Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 5.1

Pages 128 and 129

With Sai, the two of them then went to the Office of the Hokage. Kakashi and Ino were in the room.
Ino had a somewhat worn-out expression on her face.
“You came, Ino?”
「うん、ちょっと試してみたいことがあって、カカシ先生と通信班の部屋に行ってたんだ けど…」
“Yup. There was something that I wanted to try out a little bit. I went with Kakashi-sensei to the Communication Division’s room, but…
”The Communication Division?”
Sakura then had a dubious expression on her face. Kakashi was seated at desk, and then replied:
「いや、いのが心伝身の術で、こっちから直接サスケに連絡をとれないかやってみる って言うからさ、試してみたんだけど……」
“No, it was with Ino’s Shindenshin no Jutsu. She thought that we could try to get into direct contact with Sasuke from here. We tried to, but….”
“As we thought, it’s impossible”
Ino shrugged her shoulders as she spoke.
「サスケくんの現在地が、おおよそでもわかればなんとかなったかもしれないけど、この 広い世界をあてずっぽうで探すのは、やっぱ無理があったわ。ちょっとバテた」
“Maybe if we knew about Sasuke-kun’s current location or something, but we’re searching by guesswork in this vast world. It’s as we thought… it’s impossible. I’m a little exhausted. ”
いのが言うって、舌を出した。山中 一族の使う心伝身の術は、かなりの集中力を要するのだ。長時間は使えない。
As Ino spoke, she stuck out her tongue. When the Yamanaka clan uses the Shindenshin no Jutsu, it demands a considerable ability to concentrate. It can’t be used for extended periods of time.
“Aside from that, what are you guys doing?”
Sai answered Kakashi’s question.
“I have to tell you something, sensei”
“It’s something about the imposter Sasuke…..It’s possible that the ANBU might be connected to the incidents”
Kakashi’s eyes sharpened.
Sai continued.
“I heard about it from Sakura. About the imposter Sasuke that they have sighted lately…He not only has his appearance, but also Sasuke’s chakra?”
“It’s from the conversation with Gaara”
「サクラが言うには、 髪の毛や皮膚からでもチャクラを抽出できるそうなんです。偽のサスケがまとっているチャクラは、そうやって作られたものかもしれない」
“As Sakura said, it seems that it’s possible to extract chakra from hair or skin. The chakra that the imposter Sasuke was cloaked in might have been produced like that.”
“Hair or skin, eh?”

Pages 130 and 131

Kakashi muttered as his facial expression became pensive.
“Of course, there might be a blind spot, eh?”
「や、まだ仮定の話ですよ?そういう方法なら、サスケくんの知らないところで、サスケくんのコピーがうろついていることの説明にはなるなって…」 先走るサイに、サクラは少し焦った。
“Well, that discussion was just a hypothesis, right? If it’s that kind of method, then Sasuke-kun wouldn’t even know about it. That explains how Sasuke’s copy is loitering around….”
Sakura was a bit impatient with Sai, who was being impertinent.
Kakashi then said:
“Well, a hypothesis is just an hypothesis. However, how are the ANBU involved in this?”
“The informant said something worrisome:……Immediately after the Great War at the Valley of the End, and also at the bridge where Sasuke and Danzou-sama battled, Konoha’s ANBU went on investigations.”
“The ANBU?”
“Yes. At those locations, it seems like the ANBU brought back some soil and rock fragments. “
“Why would they bring back such things?…..Ah”
Midway through her words, Ino realized something.
Something also occurred to Sakura at almost the same time.
“I see. They wanted material that had Sasuke-kun’s individual information on it …..”
As Sakura murmured, Sai slowly nodded with a “Mhmm”.
「確かに、 その場所なら、サスケの髪だとか皮膚のかけらだとか、そういうもんは入手しやすいな」
“Certainty, if they were at those locations, it would be easy for them to obtain things like Sasuke’s hair and skin.”
Kakashi said.
‘Besides, there was also blood…’ Sakura added onto the statement in her head.
At any rate, at the Valley of The End, Naruto and Sasuke exhausted all of their might during their battle. It was where they settled their dispute.
Both of them lost an arm because of that battle. And so, their blood and body tissues were left at that battle site.
そして、サスケとダンゾウが戦った橋もだ。終末の谷と同様、サスケの髪の毛や血液な どが入手可能だったろう。しかもそれを忍界大戦の直後に採取したのなら、サスケの個人情報物質の「鮮度」は高かったはずだ。
There was also the bridge where Sasuke and Danzou had fought. It was the same as with the Valley of the End: it seemed as though things like Sasuke’s hair and blood were available. Moreover, if they harvested it immediately after the Great Shinobi World War, the ‘freshness’ of the materials that contained Sasuke’s individual information should be high.
However, Kakashi then spoke:
「俺には専門的なことはわからんが、 そうやって持ち帰ったもののなかからサスケの髪の毛や皮膚なんかを選り分けて、さらにそこからチャクラを抽出するなんて、ソートー大変なことなんじゃないか?」
“I don’t understand the technical aspects of it, but they sorted out things like Sasuke’s hair and skin from amongst the things that they brought back with them. After all, they extracted chakra from it since then. Wouldn’t sorting through it be difficult?”
“I think that seems like overwhelming work”

