Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 2.2

Pages 54 and 55

――I said that I’d have a chance like this.
いや、これは偶然なんかじゃなく、 サクラの想いの強さが引き寄せた、 必然の再会だったのかもしれない。
No, this wasn’t something (that would happen) by chance. Sakura drew the strength of her thoughts towards herself. Perhaps this was their inevitable reunion.
Sasuke was there when she arrived at Sunagakure Village.
At the entrance of the village, Sasuke was there. He was wearing a turban and a coat. He was waiting for Sakura.
Sakura rushed up to him. Ino wasn’t there for the occasion. For an instant, she felt anxious. But since she was able to have a reunion with Sasuke, she was feeling even more joyous. And so, she immediately forgot (about her anxiety).
“Have you been doing well?”
“Yup! And how about you, Sasuke-kun? How is the condition of your arm?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve grown accustomed to it well. (Because of you), the arm is moving properly”
As he said so, Sasuke moved his prosthetic arm that was made from Hashirama’s cells.
「どこか変な感じだったらすぐに言ってね。 私が診るから」
“Tell me immediately if there are any odd sensations (on your arm), because I will examine it”
“Aah, thank you”
As Sasuke responded, he gently patted her on the head with a ‘pon’ sound. With that alone, Sakura was so happy that she almost stopped breathing. She thought to herself again: ‘I wonder where Ino is (right now). It’s even my long-awaited (reunion) with Sasuke-kun.’
“Sakura, you seem to be working hard, right? Aren’t you doing various things for the mental care of the children?”
“Sasuke-kun, you know a lot (about it), right?”
「ああ。お前とは同期だからな。 俺が里にいない間、お前がなにをしてるかは気になるさ。いや――」
“Aah. It’s because I’m in the same class as you. When I’m not in the village, I’m worried about what you’re doing. Well, no――
と 、そこでサスケは 一拍置いた。
Sasuke then continued after a brief pause:
「気になってるのは、同期だからってだけじゃなくて、 ほかにも理由があるんだがな」
“About being worried (about you)…. It’s not just because I said that we’re peers. But even in addition to that, there’s a reason (for my concerns).”
Sakura looked at Sasuke’s face. Their gazes met, and then they seemed to lock eyes with one another.
Sasuke had spoken (again).
Unexpectedly, Sakura’s sentiments had also calmed down.
――I’m not a child anymore. I won’t be getting carried away anymore. I have always been waiting for this moment…..
At that moment, Sakura felt the faint wind upon her cheeks.


-くれている has a nuance that means that something was done for you. In this case, it implies from Sasuke that Sakura did something for his arm ( graft, transplant, etc). It’s not a hardcore and direct ‘Because of you’.

すまない is not the same‘thank you’ as you see ‘arigatou’ . The nuance with ‘tsumanai’ is that you use it to express a pardon for inconveniencing someone else. It can be used to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Excuse me’ in a way that ‘arigatou’ cannot be utilized. The nuance is more apologetic, but with the context, the meaning is closer to ‘thank you’, IMHO.

お前とは同期 can sometimes mean ‘I’m in sync with you’, but that seemed unlikely within context. The other more common denotation is for同期 is to mean a classmate, peer, someone in the same year as you, etc.

気になる has a meaning that’s not as simple as ‘it’s on my mind’(literally). The connotation for it is moreso like ‘I’m interested/care about xxxxx’; ‘I’m feeling worried/anxious about xxx’; or ‘I’m feeling a bit uneasy about xxxx’. So it can’t really be translated exactly, but the meaning is a cross between them.

