Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3「天空の襲撃」 Sky Raid (“Attack of the Sky”)


Pages 3+4

Guy begins to complain that it’s irritating how they weren’t faster, and how the shinobi should have already been apprehended. Guy urges Kakashi to hurry up as he pushes his wheelchair through the scaffolding that’s hanging in midair, and pass by a warehouse. Guy attempts to get Kakashi hyped:

そのあいだ、ガイは 一秒たりとも黙っていなかった。
Meanwhile, Guy wasn’t shutting up for even a second.
「どうした、 カカシ? スピードが落ちてるぞ!それでも木ノ葉の忍か、貴様!」
“What’s wrong, Kakashi? (Your) speed is slowing down! But yet, (you’re) a Konoha shinobi? You ******!”
“To you, (it’s as if you) were really healed”
“You too, let (your) feverish hot-bloodedness boil!…”

[T/N] I bleeped out “Kisama”…you can pick your own expletive.

Kakashi notes that Guy clearly doesn’t understand the irony of the situation. They abandon the wheelchair in the kitchen. Firstly, Kakashi boosts Guy up and into the ventilation duct. He then jumps up himself. The two of them proceed to crawl through the duct.

Pages 5+6

As Guy proceeded first, and solely by arm strength, he was gradually advancing forward.
そういえば、こいつは左足スクワットだけじゃなく、腕立て伏せも、バカみたいに一日中やってたな。。。前を行くガイを見ながら、カカシは思った。まったく、お前のド根性には癒されるよ、 ガイ。
Speaking of which, this guy wasn’t only doing left leg squats, but also push-ups; doing them like an idiot throughout the day… Kakashi thought (about this) while viewing Guy as he was ahead (of him). Indeed, it was your utter gutsiness (/sheer will-power) that had healed you, Guy.
Arriving at the ceiling above the dining room lounge, Guy suddenly stopped. Because of that, Kakashi’s face was thrust into Guy’s buttocks.
“Don’t abruptly stop…”
Guy gestured with his finger to Kakashi.

From the lattice grid cover in the ceiling, they overlooked the lounge. Next to the lattice grid cover, a large chandelier is dangling. At the corner of the lounge, there is a white grand piano. There’s a neat arrangement of sofa and tables, and even an alcohol bar near the window. They wonder what the shinobi are up to. There are several shinobi who are gaining control of the passengers. They are thrusting kunai at the passengers, jeering, and prodding them in order to gather up them one by one.


Yes, Kakashi’s face just plunged into Gai’s ass…(This was a 2chan spoiler, but the context was much …milder than they said it would be. I expected worse, lol~)

Pages 7+8

困惑した老若男女は、まるで羊のように追い立てられ、 ラウンジの真ん中に集められた。 小さな子供が、母親の腰にしがみついて、シクシク泣いている。 文句を言った男が、忍に殴り倒された。
The confused men and women of all ages were completely driven like sheep. They were gathered at the center of the lounge. A small child was clinging to his mother’s waist, weeping in sorrow. A man who complained was knocked out by a shinobi.
“How many are there?” Kakashi was listening keenly.
“From where I am, six…no, seven people”
“Are the two people from a while ago also there?”
“I don’t know” Now, Guy was listening.
“How many are concealed jounin from Konoha?”
“There are three (of them)”

Before Guy finishes speaking, the jounin move. One of them is disguised as a passenger, and jumps up from the crowd. He hurls kunai from both hands at the enemy shinobi. Two of the enemy shinobi suddenly collapse. Glancing towards the screaming, which is beneath the splendid chandelier, there’s a different jounin crossing swords with the enemy. Since a counterattack from the passengers was unexpected, the enemy shinobi simultaneously get riled up. Because of their good aim with shuriken, several passengers collapse. A jounin who was kicked by an enemy shinobi gets blown into the group of passengers. A man with a large-build from the center of the lounger barks and asks what a fellow shinobi, 華氷 (Kahyo), is doing.

Pages 9+10

It seems like that man is the leader, who’s wearing deep blue clothing and chain mail with a beard. Kakashi keeps Kahyo’s name in mind. The third jounin jumps from the grand piano, both hands grasping tightly on kunai, and leaps at the leader. The man draws out a long sword that is concealed beneath his overcoat, accepting the jounin’s challenge. Both of them do not carelessly use ninjutsu, probably since they are 5,000 metres above the ground in the sky. If they make a wrong move and damage the hull of the ship, they can’t avoid a huge disaster. The jounin from Konoha and the leader of the enemy group clash and sparks fly from the kunai. Guy says that he and Kakashi should go aid them. Kakashi asks what he can do with that body, and to listen up and wait for a second. Kakashi feels an unpleasant uneasiness and apprehension. He had an impulse to want to rush to the aid of his comrades, but suppressed it. Immediately, he understood why. It’s about Kahyo: There might still be a trump card for the enemy among the passengers.