Pages 132 and 133

Sakura said. However, this was the work of the ANBU.
Sakura tried to remember that time at the Valley of the End.
When the battle ended, Naruto and Sasuke were laying outstretched on top of the crumbled, enormous statue.
While Sakura was treating both of their arms, Kakashi was smiling while attentively watching over them.
And then while feeling a sense of hope towards the new era, they left that valley behind them――
And then the ANBU personnel descended upon that valley. It was after Sakura and her comrades had left.
They removed some of the soil and gathered fragments of the rocks. They were searching for ‘traces’ of Sasuke――
If they assume that was how they really operated, then Sakura felt nothing but an unpleasant sensation towards the obscurity of their work.
“But I wonder what do the ANBU want to do…..what’s with having the imposter Sasuke-kun being sighted in various places? ”
Ino said.
“I don’t understand that yet either. But if it’s the ANBU, what if we assume that they used the method that we talked about in order to make an imposter Sasuke….Kakashi-sensei?”
Sai spoke as he turned to face Kakashi.
「ボクを襲ったやつらが、尾獣のチャクラをまとっていたことの説明がつくかもしれません 」
“Perhaps this explains how the guys who attacked me were cloaked in tailed-beast chakra. “
“In other words, the ANBU gathered materials that had the individual information of a Jinchuuriki. And so they produced tailed-beast chakra from it?”
“Don’t you think that’s a possibility…That someone can cloak themselves in another person’s chakra? That’s a common point between the two incidents.”
“The man who’s always beside Kido is the medical ninja Magire. It’s possible that he’s under Kido’s command, and it wouldn’t be strange if they were even trying to research that sort of technique. “
“Wa- wait a second. You haven’t even talked about the two of them”
Ino interrupted him. Since Sakura hadn’t heard about the story either, she was confused.
“Umm, so about the tailed-beast chakra…What do you talking about?”
“Ah…excuse me…Well, I wonder how I should explain it…”
After Kakashi scratched his head, he clapped his hands together with a ‘pan’ sound.
“Ah, well first of all…the three of you will now be on the same team.”
Sakura and Ino looked blankly at him. Then Sai calmly spoke:
“Certainly, it’s very likely that we’ll be pursuing the same enemy later on. In that case, we better operate as a team and share information”



Pages 134 and 135

” So what about…the enemy?”
Sakura asked about it, and then Sai responded:
“It’s the ANBU’s Tsumiki Kido. And then there’s Magire. I’ve marked both of them down for now”
Kakashi and Sai had investigated the incidents where the Daimyo and the Honourable Council were attacked. They decided that the two of them were plausible suspects.
As for the attack incidents, there was a high possibility that they were used as a charade in order to increase the budget for the ANBU. In addition, while Sai was in the process of investigating them, assassins had been aiming at him. Those assassins were cloaked in the tailed-beast chakra.
“Tailed-beast chakra….”
As Sakura muttered, Ino spoke up:
“Well…So it seems that Kido and his comrades went to the Valley of the End to gather materials that have Naruto’s individual information too? And then they extracted the Kyuubi’s chakra…”
“But as for the guys who attacked me who were cloaked in chakra, they only had one tail….”
“Maybe there’s no correlation to the number of tails?”
Sakura said.
“Even around the beginning for Naruto, it was according to the extent that he loosened his seal. So the number of tails that would appear were different”
“Well~ I think having this kind of arrangement is fine. Since it’s just an impromptu team, it shouldn’t go too well, right?”
It didn’t match the circumstances well, but Kakashi was speaking freely.
“Please don’t make fun of us, sensei”
Ino said.
Sai continued.
「そうですよ。それに即席と言っても、ボクとサクラは元々同じ班だし、いのと組むこと にも全然不安なんてありませんよ」
“I see. Although you said that it’s impromptu, Sakura and I were originally on the same team. But I’m not even worried at all about working together with Ino.”
‘Right, Ino?’ Sai called out to her, and then Ino’s face turned red for an instant.
“Th- that’s right! It’ll be an easy victory!”
Since Sakura understood Ino’s feelings, she giggled and smiled a little.
「いやいや、 冷やかして悪かった。……ま、本音言うとさ、俺もお前らと混じって外で動き回りたいんだけど、こういうのつけるようになっちゃうとね、それもなかなか」
“Nono~ Sorry for making fun of you…Well, what I meant is that I want to join the rest of you and move around outside. But instead, it seems that I’m wearing something like this (and working on other obligations)”
As Kakashi spoke, he touched he conical Hokage hat gently. He then stiffened his features and continued:
“As for this incident, the suspects that you should pursue are Kido and Magire, of course. But on the other hand, I allowed the arbitrary decision about the ANBU. So I’m partly responsible. So in that regard, I even feel sorry for you guys”

