“It’s something that I want you to investigate. However, I want you to work on this alone.”
“What will I be investigating?”
Kakashi nodded and then continued.
One week ago, the daimyo came to recuperate at the village’s onsen. Do you know about the incident when they were attacked by someone?”
“Yes…I heard that while the daimyo were soaking in the hot water, a kunai was flung close to them.”
“Well, it might be fine that the damage itself was zero. The daimyo were also unharmed. However, on that very day, ANBU were surrounding the perimeter of the onsen where the daimyo had arrived. They were spread out and strictly guarding the vicinity. Even if a single kunai was thrown, it wouldn’t have been a simple feat to do (under their watchful eyes).
And then, Kakashi continued.
“After all, this event was just a few days ago. For one thing, at the village’s practice grounds, Homura-sama from the Honorable Council came to inspect and express his opinions on it. He was escorted by two shinobi, but they were attacked by a hoodlum.”
“I didn’t know about this incident”
Since Homura-sama hated making this into an important matter, he wouldn’t (speak of it) so openly.”
“But isn’t it disquieting? Since a high executive of the country was attacked?”
“In addition, (these incidents) were done in succession”
“(Would you like for me to) investigate these two incidents?”
「そ。まあ、事件が二つで終わるのか、三つめがあるのか、二つの事件は同一犯なのか、 それとも別個のものなのか、とにかくそこら辺ひっくるめて全部お前に調べてほしいわけ」
“Yes. Well, those two events have concluded. If there is a third one, then it might be the perpetrators of the other two incidents. Or it might be another person. Anyhow, I want you to investigate everything, including the circumstances of those incidents.
Kakashi (finished) speaking.
Sai then inquired:
“What about the ANBU? Why aren’t they being mobilized?”
「動いてるよ、 もちろん。だけど、個人的に探索の糸を一本垂らしておきたいなと思って。 それでお前に」
“Of course, they’ve been mobilized. However, I thought that I wanted to personally suspend a thread within the investigation. That would be you. ”
“Understood. I will immediately work (on this matter).”
“I’m sorry”
「ナルトやサクラと一緒に動かなくていいですか?そのほうが調査の効率も上がる……いや、 ナルトはこういうのは苦手かな」
“Is it fine if Naruto and Sakura work together with me? In that respect, they will raise the efficiency of the investigation…No, I think Naruto would be bad at this sort of thing. ”


A daimyo is a feudal lord

An onsen is a hot spring~

Referring to [Mitokado Homura], one of the elder and upper village counselors.

Pages 26 and 27

「わかりてるじゃない」 カカシは笑った。
“I understand, alright?” Kakashi laughed.
“Because that guy is unsuitable for such a group mission. Besides, Sakura is Sakura. She is doing something right now. “
“That reminds me, I met her on my way coming here. Something about going on a business trip to Suna?”
「そうそう。だから今は、とりあえずサイ一人で動いてよ。そのほうが目立たないと思う し」
“Mmhmm. That’s why this time, for the time being Sai, you’ll have to work alone. I think that you won’t be conspicuous”
“Please proceed with caution”
As Kakashi said so, his facial expression tightened.
“ I feel that this doesn’t seem to be a mere prank, nor is it (a typical) violent perpetrator.”
“Is that your intuition, sensei?”
“Yes. It’s a surprising perception, right?”
“I’ll work carefully. But sensei, please be on guard, alright?”
“Even me?”
It’s because the high executives of the country were attacked. It wouldn’t even be strange if the Rokudaime Hokage were to be attacked next”
“It certainly seems plausible. I’ll be on guard.”
While Kakashi nodded, (he thought to himself)
―― But it’ll be fine if they might be hurriedly aiming for me
He thought about that for an instant.

//End Translation

//Section 2 completed.

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