Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 2.1

Pages 44 and 45

“So should I investigate these guys?”
サイの渡したメモを手に、情報屋の男が言った。 スキンヘッドで、眉も剃り落としているため、年齢のわかりにくい男だった。実際、何歳なのかサイも知らない。
Sai had handed over a memo to the man. The informant spoke with it in his hands. He had a shaved head and had also shaved-off his eyebrows. Because of that, the man’s age was difficult to decipher. Actually, Sai also didn’t know how old the man was.
They were inside a forest at the outskirts of the village. Sunlight was filtering through the trees and fell upon their surroundings.
「そうだ」 と、サイはうなずいた。
“That’s right” Sai responded and nodded.
「……霧の抜け忍のテンゼン……、魂抜きのゲンバ…… 、犯罪結社『亡』 の頭目、バラキ……どいつもこいつも手配凶度上位の大物ばかりじゃないですか」
“……Tenzen, a nukenin from Kiri (/The Mist)……..and Genba from the Tamanuki…..and then Baraki, the leader of a crime association called 『Bou』……’ll be quite difficult to search every last one of them. They’re not just high-ranked and important people from the Tehaikyoudo, right?”
The informant had spoken. Nearby, a river was flowing. Because of the sound of the water, his voice would not be carried off too far away.
“For now, I want you to get in contact with those three people. What kind of threatening activities are they doing? Any minor information on them will be fine. I want you to go and gather intelligence on them. ”
“Do you remember the names of the three people?”
The informant nodded. Sai made a simple seal with one hand.
The informant was still holding the memo in his hands. The letters on the memo then seemed to evaporate and vanish. The letters had been written with a special ink that Sai possessed.
“But again, why (are you investigating) their movements?”
“It’s unnecessary for you to understand why”
“As always, is it linked to the incident when Homura-sama from the Honorable Council was attacked?
Sai observed the face of the informant. He smiled thinly.
“You don’t need to know much about it”
“Because it’s the source of our livelihood, right……So about those guys whom we were talking about, is somebody among them suspicious?”
“Didn’t I say that it’s unnecessary for you to understand (why I’m investigating them)?”
In an instant, the expression of Sai’s eyes became sharp. The informant’s facial expression then became startled.
“Then excuse the latter. I understand.”
相手が相手だから探るのに時間がかかるかもしれない、と言い置いて、情報屋は森をあとにした。 サイも森を出て、里に向かう道を歩き出した。
Perhaps it will take some time for him to investigate those guys. Sai left a few words with him, and then the man left the forest. Sai then also left the forest and then began walking on the route towards the village.


手配凶度 = Tehaikyoudo, which is a section of the Bingo-Book for highly sought after personnel. It literally means “Arranged by Degree of Evilness”
テンゼン (Tenzen) means “peaceful” or “calm”
魂抜き (Tamanuki) means ‘Without a soul’and his first name ゲンバ (Genba) can mean “scene of the crime”
『亡』// “Bou”= Their group name literally means “The Deceased” or “The Perished”

