Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 4 Epilogue

Perfect Weather for a Wedding 

The weather was very clear today.

Under the watchful eyes of the past Hokage carved into the mountain, many people gathered in the centre of the village.

Everyone was in formal attire, their clothes a little more adult-like than usual.

Kakashi hectically rushed around as he took care of every possible factor, from readying the venue to checking on security measures. After all, the people attending included Gaara the Kazekage as all the Kage from the other villages, Kumogakure’s Killer Bee, and more.

Yamato was moving around in a frenzy too, acting under the supervision of Kakashi, who was handing out instructions while getting advice from the previous Hokage, Tsunade.

Kakashi had asked Yamato for a few favours. But somehow, before Yamato could notice what was happening, he’d ended up being burdened with many tiresome tasks.

Kakashi had said ‘I’ll be relying on you’ with a smile, though, so Yamato didn’t have any harsh feelings.

Rather, Yamato, whose facial expression was usually so unchanging along with his mellow character, was in excessively good spirits, carrying out his chores with a content smile. He had that look on his face because Kakashi was a senpai Yamato respected from the bottom of his heart.

Lee and Gai showed up with dumbbells in tow, and threw everyone around them into a great shock.

They’re even training on a day like this… Everyone thought, half-scandalised. Nobody knew yet that they hadn’t brought the dumbbells so they could train with them.

Tenten was acting like she was both the hot-blooded men’s guardian, scolding them on how to behave while doing this or that. She was muttering complaints like she was burdened with looking after them, but deep down in her heart, she was having fun.

Shikamaru was talking to Temari about something. It appeared to be a complicated discussion about work, but both of their faces were bright and cheerful, and every now and then, their laughter would mix together in the air. They were smiling naturally, spontaneously, and seeing them stand side by side didn’t feel out of place at all. They were a well-matched couple.

As he watched the two of them, Chouji smiled as well.

While he was thinking he didn’t want to disturb the nice mood those two had, he was also preoccupied with something else inside his head. Chouji was looking for a solution to solve his dilemma: how he was going to manage to eat every single one of the many dishes laid out in the venue.

He thought that he would need a secret plan,something like what Shikamaru would cook up, but no matter how much he thought and thought, no amazing strategies occurred to him. Chouji settled on the idea that he’d just start from one side of the banquet and go all the way to the other. After coming to this conclusion, he gave another smile.

Speaking of nice moods, Ino and Sai were like that too. They’d entered the venue holding hands. Even while everyone around teased them, all “Things are heating up!”, the two looked blissfully happy.

Nearby them, Kiba had been constantly asking Kurenai questions for a while now.

Kiba had burst into the venue triumphantly holding up honeywine, boasting about how ‘we’ve brought something for Naruto from the history of the Senjuu clan’. But, it looked like Kiba’s actual knowledge of history was vague, and now he was bothering Kurenai with constant questions about it.

It seemed like Kurenai had finally decided to give him an impromptu history lesson. Kiba listened intently as she talked, noting things down on a memo pad, probably so he could use the info properly later.

Nearby, Mirai was all dressed up and riding on top of Akamaru, playing around.

Shino was watching, wondering if it still counted as playing horsey if in fact you were riding a dog.

Then, while looking at Akamaru and Kiba, Shino wondered when it would be best to give Naruto and Hinata the honeywine. It was their trump card, so perhaps it should be saved for last. Or, maybe it should be given first.

It was something to be concerned about. The reason was…

Shino kept worrying silently in his head over the matter.

One bye one, the venue was slowly filling up with more and more friendly and familiar faces.

Ichiraku Ramen’s owner Teuchi came, as well as his daughter Ayame, who was an attraction for guests to come to the ramen store.

Iruka was already being overwhelmed with emotion from the moment he stepped inside.

The weather was very clear today.

Sakura looked up at the sky, alone.

As she did so, she thought about a certain someone who was under the same sky, continuing his travels even now. Just thinking that made her insides feel as bright and clear as the sky above her.

She had someone she was sending her thoughts to.

Just that was enough to make her feel blissful.

It was a beautiful day, as if the heavens themselves were giving their blessing.

And, of course…

Hyuuga Hinata’s thoughts had wandered over to a place beyond the sky again.

Neji nii-san…

Glancing out the waiting room’s window, she could see the blue sky free of any clouds.

I’m getting married.

She whispered those words inside her heart, and turned to look at the young man standing next to her.

Looking at the intense look on his face, her heart started thudding despite herself. Even though she’d always been looking at him, just being with him like this made her pulse rate pick up like it had the very first day she’d met him.

Naruto’s unflinching eyes were looking at the Hokage Monument, the faces of previous Hokage carved into rock.

Or rather, to be more accurate, he was looking at the carved face of Namikaze Minato. His dad.

Just looking at him as he did that, Hinata felt so full of emotion, her chest could burst.

Ahh, she thought. Right now, this second…

Standing next to the person she loved like this made her feel unbearably happy. She was so happy, she couldn’t even hope to express it with words.

This moment is bliss. Hinata thought, simply, honestly.

As she did, maybe he noticed she was looking, because his eyes turned to meet hers.

Hinata’s face turned red. She ended up fidgeting a little.

He gave her an embarrassed grin too. The serious look on his face turned into another one, innocent like a young boy. She adored every single one of his facial expressions.

Her father Hiashi and little sister Hanabi entered the waiting room.

It was almost time.

Hinata took Naruto’s arm, and held on tight.

Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata.

Their wedding ceremony now begins.

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