Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 4.1

Pages 96 and 97

Sai had started his surveillance of Kido.
He often mobilized together with Magire, the medical ninja. Within the village, Kido owned several hideouts and training facilities. And so, Sai knew that he would occasionally patrol them. However, Sai didn’t know whatever Kido was doing at those locations.
At several of the institutions, Kido had placed sensory tags around the perimeter. And so, Sai could not carelessly approach them.
Even though trespassing in itself wasn’t impossible, the enemies knew that Sai was investigating into the incidents. If he pursued them too much, it wouldn’t be a good plan if they then attempted to destroy the evidence. On the other hand, if he only conducted his surveillance at a distance as usual, Sai wouldn’t be able to break the deadlock of the situation.
He needed to breach it somehow.
キドのマークを開始して、三日が過ぎた。 自宅に戻る途中、サイは、道端の電柱に小さな印がつけられているのに気づいた。
Three days had elapsed since Kido had been marked (as a suspect). On his way home, Sai noticed a little seal that was affixed on a roadside telephone pole.
It was a message from his informant. Sai didn’t understand the meaning of the seal, but it seemed as though his informant wanted to meet up to talk.
He had requested that his informant investigate a few high-ranked people from the bingo-book. Now that he had marked Kido, Sai didn’t want to know the information about them for the time being. But since his informant had investigated for him, Sai had to compensate him.
The next day, Sai met up with his informant.
They didn’t meet in the forest like the last time. Instead, they met on the streets and on a rooftop of a building.
There was a large water supply tank behind them where Sai and the informant had met up.
“As for the three people whom Sai-san told me about, I tried to investigate them. However, it seems that all of them are cleared of suspicion.”
The informant said.
「 霧の抜け忍のテンゼンは、この一年ずっと雲隠れの里の近くで悪さをしてるし……、犯罪結社『亡』のバラキも、別の結社に吸収されて、昔ほどの力はないみたいです。魂抜きのゲンバに関しちゃ、半年前に病気で死んでましたよ」
“ Tenzen, the nukenin from Kirigakure, has always been near Kumogakure to cause mischief for the past year……. Baraki, the one from the crime organization “Bou”, has been absorbed into another organization too. It doesn’t seem as if he holds the same power as he used to in his former days. As for Genba from the Tamanuki, he passed away half a year ago from an illness. “
“I see. Thank you. “
Sai thanked him, and then paid him the reward that they had agreed upon.
“Aside from that, isn’t there something to talk about that’s been on your mind?”
When Sai asked him, the informant expressed a smile with an underlying hint.
“Ah, well….Actually, there’s some huge information. But it’s something that doesn’t seem to be connected to the incident that Sai-san is investigating for now….”

Pages 98 and 99

“It doesn’t matter. Tell me about it”
“Can I say it?”
The informant said it while laughing and making a circle with his fingers (into an ‘okay’ sign).

“That depends on the subject”
When Sai prompted him, his informant spoke:
“――In order to investigate the circumstances of the three people whom Sai-san told me about, I visited several lands. While I was doing so, I’d hear about something every now and then. They were first-hand accounts of Uchiha Sasuke.”
“About Sasuke?”
Sai slightly furrowed his eyebrows.
“In particular, I guess that it’s good that he has almost been sighted. For now, Sasuke is on a journey in order to atone for his sins.”
“Well, I know that he’s traveling the world. But from the stories that I’ve heard, somehow he’s been disquieting”
“What do you mean?”
「たとえば、どこそこの洞窟で、闇の武器商人を襲っただとか、 某国の暗黒街で、それこそ犯罪結社みたいなのと接触したとか」
“For example, he went to a cave somewhere and attacked a shady arms dealer. In a certain country’s underworld of organized crime, he was in contact with something like a crime organization. “
“Why would Sasuke attack someone who’s an arms dealer?”
“I also don’t understand it well, but the guy who told me about the stories quoted: ‘Because I intend to cause terrorism in Konoha, hand over a large quantity of cheap ninja weaponry’. That’s what Sasuke had told the dealer. But, well….after he said something like that, the enemies refused his request. Then he blew out a huge fireball that killed them. From the perspective of the crime organization, it felt as though the negotiations had broken down. But in the end, it seemed like it became the same result….”
“About when did you hear the stories?”
“I think that it’s been one, maybe two weeks, but…..”
Sai shook his head. It was an improbable story.
“Sasuke wouldn’t do something like that. They’re somehow mistaken”
“I know that. But it’s because I only heard the rumours, and so I’m just reporting on it…..There’s no way… so it’s a scary realization.”
The informant rubbed his bald head.
“Ah, by the way…aren’t they vastly raising the village’s next budget for the ANBU?”
Thinking about whether or not he had offended Sai, the informant expressed a forced smile. He had connected the stories.

Pages 100 and 101

「サイさんが今調べてる、その、御意見番が襲われた事件、そいつを引き合いに出して、 暗部のナントカって人が一席ぶったんでしょう?」
“For now, Sai-san is investigating the incident when the Honourable Council was attacked. In reference to that, does it have something to do with the ANBU personnel?
“You’re a skilled informant, aren’t you? Since you even heard as far as those kinds of things”
“Heheh… Well, there’s various things”
The informant gave him an upward glance.
Even though Sai already wanted to leave from there, the informant continued talking:
”――However, the ANBU are not a well understood organization, right? They assassinate people when given their names, right? It seems like they escort important people. When some sort of incident happens, they investigate it like you do, right Sai-san? ”
“I’m not associated with the ANBU anymore. Anyway, the ANBU is an organization that’s surely full of mysteries. Even when I was in it, I didn’t understand it well”
“Oh really? When a battle ends, don’t you go to that scene and gather various data and things? “
Sai had a dubious expression on his face.
「なんだそれは? 」
“What are you talking about?”
” Don’t they make something like a database of battle records? I often hear about it from people who do similar duties. About immediately after the Great Ninja War, I happened to notice guys wearing ANBU masks from Konoha. They were near the Valley of The End. It seems that they took something from around there…But they took rock fragments and things from the ground.”
Sai tilted his head.
As for the missions that the ANBU handled, they certainly covered a broad range of topics aside from assassinations. But he hadn’t heard of such stories where they took things back from the ground of a battlefront.
“Did you say that this was almost immediately after the Great Ninja War?”
「ええ。あと、橋の名前なんでしたっけ、サスケと、六代目になりそこねたダンゾウ様、 あの人が戦った橋。同じ頃その橋のあったところにも木ノ葉の暗部が調査に入ったとかっ て、これは別のやつから。だから俺、てっきり暗部の人って、そういう仕事もすんのかな って」
“Yeah. Afterwards….What’s the name of that bridge again?….Sasuke and Danzo-sama…the one who missed out on becoming the Rokudaime Hokage….It was at the bridge where they battled. Anyway, around the same time-frame afterwards, I guess they met at the bridge and the Konoha ANBU came to investigate. But they were different people. That’s why I’m sure that they were ANBU personnel. They were doing that sort of mission, I think. ”
Sai folded his arms and fell silent.
The story and the flow of the chat with the informant was strangely stuck in Sai’s mind.
“Umm…. Sai-san?”
“Let’s get in contact again”
サイは言うと、追加の報酬を情報屋の手に押しつけて、 その場を離れた。
As Sai said so, he pressed an additional reward into the hands of the informant. Sai then left from their location.

//End Translation.

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