Pages 46 and 47

He mobilized the informant, who was his protégé. However, Sai had a feeling that his efforts would probably be in vain.
Those three people were important criminals. Even if his informant brought back some materials on them, there was probably a low likelihood that his information would be connected to the recent incidents. Yet Sai had made him proceed since he thought about it just in case (there were any potential leads).
The daimyo had been recuperating when they were attacked, while the Honorable Council were attacked during an inspection.
カカシは、単なる粗暴犯とは思えないと言っていたが、 それはサイも同感だった。
Kakashi has said that it wasn’t likely that these were merely typical violent criminals. Sai also agreed with him.
カカシから密命を下された日、 サイは暗部の資料室に出向き、二つの事件について調べてみた。
The day that Sai had been given the secret command from Kakashi, Sai had proceeded to the ANBU resource centre. He tried to investigate into the two incidents.
大名は駕寵で移動中も、そして温泉場に着いてからも、暗部の強固な警護のもとにあっ た。その警護のわずかな隣をついて、温泉につかる大名の近くにクナイが一本飛来した。
The daimyo had even moved with Kago. After their arrival and during the incident at the onsen, they were under the the firm gaurd of the ANBU escorts. The enemies were merely nearby those escorts as the daimyo were soaking in the onsen. Soon after, a kunai was flung at them.
たかがクナイー本と軽視することはできなかった。 そのクナイに起爆札でもついていたら、被害は甚大だったはずだ。
Sai could not ignore that mere kunai. If that kunai had an exploding tag attached to it, then the damage would have been serious.
視察中、暴漢に襲われた御意見番のホムラにも、 暗部ではないが二名の忍が警護役としてそばについていた。
During the Honorable Council’s inspection, Homura was even attacked by hoodlums. Even though there were no ANBU, there were using two shinobi escorts nearby.
The hoodlums were three masked men.
Eventually, one them slashed at Homura with a shinobi sword. He gave Homura a minor wound.
暴漢はすぐに逃走し、 警護役がこれを追ったが、途中でまかれ、身柄を確保するには至らなかった。逃げた暴漢は、敵紫色のチャクラの衣をまとっていたという。
The hoodlums had immediately escaped. The escorts pursued them, but they had scattered en route. They didn’t manage to detain anyone. The enemy who had escaped were clad in a coat of violet chakra.
警備の追跡をかわしたこともそうだが、古強者のホムラに浅いとはいえ傷を負わせたことからも、相手が強い忍であることはわかった。敵の狙いや規模ま不明だが、忍としてのスキルだけなら、敵 のそれは相当なものと見てよかった。
It seemed as though they dodged the tracking of the escorts. Although they had inflicted a minor wound on the veteran Homura, he knew that the enemy shinobi were strong. The enemy’s aims and plans were still unknown, but their skills as shinobi were excellent. It was good that they had been closely observed .
As strong shinobi with a hand in criminal acts, it was natural that they were in the Tehaikyoudou section of the Bingo-Book and were highly sought after criminals (for investigation). Their eyes went towards those criminals.
That’s why Sai contacted his informant. They were highly ranked personnel in the Bingo-Book. He had his informant investigate their movements. Of course, it would be impossible to have contact with all of those high-ranked people. Because obviously, these people were to be considered differently, and they could slip away.
However, the ANBU personnel had probably already been at their limit of the investigation and cooperation. In addition, Kakashi had given Sai a secret command. It had to be someone even more suspicious. Kakashi had felt that certainly such a mysterious person was behind the incidents.
Sai thought about the behavior (that he had been informed about) from before.
There was the incident where the scene of the crime was at the onsen. There was also the incident when (Homura) was trying to go to the training grounds. Should I go (and investigate those locations)? Or should I possibly reconsider the Bingo-Book once again? At that moment, he felt a presence behind him. Sai was standing still.

