Naruto Hiden / Naruto Hiden Vol 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8:「死の縁まで五千メートル」5,000 Metres Until the Edge of Death


Pages 114-115

Surrounding Kakashi, who had been ejected into the sky , there were also falling passengers who had been thrown out (of the ship) in the same manner and were scattered about.
(Kakashi’s) eyes met those of Guy’s.
He saw as Guy was beginning to nod in agreement. Kakashi realized that he was also resigned to death.
Having said that, if they were to be struck onto the ground from a height of 5,000 metres, there was no other choice. There was only one place for the shinobi to end up.
Damn it…
Closing his eyes, he envisioned Kahyo wearing her long, blue dress.
あなたたちが迷えば迷うほど、 犠牲者は増えるわ。。。厨房に隠れていたとき、彼女はすがるような眼でそう言った。
“ If you guys hesitate to the extent that you lose your path, then the (number of) victims will increase… “ When she was hiding in the kitchen, she said it like that with eyes that clung (to him).
“As for something like that, you cannot understand the sentiments of a parent whose child has been killed!”
…Beneath the mask, it seemed as though she was shouting with her whole body.
オレになにができた?彼女になにをしてやれた? そこまで考えて、 ふと可笑しさが込み上げてきた。
What could I do about it? What was I able to do for her? Even thinking about it to such an extent…a sudden strangeness welled up within him.
As expected…it’s already over.
死がついに。。。訪れる。 オビトや父さんや、戦の中で散っていった仲間たちのところへ、 オレも行くんだ。
Finally, death…is coming. To where they (had all gone): Obito, Father, and the comrades who had died a noble death during combat. I’m going there too.
And so, when his body was suddenly defying gravity and softly suspended above (in the air), he did not comprehend what had happened.
“It’s good timing.”
As (Kakashi was) opening his eyes, Sai was overlooking him. He was smiling and laughing.
「忘れたんですか?カカシ先生が、 ぼくを呼んだんでしょ?」
“Did you forget? Kakashi-sensei called for me, right?”
ガバッと身を起こす。そこは 、サイの描いた鴻の背の上だった。
(Kakashi) emphatically got up. He was (riding) on the back of Sai’s large bird that he had drawn.
He surveyed around.
They were in the sky far away and beneath the Tobishachimaru. It was a huge flock of large birds made from Choujyuu Giga (Super Beast Imitating Drawing). They were circling as if they were completely black clouds.
Guy was dangling from the large bird’s foot. He was grinning and laughing with a thumbs-up.

Pages 116-117

Afterwards, he raised the leg on the poor side (of his body). On the plaster cast that was on the sole of the foot, there were two (kanji) characters written there: “Youth”.
As for the passengers who had been ejected from the Tobichachimaru, they were also being added onboard the large birds. Also, there were people who firmly caught onto the feet of the large birds.
“It’s fine” Sai said. “Everyone was rescued.”
“Do you know how high the altitude is right now?”
“It seems like…” Sai followed Kakashi’s gaze as they looked up at the Tobishachimaru. “Approximately 5,500 or 6,000 metres, I suppose? “
At the rate at which the furniture and people from dining room lounge had been thrown out, the Tobishachimaru had become lighter. Kakashi thought about it. Perhaps because of that, it had risen up a bit in altitude.
It was morning without any clouds, but now there were numerous strips of black clouds. They were flowing westwards. The air was faintly filled with the scent of water.
“Do you know the identities of the perpetrators of the raid?”
“No. However, Tsunade-sama is (in contact with various people) at the moment”
「主犯は、羅氷という男だ。 」少しためらってから、付け加えた。「それと、その妹の華氷」
“The principal offender is named Rahyo.” With slight hesitation, he added on (to his statement). “And also his younger sister, Kahyo.”
Sai nodded.
Kakashi looked upwards at the Tobishachimaru, which was floating in the sky.
It’s course was heading West-Northwest.
Why is it heading that way?
Kakashi’s mind was fully turning.
The Ryuuha Armament Alliance’s demand was the release of Garyo. In exchange for the hostages, those guys are trying to accomplish their objective.
しかし、当然、木の葉がそう簡単に取り引きに応じるとは、考えていないはずだ。だとしたら、やつらは交渉が決裂した場合に備えて、 ほかに手を打っているかもしれない。
However, of course Konoha would not think about accepting the transaction so easily. If that’s the case, then those guys have prepared for the situation where negotiations have broken down. Besides, perhaps they might take some measures (to ensure that they succeed).
Their trump-card is Kahyo. There’s no doubt about that.
That was the answer, naturally.
「やつらは鬼燈城へ向かっている」カカンは口を開トた。「木ノ葉につっぱねられた場合に備えて 、上空から我龍を救出する作戦だ。鬼燈城の守りを固めるんだ」
“They are headed towards Houzukijyou (Blood Prison). Kakashi’s mouth opened. “Those guys are prepared in the event that they were rejected by Konoha. Their strategy is to rescue Garyo from the sky. Fortify the defenses of Houzukijyou.”
華氷の術を使って、我龍を上空へ押し上げる。地鎖連氷のつららを使えば、充分に可能だ。 あとは飛鯱丸で我龍を回収するだけだ。
Using Kahyo’s jutsu, Garyo will be boosted towards the sky. If they use the icicles of Jisarenhyou (the Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice), it’s sufficiently possible. Only afterwards will they recover Garyo with the Tobishachimaru.
”いの” カカシは心の中で、呼びかけた。”聞こえるか、いの?”
“Ino”. Kakashi called out (to her) with his mind. “Can you hear me, Ino?”
”聞こえます” すぐに返事があった。”ご無事でなによりです、カカシ先生”
“I can hear you. ” It was an instant response. “Above all else, you’re safe, Kakashi-sensei.”