Pages 56 and 57

おかしい。今は風なんか吹いていないはずだ。風が吹けば、辺りの砂が動くはずなのに、 砂は動いていない。それなのに、サクラは風を感じた。
That was strange. The wind isn’t supposed to be blowing right now. If the wind is blowing, then even the nearby sand should be stirring. But the sand isn’t stirring at all. Despite that, Sakura could feel the wind.
She immediately understood the cause of that peculiar sensation. Sakura’s consciousness was trying to restore itself from the dream and back into reality.
砂隠れの里の入り口でサスケと向かい合っているのは夢で、現実のサクラは今、砂隠れ の里の手前にある林のなかで仮眠をとっているのだ。仮眠中のサクラの頬を、風が撫でていったということだ。
It was a dream where Sasuke and Sakura were facing one another at the entrance to Sunagakure Village. In reality, Sakura was napping in a forest (that was located right) before Sunagakure Village. While Sakura was taking a nap, the wind had been gently brushing against her cheeks.
Sakura was impatiently (waiting) at the threshold between dreaming and reality
I don’t want to wake up. I want to still be with Sasuke-kun. I want to hear the continuation of Sasuke-kun’s words. Sasuke-kun’s――
(–Page Break//Scene Change–)
(–Page Break//Scene Change–)
サクラは目を開けた。 夜だった。林のなかに、 サクラはいた。月の明かりがあるおかげで、周囲は闇にならずにすんでいた。近くで、 いのも仮眠をとっている。木ノ葉隠れの里を出て、今日で三日目。 この林を抜ければ、 砂隠れまではあと少しだったが、陽も暮れてきたので、無理はしない ことにしたのだ。
Sakura opened her eyes. It was nighttime and Sakura was in the forest. Thanks to the brightness of the moon, it hadn’t become dark within her surroundings. Nearby, Ino was also taking a nap. Today was the third day since they had left Konohagakure Village. When they exited this forest, there was a little (bit more distance left to travel) until (they arrived at) Sunagakure. However, when the day had come to an end, they had decided to not overwork themselves.
夕刻、この林に入ると、携帯食で簡単に食事を済ませ、二人は早々に休むことにした。戦地であれば、用心のために交代で仮眠をとるところだが、今は、敵を感知する結界用の札を周囲にセットしているだけだった。幸い、この旅の間、 札が反応したことは一度もなかった。
In the evening, they had entered the forest. They had easily finished eating their portable rations and then decided to rest. If they were on a battlefront, they would be taking turns to nap as a precautionary measure. But for now, they had just set up a barrier of tags around themselves in order to perceive any enemies. During their journey, the tags had fortunately never reacted (to anyone).
At the core of her mind, there were lingering memories of the dream (the she had just experienced). (Her thoughts about that dream) still remained.
She was happy that Sasuke had appeared in her dream. However, it was also heartrending. When she woke up, she was acutely aware of Sasuke’s absence. That made it even more heartrending.
She intuitively let out a sigh.
――Why did I dream of something like that…..
と、サクラは思う。やっぱり少し焦ってるんだろうな、 私……。
Sakura was thinking about it. ‘As I thought, it seems as though I’m becoming a little impatient. I’m………’
En route during the journey, I heard the stories about Shikamaru and Temari from Ino. In addition, I also heard the story about Chouji and Karui. And then, I heard from Ino herself just now; Ino said that she likes Sai.
Various love was budding and being cultivated and around Sakura.
She knew that it was meaningless to think about such things like whose (relationship would develop) quicker (than anyone else’s). As for competing against someone else (in terms of) being fulfilled in love, that wasn’t something to keep an eye on.
Nevertheless, there was an irritation that resembled impatience within Sakura’s heart.


So there are a ton of nuances that involve ‘love’ in this section. It’s impossible to go into depth into all the nuances (it would take pages, seriously! It’s outside the scope of what I can write about at length here~) . There are a lot of resources out there that will explain the nuances (google will be your friend!)~~But the mini-version is that there are different degrees of ‘to love’ in Japanese that do not exist in English.

The order from crushes/less serious to forever love would roughly be like 好き(suki= to like)>>> 大好き(Daisuki= to like a lot/love)>>> 恋 (Koi= infatuation, or a passionate/romantic love)>>> 恋愛(Renai=–step inbetween//a more pure love–)>> 愛 (Ai= giving an unconditional/even deeper love). There are distinct usages/differences between them. Their connotations vary (such as ‘koi’ sometimes being referred to more of a ‘selfish love’ versus ‘ai’ being referred to as a ‘selfless love’), but that’s a topic for your own personal research if you’re interested in it.

So in this section: Suki= Sakura talking about Ino’s feelings to Sai;;; Koi = Sakura talking about budding love;; Renai= Sakura talking about being fulfilled in love, and comparing the development of eachother’s relationships.

