Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 2.3

Page 61

Sakura opened her eyes widely.
――Eh, no way….did my dream really come true?
一瞬笑みを浮かべそうになったが、 今の我愛羅の声と表情から、 不穏な雲行きを察して笑顔は引っこめた。
For a moment, a smile almost surfaced on her face. However, she sensed an ominous turn of events because of Gaara’s facial expression and voice. She withdrew her smile.
“Sasuke-kun was here?”
Sakura and Ino asked them.
我愛羅は円卓の上で両手を組み合わせると、 一度息を吐いてから言った。
Gaara folded both of his hands together and placed them upon the round table. He took a breath before speaking.
「――どこから話せばいいか、少々悩むが、 起きたことをそのまま話すのがいいだろな」
――Where should I start? I’m a little worried, but for now I should probably talk about what has happened.

Pages 62 and 63

After Gaara introduced (the topic), he continued:
「二日前だ。うちはサスケが、 うちの里に潜伏していたテロリストと接触した」
Two days ago, Uchiha Sasuke came in contact with hidden terrorists from within the village.
Ino wildly raised her voice.
“Wait a second. What would Sasuke-kun be doing with terrorists or someone like that――
Temari interjected with her voice:
” First of all, let Gaara speak. Please ask questions afterwards.”
Gaara nodded and then continued.
――Two days ago, I went together with the ANBU of this village for a siege on the hide-out of those terrorists. Since I am the head of the village, I typically do not personally accompany them on such missions. However, I (did participate in the mission with them) because of the conditions of the circumstances. “
Those terrorists were originally shinobi from Sunagakure. But since they opposed the inauguration of Gaara as the Kazekage, they left the village. They had then become an anti-establishment group.
For a quite a while, he was unable to grasp their whereabouts. About one month ago, one of the ANBU discovered their hideout. That group was then placed under surveillance of the ANBU.
About one week ago, they (knew about the) activities of the group that was secluded within the hide-out.
A man visited the hideout and came in contact with the leader of the terrorists.
According to the ANBU on that surveillance mission:
―― The man who visited the hideout immediately left the tent and then disappeared
That’s what they reported.
面会の時間はわずかで、会話の内容を盗み聞くこともできなかった。だが一つ、 暗部の者は気になる報告を我愛羅に上げていた。
The meeting was brief, so they could not eavesdrop upon the content of their conversation. However, there was one thing amiss, and the ANBU brought up that worrisome information to Gaara.
“Based on the features of the man who appeared at the hide-out, (the ANBU concluded that the man) had a striking resemblance to Konoha’s Uchiha Sasuke.”
Sakura quietly inhaled a breath. However, it wasn’t time for questions just yet.
Gaara continued:
「他人の空似か見間違いだろうと思ったが、それだけで片付けるのも抵抗があった。俺は、 翌日から暗部とともに監視任務に加わることにした」
“I thought that perhaps (the man just) had an coincidental resemblance (to Sasuke), or that (The ANBU) had misjudged (the man). But that alone would not even settle their opposition (to my opinion). After the following day, I decided to join together with the ANBU on the surveillance mission. ”
我愛羅なら砂の目玉でテントのなかを覗き見ることができるし、砂を操れば、盗聴用の 装置を仕掛けることも容易だ。
With Gaara’s eyeball of sand, he was able to peep inside the tent. By manipulating the sand, he could easily set it up and use it as a device to intercept (their conversations).
Several days had then elapsed since Gaara had joined the surveillance.

Pages 64 and 65

And then Uchiha Sasuke appeared at the hideout of the terrorists.
When Sasuke entered inside the hideout, he started to negotiate with the leader of the terrorists.
「”俺の手下になれ” というのが、サスケが相手に突きつけた要求だった」
Sasuke said, “Become my subordinates”. That was the demand that he thrusted at them”
“Be his subordinates…?”
Ino narrowed her eyebrows.
Gaara nodded.
“Sasuke proposed these suggestions to them: ‘As my subordinates, you will cooperate with me in the destruction of Konoha. If you do, then I will even assist you with your terrorist activities.’
“He said something like that!”
Sakura reflexively spoke up.
Gaara continued.
「そのテロリストはサスケの要求を突っぱねた。交渉は決裂したというわけだ。しかし、 サスケはそこでその場を去らず、テロリストを殺害したんだ。木ノ葉崩しの計画を知られ た以上、生かしてはおけない、ということでな」
“Those terrorists rejected Sasuke’s demands. That’s why their negotiations broke down. But afterwards, Sasuke didn’t leave that situation. (He stayed and) killed the terrorists. They couldn’t understand his plans to destroy Konoha any further than that, but he couldn’t allow them to live (for refusing his request).”
Since Gaara had surveillance with his eyeball of sand, he then directed the ANBU to rush inside.
Immediately, the terrorist group and the ANBU began to battle. In the midst of the chaos, Sasuke escaped.
Gaara tried to pursue him, but Sasuke had erased his presence and chakra en route. Gaara then lost sight of him.
“This happened two days ago”
Sakura closed her eyes. However, she didn’t open her mouth. Silence descended upon the room.
Before long, Ino spoke:
“Hey, wait a second. Do you think that we can believe a story like that?”
声に笑いが混じったのは、あまりに現実離れした話だったからだろう。 サクラもそれは同感だった。
Her voice was blended with laughter. Perhaps it was because the story seemed too disconnected from reality. Sakura also agreed with her.
一族の悲劇。里への抜き去りがたい憎悪。 それらに打ち克って、サスケはサクラたちと忍界大戦を戦ってくれた仲間なのだ。そのサスケが、どうして今またテロリストと手を組み、木ノ葉への復讐を画策する必要があるのだ。サスケの行動とは到底思えなかった。
He had the tragedy of his clan and a hatred for the village that was difficult to be surpassed (by anyone else). Overcoming (those experiences), Sasuke had become comrades with Sakura (and the rest of the shinobi alliance) during the battles of the Great Shinobi World War. Even now, why would –that– Sasuke still join arms with terrorists? And why was it necessary for him to be planning revenge against Konoha (with them)?
“Hey, Gaara-kun…Is there no mistaking what you said about Sasuke-kun?”
Sakura asked him with an emphasis on the portion about ‘no mistaking’ it.
Ino also spoke:

“That’s right. For example, what if it was a Henge no Jutsu (/Transformation Technique) or something. Like someone disguised as Sasuke-kun…”
“ I want to think that as well. However, it’s difficult to think (about it in that way).”
Gaara shook his head a little bit.