The novels gives things embedded between quotes “xxxx” as internal communication with Ino. 「xxxx」 means spoken dialogue. Everything else is Kakashi narrating/talking to himself.

西北西 = West-Northwest is a direction in between going West and Northwest. I didn’t know this terminology was a thing. OTL~

Pages 118-119

“The Tobishachimaru is headed towards Houzukijyou”
Perhaps those guys are intending to rescue Garyo from the sky”
“ Understood. I will notify Tsunade-sama immediately”
“Please return me to the Tobishachimaru”
“I feel uneasy (about it)”, Kakashi said. “Moreover, as for the remaining hostages, we cannot abandon them and leave them behind.”
上昇気流に乗って、 サイの鴻は雨雲を突き破り、またたく間に飛鯱丸の上空へ出た。
Riding an ascending air current, Sai’s large bird penetrated through rain clouds. In an instant, they appeared at the skies with the Tobishachimaru.
船体にあいた穴は、 すでに氷がふさいでいる。 華氷の地鎖連氷によってできたつららが、 あふれんばかりに垂れ下がっていた。
The hole in the hull had already been blocked off by ice. It was possible because of the icicles from Kahyo’s Jisarenhyou. (The icicles) overflowed and were dangling.
She’s safe.
Simultaneously while feeling relieved, Kakashi focused his mind.
Nevertheless, the air was thin.
Sai had said that the reading was approximately 6,000 metres. That’s probably right. While searching for a hole to penetrate into the Tobishachimaru, Kakashi was calculating. Until approximately 7,000 metres (in altitude), even if the air pressure isn’t elevated by compressing the air on-board the ship, the passengers won’t immediately lose consciousness .
However, the oxygen will become insufficient. It was just a matter of time. Furthermore, from where Kakashi could see it, the Tobishachimaru was rising little by little.
Perhaps the sorts of instruments in the pilothouse were broken. So the pilots didn’t notice that the fuselage was rising?…
「あそこ」サイが指さした。 「客室のゴンドラの上に、穴があいてます」
“There.” Sai pointed. “On the gondola of the guest room. There’s an open hole.”
Kakashi leaned his body towards the direction that Sai had indicated. In between breaks in the flowing clouds, he was trying ascertain an opening to penetrate through.
On the lower portion of the air sac, exactly at the base of the pectoral fin of the orca, there was a hole (large enough) for a single person to pass through.
“Alright, I’ll penetrate through there.”
サイがうなずくと、鴻は翼を傾け、 空を斜めに滑り落ちて穴のそばでピタリと止まった。
Sai nodded. Slanting the wing of the large bird, they slid diagonally through the sky. They suddenly stopped next to the hole.

//End Translation

//End Chapter 8

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