Pages 48 and 49

森からは離れ、 もう街区のなかに入っていたが、にぎやかなところではなかった。 道沿いに、工場の裏手のコンクリート塀が続いている。人通りはない。サイがここに来るのを待って、相手は気配を消すのをやめたのかもしれなかった。
He distanced himself from the forest. He had already entered into a plot of land, but it wasn’t a bustling location. En route, there was a concrete wall that continued behind a factory. There weren’t any pedestrians in the way. Sai waited there for their arrival. Perhaps the enemies would stop erasing their presence.
The battling happened immediately. A shuriken came flying from behind him. He leapt sideway to parry (the attack). Looking over his shoulder, he then confirmed the number of enemies.
二十メートルほど先に、二人。黒い覆面をつけている。覆面の暴漢―― 御意見番を撃たやつだろうか。二人以外に仲間が潜んでいるかどうかは、わからなかった。
Approximately twenty metres away, there were two people. They were wearing black masks. They were masked hoodlums ―― Perhaps they were the guys who had attacked the Honorable Council. With the exception of those two people, he didn’t know if there were any other hidden comrades.
They were coming in pursuit of Sai.
一人がクナイを投げた。と同時に、もう一人が動いた。動いたほうは、 クナイを逆手に持っている。飛来するクナイをよけさせ、サイの体勢が勝れたところを攻撃するつもりのようだ。連係の呼吸はよかった。
One of them flung a kunai at him. At the same time, the other guy mobilized. He was holding a kunai with an underhand grip. The kunai was flying forth, but Sai avoided it. Sai outmatched it with his posture, and then prepared to attack. His breathing was excellently linked (to his readied stance).
As Sai dodged the kunai, he came closer to the other person. He then leapt behind him to dodge another attack.
While leaping, he prepared his scroll and drawing brush.
――Ninpou: Choujuu Giga! (/Super-Beast Imitating Drawing)
墨の線で描かれた二頭の虎に命が宿り、敵めがけて駆けていく。これで終わりだろう、 とサイは思ったが、それは裏切られた。
He drew two lines of ink, and then two tigers surged to life. They went running towards the enemy. ‘With this, it’ll be over’ Sai thought. However, he was mistaken.
襲いかかった猛虎の一頭は、 クナイで観か突かれて墨の飛沫に変わり、もう一頭は、噛みつこうとしたところをかわされて背中に乗られ、やはり首をクナイで刺されて墨に戻った。
One of the fierce tigers that was attacking (the enemy) then seemed to be stabbed by a kunai. It changed into a splash of ink. The other tiger was trying to bite at them, but they dodged it. They rode upon it’s back and then stabbed it’s head with a kunai. The tiger reverted back into ink.
Sai was taken aback. They were unexpectedly strong.
The enemies had defeated the tigers. They didn’t continue to be on the defensive. They then started to attack.
One person flung a kunai and a shuriken. Sai dodged it. The other person continued stepping.
It was a monotonous combination-play, but it was in order (for a chance to pull off) a good attack. Sai was still unable to grasp the beginning of a counter-attack.
Sai hurled a smoke bomb onto the ground.
Together with an explosive ‘boom’ sound, the smokescreen then started to spread.
Sai nimbly maneuvered outside the fumes. He then drew something new in his scroll.
The smoke was becoming thinner. The enemies were preparing their kunai, and readying themselves for Sai’s attack.
サイが新たに描いた虎が、敵めがけて走っていった。今度の虎はさっきのよりも小さい。 が、六頭に増やしておいた。
Sai drew a new tiger, and it ran towards his opponents. It was even smaller than the tigers that he had drawn a while ago. However, there were now six of them.
頭を低くして走る虎、高く飛ぶ虎、 それぞれがトリッキーな動きで敵を撹乱する。
The tigers lowered their heads and ran forth. They then jumped up high. Each of them had tricky movements that perturbed the enemies.
Because the number of tigers had increased, it seemed as though the enemies were becoming disheartened about how to proceed.


Pages 50 and 51

Sai flung a maelstrom and melee of kunai from his hands.
“I’ll start from this guy first……”
It was a shorter distance, and the kunai were pressing closer to them.
が、次の瞬間、敵のチャクラが倍増した。ぼっと燃えるようにチャクラが膨れ上がり、 それが衣のように全身を包みこんだのだ。爆発的に増えた敵のチャクラは、その爆発力だけで二頭の虎を墨に戻した。
But at the next moment, the enemy’s chakra had doubled. Their chakra seemed to be flaring and burning up as it swelled up. It was like a coat that was bundling up their entire bodies. The enemy’s chakra tremendously increased. With only (experiencing) that explosive power, two of Sai’s tigers had reverted back into ink.
Sai opened his eyes widely.
By no means was he prepared for this sort of level (of chakra). This amount of chakra (was only typically seen) among those in the Jounin class. And so, he was astonished that their chakra had increased. Even apart from that, their bodies were in a state where they were wrapped with a coat of chakra.
――Are those…..tails?
It was a light purple coat of chakra. On their buttocks, they were growing a tail that was about a thirty centimeters in length.
That was all that he could observe.
虎の攻撃をかいくぐり、一人がサイとの距離を詰めてきた。 瞬く間に体術による接近戦が始まる。
They slipped through the attacks of the tigers. One of the enemies then shortened the distance between them and Sai. In the blink of an eye, they had begun close-combat with taijutsu.
They were entangled in eachother’s fists, kicks, and kunai.
His opponent then suddenly stooped his body in order to trip him. Sai took the blow and fell down.
相手はすぐさまサイに馬乗りになり、 クナイを振り下ろした。かわせず、クナイがサイの胸を突いた――瞬間、 サイの体が墨に戻った。墨分身を捨て駒にして、 オリジナルのサイが現れ、逆襲に転じた。分身に戸惑う敵の背後から蹴りを見舞う。
The enemy immediately sat upon Sai’s back. He swung a kunai downwards at him. Sai wasn’t disturbed as the kunai pierced his chest. In an instant, Sai’s body turned into ink. Sacrificing his ink bunshin (/clone), the original Sai appeared. He shifted for a counterattack.
ヒットした。敵は吹っ飛び、 地面を数メートル転がった。起き上がり、しかし反撃には出なかった。
His strike was a success. He opponent was blown away. He tumbled several metres along the ground. However, he did not counterattack as he arose.
The enemy turned his back towards Sai and leapt away. He was attempting to escape. Since his chakra was increasing, he had a brisk speed.
――Should I pursue him? Or…….
Sai diverted his gaze at the other enemy.
四頭の虎を一人で相手にするのはきつかったようだ。 二頭は倒したようだが、残る二頭によって完全に地面に組み伏せられている。チャクラの衣は、もう消えていた。
It was four tigers against one person. It seemed to be difficult (for the other guy to escape as well). However, it seemed as though he has defeated two of them. There were two of them left, and they were completely pinning him to the ground. His coat of chakra was already vanishing.
Sai gave up (his idea) to pursue after the man who escaped.
He then approached the man who was being pinned down.
うつ伏せの男は顔を横にして、 苦しげな声をもらしていた。
He was laying face-down with his face turned to the side. He emitted a pained voice.