Pages 58 and 59

――Even so, I hope that this dream will come true
Sakura suddenly thought (about such a possibility).
――As for that dream that I just had, (it might even) come true. If Sasuke-kun approaches us when we arrive at Sunagakure Village tomorrow, then…….
“(It won’t happen, right?)…..”
Sakura murmured to herself aloud and smiled a little.
The wind was sweeping away her sighs.
(–Page Break//Scene Change–)
(–Page Break//Scene Change–)
The next day, Sakura and Ino arrived at Sunagakure Village as planned.
出迎えてくれたのは、砂隠れの医療班の幹部たちだった。 立派な髭をたくわえた、年嵩の男が言った。
The ones who greeted them were the executive managers of Sunagakure’s medical corps. An older man with a handsome moustache then spoke to them:
「おつかれさまです。 少しお休みいただいてから、早速お話をうかがいたいのですが、かまいませんか?」
“Thank you for your hard work. But after you have a bit of rest, I would like to promptly discuss things with you. Is that alright?
“That would be excellent. We’re looking forward to working with you”
Sakura replied to the man. The man with the moustache then guided the two of them towards the village’s hospital.
The two of them then passed by a few rooms inside the hospital. One of them seemed to be a spacious, multi-purpose room. After a brief rest, people gathered into the room. Those who were attending (the meeting) were connected to the medical treatment (facility).
Sakura was in front of approximately twenty attendees. Sakura then began to speak.
木ノ葉隠れの里における『子ども心療室』について。その導入にあたっての問題点や、 現時点での効果など――
(She was going to speak about ) “The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic” from Konohagakure Village: the problematic issues at the time of its introduction, it’s current effectiveness, and so forth――
Even though she was experienced with speaking in front of a crowd of people quite often, Sakura still had not become accustomed to doing so. But thanks to Ino, who was occasionally supplementing (the discussion), the progress went smoothly.
After Sakura’s discussion, it was time for an exchange of ideas and opinions.
里の文化や行政制度の違いもあるから、木ノ葉のやり方をそのままなぞることはできないが、調整しながら導入すれば、砂でも大いに効果を上げそうだと、医療班の幹部は言っ てくれた。
Since there were differences between the culture and administrative systems of the villages, they were not able to follow the same means of implementing (the facility) as with Konoha’s methods. But if they were to introduce adjustments, then the efficacy would greatly increase for Suna. The executive management of the medical corps (discussed the potential changes).
(Including the presentation and the meeting when they) exchanged ideas and opinions, the entire meeting was finished in approximately two hours.
When the attendees left the room, the man with the moustache then approached Sakura and Ino. He was the same man who had guided them (earlier through the hospital).
“(I realize that you might be) simply fatigued (after presenting), but would you please be troubled (with doing something for us)? Could you please visit the Kazekage-sama? Kagekage-sama and Temari-sama would like to speak with you together. ”
“Well, of course we will”
“Since we’ve come all the way to Suna, we won’t return home without meeting with the two of them”

Page 60

Ino responded and then smiled.
髭の男が、「それでは、 こちらへ」と先に立って歩き出した。その表情がどことなく硬いことが気になった。
The man with the moustache replied before he stood up: “Well then, come this way”. Afterwards, they began walking. For some reason, the man’s facial expression was stiff. They were worried about it.
病院を出て、里の中心部に向かって歩くと、 球状の建物があった。建物の壁面には『風』という文字が記されている。サクラたちは、 そこに案内された。
Leaving the hospital, they walked towards the central portion of the village, where there was a spherical building. The wall surface of the building had been written with the kanji for [Wind]. He guided Sakura and Ino (towards that building).
At the centre of the huge room, there was a round table. Gaara was sitting there and Temari was also standing beside him.
“Allow me to take you (inside the meeting room).”
As the man in the moustache spoke, Gaara nodded. The man then bowed and left the room.
“Sakura, Ino….Thank you (for your time today)”
Gaara spoke that single phrase.
“Gaara-kun, Temari-san…are you doing well?
When Sakura asked them, Gaara nodded with an “Ahh”. Temari also only responded with a “Mhmm”.
Both of them somehow looked grim. Gaara fundamentally had a ‘poker-face’, but his countenance for today was a faintly stern facial expression.
“Umm….What happened?”
Ino asked.
Gaara and Temari briefly exchanged glances at each other. They then restored their gaze upon Sakura and Ino.
「うちはサスケが、 この里に来た」
“Uchiha Sasuke came to this village”

//End Translation.

//Section 2 completed.

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