Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 3.3

Page 85

“Go on standby?”
Ino asked again.
“That’s right. The point is to do nothing about it”
火影の机で、 カカシはそう言った。
Kakashi spoke while he was at the desk of the Hokage.
「なにもするなって……サスケくんの偽者が現れたんですよ? このままほうっておくんですか?」
“Do nothing about it…….What if Sasuke-kun’s imposter appears? We’re just going to leave him alone?”
Ino grew angry.
「じやあ、どうするのが一番いいと思うんだ?里のなかで、あるいは他里に出向いて、うちはサスケの偽者が出たんですけど、なにか知りませんか? なんて聞いて回るのか?」
“Well, what do you think would be the best thing to do? Where will Uchiha Sasuke’s imposter appear? Will he be in the village, or will he possibly go to other villages? However, do we know something about him? Have you thought about asking those kinds of things? “
“About that…..”
Ino was mumbling.
サクラといのは、ついさっき砂隠れから木ノ葉に戻ってきたばかりだった。あうんの門をくぐり、 その足でまっすぐカカシのもとへ来たのだ。
Sakura and Ino had just returned to Konoha from Sunagakure a little while ago. They passed through the entrance gates and came directly to Kakashi’s location on foot.

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Sunagakure released a hawk that arrived to Konoha the day before yesterday.
概要を知ったカカシに、サクラといのが、 我愛羅から直接聞いた詳しい話を伝えたあと、 カカシは二人に待機しろと告げたのだった。
Kakashi understood the summary. Sakura and Ino directly heard a detailed account of it through Gaara. After they conveyed it to Kakashi, he told the two of them to be on standby.
“For now, we should not act poorly. Or how should I say it….The clues that we have are too insufficient to act upon. “
Kakashi said.
Kakashi spoke and interrupted Ino’s voice.
「俺たちは、サスケがそんなことをするやつじゃないとよく知っている。だが、サスケがどういう人間かを知らない者が事件を知ればどうなる?サスケが心変わりした。また犯罪者になったとデマが広がるかもしれない。そう考えたら、事件をお前たちだけに告げて、 里内でおさめてくれた我愛羅の判断はナイスだった」
“We know well that Sasuke is not the kind of guy to do such things. How about the people who don’t know about what kind of person Sasuke has become? What will happen if they know about the incident? (They will think that) Sasuke changed his mind. Perhaps they will spread false rumours about him becoming a criminal again. If we take that into consideration, Gaara made a nice judgment; He kept (the information) within the village by only informing you guys about the incident .”
だから、木ノ葉も今は動くべきじゃない、 とカカシは繰り返した。
And so, Konoha should not act for now. Kakashi repeated himself again.
“Sakura, are you fine with this as well?”
「あの… 」とサクラは切り出す。
“Well…” Sakura began speaking:
「確か暗部に、チャクラをコピーできる忍がいるんですよね?まさかとは思いますけど、 関係ないですよね……?」
“If I’m not mistaken, there are shinobi within the ANBU who can copy chakra, right? Of course, I considered (that possibility), but it’s unrelated (to the incident), right…….?”
When they were at the meeting with Gaara and his comrades in Sunagakure, Sakura herself had denied the likelihood (of someone like that being the culprit). However, Sakura asked because she wanted to have direct confirmation from Kakashi.
「いや、それはない。確かにそいつは標的のチャクラをトレースする術を持ってるが、今、 長期任務中でな。変な言い方になるが、アリバイありってやつだ。だから、シロ」
“No, that’s not it. Certainly, there’s someone who possesses a jutsu that copies a target’s chakra. However, he’s currently doing a long-term mission. It’s an odd way to speak about that person, but they have an alibi. That’s why that person (is cleared of suspicion). ”
Kakashi spoke of him plainly.
“Are we unable to get in contact with Sasuke-kun from here?’
This time, Ino asked.
“ Well…….Uh, we could do that, and we should do that first. However, it seems to be difficult (to get in contact with him). Since he’s a whimsical guy, we have points of contact for him in various places. We don’t know when he will access them, though. It’s because we didn’t obligate him to have a fixed point of contact to Konoha…. “
” It’s as we expected, right?”
Ino’s voice sunk.
Sakura also lowered her face downwards.
They were unable to get into contact with him from here. If they worked on the investigation, (the knowledge) of the incident would spread.

Page 88 and 89

If Sakura and her comrades tried to do something about it, (it would turn out) just as Kakashi had told them. And so, they could only wait attentively.
「まあ、もちろん、状況が変われば、お前たちにも動いてもらうけどね」 カカシはそう言うと、「――それと、もう一つ」と言葉を継いだ。
“Well of course: if the situation changes, I’ll even have you guys work on it.” Kakashi continued and added onto his statement: “――And so, one more thing….”
“I have disappointing information for you. It’s largely due to my great inadequacy (during the negotiations). Yesterday, we had a meeting with the upper-level executives. The budget towards “The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic” is going to be reduced. The next budget was largely allocated towards the ANBU.”
“To the ANBU? What for?”
Ino asked.
“Hey, it’s about that incident when the Daimyo-sama was attacked, alright?……. Well afterwards…Even aside from that, there’s something a bit suspicious within the village. Because of that, the upper-level executives thought that they ought to strengthen the ANBU”
“What’s suspicious?”
Ino asked again.
“Excuse me. Wait a little for now. We’ll certainly talk about it when the time comes”
Kakashi beckoned them with a one-handed pose.
“ Sensei, you’re only being evasive (by saying things like) ‘Don’t work on it’ and ‘When the time comes’ “
Since Ino was being aloof, Kakashi smiled wryly as if he was dejected.
「そう責めるなって。 いろいろあんのよ、火影って立場になると」
“We really shouldn’t blame him. From the perspective of the Hokage, there are various expectations”
(―Page Break//Scene Change―)
(―Page Break//Scene Change―)
Kakashi had said to return home for resting today. Sakura and Ino then left the Residence of the Hokage.
“Even though your complexion isn’t very good, are you alright?”
別れ際、 いのに言われた。
Ino had said that while she was bidding Sakura farewell.
However, she had answered her by saying ‘I’m fine’. When Sakura looked in the mirror when she arrived home, she was definitely looking worn-out with her facial expression.
She was also fatigued from coming back on a non-stop, round-trip from Suna. Above all else, she was dwelling upon the eye-witness report about Sasuke that she had heard from Gaara.
――Sasuke-kun, what are you even doing?…….
だが、抗議したくても、その声が届かない距離に、サスケはいるのだ。 言いたくても言えない言葉が、やってあげたくてもやってあげられないことが、どんどんサクラの中に溜まっていくようだった。
However, even if she wanted to object to it, Sasuke was at a distance where her voice wouldn’t reach him. She couldn’t say the words that she even wanted to say to him. She couldn’t do the things that she even wanted to do for him. (Those sentiments) seemed to be continuously and steadily accumulating within Sakura.
She threw herself onto her bed.
After she felt the pleasantly cool sensation of her sheets upon her face and cheeks, Sakura then turned to face upwards.
With her index finger and middle finger, she was trying to touch her forehead.
――Until next time.
――Thank you……
His words from that day were being refreshed in her mind.
――今度って、いつ? サスケくん……。
――When is that ‘next time’, Sasuke-kun?…..
She was murmuring that within her chest.

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