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「変化の術で姿形を似せることはできても、チャクラの色やタイプを同じにすることはできない。俺が二日前にアジトで見たサスケは、俺のよく知るサスケと、同じタイプのチャ クラを持っていた」
“Even if you can copy the appearance of someone with Henge no Jutsu, you cannot imitate the same colour and type of chakra. As for the ‘Sasuke’ whom I saw two days ago, he possessed the same type of chakra as Sasuke; I know (the feel of his chakra) quite well (from prior experiences).”
「確か木ノ葉の暗部に、チャクラをコピーする術を持った忍がいると聞いたことがあるが ……関係はないか?」
“I have certainly heard about Konoha’s ANBU; wihin your ANBU, there are shinobi who possess jutsu for copying chakra…..Aren’t there any connections to them?”
Temari (asked Sakura and Ino).
Speaking of those sorts of shinobi, Sakura also had heard of them. However, it seemed to be unrelated to the current incidents.
“I don’t think (that they’re related to the incident).”
Sakura continued to speak:
“Sasuke-kun is a shinobi who isn’t in contact (with anyone else), so I don’t understand why he would do such a thing in the first place. ”
“If that’s the case, then the Sasuke whom Gaara saw has a high potential of being the genuine Sasuke”
「テマリさん! そんな言い方……」
” Temari-san! The way that you’re speaking is……”
“I’m only talking about the facts”
As Temari spoke, she directed her sharp glance at Ino.
“White Zetsu……”
Sakura began to speak. “No, nevermind”. She immediately retracted (what she was going to say).
“I considered that for an instant as well”
Gaara continued speaking:
“Because (White Zetsu) also had the ability to copy chakra, right? However, since Otsutsuki Kaguya perished, his survival seems to be rather unlikely. “
“Well……what about the ability to use Shouten no Jutsu (/Shapeshifting Technique)?”
Leading the Akatsuki was a man named Pain. She had read about him from the data of archived books; he used that sort of jutsu. It was a jutsu that manipulated a complete ‘Flesh Body’ by distributing a member’s chakra to another vessel that he summoned.
“Certainly, if it was that jutsu, I guess that it would explain why the face and chakra were the same. However, Pain is no longer alive. Even if there is someone else who is possibly using that jutsu, why would Sasuke be in contact with someone like that? Why would he permit someone else to create a body that’s identical to his own? Those questions still remain.”
Gaara was right. As for the Sasuke whom he witnessed, even if he wasn’t Sasuke himself, it was someone’s whose body was identical to Sasuke’s. The suspicion surrounding Sasuke wasn’ t dispelled.
“Are you unable to contact Sasuke himself? I heard that he left on a journey.”
Gaara asked.



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Sakura feebly shook her head.
“In various places, there seem to be points of contact (with him). We can entrust verbal messages to them, but…..”
“As for whether or not he gets access (to those points of contact), or whatever the timing will be when Sasuke-kun (receives such messages)….we don’t know. ”
Ino continued to speak for Sakura.
“As for this incident from Suna’s perspective, we do not intend to leak it externally. We intend to handle it internally. The ones who know about this incident are myself and the ANBU who were on the mission. The exception to that would only be Temari and a few other upper-level leaders. Even the terrorists who were apprehended from the hideout are now imprisoned. Because of that, the information will not leak outside the village. “
”It can’t be that Uchiha Sasuke is trying to link arms with terrorists. Gaara and I also think that’s the case. Firstly, he suddenly said that will have subordinates and such. Those were crude negotiations. It doesn’t seem likely that Sasuke would even do something like that.“
Temari said.
Sakura and Ino nodded.
“Sakura, Ino….hurry and return to the village. I think you ought to seek Kakashi’s judgement. Since it troubled you to come to Suna for us, I’m hoping very much that you will continue (to work with us) much more at ease.”
Gaara replied.
もろちんサクラも里に戻るつもりだった。 砂隠れに来たら、いろいろとやりたいこともあった。砂隠れの医療体制について、もっと学びたかったし、 毒の研究についても専門家と話したいことがあった。
Of course, Sakura also planned to return to the village. When she came to Sunagakure, there were various things that she wanted to do. Concerning the medical treatment system of Sunagakure, she wanted to study it more in depth. She also wanted to meet and speak to a specialist in toxin research.
But for now, she had to return back to Konoha.
「通信用の鷹を飛ばして、概要だけはカカシに伝えておく。 俺が出向いて説明してもいいが、里長という立場上、そうそう里を空けるわけにもいかなくてな」
“I released a correspondence hawk. I only conveyed a summary to Kakashi. I should leave to explain (the incident in more detail), but from the standpoint of being the head of the village, I won’t promptly leave the village (to do so). That’s why (I have to stay here and leave to task to you).“
四日かけて来たが、 三日で帰ろう、とサクラは思った。
Sakura then thought: ‘ It took four days to arrive, but let’s take three days to return.’

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