Pages 52 and 53

覆面からのぞく目が、サイを睨んでいる。が 、その瞳には怯えの色もあった。
The enemy’s eyes were peeking through the mask and glaring at Sai. However, those eyes had a hint of trepidation as well.
“Who are you?”
サイは聞いた。 男は答えない。
Sai asked the man, but he did not answer.
”Honestly, even if you don’t reply, think about your treatment after your investigation. Take that into consideration”
言ったが、それはエサだった。取り調べ後、この男をどうするかは、 サイの一存で決められることではない。
Sai said it in order to bait him. After being investigated, what would happen to the man? Sai did not have that responsibility. It wasn’t something for Sai to decide.
” Re- really?….”
The man said it immediately afterwards with a slurred voice.
おうっ、と奇妙な声を上げ、 男が目を剥いた。すぐに全身の痙攣が始まり、それは、男を押さえこんでいる虎の脚をはねのけんばかりだった。
Then he raised his strange voice, and peeled his eyes wide open. Immediately afterwards, his whole body began to convulse. They almost pushed aside the legs of the tigers that were pinning him down.
“What’s wrong!”
サイは、虎を墨に返し、 男の傍らにしゃがみこんだ。
Sai reverted his tigers back into ink. He then squatted down next to the man.
男の呼吸が浅く、速くなっている。なにかを言おうとしているが、 それは声にはならず、 喉の奥で軌んだような音になるだけだ。
The man’s respirations were shallow and quickening. He was trying to say something. However, his voice seemed to be stuck only within his throat (and he couldn’t speak). He was only producing noises.
As Sai was speaking, he was touched by the man’s body. Sai felt that he was in a crisis. Near the nape (of the man’s neck), a pattern surfaced. It resembled Sanskrit characters.
――This is bad. This guy is going to――
サイが弾かれたように後方へ跳んだ直後、 男の体が爆発した。血と肉と骨を飛散させて、 男は死亡した。
Sai immediately leapt away and flipped back in order (to avoid the man). Right afterwards, the man’s body detonated. Blood, flesh, and bone were scattered away. The man died.
Sai landed at his location and was calmly breathing.
When shinobi fall into the enemy’s hands, It wasn’t unusual for them to take their own lives.
拷問や、 あるいは瞳術などにより、相手にこちらの情報を盗まれることを避けるためだ。 死んだのち、自分の死体を解剖されることを恐れて、爆死を選ぶケースもある。
They (commit suicide because of impending) torture and possibly even because of (concealing the secrets of their) doujutsu. They do this in order to avoid any information from being stolen (from the bodies). After dying, they fear that their own corpse will be autopsied. And so, it’s the case that he choose death by explosion.
‘It’s just as I expected’ Sai thought.
――This doesn’t seem to be a simple incident…..

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