Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 3 Chapter 5.4

Page 145

At first, she had neck pain.
With the onset of that pain, she felt that she was gradually regaining consciousness. At her shoulder and hip, there was a cold and hard sensation.
She realized something as she rolled on the floor with an unnatural posture: She was trying to move her hands and feet, but she couldn’t.
目をゆっくりと開ける。 両手は後ろ手の状態で拘束され、両足首も同様に金属製の拘束具で固定されていた。
She slowly opened her eyes. Both of her hands were currently bound behind her back. Both of her ankles were immobilized and bound by a similar metal physical restraint as well.
She felt slightly nauseous, but it subsided after a little while.
The room was nothing but concrete. It was empty and spacious.
At the front was a rusty, iron door. There were no windows, so she wasn’t even sure if she was underground.

Pages 146 and 147

She didn’t even know how much time had transpired since she had been kidnapped.
She couldn’t break the physical restraints or try to put strength into both of her hands. Her strength still wasn’t working well.
When she had gotten kidnapped, something had been injected into her neck. Perhaps this was it’s effects.
鉄の扉には、小窓があって、 そこから誰かが覗いているのが見えた。 暗部の仮面をつけている。
On the iron door, there was a small window. She saw that someone was peeking through there. He was wearing an ANBU mask.
“She’s awake. Inform Kido-sama”
After he spoke those words, she heard the footsteps of another person who was walking away.
キド様、と見張りの仮面は言った。ここはキドの持つアジトの一つなのだろう。 さらわれたときの記憶がよみがえる。
The guard with the mask had said ‘Kido-sama’. She was probably at one of Kido’s hideouts. Her memories returned from when she was kidnapped.
It was a cheap ploy. The ANBU were capturing Sasuke, who had returned to the village. Such a thing couldn’t have happened near Sakura’s home.
サクラも、 最初は怪しんだ。だが、一瞬の油断があった。そして、 忍にとってその一瞬が命取りなのだ。
Sakura was even suspicious from the start. But she was careless for a moment. For a shinobi, a moment like that would be fatal.
―― That was really no good, I…
Sakura closed her eyes.
She was ashamed at herself for being caught by such a transparent ploy.
She heard several footsteps.
扉が開けられ、 鷲鼻の男が入ってきた。隣には片眼鏡をかけた色白の男がいる。
The door opened, and a hook-nosed man entered. Next to him was a light-skinned man who wore a monocle.
鷲鼻の男は任務服の上にコートを羽織り、 片眼鏡の男は白衣をつけていた。二人の背後には、仮面をつけた暗部の者が二人控えている。扉の外で、サクラを見張っていた二人だろう。
The hook-nosed man was wearing a coat on top of his mission clothes. The man with the monocle was wearing a white gown. Behind the two men were two masked ANBU on standby. On the other side of the door, it seemed like two people were standing guard over Sakura.
“So you’re Kido, eh?”
Sakura spoke to the hook-nosed man. Her voice choked a bit.
“That’s right, Haruno Sakura. You *****, don’t you know about Uchiha Sasuke’s whereabouts?”
「サスケくんの、居場所? こっちが、聞きたいわよ…… 」
“Sasuke-kun’s…whereabouts? I want to ask about that….”
声を出すには辛い体勢だった。芋虫のように転がされ、相手に見下ろされている。 屈辱がサクラの目つきを険しくした。
She was in a posture that made it difficult to speak. She rolled like a caterpillar, and the enemy looked down upon her. Sakura was humiliated, so she had a grim look in her eyes.
「サスケくんの、偽者をでっちあげて、いろんなところで目撃させたのは アンタね」
“ So the one who fabricated…an imposter of Sasuke…and had him get observed in various places…was you…”
「そうだ。そうすればあの男が里に戻るんじゃないかと思ってな。しかし、 戻らなかった。 だから、お前をさらったのだ」
“That’s right. We thought that man would return to the village if we did that. But he didn’t return. That’s why we kidnapped you.”
“In order to… make Sasuke-kun…return to the village…?”
――(That’s why they) kidnapped me…?