華氷 (Kahyo)’s name is composed of “Flower” and “Ice”.

There are no jutsu names specified and the jounin are not given names. It wasn’t very interesting to translate~

Pages 11+12

And thus, that intuition was right.
最初の兆しは、ガイの口元に現れた。カカシを急き立てる声が、白くかすみだしたのだ。呼気が自い。それに気づくと同時 に、船内の温度が急激に下がるのを感じた。 ラウンジの戦いに眼を戻すと、味方の忍たちの動きが止まって いた。
The onset of symptoms appeared at Guy’s mouth. The voice that was urging on Kakashi was becoming a white mist. Their exhalation was white. They simultaneously noticed it, and felt that the temperature onboard the ship precipitously drop. Returning their eyes towards the battle in the lounge, the activity of their fellow shinobi had stopped.
At first, they didn’t know what was what.
The three jounin shinobi did not seem to know what had happened. Frantically distorting the upper-half of their bodies, the lower half of their bodies seemed to be entirely frozen, unable to move at all.
There wasn’t a metaphor and such for it, Kakashi realized.
(His) shinobi comrades were truly freezing!
While the thin ice sounded with a “Bikibikibikibiki”, it was just like a creature continually crawling up their bodies. Suddenly as far as the top of the head, they were locked in ice.
“W…what..”As Guy’s mouth flapped, his exhalation wasn’t white anymore. “What happened?”
“The enemy was also slipping into and was crowded amongst the guests” The temperature was rising. Kakashi had known from experience. “Someway or another, it seems that there’s a hyoton (ice release) user”
“How do you happen to know that?”
“From two months ago, when Naruto captured Garyo…”


For some reason, なにがなんだか分からなかった。 (Nani ga nandaka wakaranakatta= Didn’t know what was what) was really cool to read…I think if you’re inexperienced with reading long strings of hiragana, you’d be confused, lol~~

Bikibiki is the same sound as in the prologue, the sound of fleshy bits freezing.

Pages 13+14

While overlooking his frozen comrades, Kakashi firmly ground his molars. “It seems that they confronted a hyoton user”
“If that’s the case, then those guys are Garyo’s subordinates, right?”
“So, what should we do?”
“Wait, move.”
“ We are sympathizers of the Ryuha Armament Alliance!” said the giant man, who was the leader.
“ All of the passengers who boarded, promptly gather to the center of the room!” And so the subordinate shinobi thrusted kunai at the startled and sobbing passengers, driving them towards the center of the dining hall lounge.

Moreover, approximately four new people hurriedly rushed into the lounge. Kakashi muses that perhaps they are responsible for setting the traps of the exploding tags on-board the ship. The perpetrators of the attack then spread out in every direction, and assume positions for monitoring all the passengers.

“Our demand is for Garyo-sama’s immediate release from where he is currently, and unjustly being confined at Houzukijyou (/Blood Prison)!”The leader’s thunderous voice roared. “If by noon today, if the situation is that our demand cannot be granted, passengers will be executed at intervals of ten minutes (one by one)!”
Amongst the passengers, anguished voices arose.


龍波武装同盟 = Ryuuha Busou Doumei =Ryuha Armament Alliance. The first two kanji are “Dragon” and “Wave”.

有志 can be volunteer or sympathizer. Essentially an auxiliary member by association.

Page 15

“We know that Konohagakure Village has escorts (aboard) this sight-seeing flight! Furthermore! (We are) also adequately aware of Uzumaki Naruto’s abilities. If it’s a situation where Konoha tries to (even) attempt to employ Uzumaki Naruto (to resolve this matter), Konoha will then become a village that will be criticized as one that abandons hostages!”
Kakashi and Guy exchanged glances.
“On this ship in various places, we already set exploding tags. If our comrades affirm the appearance of Uzumaki Naruto, even if it appears to be a bird looking similar to that of Uzumaki Naruto’s, the Tobishachimaru will immediately vanish into dust in the sky! ”
Until noon…there’s 30 more minutes.

//End Translation + Summary

//End of chapter 3

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