Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 5.2

Pages 139 and 140

Kido was becoming irritated.
He had successfully mobilized the imposter Sasuke so that he would even be sighted all over the world. However, the crucial and genuine Sasuke hadn’t appeared in the village.
――Why won’t he return?
It was impossible that the genuine Sasuke didn’t know about these circumstances. Surely, he ought to have heard of it somewhere.
Kido was not pleased with Sasuke’s non-reaction. It seemed as though Sasuke wasn’t paying attention to the things that Kido was trying to do. Because that’s the impression that came reeking from his non-reaction.
However, while Kido was getting irritated, an ingenious idea came to mind.
If he took this measure, not only would he raise the likelihood of Sasuke returning to the village, but it would also produce good material for Kido’s plans.
“――We’ll take the next measure”
執務室でキドは言うった。マギレと、他に数名の幹部がいた。幹部は、 暗部の仮面をつけている。
Kido was speaking in the office. Aside from Magire, there were several other executives. The executives were wearing ANBU masks.
”This woman――”
と言って、キドは右手を軽く振った。 一瞬後、壁に一本のクナイが突き刺さった。クナイは一枚の写真を壁に留めていた。
As he spoke, Kido nimbly swung his right hand. A moment later, a kunai pierced the wall. The kunai affixed a photo onto the wall.
「さらえ。 サスケと同期の、春野サクラという女だ。 女が行方不明になった、というニュースがサスケの耳に入れば、サスケは里に戻るだろう」
“Kidnap her. She is Sasuke’s peer, a woman named Haruno Sakura. If that woman went missing, and if Sasuke hears that news, I think that Sasuke will return to the village.”
“If that’s the case, do you mean that we might as well kill her?”
Said a different executive.
“Wouldn’t it be a larger impact on that guy?”
“No, don’t kill her”
Kido said. He thinly smiled and then continued.
“Not immediately.”

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