Pages 148 and 149

“You and that man are peers. You’re on the same team. Weren’t you comrades who fought in the Great War together? If he heard that you went missing, that man would probably return to the village.”
“Hmm, I wonder about that. Because Sasuke-kun is really calm and collected. Even if he heard that I went missing――”
‘…He wouldn’t return to the village’ She tried to continue, but a small ache traveled throughout Sakura’s chest.
――I wonder if Sasuke-kun… really won’t return
―― Even if it seemed as though I disappeared, eh….
戻ってきてほしい、と思った。だが、すぐにその思いを打ち消す。 だめだ。サスケが戻ってくるということは、こいつらの思惑にはまってしまうということ。だから、サスケは戻ってくるべきではない。
She thought that she wanted him to come back. But she immediately dismissed that thought. That’s no good. It means that if Sasuke returns, then he’ll fall into their trap when he meets the expectations of those guys. That’s why Sasuke shouldn’t return.
――But if he doesn’t return, then it means that Sasuke-kun isn’t worried about me that much….
サスケを恋い慕う気持ちと、 サスケの身を案じる気持ちで、サクラの頭は混乱した。
She felt a yearning for Sasuke, but also felt anxious about Sasuke himself. Sakura’s mind was muddled.
“If he doesn’t return…”
Kido continued to speak.
「簡単な話だ。お前を殺すだけだ。 死体が見つかったと聞けば、さすがのあいつも帰るだろう。せめて葬式ぐらいにはな」
“It’s a simple story. We’ll just kill you. If he hears that your corpse was found, he’ll probably even return as expected. At least, for the funeral.”
“In that case, try to kill me right now!”
怒りにまかせて手錠を引きちぎってやろうかと思った。 だが、まだうまく力が入らなかった。
She thought that she could tear off the handcuffs in anger, but her strength still didn’t work well.
“I think that you’re better off not doing futile things”
The man with the monocle――Perhaps this man was the one named Magire, the medical ninja―― had spoken.
「あなたの首に打った注射は、 筋肉を痺れさせるのと同時に、チャクラの練成も困難にする薬です。そこで大人しく寝ているほうが体力を無駄にせずにすみます。以上です」
“ The injection that we put into your neck causes your muscles to go numb. Simultaneously, it’s a drug that makes chakra difficult to mold. It’s better if you’d be docile and lay down there. That way, you won’t be wasting physical strength. That’s all. ”
Sakura ground her back molars.
Then Kido spoke:
「今すぐには殺さない。 こちらの理想は、あの男の目の前でお前を殺すことだからな」
“We won’t kill you immediately. Because ideally, we’ll kill you in front of that man’s eyes.”
Sakura stared back at Kido’s face.
“In front of Sasuke-kun…..?”
「そうだ。そのほうが、 あいつの眼の質がよくなる」
“That’s right. That way, the quality of his eyes will improve”
As he spoke, Kido approached and showed off his biggest smile.

Pages 150 and 151

“The quality…of his eyes…?”
――なにを、 言っているの…?
――What are they….talking about…?
Kido expressed an evil smile as spoke.
「――うちは一族は愛深き一族だ。そして、 その愛深き性向が、うちはの者に強い瞳力を授けたということは、お前も知っているだろう? 」
“――The Uchiha clan is a clan that loves profoundly. Because of that tendency to love profoundly, it’s been said that the members of the Uchiha are granted powerful ocular strength. You also know about this, right?”
「…… 」
「…… 」
“Important family members, comrades, lovers――If one of them were to be killed in front of one’s eyes, anyone would be stricken by grief. But in the case of the Uchiha clan, that’s not all that happens. Their excessively profound grief affects their optic nerves, and it grants strength into their eyes”
「やつの悲しみや怒りや嘆きは、やつの瞳力をさらに研ぎ澄ませるに違いない。だから、 お前はあいつの目の前で殺す」
“With his sorrow, anger, and grief…his ocular abilities can be honed even further. There’s no mistaking that. That’s why you’ll be killed in front of his eyes”
Sakura took a breath.
“To do such a thing…What are you guys…..?”
「写輪眼ドラッグ」 と、キドは、言った。
“A Sharingan drug” said Kido.
“Using that man’s eyes as ingredients, we’ll produce drugs. If anyone drinks the drug, then they will be able to use the Sharingan. It will sell well. ”
Kido’s ‘kukku’ laughter crept along the concrete floor.
“An amount of money like you’ve never seen before, and I’ll be collecting it. The money…the money……! “
His snickering became loud laugher. It then filled the room.
――This man is….
For the first time, Sakura didn’t feel disgusted towards the man named Kido. Instead, she felt a sense of dread.

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