Pages 136 and 137

Sakura and her comrades stared back at Kakashi’s face.
Kakashi continued.
“I’m planning on immediately reviewing the current state of things regarding the organization of the ANBU. Since it’s not apparent externally, I’ll think hard about that. So that’s why I’ll entrust the part about Kido and Magire to you guys”
サクラたちは、 「はい」と同時に答えた。
Sakura and her comrades simultaneous replied with “Yes, sir!”
(–Line Break//Scene Change–)
(–Line Break//Scene Change–)
“We won’t be the Ino-Shika-Chou. We’ll be the impromptu team: Ino-Saku-Sai”
Ino said.
”It doesn’t sound bad”
Sakura retorted:
“It just sounds weird, but it’s okay. As long as our teamwork is good”
Sai nodded.
The three of them left the office of the Hokage. First off, they changed locations to the rooftop of Konoha’s hospital. They then arranged their plans for later.
“I’ll continue to observe Kido’s behavior for a while”
“As for us….what should we do? It’s as I thought, I think we should investigate Sasuke-kun’s imposter”
As Ino spoke, she looked at Sakura.
“That’s right. But if the ANBU really did gather material with Sasuke-kun’s individual information on it….We should consider those areas and look into the underside of it a bit more. For now, it’s just a story that Sai heard from his informant. “
“I see. But how are we going to look into the underside of it?”
“I thought about it, but since the ANBU tried to collect Sasuke-kun’s hair and blood…We should go and search those areas. The Valley of the End, and also that bridge….I seem to have a hunch about it.
“Are there other places to investigate?”
Sai asked.
“Mm. In order to extract chakra, I think that they should have used a lot of hair and blood. So they would have went to various places to gather those things, right?”
“But where, for example?” said Ino.
“If we extend the scope to as far as outside the village, even I’m not sure about it. But if we restrict it to within the village…Sasuke’s home immediately comes to mind. Afterwards, there’s places like the Naka Shrine.”
“Mm. Well, those two places might be plausible” said Sai.

Page 138+

“If it’s newer hair from Sasuke-kun, it’s probably more likely that the ANBU went to the Naka Shrine rather than his home. “
Sakura said so.
“Mm…but what should we do?”
Ino folded her arms and stared off into space.
“Especially if we’re searching for hair…I guess we should go there? At the Valley of the End, they collected Sasuke-kun’s blood. Well, I think that there’s a high likelihood that they can bring it back from there. But as far as searching the Naka Shrine for Sasuke-kun’s hair, it’s expected to be difficult, right…. “
「探しに行って、なければないでいいのよ。でも、最低一度は調べに行ってると思うの。 時期は、大戦のすぐあと」
“It’s fine if we go and search for it, it must be there. I think that they should have gone to investigate it at least once…just immediately after the Great War. ”
At that time, perhaps no one would have seen the ANBU near the Naka Shrine. Sakura suggested that was when they seemed to have gathered it.
“If there was someone who saw them, at least there would be circumstantial evidence.”
“Okay. Let’s try and do it”
Since Ino agreed to it, the three of them had then decided on their activities.
At regular intervals, let’s would meet up with one another and exchange information. No matter how trivial the evidence, continue to collect it. It’ll go into the pursuit of Kido.”
Sakura and Ino nodded as they heard Sai’s words.
Even though they were an impromptu team, they began to operate anyway.
It was good that they could work together. Instead of endlessly worrying in her room, her mind was now always at ease. Sakura thought about it.
――I can do it for the sake of Sasuke-kun
As for Sakura, that was huge thing that she could think about.

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