Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 5.3

Page 141

At the beginning, Sakura and Ino had difficulties with their investigation.
そもそも南賀ノ神社というところが、里のはずれに位置していて、 周囲にあまり人家がない場所なのだ。
First of all, the place called the Naka Shrine was located at the outskirts of the village. Around that location, there weren’t too many homes.
Furthermore, the timing was also a barrier (since they were asking about events that happened) immediately after the great war.
Already, more than two years had elapsed since the end of the great war. The people’s memories of the events had also started to fade.
やっと実のある話を聞けたのは、二人が神社付近で聞きこみを開始して、 三日目のことだった。
Finally, on their third day after the two of them had began their investigation near the Naka Shrine, they heard a substantial story.
「暗部の人なら見かけましたよ! 三人ぐらいいたかなあ!」
“I happened to notice the ANBU! I think that there were about three people!”
The person who said that was Rock Lee.
“About when (did you see them)?
Sakura asked.

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“I think it was around two years ago”
Lee answered.
「ボク、ランニングでたまにこの辺りに来るんですよ。今日もそうなんですけどね。ほら、 ここって普段あまり人けのない場所じゃないですか。だからその日、暗部を見かけたことは記憶に残ってます。ま、でも、暗部は任務次第でどこにでも現れますからね。特に怪し いとも思わなかったんですけど」
“ I occasionally come by this area while I go running. I even went today like this. Well, isn’t it usually a pretty deserted area? That why I remembered that I happened to notice the ANBU on that day. Well…but…That’s because ANBU appear anywhere, and it depends upon the mission, right? That’s why I didn’t even think that it was especially suspicious though. “
Sakura and Ino exchanged glances and nodded.
“Sakura-san and Ino-san, what are you investigating? If it’s alright with you, can I be super helpful!?”
と、リーは言ってくれたが、サクラといのは、「うん、なにかあったらお願いするね」と、 やんわりかわしておいた。
Even though Lee had offered, Sakura and Ino gently dodged a response with “ Sure. If something happens, we’ll ask you for help.”
Lee was also similar to Naruto in that he had a tendency to be in a rush . But as for the things that (Sakura and Ino) were doing for now, which was working on collecting evidence, the two of them thought that (Naruto and Lee) would be unsuitable for the work.
夕刻、サクラたちはサイと落ち合い、今日一日の調査結果を報告し合った。 自宅へ帰る道すがら、サクラの足取りは軽かった。ささやかでも成果があったからだ。
In the evening, Sakura and Ino met up with Sai. Today, they would meet up together to report on the results from that day’s work. As she was returning home, Sakura walked along the way with a light gait; Because even though it was trivial, they had results.
If they could implicate Kido little by little, it would be connected to saving Sasuke.
By just thinking about it, Sakura’s willpower was replenished.
“I said to let go of me!”
Suddenly, she heard an angry voice. Sakura stopped walking in surprise. It came from somewhere near an alleyway that was close to home.
サクラは路地を覗きこんだ。もう夜だったが、街灯の光がわずかながら届いているため、 真っ暗ではなかった。
Sakura peeped into the alleyway. It was already evening, but since the light from the streetlights were shining just a little bit, she wasn’t in complete darkness.
一人の男が、複数の男に地面に押さえつけられていた。押さえつけている男たちは暗部 の仮面をつけている。
One man was being pinned down to the ground by several other men. The men who were pressing him down were wearing ANBU masks.
“That’s enough, let me go!”
“Shut up! You are suspected of being a terrorist!”
“I’m saying that it’s not me!”
Among the voices who were quarreling, Sakura remembered the voice of the one who was being pinned down.
Sakura raised her voice.
The man who was being pinned down then lifted up his face.

Page 144

As expected, it was Sasuke.
「こいつらに言ってくれ。 里に戻ってきたら、いきなり襲いかかってきたんだ。俺がテロリストを殺したなどとって…」
“Please tell them. When I returned back to the village, I was suddenly attacked. They’re saying that I killed terrorists and such…”
放してあげてください、 と言おうとして、サクラはその声を飲みこんだ。
She tried to tell them to please let him go, but Sakura suppressed her voice.
“Wait. Are you really Sasuke-kun?”
サクラは慎重に聞いた。 なにしろ今日までずっと偽者のサスケのことで考えたり、動いたりしていたのだ。どうしても疑心暗鬼になってしまう。
Sakura asked him cautiously. At any rate, she was always thinking about the imposter Sasuke. That is until today, when she was wavering about it. No matter what, she was becoming wary and suspicious of him.
Sasuke abruptly took a short breath.
「お前にそんなことを言われるとはな。 同期の顔を忘れたのか。もっとよく見てみろ」
“It’s as I was telling you. Did you forget the face of your peer? Try to take an even better look at me”
There was an instant demon lurking within his remarks as he spoke.
サクラが反射的にサスケの目を見返した瞬間、 視界がぐにゃりと歪んだ。
The moment that Sakura reflexively stared back into Sasuke’s eyes, her field of vision distorted like a haze.
She wasn’t able to stand up. But it wasn’t a strong genjutsu to much of an extent. She instantly restored her disturbed chakra back to normal, and then recomposed her stance.
Immediately afterwards, she sensed a presence from behind.
When she tried to look over her shoulder, she felt an ache of prickling pain at the nape of her neck.
It was the sensation of being injected with some sort of drug.
膝に力が入らなくなった。がくりとくずおれ、 うつ伏せに倒れた。
There wasn’t any power flowing into her knees. Losing her strength, she then collapsed. She fell and was laying face-down on the ground.


疑心暗鬼= ‘Gishinanki’= “Once you suspect something, everything else will look suspicious”; A proverb that means something like ‘a doubtful mind will create demons in the darkness’. Obviously this doesn’t fit very naturally into a sentence (I ended up going with ‘wary and suspicious’) so I thought I would explain it fully here~

//End Translation.

//Section 3 completed.

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